Revised Amendments to ComReg
Document 13/118R, "Radio
Frequency Plan for Ireland"
Information Notice
Reference: ComReg 15/06
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Information Notice
ComReg 15/06
Revised Amendments to ComReg Document 13/118R, “Radio
Frequency Plan for Ireland”.
It should be noted that the Radio Frequency Plan for Ireland is regularly updated to
facilitate the introduction of new radio services and to remove allocations for radio
services that have been phased out. Amendments are also be made to align the
document to any new international agreements reached on spectrum utilisation (e.g., at
World Radiocommunication Conferences ("WRC"s) of the International
Telecommunication Union (the "ITU"), or within the European Conference of Postal and
Telecommunications Administrations ("CEPT ") or the European Union ("EU").
Since updating the Radio Frequency Plan (ComReg Document 13/118R) in July 2014,
there have been a number of new and amended National Regulations and European
Decisions which have been implemented within Ireland. As such the Commission for
Communications Regulation ("ComReg"), has updated the Radio Frequency Plan to
reflect these changes, as outlined below.
Radio Frequency Plan for Ireland, Amendments; as Revised
on 28 January 2015.
National Legislation
 S.I. No. 554 of 2014, Wireless Telegraphy (Interim GSM Mobile Telephony
Licence) Regulations 2014;
 S.I. No. 240 of 2014, Wireless Telegraphy (Licensing of Telemetry Systems)
Regulations 2014;
 S.I. No. 34 of 2014, Wireless Telegraphy (Transfer of Spectrum Rights of Use)
Regulations 2014; and
 S.I. No. 563 of 2013, Wireless Telegraphy (1800MHz and Preparatory Licences
in the 1800MHz Band) Regulations 2013.
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Information Notice
ComReg 15/06
EU Decisions
 2014/702/EU- Commission Implementing Decision of 7 October 2014 amending
Decision 2007/131/EC on allowing the use of the radio spectrum for equipment
using ultra-wideband technology in a harmonised manner in the Community.
 2014/641/EU- Commission Implementing Decision of 1 September 2014 on
harmonised technical conditions of radio spectrum use by wireless audio
programme making and special events equipment in the Union.
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