Product Data Sheet

HBA® Slide
Sperm-Hyaluronan Binding Assay
• For qualitative sperm assessment in minutes
• Quick and reliable diagnostic tool
• Binding ratio for maturity, strict morphology
and DNA integrity
• Identifies patients proven to benefit from HA-sperm
selection in the PICSI® dish
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HBA® Slide
Sperm diagnostics based on Hyaluronic acid binding
The Hyaluronic Binding Assay (HBA®) is an important
diagnostic tool for suspected male infertility in the
analysis of semen. In a matter of minutes the HBA® slide
provides an answer to the proportion of mature binding
spermatozoa in the sample (The HBA® score %).
Calculate % Bound = 100 x Bound Motile/Total Motile
Facts on Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic acid -HA):
Hyaluronan is the major component of the Cumulus
Complex surrounding the human oocyte
A sperm’s ability to bind to HA is a biochemical marker
of the sperm’s maturity and DNA integrity
Only mature spermatozoa with developed receptors
for HA can bind
Viewed in the microscope, bound sperm are differentiated
from unbound sperm by their beating tails with heads that
make no progressive movement.
Unbound, Motile Sperm
Helps to significantly reduce Pregnancy Loss Rate
Worrilow et al. (2012) found that a combination of the
diagnostic abilities of the HBA® slide and the HA-sperm
selection abilities of the PICSI® dish improved Clinical
Pregnancy Rate and significantly reduced Pregnancy Loss
Rate in ICSI patients diagnosed with low HBA® scores (≤65%
binding ratio).
This study also demonstrated that 15% of all ICSI patients
have a low HBA score (≤65%) and would benefit from HA
sperm diagnostics and selection.
Pregnancy Loss Rate (%)
• Multi-center trial
(10 centers)
• Randomized,
double blinded,
• 804 patients
HA bound
>65% HBA score
Bound, Motile Sperm
HA bound
≤65% HBA score
Statistical significance(*) is indicated at P<0.05
Clinical documentation
The ability to bind to HA correlates to:
Strict morphology
High DNA integrity
Reduced chromosomal aneuploidies
The HBA® slide is found to be useful in predicting the
ability of spermatozoa to fertilize oocytes in IVF and is
helpful in distinguishing semen samples suitable for IVF or
ICSI (Breznik et al., 2013)
Worrilow et al. (2012) Use of hyaluronan in the selection of sperm for
intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI); significant improvement in clinical
outcomes-multicenter, double blinded and randomized trial. Hum. Repro., Nov 30.
Yagci et al. (2010) Spermatozoa bound to solid state hyaluronic acid show
chromatin structure with high DNA chain integrity: An acridine orange
fluorescence study. J Androl; 31:566-572
Breznik et al., (2013) Are Sperm DNA fragmentation, hyperactivation,
and hyaluronan-binding ability predictive for fertilization and embryo
development in in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
Fertil. Steril. 2013 Apr;99(5):1233-41
Huszar et al., (2012) Sperm testing and ICSI selection by hyaluronic
acid binding: the hyaluronic acid coated glass slide and petri dish in the
andrology and IVF laboratories. Practical Manual of in Vitro Fertilization:
Advanced Methods and Novel Devices. New York: Springer. P.241-257
Catalogue No.
HBA® slide: Package of 10 assays
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