Industry – Non Profit Non-Profit organization

Industry – Non Profit
Non-Profit organization achieved an intuitive
and seamless online reporting system
The Client
The client is a renowned New York based nonprofit organization, promoting economic growth in their city
and among its people.
Business Issue
Reports on 1200 City based Projects were dispersed across various data systems that used
different technologies and lacked interoperability and ease of use.
Reports generation through corporation’s current system was time consuming as it was a manual
and recursive process. Most of the users in the organization had little or no technical knowledge,
and because of the dependency on MIS to run these reports, the system was not helping the
organization anymore.
Our approach
Diaspark designed and developed a data replication and reporting service using Microsoft
SharePoint Server2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 200 R2 as back end system.
Services delivered
For the front–end system, Diaspark deployed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with its familiar Microsoft
Office interface, to allow users to access business information quickly and share it with other users.
BI Dashboard
The Dashboard solution enabled users at different levels to get summarized views of data from data
warehouse using SQL Server Analysis Services. It provided a more visual, summarized and at-a-glance
views of consolidated information from disparate business systems (i.e. QuickBooks, EPM, and CRM). The
BI solution also provides warnings, action notices, next steps, and summary of business conditions and
key performance indicators and is thus helping effective decision making by the management team at all
The reporting engine
The application was re-written with SQL 2008 R2 using SSRS and SSIS technologies. This improved the
performance and also helped compliance and MIS to quickly browse the report from the PATS site (UI)
and do things like report viewing, generation, archiving, data probing etc.
Features & Benefits
Ease of access
A user friendly, intuitive and well-integrated web interface for reporting helps users to get instant access
to reports; customized view of project specific (criteria based) reports and a llows yearly comparisons on
project data in few clicks. Reports can be viewed in different types - metrics, status reports, KPIs, charts,
graphs, and custom reports.
Reduced information overload
Managers get a clear and precise view of relevant information through an intuitive dashboard. Reports are
generated automatically without having to put manual and repeated efforts for an instant access to the
information needed. Thus, they are not flooded with the information which they don’t really need.
Improved decision making
The key stakeholders of the corporation have gained more visibility into the projects and their clients’
data which were earlier dispersed across various data systems. Through a rich graphical user interface,
users tend to make informed decisions as they have easy and quick access to the project information to
measure the key parameters, review the portfolio of projects and see the status of each project.
About Diaspark Inc.
Incorporated in New York in 1995, Diaspark Inc. is a leading provid er of IT Services and Solutions to
businesses ranging from mid-sized to global fortune 500 enterprises.