Bulletin for Feb. 1-7 - The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Vladimir

Óêðà¿íñüêèé Ïðàâîñëàâíèé
Ñîáîð Ñâ. Âîëîäèìèðà
Óêðà¿íñüêà Ïðàâîñëàâíà
Öåðêâà â ÑØÀ
Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
of Saint Vladimir
A parish of the Ukrainian
Orthodox Church of the USA
6740 N. 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19126
Parish Telephone:
Telephone: (215) 927927-2287 - E-mail [email protected]
Archpastor - His Eminence Metropolitan Antony
,-./01231.45 - 6702829-.20:3;.<=>7? @71-292471 A<12<=?
Dean - Protopriest Taras Naumenko - EF01231.45 - 9-212=G-.? HF-F0 EFIJ.<82
Parish Council President – Edward Zetick
Choir Director – Karen Ferraro
1 February, 2015 – 1 , 2015
We are glad to have you with us on this glorious
day! Please join us in prayer and following services
for fellowship in the Cathedral hall. If you would
like to learn more about Orthodox faith or
interested in becoming a part of our community
please ask to speak to Father Taras.
Please note: only those faithful who are Orthodox
Christians and have properly prepared themselves
by fasting (from all food and drink from midnight),
prayer, and recent confession, and who were
present for the reading of the Epistle and Gospel,
should approach to receive the Eucharist.
ÂIÒÀ)ÌÎ ,-. /0 Á0203456,ÎÃÎ 8
.,[email protected] ,030/6A6B*+ ,-./ 01 2+ 3 4-5+ 6 789 :,8;,-<4+9 .84=!
>-:,[email protected] 2-< 51B+C+<D ,-315 3 4-5+ C- .BD
<:/B;@6-44D :/<BD E1F1<[email protected]/44D 6 78,;[email protected]
3-B/. H;01 2+ E-G-AC8 ./34-C+<D E/B=?8 :,1
I,-61<[email protected] 6/,@ -E1 3-7/;-6B84/ <C-C+ JB8415
:-,-K/L, :,1<+51 368,[email protected]+<D .1 1C7D M-,-<-.
I,1<+51 63DC+ :/. @[email protected]: B+?8 :,-61<B-64/
N,+<C+D4+, ;1C,/ 4-B8G41 :/.F1C16B84/ :1<C15
(48 :,+95-B+ LG/ C- :+CCD 6/. 1:/641J/),
51B+C61O / <:16/..O, C- [email protected]+ :,+<@C4/ :/. J-<
J+C-44D P:1<C1B- / Q6-4F8B/L, - [email protected]=
:,+<[email protected]:-C+
(S6. I,+J-<CD).
Today, Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
Tone 1. St. Macarius the Great of Egypt. Virginmartyr Euphrasia. Ven. Macarius of Alexandria.
St. Arsenius, archbishop of Kerkyra. Ven.
Macarius of the Kyiv Caves. Ven. Macarius,
deacon of the Kyiv Caves.
ÑüîãîäíY, Z[\Y] ^_ A`a_] a ba_`c[]
2c 1. #$%. &'('$)* +,-.(/0/,
10.%,234(/0/. &5. 167$'3)8 9)6.. #$%.
&'('$)* :-,(3';9$)<34(/0/. =62. >$3,;)*,
'[email protected]%. A,$(.$34(/0/. #$%. &'('$)*, 6
B-.C;)? %,D,$'?. #$%. &'('$)*, 9.*(/;'
#,D,$34(/0/, 6 E'-4;)? %,D,$'?.
8:00 - 8:45 Ñïîâi\f
8:30- 3-Yg Y 6-èg ×ac`
8:00 - 8:45 AM – Confessions
8:30AM - 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30AM - The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
9:30 - 3Yn_Y] .o. 8oapa qnc
Saturday, 7 February – 4:00PM Vespers
Sunday, 8 February, Sunday of Prodigal Son
Tone 2. Ven. Xenophon and his wife, St. Mary,
and their two sons, Sts. Arcadius and John.
Martyrs Ananias presbyter, Peter, and seven
soldiers. Ven. Symeon «the Ancient». Translation
of the relics of St. Theodore, abbot of the Studion.
St. Joseph, bishop of Thessalonica
8:00 - 8:45 AM – Confessions
8:30AM - 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30AM - The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Panachyda for the repose of the soul: +John
Konchak req. by Peter Konchak and family.
The Reading is from the second Epistle of the
Holy Apostle Paul to Timothy
(8I Timothy 3:10-15)
Timothy, my son: You have carefully followed my
doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith,
longsuffering, love, perseverance, persecutions,
afflictions, which happened to me at Antioch, at
Iconium, at Lystra-what persecutions I endured.
And out of them all, the Lord delivered me. Yes,
and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will
suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will
grow worse and worse, deceiving and being
deceived. But you must continue in the things
which you have learned and been assured of,
knowing from whom you have learned them, and
that from childhood you have known the Holy
Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for
salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
The Holy Gospel According to St. Luke
(Luke 18:10-14)
At that time, two men went up to the temple to
pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector.
The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself,
'God, I thank You that I am not like other menextortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax
collector. 'I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all
that I possess.' And the tax collector, standing afar
.nta, 7 – 4:00 \`pa – ,[uY_p]
Íåäiëÿ, 8 , Z[\Y] ^_ 5n\p .`pa
2c 2. #$%. A3,;/7/;2', 9$PC.;. </0/
&'$)8 ) 3.;)6 8? >$('9)* ) Q/';'. &DD. >;';)8
%$,36)2,$', #,2$' ) R ;.S. 7 6/8;)6 . #$%.
=.S,/;' +)2?/0/. #,$,;,3,;;* S/U)6 %$%.
V,/9/$', )0PS. =2P9)<34(/0/. =62. W/3.7',
'[email protected]%. =/-P;34(/0/.
8:00 - 8:45 Ñïîâi\f
8:30- 3-Yg Y 6-èg ×ac`
9:30 - 3Yn_Y] .o. 8oapa qnc
Ïàíàõèäà äëÿ Áë. ïàì’ÿò³: +Q6';' A/;D'(' íà
ïðîõàííÿ #,2$' A/;D'(' ) $/9.;..
-{[email protected]
q /_n {capp] \ @`|}Y] .o]
-^ca {aoa ~`app]
(I8 @`|}Y]: 3:10-15)
[email protected] M+51K/A! P C+ 4-<[email protected] 5848 @ 6J844i,
G+CCi, :,+N+B=41<Ci, 6i,i, 68B+;[email protected]?41<Ci,
BOE16i, C8,:i44i, @ F14i44DN, <C,-G.-44DN, 01
<:iC;-B+ 5848 6 P4C+1NiL, I;14iL, \i<C,-N; D;i
F14i44D D :8,84i<, i 6i. @<iN 6+361B+6 5848
^1<:1.=. M- 9 @<i, NC1 E-G-A G+C+ :1E1G41 6
_,+<Ci I<@<i, [email protected]@C= F4-4i. \+Ni G BO.+ i
1E5-40+;+ [email protected]= @<:iN @ [email protected], 361.DJ+
i4?+N i <8E8 361.DJ+. P C+ :8,[email protected] @ [email protected],
J1F1 C8E8 4-6J+B+ i 01 C1Ei .16i,+B+, 34-OJ+,
;+5 C+ 4-6J84+9. `1 C1F1 G C+ 3 .+C+4<C634-A? S6DC8 I+<-44D, D;8 51G8 @[email protected],+C+ C8E8
4- <:-<i44D 6i,1O 6 _,+<C- I<@<-.
,Y\ 3n` .o] )oap[Y] ~`app]
(3na 18:10-14)
b.41F1 ,[email protected], .6- J1B16/;+ :,+9?B+ .1 N,[email protected]
:151B+C+<D: 1.+4 K-,+<89, - .,@F+9 5+C-,.
c-,+<89, <C-6?+, C-; :,1 <8E8 51B+6<D: d1G8!
`D;@O M1E/, 01 D 48 C-;+9, D; /4?/ BO.+,
F,-E/G4+;+, 48:,-68.4/, :8,8BOE4+;+, -E1 D;
789 5+C-,. [email protected] .6/J/ 4- C+G.84=, .-O
.8<[email protected] 3 @<=1F1, 01 4-.E-O. P 5+C-,, <C1DJ+
off, would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven,
but beat his breast, saying, 'God, be merciful to me
a sinner!' I tell you, this man went down to his
house justified rather than the other; for everyone
who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who
humbles himself will be exalted.
6/..-B/;, 48 <5/6 4-6/C= 1J89 368<C+ 4- 48E1;
-B8, E’OJ+ <8E8 6 F,@.+, F161,+6: d1G8, [email protected]=
5+B1<C+6+9 .1 5848, F,/?41F1! [email protected] 6-5, 01
789 :/?16 .1 [email protected] <61F1 6+:,-6.-4+9 E/B=?8,
4/G C19: E1 6<D;+9, NC1 :/.41<+C=<D,
:,+4+G84+9 [email protected], - NC1 :,[email protected] <8E8,
HELP IS NEEDED in preparation for our Annual
Meatfare Sunday Lunch which will take place on
Sunday, February 15. Please join us on February
14, at 9:00am, to setup & prepare for the dinner.
{[email protected]€5‚)A0 ,-ƒ‚ /0{0A02‚
:,[email protected]/ .1 *’D<1:@<C41F1 bE/[email protected], D;+9
6/[email protected]=<D 6 48./BO, 15 BOC1F1. [email protected]= B-<;-,
:,+A.4-9C8<D .1 4-< 14 BOC1F1 1 9:00 ,-4;@.
FOR SALE: The 2015 Ukrainian Orthodox
Church Calendars (almanacs) are now available. If
you are interested in purchasing a copy of the
calendar, you may do so in the parish office. The
cost is $17. Please support our Consistory.
('-4S';'?). H;01 6+ 3-7/;-6B84/ 6 :1;@:7/
ïðèì³ðíèêà ;-B84.-,D - çàâ³òàéòå â öåðêîâíèé
îô³ñ. t/4-: $17. [email protected]= B-<;-, :/.C,+5-9C8 [email protected]
SEMINARY’S FEAST DAY: Everyone is invited
to attend Seminary’s Chapel Feast Day on the day
of Three Holy Hierarchs, Thursday, February 12.
Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at 10:00am, luncheon to
follow. 1950 Easton Ave., Somerset, NJ 08873.
ÑÂßÒÎ ÑÅÌÈÍÀв¯: âñ³ çàïðîøåí³ íà
õðàìîâå ñâÿòî ñåìèíàð³éíî¿ êàïëèö³ Òðüîõ
Ñâÿòèòåë³â, ÿêå â³äáóäåòüñÿ â J8C68,, 12 ëþòîãî.
Àðõèºðåéñüêà ˳òóðã³ÿ î 10:00 ðàíêó, :³ñëÿ
˳òóð㳿 - ñâÿòêîâèé îá³ä. Àäðåñà: 1950 Easton
Ave, Somerset, NJ. 08873.
MEMORIAL BOOKS: The Saturday’s of the
Souls and the Great Lenten season is just around the
corner. Please submit your Hramotka’s (Memorial
books) to Fr. Taras, if you wish to have your loved
ones commemorated during the special Services.
[email protected]6: H;01 6+ E-G-AC8 :15’[email protected]+
6-?+N ,/.4+N C- EB+3=;+N 6 I15+4-B=4/ [email protected]+
:/. J-< 68B+;1F1 I1<[email protected], [email protected]= B-<;- :1.-9C8
6-?/ F,-51C;+ 1C7O M-,-<@.
PROSPHORA: The bread the faithful receive
after Communion or when coming forth to kiss the
cross at the end of the Liturgy, which of course has
not been consecrated into the Body of Christ, but is
part of the "Antidoron" which means "instead of
the gift". Please remember that this is indeed
blessed and all care should be used when
consuming it. If any falls on the ground it should
be immediately picked up and consumed and not
trampled under foot!
{B0.ÔÎBÀ: NB/E ÿêèé 6/,óþ÷/ 1C,+5óþòü
:/<BD I,+J-<CD, -E1 ;1B+ ï³äõîäÿòü .1 N,å<C-,
D;èé õî÷ ³ 48 [email protected] 1<6DJ84+9 @ M/B1 _,+<Cîâå, A
J-<C+41O "-4C+.1,@", 01 134-J-A "3-5/<C=
:1.-,@4;ó". [email protected]= B-<;-, :-5'DC-9C8, ïðî 78
./9<4å EB-F1<B16åííÿ / áóäüòå @6-æí³ ïðè
ñïîæèâàíí³ ïðîñôîðè. H;01 ïðîñôîðà âïàëà 4ï³äëîãó – ï³äí³ì³òü ¿¿ í8F-941 / <:1G+6³òü.
OUR PARISH WEBSITE & FACEBOOK ,€[email protected]-: 4-?- 78,;164- 68E-<C1,/4;PAGE: Keep up to date with the happenings of :1<C/941 1E416BOAC=<D, 3- 01 5+ 0+,1 6.DJ4/
the Cathedral parish by visiting our website at
www.stvladimirsphila.org or like us on Facebook
www.facebook.com/pages/Ukrainian-OrthodoxCathedral-of-St Vladimir/160771203950150 to
view the schedule of liturgical services, social
events and read the weekly bulletin. So much is
happening and changing each week and we want
you to be informed. Joshua Oryhon and Fr. Taras
welcome submissions, as well as suggestions for
improvement. You can contact them via e-mail at
[email protected] or [email protected]
`[email protected] b,[email protected] >-6/C-9C8 <=1F1.4/ 4www.stvladimirsphila.org -E1 4- 4-? Facebook
www.facebook.com/pages/Ukrainian-OrthodoxCathedral-of-St-Vladimir /160771203950150 .8
6+ 351G8C8 :8,86/,+C+ ,13;B-. d1F1<[email protected]/4=,
<17/-B=4/ :1./L, :,1J+C-C+ J8,F16+9 EOB8C84=.
*+ 5-A51 [email protected] E-F-C1 416+4 / 35/4 ;1G41F1
C+G4D! b. M-,-< / `[email protected] b,+F14 3-6G.+ ,-./
6-?+5 :16/.15B844D5 / :1,-.-5. g14C-;C:
[email protected] gmail.com -E1 [email protected] .
We ask you to remember in your prayers the sick, hospitalized, those in nursing
homes or confined to their homes. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery and good
health are extended to the following individuals who are in need of
God's healing and grace:
Fr. John Nakonachny, Oksana Naber, Olga Sawchuk, PM Irene Estocin,
PM Lydia Kowalczuk, Victor Prasko, Helen Wilwert, Lauren Shevchek, Nichloas Heiko, Tatiana Jakubenko, Anna
Kuchirka, Ihor Komarowski, Jeannie Karbiwnyk, Orysia Nowosiwsky, Daria Masur, Joseph Gladys, Stephen
Sheptak, Oleh Rosputko, Dr. William Sembrot, Silvia Onufrey, Marie Komar, Klaudia Pacowska, Elizabeth &
Lisa Curry, Pavlo and Evdokia Shandruk, Theodore Pershyn, Zenon Forosty, Anatole Masalski, George and
Lorraine Doroshenko.
If there is anyone who is in need of prayers and you would like to add them to the prayer corner,
please notify Fr. Taras.
All proceeds from today’s Coffee Hour will be donated to St. Andrew’s Society
that works with soup kitchens in Ukraine
Thank you to the following families and
individuals for sponsoring the Coffee Hour
February 1 – UOL Souper Bowl
February 8 – SanAntonio Family
February 15 – Meatfare Lunch
February 22 – Gigante Family
February 1 – Joshua Oryhon
February 8 – Hanna Stroutinsky
February 15 – Mark Bohen
February 22 – PM Laura Naumenko
(Cheese Fare Sunday)
February Birthdays
February 1 – Andrew Lee Kuyper
February 3 – Wolodymir Katolik
February 6 – Oleh Bilynsky
February 21 – Nicholas Trabocco
February 26 – Daria Danyo
February 1 - Gregory Karbiwnyk
February 4 – Catherine Zador
February 11 –Olga Hryshcyshyn
February 22 – Madeline Zetick
February 26 – Natalie Kurman
February 2 – Andriy Lavskyy
February 5 – John Burke
February 17 – Ann Bohen
February 24 – Vitaliy Hrytsay
February 28 – Lee Kuyper
Meatfare Sunday
Join us for a Meatfare Lunch
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Immediately Following Divine Liturgy
Donation: $15 adults
$5 for children above 8 and free for children 7 and under
Запрошуємо всіх на М’
М’ясопустний Обід
в неділю, 15 лютого, 2015
відразу після Літургії.
Внесок: $15; $5 діти віком 8+
Безкоштовно для дітей віком 7 і менше
Spiritual Words from the Fathers…
"Since with all my soul I behold the face of my beloved, therefore all the beauty of his form is seen in me."
St. Gregory of Nyssa.
"For if a man draws near to grace, then Jesus will say to him, `I will no longer call you servants, but I will
call you My friends and My brothers: for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto
you' (Jn. 15:15). For those who have drawn near, and have been taught by the Holy Spirit, have known
themselves according to their intellectual substance. And in their knowledge of themselves they have cried out
and said, `For we have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but the spirit of adoption whereby we
cry, Abba, Father' (Rom. 8:15): that we may know what God has given us -- `If we are sons, then are we
heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with the saints' (Rom. 8:17)."
St. Anthony the Great.