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February 2015
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Mary Chamberlain
February 4
Manning Brothers
February 11
Valentines Day
February 14
Ash Wednesday
February 18
Pub Night
February 18
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Message from the Administrator
By April 1st of this year, all long-term care homes in Ontario are required
to submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). A QIP is a formal,
documented set of commitments that a health care organization makes to
its patients/clients/residents, staff and community to improve quality
through focused targets and actions. QIPs are used in many sectors to assist
organizations in delivering quality programs and services. Hospitals and
organizations such as Tweed’s own Gateway Community Health Centre
have been submitting QIPs for a few years now. This QIP will be available
on the Health Quality Ontario website for anyone to see, and the Ministry
of Health & Long-Term Care has provided the quality indicators that we
are to use this year and specified the time periods from when the data were
to be taken (most are pulled from Jul to Sep 2014):
Falls: Percentage of residents who had a recent fall (in the last 30 days)
Pressure Ulcers: Percentage of residents who had a pressure ulcer that
recently got worse
Restraints: Percentage of residents who were physically restrained (daily)
Incontinence: Percentage of residents with worsening bladder control
during a 90-day period
Appropriate Prescribing – Potentially Inappropriate Antipsychotic Use in
Long-Term Care: Percentage of residents on antipsychotics without a
diagnosis of psychosis
Resident Experience: this will be data pulled from two areas of our
Resident / Family Satisfaction Survey
Potentially Avoidable Emergency Department Visits for Long-Term
Care Residents: Number of emergency department (ED) visits for
modified list of ambulatory care sensitive conditions per 100 long-term
care residents.
We’ve been gathering data on all of these except for the last indicator,
which we will begin now, and we look forward to posting a Quality
Improvement Plan that can be another aspect of our quality journey.
Michael O’Keeffe,
Wiarton Willie
Wiarton is home to Canada's most famous prognosticating albino
groundhog and has been celebrating the Wiarton Willie Festival for
over 55 years. Each year on February 2nd, dark and early morning,
towns' folk and fans from all over come out to hear Willie's
prediction. Will it be an early spring or six more weeks of winter?
How did it all begin?
The story begins in 1955 where local resident Mac McKenzie sent
out an invitation to a hundred of his closest friends to join him in
Wiarton for Groundhog Day celebrations. Well, the media got a
hold of the story and a lone reporter from the Toronto Star travelled
up to Wiarton to see what was going on. Unable to find the
celebrations and after making inquiries all over town, the reporter was directed to the local 'establishment'
where sure enough, Mac and his buddies were raising an elbow or two.
When the reporter asked Mac "Where's the deal?" Mac responded "This is it!". The reporter joined the party
but was concerned the next day when he didn't have a story to bring back to the paper. Mac, always an
opportunist, grabbed a white fur hat off of a lady's head and flung it in the snow. The reporter snapped a
picture and a photo of the grinning group huddled around the 'groundhog' made it into Monday's paper with
the caption: “High spirits, hole in ice, but as for groundhog — no dice.”
The next year 35 people showed up for the celebrations and year after year the festival grew. Today,
approximately 10,000 people come for the Wiarton Willie Festival celebrations.
Wilfred and his visitor.
Doug and his daughter pause for a photo op!
Too Many Valentines
There are 14 different saints
named Valentine, according
to the Roman Catholic
While February 14 is widely
celebrated as Valentine’s Day,
there is some confusion as to
which Saint Valentine this day
actually refers to. According to
the Roman Catholic Church, there are 14 different saints
named Valentine. Some believe Valentine’s Day honors
the Bishop of Terni, in central Italy, who was
condemned by the Roman Emperor Claudius. Others
believe Valentine’s Day is connected to a Roman priest
who secretly married Christian couples until he was
discovered by the Roman authorities and sentenced to
death. Perhaps the real identity of St. Valentine is
unnecessary since what is truly important is his enduring
legacy of love.
Lorie & Ted are helping to call Bingo.
Moira Place invites family
members and friends to
meet with them on
Tuesday February 10 at 2:00pm
in the Fireside Lounge
to inform individuals of their right to form
a Moira Place Family Council.
What is a Family Council?
A Family Council is an organized, self-led, selfdetermining, democratic group composed of family
and friends of the residents of a Long-Term Care
The main purposes of a Family Council are to;
• improve the quality of life of the residents
• to give families and friends a forum for sharing
their experiences, learning and exchanging
A Family Council works with residents’ family
members or friends and the Long-Term Care Home
to identify and resolve issues that affect residents’
quality of life, plan activities for residents, families
and staff, and support each other.
John is enjoying the party.
Music is Good for What Ails You
Here are a few studies that show how Mozart may trump medicine:
Singing helps the stroke-stricken to speak sooner: A study conducted on a group of Finnish stroke sufferers
found that listening to their favorite tunes while recovering helped them regain their ability to recognize words and
communicate. When compared to stroke sufferers who listened to audiobooks or nothing at all, those that listened
to music for a few hours a day experienced a much faster recovery of their verbal skills. The music listeners were
also less likely to be depressed and confused.
You don't have to be formally trained to help your loved one reap the holistic healing benefits of music.
Here are some suggestions for how caregivers and their loved ones can bond over song from the comfort of their
• Make your own music: If you or your loved one had a passion for playing a particular instrument, don't
hesitate to dust off the old six-string and strum out a few chords. "Live music has its own set of special rewards,"
says Snyder-Cowan.
• Travel to another time or place: Music and memory are intimately intertwined. To help your loved one get in
touch with their past, try playing music that was popular when they were in their 20s and 30s.
• Match tempo: No one genre of music is more therapeutic than another. It's all about personal preference. Pick
songs that you and your loved one enjoy listening to. Keeping in mind the principal of entrainment, try to
synchronize the songs to the mood you're trying to invoke.
Highlight hobbies: For example, your loved one may not be able to visit the opera like they used to, but that
doesn't mean they have to forgo their favorite arias. You can help bring the opera to them by purchasing or
downloading some of their favorite performances and playing them.
Bob makes a good hit at balloon badminton.
Donna is ready for lunch.
Falls in the Elderly
You CAN prevent falls ...
and here is how!
Use Safety Aids
Be sure to use your cane or walker – they can keep you
safe and active
Make sure your cane or walker is the right height for
Be sure to wear your glasses and hearing aid
Appropriate footwear is important. Comfortable shoes
that provide good support can prevent falls
Use other gadgets that can make your life safer:
reachers, anti-skid soles on your shoes, hip
protectors, etc.
Eat Healthy Meals
Don’t skip meals. It can cause weakness and dizziness.
Nutritious meals keep up strength, resistance and
balance. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
Keep Fit
Build your muscle and bone strength by doing
resistance exercises (such as weight lifting).
Walk. Try an exercise program. Do what you can to
maintain your flexibility and balance.
Engage in physical activity everyday or as much as
possible. It’s your best defense against falls.
Dorothy & Myrtle are enjoying the sing-a-long at the
Birthday Party.
Charlie and his wife Dolly.
What’s a Residents’ Council?
All residents of a home are members of the Residents'
Council and are provided with support from the home to
form, organize and maintain administrative matters, as
The purpose of the Residents' Council is:
To provide a forum for residents to have input and to
advocate on their collective behalf concerning the
operations of the home
• To provide residents with a voice in decisions that
affect them and their quality of life in the home
• To establish two-way communication between the
residents and the home staff, and to establish a formal
mechanism whereby Residents' Council concerns are
communicated to administration for intervention and
• To provide a means of mutual support for Residents'
Council members, which extends to new residents in
the home; and
To allow residents to be informed about the long term care
system as a whole and to provide a forum for discussion
about strategies for improvement; and to promote and
encourage activities directed at the provision of quality care
and quality of life for residents.
Carol Ann is ready for the party.
Do you have a spouse, family member
or friend living at
Moira Place?
Do you have questions about Alzheimer
disease or a related dementia?
The Alzheimer Society of Belleville Hastings-Quinte provides on site support
and information to family, friends and
residents of Moira Place on a monthly
Join us for Memory Cafe a new interactive education
session being delivered at
Moira Place
Jess and Lloyd having a game of chess.
For more information
contact Darlene at
I Cannot Tell a Lie
Music to My Ears.
1. Stuttering is suppressed when singing, whispering or
On February 23, 1940, Walt Disney released
speaking in a chorus.
Pinocchio. In honor of the little wooden boy who could 2. If you are a caregiver or someone who is receiving
not tell a lie without his nose growing, enjoy the quiz
care, try reducing your stress by gently massaging
below. Can you determine whether the statements
your face to familiar music. Research shows that this
below are true or false?
technique may work to lessen depression and anxiety.
3. 95% of people are right ear dominant. In health care
1. Sugar makes children hyperactive.
settings where headphones are not being used, place
2. Diamonds form in coal.
the listening device on the care receiver’s right side.
3. Bulls hate the color red.
4. To help with difficult days use one standard song for
4. You can see the Great Wall of
each interaction i.e. You Are My Sunshine for
China from outer space.
bathing, Daisy, Daisy for getting dressed, or Pretty
5. Napoleon was very short.
Baby for getting ready for bed.
5. Singing or humming may help residents by lessening
anxiety, distraction and enhancing interpersonal
ANSWERS: 1. False: Medical tests show no
difference between children given sugar-full and
sugar-free diets. 2. False: Diamonds do form deep
underground under extreme pressure and intense
heat. 3. False: While bulls do see the color red, they
charge because they feel threatened by the matador.
4. False: Many astronauts have debunked this myth,
though other man-made structures can be seen from
space. 5. False: Napoleon was actually five feet,
seven inches tall, which was considered tall for his
Eileen Quinn of Compassionate Music Care is spending
some time with Ted and sharing her beautiful harp music.
Marjorie and Donna are trying their luck at bean bag toss.
Wes and Peggy are posing with two of the Loyalist RPN students
who have come to do placement at Moira Place. This is the first
placement of their first year in the program. There are two groups
of students covering both the day & evening shifts.
Edna doing her daily laps.
A Little Trivia
“Everybody Loves Somebody” became what
crooner’s signature song in 1964?
Dean Martin. The song knocked The Beatles’ “A Hard
Day’s Night” off the number one spot one the charts in
the U.S. in 1964. Martin hadn’t had a Top 40 hit since
1958. “Everybody Loves Somebody” replaced Martin’s
previous signature song, “That’s Amore.”
Gwen playing a little tune.
A grouchy demanding patron at a restaurant
said gruffly, “Bring me two eggs. Boil one
and scramble the other.” The waitress
returned shortly with his order. The
man took one look at his plate
and said, “Take
them back! You
scrambled the wrong one.”
What are the last two lines in the original poem
“Roses are Red”?
“Sugar is sweet. And so are you.” It is not known who
the author of the poem is, but it might be traced back to
the line “She bathed with roses red, and violets blue,”
from The Faerie Queene, a 1590 epic poem by Sir
Edmund Spencer.
What candy bar was introduced in 1894?
Hershey’s. Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey
Chocolate Company in Derry Church, Pennsylvania, in
1894. In 1906, the name of the town was changed to
Hershey because of the popular chocolate company. It
is called “Chocolatetown, USA” along with “The
Sweetest Place on Earth.” The company is one of the
oldest chocolate companies in the U.S.