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Ginger Johnson, Administrative Assistant
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Kristin Schulz, Youth Director
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Head Usher Feb-Ron Smith
Feb 1—3:00pm Church Wide Super Bowl Party
Feb 5—6:00pm Worship Planning Team
Feb 7—9:00am Camino Work Day
Feb 10—5:30pm Relay for Life Round up
Feb 11—10:30am Ministerial Association
Feb 15—Crosslines Food Pantry Collection
Feb 17—7:00pm Bee Keepers
Feb 19-22—Men’s Camino Weekend
Feb 20—7:00am Men’s Breakfast
Feb 20—5:30pm Ladies Out of the House
Feb 21—3:00pm Youth Night Out
Feb 23—1:00pm Meet in parking lot, for UMM
Pet Construction
Feb 23—5:30pm Community Kitchen Board
Feb 26-Mar 1—Women’s Camino Weekend
Feb 28—10:00am D.A.R. Meeting
Love God, Love Others,
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Love God,
Love Others,
Serve the World
February 2015
Men’s Camino is Feb 19th-Feb 22nd
Women’s Camino is Feb 26th-Mar 1st
Camino is a “journey in Christian
living”. There are many topics covered during the weekend. Some
of them include: Relationships with God and Neighbor; Growth
in Christian Life; Obstacles to our Christian Growth; The
Environment of the Christian; and The Sacraments and God’s
Grace. Holy communion is celebrated daily along with
meditations and devotional exercises. Participants are asked to be
open to what is happening and be secure in knowing that no
specific response is expected of you. The only thing required of
you to say is your name and what church you are from. This year
these weekends will be held right here at FUMC. If you have any
questions, talk to anyone who has attended a Camino weekend or
see Don or Janie Bates.
In Our Prayers
Pastor’s Corner
Lent is coming soon! Just as Advent is the time of preparation for Christ’s birth, Lent is the time
preparing for Christ’s resurrection. For Advent we decorate trees and string lights and buy packages and
bake Christmas cookies. It is a great time of celebration. But how do you prepare for Easter?
Methodist Men
will meet Friday,
Feb. 20th,
7:00am at
Angus Branch.
Dane Anderson, kidney cancer
Frances Babcock, recovery from broken shoulder
Theresa Borgmann, continued wrist problems
Frances Carlin, health issues
Kaylene Clark, going through chemo
Jackie Goodson, having a knee replacement
Here are some possibilities.
Every Wednesday beginning February 18th, the Monett Ministers Association will host a noon time of
community worship (half hour) and a lunch. Each week it will be at a different church with a pastor
from an area church leading. This year the pastors will be sharing the passion week from the Gospel of
John. Plan to be at as many as you can. The full schedule is below.
Maundy Thursday has always been an important evening for me, personally. To really be ready to
understand the power of the Easter resurrection, I have to be reminded of the passion of Christ. We will
have a Maundy Thursday Service on April 2nd at 7 pm which will share the Last Supper and Good
Friday. It is, for me, a powerful time in preparing for Easter.
Easter will have a Sunrise Service and worship at all the regular times, 9:15, 11:15 and 12:30. This year
do something special in preparation for Easter….and don’t forget to bake the Easter cookies!
Paul Lanning
Ladies….”Out Of The House”
Craft Night
Friday, Feb. 20th, 5:30-9:30pm
Do you have any project you haven’t
been able to work on...craft,
computer, scrapbook, pictures
needing labeled, sewing, or that
Pinterest project you’ve been wanting
to try? (Location to be determined
before the 20th, due to Camino.)
Come and enjoy the fellowship!
Let’s remember in prayer our
as they are serving in Jamaica
Feb 16-Feb 22.
AND as a fundraiser, on FEB 1st they are
again selling loaves of bread for $5.00 a
loaf. This is Janice Anderson’s homemade
bread recipe that is so awesome!
2015 Lenten Worship Services:
Feb. 18th
Bill Vincent at 1st Christian
John 12:12-19
Feb. 25th
Bill Cox at Chapel of Grace
John 12:20-13:38
Mar. 4th
Vicky Evans at 1st Presbyterian
John 14:1-16:33
Mar. 11th
Hank Grodecki at 1st Methodist
John 17:1-26
Mar. 18th
Dennis Burge at 1st Baptist
John 18:1-27
Mar. 25th
Paul Lanning at St. Lawrence Catholic
John 19:1-42
Apr. 1st
Jimmy Copley at New Site Baptist
John 20
Jerry Green, lung cancer
Cody Gregory, awaiting another kidney transplant
Tony Gripka, recovery from stroke
Heather Hensley, undergoing chemo
Bob Holmes, recovery from surgery
Jerry Hudson, health issues
Marsha Long, teacher assistant at Monett Schools,
Vicky McGuire, recovery from lung transplant
Brett Moore, oral cancer
Marjorie Overstreet, recovery from surgery
David Raack, general problems
Ilene Smith, rehab for broken pelvis
Carry Stotz, health issues
Annabelle Tuder, health issues
Donald Wendland, cancer
The annual Celebration
Tea benefiting the
Loaves and Fishes
program will be held
Saturday, March 21. Hostesses for tables are
needed. If you can hostess a table for 8, please
contact Connie Davis at 235-6431
Sylvia Malaby
Maretta Jameson
Mary Thomas
Marjorie Thomas
Bill O’Neal
Edna Lukon
Carl Helsel
The prayer of a righteous person is
powerful and effective.
James 5:16
“Back to the Basics” is a study of what Methodists believe. Sin and grace; who is Jesus;
Y2C resumed Wednesday, January 21st! We have
some new and exciting activities and lessons! We’re
excited for another few months with these amazing
kiddos! We are still offering puppetry, drawing,
drama, and Bible lessons. We will still visit Leaper’s
Pointe during BLAST! It’s a great place to have fun
and hear about God’s Word!
We are hurting in the area of volunteers. Please be
praying for Y2C! We need two adults per room,
according to Safe Sanctuary Policy, and we don’t
currently have enough adults for that. We are
thankful for the few that come, but to keep offering
God’s Word to children in our community, we need to
make sure we are doing it right. This is a great
opportunity for the children and they have a lot of
Let’s keep it going!!
the Church and the Sacraments...and other things along the way. Class meets on Sunday
morning at 10:30 in the Coffee Shop (room C118). Class is taught by Pastor Paul.
“Looking at Topics of Culture and Our Christian Response” is a discussion about topics in
our world and what the Bible and the UM Church says. Topics from gay union to
terrorism and many others with a new topic each week. This is a Sunday morning class at
10:30 in the Christian Company classroom, A107, in the Family Life Center. It is led by
Chris Weber.
“Life Rules: Instructions for Life” is a video and discussion class on Sunday morning at
10:30 in room C122. Everything you need to know in life, you can learn here! When we
were in kindergarten, half the fun of living was breaking the rules without getting caught.
In real adult life, however, there is nothing fun about broken promises, relationships, or
hearts. This study shares God’s set of life rules that can improve current relationships and
mend broken ones. Facilitators are Scott Young and Jack Williams.
“Life Apps”: The App store isn’t the only place you can find apps. Did you know that the
Bible has also given us many “apps” to enhance and improve our lives? In this 6 part
series through video and discussion, we identify five life applications worth living by. This
class meets at 5:30pm Sunday evening. It is led by Michelle Goodson in room C122. Child
care is provided.
“True Love Project” is the Sunday evening youth study at 5:30 in room C101 led by
Kristin Schulz. This video/discussion provides an in-depth look at what the Bible has to
say in regards to sex, purity, and romance. By starting with God’s story and ending with
sex, God’s glory and one’s mission, students explore a number of topics that demonstrate
the centrality of the gospel when it comes to defining one’s purity.
Adult B.L.A.S.T. studies began January 28th. Chris Weber started a new Bible Study,
walking through a book of the Bible. Each week is a new chapter and a new discussion.
Class meets from 6-7:15pm in room C103.
“Your Move” is a 4 week video and discussion study. Throughout our lives we are
confronted with decisions, some easy...some not. So, what do you do when it’s YOUR
move and you aren’t sure what to do? In this Andy Stanly study led by Phil Ingram, you
will look at 4 questions to help you determine your best move, every time. Class meets in
room D108 from 6-7:15 on Wednesday’s.
Praying your winter is going great for you. And for those, who I know have walked
through some “fire”, I am praying for you. The student ministry is busy these next
coming months. We are excited to complete our “True Love Project” and to dive into
our next small group bible study “A Call to Die”. The students have been doing a great
job at keeping the daily discipline of reading scripture, and will prayerfully keep that
discipline up as we jump right into the next devotional. A group of students have
begun reading their devotionals with other unchurched students at school. Some
students have been bringing friends with them to church. And some of your students
are serving IN the church. The glory of God is at work! I pray you encourage the
students and continue on in the modeling of Christ in your home, church, and
community. Remember, the next generation is watching….
March Small Group will be as scheduled on Sunday evenings, EXCEPT the
last Sunday evening. There will not be Small Group on March 29th.
March 4th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
March 8th-Outreach in community to invite community to Resurrection
Sunday Service.
March 11th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
March 15th-Youth Sunday. Students are preaching, leading worship, and
serving in other capacities.
March 18th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
March 25th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
March 27th-29th—Young Christians Weekend
Thanks for your prayers, Family of God. We can feel them, and see them
at work!
February Small Group continues as scheduled—5:30-6:30pm on Sunday nights.
Feb 1st-3:00pm Super Bowl Party, all church event
Feb 4th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
Feb 4th-Next payment of $40 for Summer Camp is due.
Feb 4th-Students going to Young Christians Weekend will need to pay a deposit ASAP.
The deposit is $25.
Feb 8th-Students will be visiting the wise, and widows and widowers.
Feb 11th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
Feb 18th-Ash Wednesday Service 6:00-7:00pm. NO STUDENT SERVICE.
Feb 21st-”True Love Project” celebration. Trip to Aurora.
Feb 22nd-Small Group will begin—”A Call to Die”.
Feb 25th-Student Service 6:00-7:30pm
February Birthdays
1-Jack Schulz
Patty Leach
2-Bill Bowman
Lourdes Lopez
Regan Blackburn
3-Scott Leach
4-Linda Lanning
6-Tanner Wright
8-Sharon Smith
Scott Young
Jack Williams
Megan Johnson
9-Dayana Casarez
11-Deven Kimzey
11-Tessa Balmas
12-Becky Head
13-Carol Stidham
14-Susan Smith
Juan Velasquez
Mireya Garcia
16-Todd Borgmann
18-Jennie Schelin
19-Ruth Canales
Blake Pachner
Reagan Washburn
20-Karsyn Jenkins
Colt Moller
21-Robert McGuire
23-Yvonne Kerr
Chris Fillinger
24-Burt Burtrum
Bill VanEaton
Bob Holmes
Edgar Canales
Kristoffer McGuire
25-Floyd Lillegard
26-Daniel Murphy
27-Tom Patterson