Issue 1/2 AFP 2011 Main Body

Argentine Prosecutor
Suicided by Mossad?
• Killed hours before releasing bombshell on 1994 terror attack
By Dave Gahary
he obvious assassination
of Natalio Alberto Nisman, an Argentine prosecutor bent on proving the
Islamic Republic of Iran’s
responsibility in the 1994 bombing on
the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) building in Buenos
Aires, was clearly the work of Israel’s
national intelligence agency, Mossad.
Over the past two decades it has been
shown that the attack, the deadliest
bombing ever in Argentina, was the
work of Zionists, who were embroiled
in a bitter political fight in Israel after
the olive branch of peace was offered
to the Palestinians by Israeli Prime
Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
The bombing of the Jewish Community Center, which killed 85 Jews
and injured several hundred others,
was the supposed work of a suicide
bomber, and was immediately blamed
on Iranian terrorists, although the alleged vehicle was never found and no
evidence of Iran’s involvement was
ever found.
Israel has a long history of murdering anyone they see fit in false-flag
terrorist attacks to achieve its political goals, the most notable being the
1954 Lavon Affair—a failed series of
bombings carried out by Egyptian
Who suicided Natalio Nisman?
Jews recruited by Israeli intelligence
and designed to be blamed on Egyptian Muslims.
The prosecutor, 51-year-old Nisman, was Jewish and the chief investigator of the 1994 bombing. On Jan.
19, Nisman was found dead at his
home in Buenos Aires, the day before
he was set to present evidence of his
inquiry to Argentina’s congress. He
was found in a pool of blood next to
a .22 caliber handgun, dead from a
single shot to his head. Paraffin tests
showed no gunshot residue on Nisman’s hands and there were no signs
of a struggle.
Nisman knew he had information
that would create a stir, telling a reporter on Jan. 14 that “I could be
dead by the end of this.”
Historians have shown that only
hardline elements in Israel profited
from the AMIA bombing. On July 1,
1994, Prime Minister Rabin allowed
Yasser Arafat to return to Palestine
from exile. Just two weeks later, the
AMIA building was bombed. A few
months later Rabin was assassinated
in Israel by Yigal Amir—a radical rightwing Jew—punishment for Rabin’s
dovish Labour Party policies. Amir
was a member of the fanatical settlers’
movement, connected to Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security department,
which Rabin was trying to rein in.
Those knowledgeable with the
1994 bombing suspect that Nisman
may have uncovered evidence of Israeli involvement in the operation.
Ralph Schoenman, author of The
Hidden History of Zionism, points
to the 2013 “memorandum of understanding” Argentina signed with Iran,
establishing a “truth commission” to
investigate the AMIA bombing.
The fact that Argentina demanded
a new probe involving Iran as an investigating party “makes clear that
within Argentina the realization [is]
quite substantial that this event has
little to do with Iran and everything
to do with an intrigue that requires
looking elsewhere,” said Schoenman.
“The apprehension of the Israeli
authorities is well founded,” said
Schoenman, “because that’s where
the finger will be pointed when the
evidence is in.”
Want More War?
By Willis A. Carto
iberal TV personality Ed Schultz has a
question. “What is going on?” he asks.
Why is the U.S. involved in apparently
senseless war across the globe? Why
does the media go along with the State
Department promoting these wars? All of our foreign interventions do nothing but create and escalate the hatred of foreigners against our
The answer is simple when you think about it.
We must recognize the irresistible forces in “our”
country that want war and plenty of it.
War is extremely profitable for some.
We point to the arms manufacturers, for example. These folks are good at making rifles, cannon, battleships, uniforms, shoes. The list goes on.
War is a very profitable business. And their
customer always pays promptly. If the customer—Uncle Sam—runs out of money, he can
get unlimited amounts from the friendly Rothschild bank called the Federal Reserve, which
just manufactures money when needed and adds
it to the “national” debt.
All of these nice, very rich folks have many nice,
well-paid salesmen in Washington. Some are lobbyists and some are in Congress. With the backing
of the newspapers, special-interest pressure
groups, armament lobbies and many members of
Congress, count on them to get the job done.
Their bread and butter is war. Never mind
what you as a taxpayer or the poor saps who join
the Army—often because they can’t find a useful
job at home—-want.
So off they go in a nice uniform. Off they go to
shoot at guys in other armies or who are desperately trying to protect their homeland no matter
what it costs in lives and human suffering.
Meanwhile, the publicists exult in it all. America is bringing something called “democracy” to
the benighted denizens of lesser nations. Too bad
we don’t have some of that elixir here in the U.S.
The salesmen for war are very talented and
can manufacture an explanation for any war
faster than you can brush your teeth.
War is the heroin of our economy.
Withdrawal from a policy of continual war
would mean a depression for the U.S. far worse
than the one of the thirties. It would mean riots
by the jobless, a cutoff of welfare for the blacks as
well as the whites and an unpredictable future.
Now, you might not agree. Perhaps you’ve
thought of a way to get rid of the huge trillion-dollar debt out there and will write in to share your
idea. Please do. We’ll print as many of your letters
as we can.