Pete Martinez Named Five Star Professional for Third Year!

Research that Recognizes Outstanding Service Professionals
Fmd a Professional
Mal• dw -tof w+ut ,_,No.-.
Preside nt & Owner
Insight R nancial Servle<ts
7101 Col lege Blvd
Ste 1501
OVerland Park. KS 66210
[email protected]
Tlv..,.year Five Star Prolessoonal
F1ve Star Award
About Us
For Professionals
Insight Financial Services, a private wealth management firm where
Investing Is a process, not a product.
THE INSIGHT FINANCIAL SERVICES DIFFERENCE: We don t ead w!lh product. We lead wrth the cl\ent. We is ten
and then we create a pe<Sonalized W>vestment strateqy that grct11S out ollhe c
fs fnanc:ial cl"cumstances and
lct11ard his or he< iwestmenl goa;-s.
Investing gram from ll>de<standing and that comes from knowrog ow clients and thM goals. That is Ykly we insiSt
on meeting Ylllh each client lace-to-lace and eo<J89i1>9 IWn or he<., thM fnanc:ial plan. We don.! outsowce the
c Enfs f..ancial advice or the """""J'!ffl of thM money.
We take the lime to gathe< the big pictwe of the c
fs assets and -.come. spending and nel"l.alh. tax obligations
and estate plans. Vl'e beli&ve the clienfs iwestments beneli from an advisor vklo nam and ll>de<stands the
clienfs linanclilllandscape.
Then, before we laDe about iwestment strateg;es, we s ""'' "'and isten to ow c~s explaOl vklat they v.<anl their
money to become ... a second home, an educahon lor their children or grandchildren. a ,,., around the v.ald or a
comfortable retwement.
Next. we place the c
Is dreams beside the rea&t""' of thM assets and expenses, thM ns tolerance and tax
situation. At that po-.t we can evaluate them on a practical timeline.
Emaot Pete Martinez . MBA
Once we na11 •1Alo ow c~ts ate, v.bere they are nan and •1.t.ere they want to go, we create and
WlcividuaiiRvestment strategoes.
irfPement their
Vl'e beieve -.vestng is a process, not a product.
Vl'e beieve iwesting is pe<Sonai.
Vl'e beieve a sound fll\antlill plan is
I from experience and insight.
Kansas City Olildren·s Asststance Network Co-Founder and AdviSory Board l•lefrbe<
Little League Basebal Programs Vok*>leer
Fonner Captain. U.S.
Force, G<Af Wa<
Actrve merrber ., his cluch
To read more about Five Star ProlessoOnal"s melhodology lor detemww>g Ymners, click here.
SectMII""' and advisory setVices offered Uvough Nahonal Plannong CorporatiOn (NPC). 1\efrbe< FINRNSIPC. a
Regste<ed Investment AdviSer. Addi1ional advisory setVoces offered through IFS Advisors, LLC {I FSA), a Regste<ed
Investment Advisor. IFSA. Insight mancial Services and NPC are sepa<ale and unrelated cOIT'pallies.
Five Star Professional idenhfoed pre-quailfoed award candidates based on industry data and contacted all idenhfoed
brol<er dealas, Regstered Investment Advisor ftrmS and Fl RA;egistered representatives ., the Kansas City a<ea
(W>Ciudes J ohnson, Wyandolte, Douglas, Leavem.alh, .tam. Atchison and Fran<lin cooobes., the state of
Kansas: and Jac son, Oay. Plate. Cass, Buchanan and Ray cooohes ., the state of M'Ssouri) to gathe< weallh
manager nomirlat.ons. Sell""""""'lions were not accepted.
Award candidales were then evalualed agamt 10 olljective
y and evaluai>OO critena associaled wilh weallh
managers vklo provide quality setVices to thM clienls such as client retentiOn rales, client assets adminostered,
fl"l!l revo&" and a favorable r~tory and corrc>~ao>t history. Five Star Professional fonaized theist of 2013 Five
Star Wealth Managers to be no more than 7'1. ollhe approxo-nately 7,200 vll!alih managers ., the area. 766 award
candidates in the Kansas City area were considered lor the award, of YAloch 203 Y~E<e named 2013 Five Star Weallh
- Weallh managers do not pay a lee to be considered or placed on the Malbt of Five Star We lh ~lanageni.
- The Five st.. a't lal'd is not indicative of the wealth rnanage(s lulwe perlorrmnce.
- V1'e h managers may or may not use <bcrehon., thM practice and therefore may not manage thM client's
assets .
-The -.cklsion of a Wl!alth manager on the Five Star Vl'eallh Manager
t shoold not be cons trued as an
endorsemenl of the ' "'ai1h manager by Five Star Professional, KC Magazne or KC Bus-.ess.
- Wori<ing wlh a Five Star Vl'e
h Manager or MY 'M!a.1h manager is no guarantee as to lulwe iwestment success.
nor is the<e any guarantee that the selected wealth managers
be awarded this accOfT'C)islvnenl by Five Star
Professional ., the lulwe.
Fot more -.!onnat>OO on the Five Sta< awasd and the researcl\lseleei>OO methodology. go to: