Cow-Calf Conference Cornbelt

Joe Higgins: As an area buyer
for Tyson Fresh Meats, Higgins
will present the successes and
areas for potential improvement
from Iowa’s beef industry.
Tyson has nearby beef plants in
both Denison, IA and Joslin, IL.
For conference information, contact one of the following
General Information:
Marion Co. Extension, 641-842-2014
Exhibit Information:
Joe Milledge, 515-822-1994
KIIC Radio,
Program Information:
Patrick Wall, 515-450-7665
Hotel/Motel Accommodations:
Ottumwa Area Convention & Visitors Bureau,
The beef industry is at a major crossroads. Production
costs have escalated significantly over the past several
years—challenging beef producers to address higher feed
inputs, land costs, and operating expenses in order to remain cost competitive. The southern Iowa and northern
Missouri area has the resources and the opportunity to
again take a prominent place in the beef industry. The
Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference provides the forum for
all segments of cattle production to address these issues,
discuss new technology, and provide vision for the future
of the cattle industry. The event is open to all persons interested in beef production without regard to race, color,
sex or national origin.
Saturday, January 31, 2015
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Free Admission •
Bridge View Center
102 Church Street
Ottumwa, Iowa
John Crall
Byron Leu Dan Delaney
Mark Moore Dave Eberhardt Dan Pidgeon Corey Rozenboom Cale Plowman
Sara Benson
Roman Schooley
Marlin Korthaus Duane Steenhoek
Pat Larkin
Stephanie Sexton
Marcus Smith
Neric Smith
Joe Sellers
Patrick Wall
Dale Watson
Charles Brown
Steve Banyas
Mike Buchanan
Shaun Fritchey
Chris Greiner
Kevin Heffron
Tyler Hofstatter
Jeremy Erdmann
Joe Sellers
Tony Latcham Neric Smith
Byron Leu Don Swanson
Darrell Limkeman Dale Uehling
Greg Milani
Patrick Wall
Jon Walraven
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Phil Core: An experienced
cattle buyer, Core will discuss
what the new Iowa Premium
Beef plant in Tama, IA is
looking for from the cow-calf
sector to fit their demand and
answer questions from the
The Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference is one of the longest
running and most successful conferences of its type in
the Midwest. For over forty years, the conference has
provided an opportunity for producers, researchers, and
over 70 industry representatives to come together to
explore current topics and issues. This concentrated oneday conference focuses on management and production
practices that contribute to making the cow-calf business
profitable and competitive on a long-term basis.
Darrell Franson: After 26
years in agri-business, Franson
and his wife own a cow/calf
operation on the grasslands
of SW MO. With 10 yrs. in
nutrition, Franson thought he
knew enough to be successful.
Tall fescue gave him an
education. A records keeping
enthusiast, Franson will share
what he did with that education
and what it has meant to his
bottom line.
Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference
Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 308, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Join us for the KIIC Farm Show
Friday, January 30, 2015
Noon to 6 p.m.
Directions: Exit onto Church Street from
Highway 34/63. The Bridge View Center is
located one block north toward the downtown area
Dr. Ron Bolze: Assoc.
Professor in An. Sci. at Chadron
State College (Chadron, NE). As
Commercial Marketing Director
for 5L Red Angus, he led the
operation’s use of genetics for
selection. Bolze also serves
part time as the Coordinator for
the Nebraska Grazing Lands
Dr. Dan Shike: Assistant
Professor in An. Sci. at the
Univ. of Illinois. B.S. Kansas
State Univ. PhD. Univ. of Ill.
Research focuses on nutritional
strategies and management
practices that improve
efficiency, reproduction and
profitability in beef cow/calf
Congressman Frank Lucas:
One of the predominant
“authors” of the most recent
Farm Bill as former Chair of
the House Ag Committee,
Lucas will discuss key areas
of the bill and what it offers
Iowa’s beef sector. Frank and
his wife Lynda are cow-calf
producers from Oklahoma.
9DP Welcome & General Comments
2:15 to 3 p.m.—Breakout Session #1
Attendees can choose one of the following:
9:10DPWRQRRQ Morning Sessions
(Sponsored by Zoetis)
Using Genetic Selection & Environmental
Sort for More Efficient Beef Cow
Effectively Using Your Forage Analysis
Dr. Patrick Gunn, Iowa State
University, Ames
Breakout Room #1 (Sponsored by
John Deere Ottumwa Works)
Dr. Ron Bolze
Chardon State College, NE
Auditorium (9:10-10:05)
Measuring & Improving Beef Cow
Maternal Efficiency & Profitability
Dr. Dan Shike
University of Illinois at
Auditorium (10:05-11:00)
The Farm Bill for the Cow-Calf Sector
Congressman Frank Lucas
Former Chair US House Ag
Committee (Okla.)
Auditorium (11:00-11:55)
Noon to 1:15 p.m. Lunch and Exhibit Viewing
Afternoon General Session
The Iowa Packing Industry: What Do
They Want from Cow-Calf Producers
Panel Discussion:
Joe Higgins, Tyson
Phil Core, Iowa Premium Beef
Mike Sphinx, Lime Springs Beef
Auditorium (1:15-2:10)
Fescue: Positives and Negatives
David Hall, Ozark Hills Genetics,
West Plains, MO
Breakout Room #2 (Sponsored by NRCS)
Budgeting Alternatives for Land Use in
Southern Iowa - The “Corn vs. Cows”
Decision Tool
Dr. William Edwards, Iowa State
University, Ames (retired)
Breakout Room #3 (Sponsored by the
Iowa Beef Center)
Farm Transitioning: Succession by Design or
Steven Bohr, Farm Financial Strategies,
Lisbon, IA
Breakout Room #4
Novel Endophyte (toxin free) Tall Fescue
Darrell Franson, farmer,
Mt. Vernon, MO
3:05 to 3:50 p.m. – Breakout Session #2
All Breakout Sessions will be repeated at the
listed locations
Admission charge: FREE – No preregistration is required.
Financial support for the 2015 Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference provided in part by:
John Deere Ottumwa Works
Iowa Beef Center - Iowa State University Extension
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Al Seim Memorial
Dr. Patrick Gunn: Asst.
Professor, Cow-calf Ext.
Specialist at Iowa State
Univ. PhD., Purdue Univ.
Program emphasis focuses on
reproductive efficiency, estrus
synchronization protocols, and
cow-calf nutrition.
David Hall: Owner of Ozark
Hills Genetics, a Red Angus and
Hereford seedstock operation
in southern Missouri, Hall will
describe his extended grazing
management on predominantly
fescue pastures as well as his
selection program for fertility,
performance, and longevity in a
forage-based system.
Dr. William Edwards:
Professor of Economics (retired)
at Iowa State University. He
specializes in Extension and
classroom education in farm
management, including leasing
arrangements, risk management,
machinery, farm accounting,
and personnel management. He
is co-author of text book, Farm
Steven Bohr: A SE Iowa
native, Iowa Farmer Today
columnist and founder of Farm
Financial Strategies, Bohr
brings 22 years of experience
in farm transition. Steve will
share strategies for future
uncertainty and discuss how
recent economic issues affect
farm succession.