Addendun # 2 - Wake County Government

O: Date: All Prospecctive Bidders
ROM: Tom Weste
er – Procurem
ment Services Su
ubject: Addenda Number Two –
– RFB #15‐0133 Video Control System, Five County Stadium January 23,, 2015 The follow
wing informattion is to provvide to clarifyy issues and/oor make chan
nges to the prreviously issueed RFB. 1. Th
he Viewsonicc monitors are
e for signal ve
erification andd will be placced into the raacks. 2. Th
he Middle Atlantic racks are 76”h x 31””d x 22”w. Th ere are two ((2) racks availlable for the A
AV eq
quipment spe
ecified in the RFB although
h a 3rd “video board” rack w
will be ganged
d to the 2 AV
V raacks. You mayy work in coordination witth the videob oard vendor to co‐mingle gear for the best signal flow. 3. Fo
or the Tripplitte SMART220
00RM2U – on
ne is required per rack for aa quantity of two (2). 4. Only the AV au
udio to be tied into the exiisting audio s oundboard w
which is locateed within thee production roo
om, thus, no aadditional speakers, ampss, etc., are req
quired for aud
dio distributio
on. All other iinformation rremains as isssued. End of addendum.