TMH Doctors Offer Several Surgeries

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Winter 2015
The Memorial Hospital at Craig – improving the quality of life for the communities we serve through patient-centered healthcare and service excellence.
TMH Doctors
Offer Several Surgeries
Are you
anticipating a
general surgery in
the coming year?
If so, consider
having it done
at TMH in our
operating room.
At TMH we have two
Dr. Scott Ellis performs a C-section
board-certified general
in the TMH operating room.
surgeons who perform
all types of standard surgeries including hernia
repairs, endoscopies, cancer, hemorrhoid,
thyroid, pacemaker & port placement, and
more. Dr. Jeff Womble and Dr. Alexis Driggs
use the latest techniques and equipment to
Dr. Jeff Womble
Dr. Scott Ellis
ensure you get the best results possible.
In addition, Dr. Jim Summers and Dr. Scott
Ellis, our board-certified gynecologists also
perform a variety of GYN surgeries using
traditional, laporoscopic, and when applicable,
incision-less methods. For more information
about our services, visit our website at
Dr. Alexis Driggs
Dr. Jim Summers
You’ve Got A Choice
Orthopedic and Other Specialty Surgery Available at TMH
Did you know TMH gives several regional specialists privileges to practice at TMH?
What this means is you can see 34 doctors at TMH, including the well-known
orthopedic surgeons Dr. Bomberg, Dr. Meininger, Dr. Sisk and Dr Sauerbrey. All in all,
we offer physician specialists in 14 care areas. Coming in August Dr. Kevin Borchard,
a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon, will head up orthopedic care at TMH.
Surgery Patient
Lynette Pell says she’s
“TMH’s biggest fan”
Lynette Pell can’t say enough great
things about TMH and our doctors.
Her appreciation started when she
accompanied her husband to an
appointment with Dr. Hamilton in
2014. After caring for her husband
Dr. Hamilton said to Lynette:
“You look peaked. What’s going
on with you?” She explained that
she couldn’t
eat due to
“That surgical
unit – they work
cramps and
like a precisely
timed clock.”
He asked if
she’d had a
CT-scan, and she said no. So he
scheduled an emergency CT-scan on
the spot.
The scan revealed a tumor, and
within a few short days she was
scheduled for surgery with TMH
surgeons Dr. Driggs and Dr.
Womble. They were able to remove
the tumor before it perforated her
bowel. She knew if she’d waited any
longer her outcome might have been
a lot worse.
Lynette said, “That surgical unit
– they work like a precisely timed
clock. We were scared and didn’t
know what to expect but then
Marjorie came in and she was so
friendly.” She continued, saying,
“After surgery, Dr. Womble came
and saw me several times. He
answered every question of mine,
and my kids. No one turned their
backs on us. I’m TMH’s biggest fan!”
Come to TMH’s Third Annual
Community Health Fair!
It’s easy to put off getting important health screens. That’s why we
are making it convenient. Come to our third annual community
health fair and get many of the tests you need all at once and at a
low cost.
Lab services include a basic blood chemistry ($25), blood cell count
($10), vitamin D screening ($40), hemoglobin A1C screening ($20),
and a PSA screening for men 50 and over ($10). These tests are
offered at a discount to make it as affordable as possible. The
Radiology Department is offering vouchers for discounted Body
Composition Scans ($40) —great baseline information for good
Healthcare professionals will be on hand to offer tips on healthy
lifestyle habits that stave off disease. All participants will receive
a goodie bag with health and wellness items. The fair offers
activities for the entire family. Preregistration is encouraged.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
The Memorial Hospital 750 Hospital Loop
7:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Cost: Pick and choose among
low-cost tests
Info: 824-9411 or
download a registration form at
Love Your Heart
F ebrua ry is He a rt H e alth M o n th
Dr. Gerald Myers, TMH Cardiologist, refers to coronary
artery disease as “the silent stalker in women.” While heart
disease is the number one cause of death for both men and
women in the United States, it is less easily detected in
Women’s symptoms are often more subtle than the heavy
chest pain we think of with heart attacks. It can feel more
like pressure or tightness and can include:
Unusual fatigue
Shortness of breath
Give your heart some love this month by starting healthy
habits. Reduce your risk by not smoking, maintaining a
healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and controlling
your high blood pressure or cholesterol.
TMH Cardiology
Clinic Hours
Select Tuesdays and
Wednesdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Muscle weakness
February: 3, 4, 10, 11, 26
Sleep disturbance
March: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 31
Nausea, vomiting or indigestion
785 Russell Street
Lightheadedness, sweating or
Discomfort in the neck, jaw,
shoulder, upper back or abdomen
970-826-2400 to schedule
an appointment
Chest pain, pressure or tightness
“Perhaps the most important risk factor for coronary heart
disease in women is the misperception that coronary heart
disease is a man’s disease,” says Dr. Myers.
Dr. Gerald Myers
PT/OT Offers New Treatment Options
At TMH, we’ve been busy growing our physical therapy
and occupational therapy offerings. We’ve hired more
therapists and acquired new leading-edge treatment
equipment. Come summer, orthopedic PT solutions will be
expanded even more.
“HIVAMAT is a new and exciting therapy that creates
deep, relaxing oscillatory vibrations that relieve
inflammation and allow the body to heal faster from both
acute and chronic conditions. Our patients have had great
results with this noninvasive treatment,” Geer says.
“I am very excited about our excellent team. We have
over 90 years of combined experience that allows us to
collaborate and treat a large scope of patients ranging
from babies to older adults,” says Luke Geer, P.T., D.P.T.,
Manager/Physical Therapist.
HIVAMAT reduces pain, heals wounds and helps repair
traumatized muscles and nerves. It’s used with brain
strokes, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome,
edema, sports injuries and more.
New! HIVAMAT Therapy
TMH now offers HIVAMAT (Histological
Variable Manual Therapy) to its patients.
This leading-edge therapy has been
clinically proven to ready the body for
surgery and speed up healing afterwards,
among several other benefits.
TMH offers outpatient physical therapy, occupational
therapy and massage therapy services. Our therapists
have a wide variety of expertise to help you with
everything from headache pain to orthopedic and sportsrelated injuries. For more information, call (970) 824-5992.
From left to right: Marshall Kraker, Athletic Trainer, Christine Trujillo, P.T., Physical Therapist, Luke D. Geer, P.T.,
D.P.T., Manager/Physical Therapist, Jill Jonas, M.S., O.T.R./L., Occupational Therapist, Carol G. Sitlington, P.T.,
Physical Therapist, Danika Friedley, P.T., D.P.T., Physical Therapist, Zack Johnson, M.S.P.T., Physical Therapist
It’s a known fact that men avoid going to the doctor, yet men
who take an active role in their health fair better by catching
cancers early and keeping hearts strong. Join us for a month
all about men and take advantage of free & low-cost health
checks. Men who take part in our March MANness preventive
health services will be entered to win prizes.
Man up for
March MANness!
Are you a man?
Then there’s a good chance you are
due for a health checkup.
C’mon. Man up. Get screened.
Entire month of March
Mon-Fri – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
March MANness Event
TMH Medical Clinic
Hemoglobin A1-C (pre-diabetes), PSA, Lipid panel
(cholesterol), hearing, vision, and blood pressure.
$100 cash for all tests. Insurance will not be billed.
750 Hospital Loop
Craig, CO 81625
(970) 824-9411
PO Box Holder
Craig, CO 81626
Upcoming Events
February 6
Wear Red Day
Wear red in honor of heart health month!
February 10
What to Expect Birthing Tour
6:00 p.m. - TMH Lobby
FAQs on expecting a baby and optional Birthing Center tour
March 1-31
March MANness - TMH Medical Clinic
Comprehensive labs for men at a reduced cost at the TMH
Medical Clinic.
March 14
Childbirth Class - The Memorial Hospital
Hablo Espanol?
Nosotros también!
Busca una nueva médica? La Dra. Elise
Sullivan y nuestra Physician Assistant,
Maggie Anderson, hablan español y
esperan poder servirles en la clínica TMH.
medical clinic
(970) 826-2400
Taught by Jan Schroeder, RN. Contact Jan for information 824-3364. Call 826-3270 to register. Cost is $40 (includes lunch).
April 11
Community Health Fair The Memorial Hospital
rehabilitation center
Save the date for our annual health fair at TMH!
Goes Mobile
with Go-Safe
You’ve heard of Lifeline, the device that delivers assistance at the push of a button 24/7 to seniors.
Lifeline now has more options to help keep your loved one safe. Until recently, Lifeline required a landline
telephone. Now, Lifeline offers an option that connects through a cellular service. Another new option
called Go-Safe can be used when out and about. Worn around the neck and equipped with GPS, the add-on
device “uses cell phone towers to pinpoint a person’s location. It works wirelessly, so people without a land
line can still get the benefit of Lifeline at home or out,” says Stayton Mosbey, Lifeline Coordinator at TMH.
TMH works with Medicaid to provide Lifeline free-of-charge to qualifying individuals. For others,
Lifeline is available at affordable prices. For more information, contact Stayton at 826-3290 or
[email protected]