Vol 16.1 February 15, 2012 - The Perley and Rideau Veterans

Between Us Briefly
Newsletter for Residents, their Family and Friends, Staff and Volunteers of the
Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre
Vol. 16 #1
February 15, 2012
In 2011, the Perley Rideau
initiated a formal and rigorous
request for proposal (RFP)
process for Pharmacy
services. As a result of the
RFP process, a new
pharmacy services provider, Medical
Pharmacies Group Limited, was selected as
our partner going forward. The new pharmacy
will open on May 01st, 2012.
on-site pharmacy, Medical Pharmacies has
their own Ottawa-based medication warehouse
to ensure continuity of supply and to mitigate
drug shortages in the event of a disaster or
The Perley Rideau is very grateful for the
support and service Medico-Dental has
provided to the Health Centre, its residents and
staff for many years. Medico-Dental, the
Perley Rideau and Medical Pharmacies are
developing the pharmacy services transition
All eligible medications will be billed directly to
the Ontario Drug Benefit and all alternate drug
plans such as Veterans Affairs, Blue Cross,
Liberty Health, Green Shield, Shared Health,
and others. Medical Pharmacies is working
closely with our current pharmacy services
provider to complete a seamless transfer of all
existing prescription files. A brochure outlining
the services available from Medical
Pharmacies, and introducing the pharmacy
team, will be available shortly for your
Introducing Medical Pharmacies Group
Medical Pharmacies Technology and
Clinical Programs
Medical Pharmacies Group Limited has an
Ontario-wide network of 34 corporately owned
pharmacy locations committed to providing
customized local service to the community and
to residents of Long-Term Care and Retirement
homes. Medical Pharmacies has operated two
pharmacies in Ottawa for over 20 years and its
Perley Rideau site will be its third.
Medical Pharmacies has several technology
and clinical programs built on research
partnerships with McMaster University, the
Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy, the London
Health Sciences Centre, and partnerships with
other key stakeholders such as
PointClickCare. These programs align with our
commitment to provide excellence in resident
care and service. Some of these programs
Onsite Pharmacy
The Medical Pharmacies Perley Rideau
location will be open the same hours as the
current pharmacy, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Three of Medical Pharmacies’ Clinical
Consultant pharmacists will provide dedicated
daily on-site clinical services. In addition to the
MedePen: A digital pen system that securely
transmits physician orders promptly and clearly
to the pharmacy, eliminating significant nursing
time spent faxing and reducing the chance for
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”
MedeMAR: This system integrates with
PointClickCare and allows nurses to document
medication administration directly into the
resident’s electronic chart, eliminating double
documentation steps.
MedeAlert: This technology automatically flags
an inappropriate type or dose of medication
based on each resident’s kidney function.
MedeAlert prevents adverse drug reactions
such as confusion, falls, sedation, and delirium.
and monthly newsletters for registered staff
and physicians to help stay up-to-date on new
medications. They have also developed a
college-accredited program specifically for
registered staff, to provide education about
medications for all common conditions such as
diabetes, hypertension, infections, respiratory
conditions, pain management, and many
others. Regular health and wellness clinics will
also be available through Medical Pharmacies.
Next Steps
MedeINR: The MedeINR program guides
physicians in adjusting doses of warfarin more
accurately, decreasing the risk of serious side
effects, and helping reduce the number of
blood tests required for the resident.
MedeResources: Our nursing staff will have
online access to pharmacy policies and
procedures, drug information resources,
statistics on medication use, and reports
summarizing quality assurance audits of the
medication system.
Transition planning is underway with MedicoDental Pharmacy and Medical Pharmacies to
ensure a smooth transition by May 01, 2012.
The new provider will hold onsite information
sessions so that everyone can meet the team
and learn more about Medical Pharmacies.
Further communication related to the transition
of services will be provided in the coming
weeks. In the meantime, Doris Jenkins,
Manager of Nursing Practice will be happy to
answer any questions from staff, residents,
their families and friends
Continuing Education: Medical Pharmacies
will provide regular onsite in-service training
On Tuesday January 17th, Canadian Tire
stores from Ottawa sponsored the presentation
of 45 commemorative watches celebrating the
100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy.
Robin Devine, President of Time is Ticking Inc.,
the company commissioned by the Navy
League of Canada to design these watches,
attended the presentation. David McClenahan,
owner of the Canadian Tire store on Coventry
Road and Claude l’Heureux, owner of the
Canadian Tire store in Orleans presented
these gifts to residents of the Perley Rideau
who are Navy or Merchant Navy veterans from
WWII. Two navy veteran volunteers, Albert
Revie and Dalton McIntyre as well as Rear
Admiral (Ret’d.) Peter Martin, past Chair of the
Perley Rideau Board of
Directors, also received a
Our own Vice Admiral Ralph Hennessy
(pictured above with David McClenahan)
received the first watch and said a few words of
thanks on behalf of the veterans. He also
thanked his fellow residents for their
contribution to the war service. Peter Martin, on
behalf of the Perley Rideau, thanked all those
involved and the veterans for their valiant
efforts in battle. Canadian Tire Store owners
commented that they were honoured to be able
to do this for veterans. A reception after the
presentation included music, refreshments and
an opportunity for photos and mingling.
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”
In the October 2011 edition
of Between us Briefly, we
shared the Perley Rideau’s
strategy to be “…the best
place to work for those who
enjoy caring for seniors and
others who require the services we provide…”,
and that we would get there (in part) by
focusing on leadership at all levels of the
organization. One of the tools available is the
use of Leadership Competencies.
What is a Leadership Competency? It is really
just a term for describing the skills,
characteristics and behaviours demonstrated
by effective leaders – think of it as a model or
ideal. Each competency is carefully defined,
as are the descriptions of increasing levels of
skill. These competencies are powerful
because they allow us to select and develop
leaders using proven methods and criteria.
Leadership competencies are different from
technical skills. Typically, the most technically
competent employees in an organization
tended to be promoted to leadership roles, but
technical skills are no guarantee of leadership
success. Leadership competencies, like
technical or professional skills, can be learned
and developed; becoming an effective leader
takes planning and a deliberate approach.
The use of leadership competencies enables
the development of important skill sets that are
exercised by successful leaders. At the Perley
Rideau, we have grouped leadership roles
together, and identified five common leadership
competencies within each group; however, all
staff need to demonstrate at least two of the
Leadership Competencies to be successful in
their roles, even if their role does not exercise
formal authority. The leadership groups and
the competencies associated with each group
(we call them “Competency Profiles”) are:
All Staff
Collaboration, Interpersonal Sensitivity
Front Line Leaders (Lead Hands, RPNs,
Recreation Therapists):
Collaboration; Interpersonal Sensitivity; Service
and Quality Orientation; Holding Self and
Others Accountable; and Planning,
Coordination and Execution
Supervisors (RNs, Food Service Supervisors):
Collaboration; Interpersonal Sensitivity; Service
and Quality Orientation; Holding Self and
Others Accountable; and Planning,
Coordination and Execution
Coordinators (Education & Best Practice,
Employee Health, Volunteer Services, RAI,
Infection Control): Collaboration; Interpersonal
Sensitivity; Impact and Influence; Building
Strategic Partnerships; and Planning,
Coordination and Execution
Managers (Recreation Coordinator, Supervisor
Plant Services, Assistant Manager Support
Services, Care Coordinator Assisted Living,
Assistant Program Manager): Collaboration;
Interpersonal Sensitivity; Service and Quality
Orientation; Leadership Presence; and
Planning, Coordination and Execution
Senior Managers (Managing Director
Foundation, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief
Financial Officer, Manager Human Resources,
Program Manager, Manager Nursing Practice,
Manager Support Services, Medical Director):
Collaboration; Interpersonal Sensitivity; Service
and Quality Orientation; Holding Self and
Others Accountable; and Building
Organizational Capacity
These Competency Profiles do not mean that
other leadership competencies are not
important for individual roles – they are simply
the ones that are held in common within each
group. As individual development plans are
created for each employee (more to come
about this in 2012!) they may include other
leadership competencies that are specific to
that staff member’s role.
The Perley Rideau is already putting these
competency profiles to work – the Senior
Management Team has begun development
activities to enhance its own proficiency in
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”
Collaboration, and Interpersonal Sensitivity.
Over time, the benefits of development
activities for all levels of staff should help the
Perley Rideau become “…the best place to
work for those who enjoy caring for seniors and
others who require the services we provide…”
Every day in the Assisted Living Program
presents new challenges and opportunities to
put into use the unique skills and experience of
the Personal Support Workers (PSWs). Each
of the clients in the program have complex
needs and limitations and they appreciate the
wide scope of services that the PSWs provide
that support their desire to remain safely in
their own home.
The following scenario
represents a “Day in the life of the PSW” in
the Assisted Living Program:
Lucy travels to the first home where the client
and his wife have lived for several years in a
building that has a large population of seniors,
is close to stores and medical services and is
on a regular bus route.
The client has
dementia and has become more resistant to
care. Lucy has used her experience dealing
with the elderly and the skills she learned in the
Gentle Persuasive Approach training to gain
his trust. He has come to accept the personal
care and assistance with his shower and he
responds to Lucy’s cheerful demeanour and
positive attitude. When time permits, Lucy
helps the client’s wife with some laundry or
goes to the grocery store and purchases the
nutritious food that the client needs for his strict
diabetic diet.
Next Lucy goes to a client’s home in another
seniors’ building. This lady is gradually losing
her vision due to macular degeneration so Lucy
helps get her breakfast ready, checks her
blood pressure and records the results of her
blood sugar test. This lady is struggling with
progressive vision loss and she is trying to
remain as independent as possible. The sense
of loneliness, anxiety and fear is overwhelming
at times. Lucy offers emotional support and a
listening ear in addition to the daily care.
Lucy moves on to visit a client who is confined
to a wheelchair. Lucy assists the client to
perform the regular exercise regime that is
essential to maintain good muscle tone and
circulation. The client also enjoys the social
aspect of the visit and the time passes quickly.
The next stop is to see a gentleman in his
nineties who needs help with his meals and
medication. He is happy to see Lucy as he
enjoys the twice-daily visits of the Assisted
Living caregivers. He chats with Lucy while
she prepares his lunch and his medication.
She sits with him while he eats and keeps a
careful eye on him as she knows he is prone to
choking. After she cleans up the kitchen, and
checks that the client is comfortable, she is
able to leave.
The final stop on Lucy’s route is to see a lady
who lives alone in her home and does not
receive many visits from friends or family.
Initially, she was very cautious and nervous
about having caregivers in her home but now
she looks forward to every visit.
transformation in her outlook and her
enjoyment of the regular interaction with caring
Personal Support Workers is very rewarding.
Lucy comments: “Some days are very difficult.
We deal with the heat and humidity in the
summer and poor driving conditions in the
winter; frequent schedule changes and even
some emergencies but we still have to provide
the care that is needed. Our clients have
complex medical problems and are often
frustrated and depressed by setbacks and
limitations. Sometimes just holding a hand or
singing a song brightens someone’s day.”
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”
Quality Improvement
(QI) is a proven, effective way to improve care
for residents and to improve practice for staff.
Over the past year, significant work has been
done to move QI forward at the Home, notably,
posting indicator data for staff, QI discussions
at Home-wide interdisciplinary teams, the
development of a QI framework and QI Plan.
Senior Management has developed a 3-year
plan that will make sure the Home works on the
most important areas first and reaches its
goals. Staff from all levels and departments of
the Home will be exposed to QI activities either
formally (through participation on Home-wide
interdisciplinary teams or smaller improvement
teams) or informally (by providing input into
potential changes).
To celebrate the beginning of the Home’s QI
journey, a QI Launch Day will be held on
Feb. 29th, 2012. During this day, Clara
Ballantine, a QI Coach from Quality Healthcare
Network, will facilitate a workshop for Senior
Management, Coordinators, Supervisors, Late
Career RNs and a number of front line staff
who may be asked to lead QI in the future.
The purpose of this workshop is to:
Link QI priorities with the Home’s
strategic vision
Provide basic QI concepts and
understanding of QI methodologies
Identify and plan for barriers
Discuss next steps
At the end of the workshop, members of the
Restraint Improvement Team (Perley
Unbuckled) will be sharing the outcomes of the
project. Please join us at 2:30 p.m. in Lupton
Hall to hear the presentation and celebrate
their success. Coffee and cake will be served.
Nursing Program Managers responsible for
Admissions and Gatineau Community beds
met with Greg Fougere, CEO to discuss how
best to reallocate beds to meet the needs of
some Perley Rideau community residents
whose care needs had changed. Options to
reduce exceptionally long wait lists for
admission to Enhanced care beds, compared
to the relatively short wait list for Special
Approach beds, were also discussed.
Some residents have moved between
Gatineau 1 South and Gatineau 2 South over
the last 3 weeks to a home area that will better
meet their needs. Other residents may be
moving within the next 3-4 weeks.
Data is being gathered in order to make a
decision about future programming on both
these units. Gatineau 1 South will remain a
secured unit for those needing a secure
environment and Gatineau 2 South is being
considered to become a unit that is no longer
secured. While residents are being relocated
to Gatineau 2 South, and while the Admission
Department gathers information about needs in
the community, the unit will remain secured.
Bed reallocation will occur over a few weeks;
the date for completion of the transition is not
yet determined. We are providing opportunity
for current residents to adjust to their new
home environment before moving others, and
will assess and monitor this very closely in the
coming days. Extra staff support is also in
place in the short term to assist residents with
the transition.
Thank you to the team that is working hard to
ensure this transition is as seamless as
possible for residents, their families and staff.
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”
The Family and Friends Council (FFC) held its
first Annual General Meeting on Nov. 24th,
2011. It was a two-fold success. The FFC
tabled its Annual Report and Chantale LeClerc,
the interim Chief Executive Officer of the
Champlain Local Health Integration Network,
spoke about the Walker Report (Caring for our
Aging Population and Addressing Alternate
Levels of Care), and two provincial initiatives
for seniors, “Residents First” and “Behavioural
Supports Ontario”.
In mid-December, the FFC held a meeting,
open to residents and family members, to
discuss the new model for the delivery of
dental health services to residents. Doris
Jenkins, Manager of Nursing Practice, Dr.
Benoit Robert, Medical Director, and Pat
Messier of Veterans Affairs Canada attended
to answer questions about the new model,
which became effective Jan. 1st, 2012.
The winner of the Christmas
Gift Basket raffle was
Shirley Coombs, an RPN
who works on Ottawa 1
East. Dave Doherty, CoChair of the FFC, and Shirley are pictured here
with the gift basket. The winner of the framed
print was Lynne Mason, a family member of a
resident in the Gatineau Building.
Guest speakers at the Jan. 19th, 2012 meeting
were Daniel Clapin, Managing Director,
PRVHC Foundation and Ray Desjardins, Chair
of the Foundation Board of Directors. In
addition, Harriet Timmermans and Carolyn
Vollicks discussed restorative care.
Inquiries about the Family and Friends Council
can be directed to Katherine Stewart at 613730-3429; Dave Doherty at 613-825-6548; or
by e-mail to [email protected]
The transition to the new parking
arrangements, required by the construction of
the new seniors’ housing apartments, resulted
in very few issues! A sincere thank you to
everyone for the cooperation and patience
shown and for the valued feedback provided
during this process. Now that the transition
period is over, here are a couple of reminders
to all that use the parking lots:
Please do not use the fire
lane that runs behind the building. It is
for emergency vehicle use only.
Only visitors to the facility are permitted
to park in the Visitors parking between
the hours of 0700 to 1500 hrs. daily,
including weekends.
Also, please remember, the construction lanes
are for construction traffic only.
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Between Us Briefly, Vol. 16-1
Editor: Judy Woodstock
Special Thanks to Those Contributing to this Issue:
Carolyn Andrews, Jo-Anne Doherty, Doris Jenkins,
Kerry Kelly, Kerry Phillips, Denise Lavoie,
Melissa Lorrain, Geri Stewart, Russ Tattersall,
Sharon Tremaine
“Together we improve the well-being of the people we serve.”