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Biblical Consideration
"Understanding Scripture"
Pastor Jerry D. Knapper 12415 Heb.1, Col. 1
Much of what we stand for and believe today is based upon what God has told us. What has He told you?
How has He spoken to you? In the book of Hebrews we are told that God, in the past, spoke unto His people
by the prophets. You will recall from Bible study that at first God spoke directly to His people. When sin
flourished, God no longer spoke to men directly. Rather, He called out certain and specific men, through
whom He spoke. These men were called Prophets. Now these men were like other men who experienced the
same type of fleshly weaknesses, but God called them out to be His instruments through whom He would
speak to His chosen ones.
When God spoke to Adam, He gave him lots of instructions. God gave Adam the responsibility of naming
the animals. He told him what they could eat and what they may not eat. This indicates to us that He didn't
just tell him things they could do, but He told them also things they should not do as well. In a way, Adam
was the first prophet because He told Eve what God told them they could and should not do. This is why in
the book of Timothy, Paul tells us that when Satan approached them he tempted Eve, not Adam. Since Eve
got the information second hand, it was easier to cause her to question and doubt what her husband had told
her then it would be to deceive Adam who got the instructions first hand from God. this is why Paul says,
that Eve was deceived, not Adam. From this we understand that Adam sinned willingly. When we study all
of Scripture we understand that by sinning, Eve fell under the curse of sin. This separated her and Adam in
that for a short time, Adam would have lived forever without sin, and Eve would have lived under the curse
and punishment of sin. But, Adam did sin, and he sinned willfully. This is why he is called the "First Adam"
and Jesus Christ is referred to as the "Second Adam". Like Adam, He was without sin and He gave His life
so that everyone who believes in Him could be redeemed and have eternal life. This great and wonderful
message is the Good News that Jesus taught to the disciples and what they continued to teach in the
beginning as they started the building of a Church Body, called the Body of Christ.
God, in His infinite wisdom, represented mankind in the flesh and appointed Christ heir of all things. It was
by Him that He made the worlds. This is an interesting thought, since it doesn't say world, but worlds, plural.
This same Jesus, who is the brightness of the Glory of God and the express image God's person, upholds all
things by the word of His power, as it says in Hebrews 1:3. In Colossians 1 it says that by Him, Jesus Christ,
all things were made. Yes, by Him and for Him. And it says that in Him, all things consist. This is another
interesting thought. I won't expound on it now, but what does it mean that by Him all things consist??????
This same Jesus, the text in Hebrews tells us, purged us of our sins. To purge means to eliminate and He
eliminated us from our sins. Yet you and I know that we still sin, so in "Understanding Scripture", we begin
to see that there is the physical side of our lives and the spiritual side of our lives. In this flesh, we are bound
by the lusts thereof, but spiritually, we have been set free and are as John said, "Free indeed". There is no sin
that God can hold you eternally accountable for because Jesus Christ has already purged the record for every
believer perfectly clean. The penalty demanded by law the sacrifice of an unblemished lamb, and Jesus
became the Lamb of God, sacrificed for us.
But there's more! Not only did Jesus create all things and by Him all things are held together, but when He
was done, our text says He "Sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high. Now this makes things a
little difficult for some to understand. Here we see a son doing the work for his father and once it is
accomplished he sits down near the throne at his father's right hand. How is it possible that the father and the
son could be "One" when they operated as if they were "Two". This again is where "Understanding
Scripture" comes into the picture. When the Bible says something one place and then seemingly contradicts
itself by saying something different in another place, it is for us to understand the expression of what was
being said as well as the context and for what purpose it was said. The writer of Hebrews was writing to the
Jewish believers. For them to understand, as well as for many to understand today, things had to be kept
simple. Yet, when Jesus spoke, He spoke in parables. When asked why, He told His disciples it was for them
to understand, but not for all to understand. When we look at God's Word, it is so critical to learn to
"Understand Scripture". Pray that He will enable you to see and understand what He has to say to you..
Think about it. It’s a Biblical Consideration!