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2015 Lake Argyle Swim
The following conditions of entry apply to all categories:
 The word “entrant” will be used to describe all solo, duo and quad entries.
 The words “registration” and “entry” will be used interchangeably.
1. Competitors may enter one of the following categories:
a. Solo 20km swim; OR
b. Solo 10km swim; OR
c. Duo / two person team 20km swim; OR
d. Duo / two person team 10km swim; OR
e. Quad / four person team 20km swim; OR
f. Quad / four person team 10km swim; and
g. Variations of the above categories are not permitted unless discussed prior to
the registrations closing and agreed to by Lake Argyle Swim Inc.
2. Entry to participate in the Lake Argyle Swim is limited to swimmers fourteen years of
age or older, unless swimming competence can be proven through previous swims.
3. Only swimmers who are competent, fit and adequately trained should enter this
4. All team entrants and 20km solo entrants must have a support paddler and a
support boat with them at all stages of the race. All 10km solo entrants must have a
support paddler with them at all stages of the race. Entry to the race will not be
permitted otherwise and disqualification may result.
5. The Lake Argyle Swim is an alcohol free event. Any persons aboard any support
vessel (motorboat or paddle craft) acting as support in the Lake Argyle Swim will not
consume alcohol.
6. Course Details:
a. The 20km course will start at the northern tip of Haygan Island at
approximately 16°12'6.09"S 128°49'2.88"E.
b. The 10km course will start north of Bullanyin Island at approximately
16°12'20.84"S 128°43'49.52"E.
c. The two courses will merge at the 10km start line/turn (see course map).
7. The swim courses are marked with buoys. Turn buoys will be placed at all turning
points on the course. These will be flagged either red or green, to indicate a left or
right hand turn. Competitors must swim around these buoys. Along the straight
sections of the course will be indicator buoys, flagged white or yellow ; swimmers
and paddlers should use these as a guide and can swim either side of these buoys.
8. All members of any duo or quad team must swim equal time intervals.
9. Use of any support vessel (paddle craft or boat) to aid buoyancy during an individual
swimmer’s leg of the swim will render the entrant ineligible for awards.
10. Support vessels shall manoeuvre so as not to obstruct or place themselves directly
ahead of any swimmer.
11. Support paddle craft shall attempt to maintain a constant position so as to station
the swimmer at the mid-point of the paddle craft.
12. Swimmers may not slip stream or swim directly behind any support paddler or boat.
13. Wetsuits and/or swimming aids are permitted but wearers will not be eligible for
awards. Goggles, swim caps, nose clips and ear plugs may be used.
14. Individual swimmers of the Duo and Quad teams must make physical contact to
hand over to the next swimmer of the team. A buoyancy aid may be used to assist
the waiting swimmer and may be retrieved by the outgoing swimmer after the
15. Swim caps indicating event category and entrant number will be supplied and must
be worn.
16. Swimmers are required to have their entrant number displayed on their left upper
arm with a waterproof marker.
17. Entrants must complete the race by swimming through the marked finish line and
presenting themselves to the time keepers.
18. It is mandatory that all solos and at least one (1) swimmer from each team attend
one of the compulsory Gear Collection and Q &A Sessions.
19. All vessels in the vicinity of the event, whether involved in the event or not, must
abide by the Navigable Water Regulations.
20. All swimmers must leave the water by 3:30pm WST on the day of the race. If
entrants have not completed the course, entrants must abandon the race.
21. An entrant may be disqualified at the discretion of the race organisers for
contravening race rules or unsporting conduct.
22. Entries will close when filled to capacity.
23. Applications to withdraw from the event made before 1st February 2015 will receive
a 50% refund. All applications for withdrawals/refunds must be made in writing and
emailed to [email protected] or posted to Lake Argyle Swim Inc., PO Box
1184, Kununurra, WA 6743. Registration fees will not be refunded in the event of
entrant withdrawal after the 1st of February 2015.
24. Registration for the Lake Argyle Swim 2015 is limited to 200 entrants, unless
overturned by a committee decision.
25. Trophies will be awarded for the following categories:
a. Fastest Solo 20km Swim;
b. Fastest Duo 20km Swim;
c. Fastest Quad 20km Swim;
d. Fastest Solo 10km Swim;
e. Fastest Duo 10km Swim; and
f. Fastest Quad 10km Swim.