Miracle Service
>> January 17, 2015
>> Reported by Sarah Koh
In his message If You Only Knew,
Pastor Rony dealt with three great
questions of life every person must
ponder and ask sooner or later. These
are: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”
and “Where am I going?” However, the
answers to these questions will largely
depend on what you believe regarding
the origin of life.
The theory of evolution teaches that
life came out of a Big Bang. Therefore,
evolutionists believe that there is no
Creator God and hence there is no life
after death. This belief promulgates
that when one dies, he or she will turn
into nothingness. If that is your view,
then what is the purpose of living on
earth? Everything you aspire to be and
achieve will soon turn to nothingness,
and hence life is not worth the living!
However, if you believe that the
Creator God gives you life for a
purpose, your perspective will take a
meaningful turn. It will become clear
to you that your existence on earth
is to fulfill His plan to prepare you for
everlasting life. Life is never meant to
be lived only from cradle to grave but
also beyond. The truth is, this infinite
God, Who is the Source of life, wants
to offer you eternal life through Jesus
Now, if people only knew this truth,
then each individual will gladly receive
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible
states that every person born into this
world has sinned and come short of
the standard of God. And the wages
or punishment of sin is eternal death.
However, God, in His mercy, has a
contingency plan to redeem us. God
so loved us that He sent Jesus Christ
Who took the form of man and came to
earth 2,000 years ago. He was crucified,
died on the Cross and paid the ultimate
price to redeem us from sin. He arose
again for our justification and is alive
In Galatians 4:3-7, the Bible is clear
that when we receive Christ as our
Redeemer, God adopts us as His own
children. We were once lost in darkness,
but now we are adopted to receive the
full rights of sons and daughters of God.
Hence, God has sent forth His Spirit into
our hearts to enable us to acknowledge
Him as “Abba, Father!” Think of it, you
are a child of the King of kings and the
Lord of lords! Therefore, you are no
longer a slave but an heir of God through
Christ. Thus, you are given privileges
which far surpass earthly royalties’.
An heir or heiress of God inherits all the
blessings of God without limits. Even
whilst on this earth, we have the weapon
of prayer and authority over the power
of Satan and his cohorts. When we stand
firm on the Word of God, we will not fear
the evil powers because we are heirs
of God. A powerful and victorious life
awaits God’s children when we are led
by the Spirit of God! It is a great privilege
to be a Christian even if we have to
suffer for Christ because the present
sufferings cannot be compared with the
glory we share as co-heirs with Christ
(Romans 8:14-17).
So, if you know that God has the best
in store for you, you will not hesitate to
embrace this great salvation Jesus gives
full and free. You will then have your
eternity sealed and secured forever.
For this purpose, Jesus came not to
condemn but save you. This is the day
of salvation, so do not miss the chance
to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and
Savior. Then with confidence, you can
answer the three questions of life rightly:
1. Who am I? I am a child of the most
High God.
2. Why am I here? I am here for a
purpose, to know God and also to be a
channel of blessing to others.
3. Where am I going? I am heading on
to be with God in His heavenly abode
Indeed Christ, our Redeemer and Healer,
lives! And if you know that true peace,
joy, wellness and fulfillment comes from
Jesus Christ alone, you will make haste
to experience the Master’s touch in your
life today!
Tonight, we ascribed all praise to God for
the salvation and healing He has done in
our midst. Here are some testimonies for
the glory of God:
Nicole Lim came with her husband for
the first time. She was suffering from
kneecap problem for a year. She had
tremendous pain whenever she walked
or bent. When she heard of the Miracle
Service, she came and as she walked into
the Sanctuary, she realized her knee pain
had disappeared. During the salvation
call, both Nicole and her husband came
forward to receive Jesus as Lord and
Savior. Praise God for the healing of
Nicole and salvation of the couple!
Michelle Lum suffered eczema on her
hands and feet for a year. Her hands
cracked and bled, and were very painful.
The doctors could not do much about
it. So she came to the Miracle Service
to pray. Last October, she was totally
healed of the condition. Next, she also
had sudden pain in her left leg since last
August but received healing when she
watched the service online. Hallelujah!
Since last April Amy Tung had painful
soles that were inflamed. When she
came tonight, she was in pain. But
after prayer, she felt the pain lifted
away. Thanking God for healing her, she
declared that truly Jesus heals!
Charlotte Pan shared a belated testimony
that happened 10 years ago. She
suffered severe asthma attacks since
her childhood. Each time the attack was
serious and would last for two to three
weeks. One day, during prayer at the
Miracle Service, she was completely set
free from asthma she suffered for many
years. She tested her healing by eating
fruits and sleeping in air-conditioned
room and it did not affect her, unlike
before. Secondly, three years ago, she had
incontinence. She was prayed for at the
Miracle Service and was healed. Indeed,
God’s healing power delivered her from
two severe conditions!
Last year, Wayne Kan injured his spine
when he carried heavy things. It was
painful when he stood straight, so he
had been walking with a hunch. Then
he consulted a Chinese physician who
over corrected the condition and it was
reversed. This time he could straighten
his posture but when he bent, it would
be painful. However, he had been praying
against this problem but did not see any
improvement yet. Tonight, when he heard
the prayer for those with bone problems,
he was encouraged to exercise his faith.
He stood up and in his second attempt,
he bent over without pain, which he
formerly could not do.
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Identity Series
What Is The Church?
Part 1
By Pastor Pacer Tan
FebrUARY 01, 2015
BY Pastor Rony Tan
Life Is Worth The Living If Only You
Life Is
Worth The
Living If
Only You
We are all emotional creatures.
Emotion is a powerful driving force for good or bad.
If we don’t control our feelings, they will rule over our lives.
Even a noble emotion, if left unchecked,
could become obsessively unruly.
How do we regulate our feelings? How do we trust Christ in this area?
Messages in CDs and DVDs may be ordered at the counter.
Lighthouse Discipleship Program
Things Chinese
Today's Pre-Service
3. Prayer strengthens our faith.
When we experience prayer victories as a
way of life, our faith will increase. And with
greater faith, victories are further multiplied.
This is an interesting course that will kick-start our Lighthouse Discipleship Program in 2015.
1. Mandarin Services
- Thanksgiving for a greater anointing that
is still increasing
- God’s blessings and provisions for all
committed leaders and members
2. Gospelight Ministry
- Fresh anointing to be upon Pastor
Clarence and all Gospelighters
- Mightily used by God to heal the sick
and set the captives free
Holy Communion
God's love knows no boundaries. It will
descend to any depth and go to any length
to save.
As we partake of the Holy Communion
today, let’s reflect on His love and renew our
passion for lost souls. How important it is for
us to be found faithful in fulfilling the Great
Pastor Colin will be dealing with burning issues like:
- What to do at a wake or a funeral service
- What to do at a graveyard or columbarium
- Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture
- Feng shui
- Food offered to idols
- What to do with Chinese traditions and culture
He will conclude the course by imparting to students how to use Chinese characters to share the
In Lighthouse Tampines
Obtain the course coupon at the counter in basement 1 church office after the 9.00 am
and 11.15 am services and the counter in the Sanctuary foyer after the 3.15 pm and
7.00 pm services.
Miracle Service
Every Saturday @ 7.00 pm
Lighthouse Woodlands & Tampines
In Lighthouse Woodlands
Obtain the course coupon at the counter in the lobby after the service.
All are welcome to sign up for the course.
You are the bridge to someone’s salvation and eternal life. Think
about your friends and loved ones who have yet to know Jesus.
Give them a call and invite them to our Miracle Service.
And if your pre-believing friends and loved ones happen to be
unwell, you can also offer them the hope of God’s healing touch.
We too provide buses to ferry residents in various estates to
our Miracle Service in Lighthouse Woodlands. The residents will
also be ferried back to the respective estates after the Miracle
Service. For information on bus pickup points and times, please
log on to and click on “busing” under
“care and support”. You can also share with your friends and
loved ones about the bus service provided by Lighthouse.
Let’s do our level best to usher in as many souls as possible into
God’s Kingdom while it is day. We must do the will of Him Who
sent us.
4. Prayer brings answers and solutions.
March 3, 10, 17 & 24 (Tuesdays)
8.00 to 10.00 pm
LE Tampines
$10 per person
Our needs are met through prayer. Greater
confidence in Christ will be the result.
Prayer is simply communication and fellowship
with God. We have been created to have
communion and intimacy with God.
While God's Word is spiritual food to our inner
man, prayer is spiritual breathing and exercise.
The law of health is the same in both the
natural and spiritual world.
Our authority lies in the Name of Jesus
Christ; without which, prayer is pointless and
powerless. The demons also recognize and fear
the Name of Christ.
John 16:24
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name:
ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be
Baptism Class
On March 7
Water baptism is a public declaration of one’s faith in Jesus
Christ. It is a significant time for him to fully commit to obey and
follow Christ, being willing to fulfill the purpose and plan of God
for his life.
The first Baptism Class in 2015 is scheduled for Saturday,
March 7 at 2.00 pm in Lighthouse Woodlands. This class will
prepare you for Water Baptism on Saturday, March 28.
To sign up for the class, please take note of the prerequisites
stated in the Baptism Application form. Registration closes on
Sunday, February 22.
1. Prayer expresses and demonstrates our
trust and dependence on God.
It underscores His creatorship and our
creaturehood. It also underlines our need for
and dependence upon Him. Without Him,
we are nothing and can do nothing.
2. Prayer deepens our relationship with
the Lord.
Through the many experiences of prayer, we
get to know God better. If we are faithful in
prayer, we will discover that God has a good
track record of faithtfulness.
5. Prayer increases our joy.
Jesus Christ says, "Ask and receive that your
joy may be full." Indeed, the joy of the Lord is
our strength.
6. Prayer is a means of intercession
for others.
The most sincere care that you can
demonstrate for another individual is
through intercession. That will bring him
closer to God as he also experiences a
prayer-answering God.
7. Prayer is a weapon of spiritual
warfare to defeat the devil.
This weapon is not carnal but spiritual.
It is a God-given weapon to pull down the
strongholds of the enemy.
1. His creatorship
God is a responsible Person. Because He has
created us, He will take care of us. And He
longs to hear and answer our prayers.
2. His character
God honors His Word because of Who He is.
His Word is His bond. It is simply impossible
for Him to lie because He will do what He
says He will do.
3. His care and concern
God loves us too much to turn a deaf ear
toward our cries. On the basis of His divine
love alone, He must answer our prayers.