Self-Leveling Topping Mortar
Portland Cement-Based
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Silpro Raeco S.L.T.™ is a self‐leveling, structural grade,
interior or exterior floor topping mortar containing Portland
cement, graded aggregates, polymer and control additives.
Mixed only with water, it becomes a free flowing material that
achieves a flat and smooth surface. Raeco S.L.T.™ produces
a smooth, hard and durable wearing surface or is ready to
receive a finish floor. For a wearing surface a quality, high
traffic sealer is recommended. Raeco S.L.T.™ is easily applied
and offers an economical installation. The mortar can be
applied from ¼ ” to 1 ½” in a single lift and up to any depth
when mixed with aggregate. For thickness greater than 1
½ inches, use ¼”‐ ⅜” pea gravel. Raeco R-2000™ primer is
required prior to installation.
Surface Preparation Continued
Raeco S.L.T.™ is a non‐gypsum based product. For exterior
applications, contact Silpro technical support.
Test Data
Compressive Strength: (ASTM C109) 1 day
7 days
28 days
2950 psi
4500 psi
6200 psi
Tensile Strength:
(ASTM C579) 28 days
750 psi
Flexural Strength:
(ASTM C580) 28 days
1050 psi
Lineal Shrinkage:
(ASTM C531) 28 days
Less than ‐ 0.07%
Wet Density: (ASTM C185) 117 Pounds per Cubic Foot
Hardness: 60 Days Mohs Scale rating: 5.0
Shore ‘D’ Hardness: 85
Surface Preparation
Surfaces to be covered must be structurally sound, clean and
free of dust, oil, grease, sealers, curing compounds, laitance,
release agents or other surface contaminants. Where possible,
cut vertical shoulders at edges to accommodate repair or use
foam tape (weather‐stripping) as a cold joint. For smooth
existing concrete, we recommend mechanical abrasion
to achieve an acceptable surface profile. A concrete surface
profile (CSP) of 3 to 6 is recommended *See International
Concrete Repair Institute for profile details at
Pour the diluted primer on the floor and sweep thoroughly
to ensure that the surface is coated evenly without leaving
puddles or bare spots. Seal all cracks, crevices and voids to
prevent the Raeco S.L.T.™ from flowing outside your working
Failure to remove all contaminants that impede the bonding
agent may result in adhesion problems.
For non‐porous substrates, such as ceramic tile, terrazzo,
epoxy, metal and other impervious surfaces, use Raeco
R-3000™ primer. Follow all directions contained in the product
data sheets of Raeco R-2000™ and Raeco R-3000™ primers.
Raeco S.L.T.™ Gray is mixed by adding clean water at a rate
of approximately 5.5 to 5.8 quarts of water for each 50 lb. (22.7
kg) bag of dry powder. Do not exceed 5.8 quarts (5.4 liters) of
water per 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag.
Raeco S.L.T.™ White use 5.8 to 6.1 quarts of water. Do not
exceed 6.1 quarts of water (5.7).
For Raeco S.L.T.™ Nike™ use 4.1 to 4.25 quarts of water.
For Customer Service, Call Silpro at 1-800-343-1501
The cleaning and preparation method selected depends on
both the sub‐floor material and its condition. Acid etching
is not recommended. All surfaces to be leveled with Raeco
S.L.T.™ must be double primed with Raeco R-2000™, including
additional layers of Raeco S.L.T.™. Apply primer using a soft
bristle brush, or exploded tip push broom.
The water should be added to the mixing barrel first, then
pour in the Raeco S.L.T.™, followed by the appropriate
aggregate (if used). No other admixtures are to be used.
(Plaster mixers or self‐leveling pump systems may be used
for larger projects). Using a mixing paddle (an oval shaped
type is recommended) with a high‐speed drill (600 to 1200
rpm), mix thoroughly (2 to 3 minutes) until the powder has
been completely dispersed and the mix has acquired a smooth
homogeneous texture. During the final minute of mixing,
avoid plunging the mixing paddle and keep it submerged.
This will decrease the entrained air content. For thickness over
1 ½” thick, ¼”‐⅜” pea gravel may be added after the Raeco
S.L.T.™ been mixed thoroughly. The addition of the pea gravel
will affect the flowability of the mix. It is recommended to mix
only the amount of Raeco S.L.T.™ that can be applied within
the 10 minute working time. Temperatures and material depth
will effect working time. Because the mixed material is rapidly
poured and spread, the application must be completed in a
continuous operation.
A pp l i c a t i o n
Apply the Raeco S.L.T.™ mixture to the prepared surface,
by using a gauged spreader tool that can be adjusted to the
desired depth. Do not attempt to trowel the wet mortar.
The use of a gauged spreader and smoother blade are
recommended to improve the surface finish. Rubber or
plastic‐cleated soccer shoes should be worn when working
in fresh mortar. Raeco S.L.T.™ will self‐mend during the
first 12 minutes at 70°F and will accept light foot traffic 2‐3
hours later. Under normal conditions, floors can be sealed or
covered in 24 hours.
When Raeco S.L.T.™ is to be applied on surfaces other than
concrete (i.e., wood, metal, terrazzo, etc.), consult Silpro
for recommended preparation, bonding, and application
procedures. All floor adhesives compatible with normal
concrete may be used with Raeco S.L.T.™. Temperatures in
excess of 90°F, ambient or surface, can cause flash set and
dehydration, resulting in cracking and debonding.
Raeco S.L.T.™ should only be applied over substrates that are
between 45° and 85°F. (7.2° and 29.4°C) Do not allow to freeze
within 7 days of application. When applying Raeco S.L.T.™ to
thickness greater than 1 ½” (35.8 mm), bulk the mix with the
appropriate type and amount of aggregate (refer to Coverage
Section), or apply in multiple layers.
Raeco S.L.T.™ contains Portland cement and silica sand.
May irritate eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes or
prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact, flush
thoroughly with water. The wearing of gloves and safety
goggles is recommended. In case of eye contact, flood eyes
with potable water and call physician. DO NOT RUB EYES.
Do not take internally. Crystalline silica sand may cause
serious lung problems. Avoid breathing dust and wear a
respirator in dusty areas.
Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.
Rely upon floor covering manufacturer for directions
concerning maximum allowable moisture content of
subfloor, adhesive selection and flatness tolerances.
Dispose of in accordance with local, state, or federal
regulations. In case of a medical emergency or for
information regarding spillage clean up or disposal call
INFOTRAC: 800-535-5053.
Please call Silpro LLC for copy of guarantee.
50 lb. (22.7kg) bag: 25 sq. ft. @ ¼”
For Thickness over 1 ½” inch depth:
1 ½” & up use ¼”‐⅜” pea gravel @ 60 lb per bag
50 lb. (22.7kg) bag mixed with 60 lb. pea gravel yield 11 SF at
1” depth.
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