We are so excited to share with you at the Teach

Welcome! We are so excited to share with you at the Teach-In to Act Out! Please
read the following for important information about the event.
If you have any questions throughout the teach-in, feel free to ask someone
whose nametag says “THE General Body,” or you can ask the folks at the
welcome table.
This is a fragrance-free event: Please help us to accommodate those who are
chemically sensitive to fragrances and other scented products. Thank you for not
wearing perfume, aftershave, scented hand lotion, fragranced hair products, fragranced
clothes and/or scented products.
Parking: Please be advised that on-street parking is limited and we recommend
planning some extra time to park. In addition, much of the street parking close to CFAC
is metered. If you have an SU parking permit you may park in the Stage Lot on
Genesee and Irving.
The entrance to the enclosed parking garage on Irving Avenue is located at the
corner of Madison Street and Irving Avenue, next to the Madison-Irving Medical
Building, and is available to patrons for $3. There is also an open lot between Phoebe's
Garden Cafe and the garage is available to patrons for $5.
For people needing wheelchair-accessible parking, there are three spots
available in the parking garage on the basement level of the Madison Avenue entrance
and eight on the next level up. There is an elevator in the garage. It is recommended
that people using wheelchairs park on the basement level, as it is easier to exit out onto
Irving Avenue.
There will be a quiet room to hang out in.
We encourage tweeting throughout the event using the hashtag #TGBteachin!
Note that due to space limitations, rather than teach yoga, Dr. Marcelle Haddix
will talk about the importance of breathing and meditation and take folks through
visualization exercises and a writing exercise.
When you make your nametag, please use a sticker to indicate the level of
interaction you are up for at that moment.
Here are the different colors and what they mean:
GREEN: If you are okay with talking with anyone at Teach In to To Act Out.
YELLOW: If you only wish to interact with people you already know.
RED: If you do not wish anyone speak to you.
Think about the principles of W.A.I.T: “Why Am I Talking.” It calls for people to
internalize this point before they speak. It encourages people only to speak when they
have something to contribute to the conversation instead of just talking to talk. This can
help give a variety of voices a chance to participate in discussions/meetings.
Please no flash photography. We will be filming the panels for a possible short video,
primarily focusing on the panelists. If you’d rather not be filmed, let someone know.
Please no recording without permission.
Waste/Recycling: We will try to compost food matter and reuse as much as possible.
When you go to dispose of things, please check out the labeled bins.
Please let your friends know! We are totally open to people showing up anytime
throughout the teach-in. They do not need to officially register. (The one issue with
those who didn’t register is if there’s a lot more people on Friday night’s dinner, they
may have to step back and make sure there’s enough for those who did register ahead
of time.)
ASL Interpretive Services will be provided for Margo Okazawa-Rey’s Keynote
(Friday, 6:15 to 7 pm), as well as DARK MATTER’s performance (Saturday, 4:30 to
5:30 pm).
All Teach-in spaces are substance-free.
Places to eat right around the corner from Community Folk Art Center:
Liberty Deli: 323 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210
Samir's Imported Foods: 811 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Strong Hearts Café: 719 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Phoebe's: 900 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Franco's Pizzeria and Deli: 901 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Many thanks to our co-sponsors:
Democratizing Knowledge Project
Community Folk Art Center
Asian Students in America
Imagining America
Black Political Thought
Cold Case Justice Initiative
Active Minds
Syracuse University Departments:
African American Studies
Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Cultural Foundations of Education
Labor Studies
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Latino-Latin American Studies
LGBT Studies
Women’s and Gender Studies
Liberty Deli
All events at Community Folk Art Center - 805 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY 13210
(except for Friday night after-event--details below)
Coffee, Tea, Snacks
THE General Body Welcome & Overview:
What We’ve Accomplished & What’s Left to Do
Farrell Brenner, Colton Jones, Yanira Rodriguez
Student Activism Panel & Documentary Clips
Panelists: Agyei Tyehimba, Mali Golomb-Leavitt, Nick Holzthum,
David L. Jackson
Moderators: Henry Nelson, Danielle Reed
Screening of historic documentary clips (curated by Kim Powell)
and discussion with folks from historical and current movements.
Lunch on your own (see list of restaurants above)
The Corporate University
Panelists: Horace Campbell, Linda Carty, Matt Huber,
Risa Lieberwitz, Yanira Rodriguez
Moderators: Jon Schmidt, Sherri Williams
3pm - 4:30pm
Intersectionality Discussion
Panelists: Lydia Brown, Koy Adams, Nikeeta Slade
Moderators: Keish Kim, Montinique McEachern
Meditation with Dr. Marcelle Haddix
Dr. Marcelle Haddix will talk about the importance of breathing and
meditation and take folks through visualization exercises and a
writing exercise.
Dinner from Sahota Palace (free!)
Keynote Address & Discussion with Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey
Keynote address will have ASL interpreters
Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey is a scholar in transnational anti-racist
feminist praxis; armed conflicts, militarism and violence against
women; theories and practices of social change
Introduction to Keynote: Vani Kannan
Black History Month Kickoff at Community Folk Art Center
Lydia Caeser and Brownskin Band, Brandyn Thomas
Informal conversation among activists
THE General Body wants to spend time talking across campuses
and movements, sharing stories and tactics and inspiration.
Regionally, we hope this discussion can be the seed for continued
support between local campus movements.
We'll start at 9PM (right after the CFAC Black History Month kick
off) and go to around 11:30PM (we want to give time for people to
rest before Saturday's teach-in), although more quiet discussion
could continue as long as folks want.
The Bread & Roses Collective is at 405 Westcott St. in Syracuse.
There are five stairs into the house. If you have questions about
accessibility, please speak with Ben Kuebrich.
Radical Readout
Chen Chen, Sherri Williams, Mali Golomb-Leavitt, Kim Powell,
Tatiana Cadet, Ernest Daily, Nikeeta Slade, and open mic
Community Activism Roundtable
Panelists: Walt Dixie (National Action Network), Lilith Siegel,
Rebecca Fuentes (Workers’ Center of CNY),
Mallory Livingston (Transgender Alliance), Cara Liebowitz
Moderators: Nick Holtzhum, Ben Kuebrich
Lunch (see list of restaurants above). Take lunch as an
opportunity to spend time with the folks you’ve met and foster
“And What If You Had to Speak from the Back of a Pickup
Truck to 5000 People?” A Creative Nonfiction Workshop with
Minnie Bruce Pratt
We know that people love stories, that people learn from stories,
that stories are a powerful tool used both by powers-over and by
liberation struggles. You’ll write and share in this workshop to hone
one of your stories for use in different organizing situations. Bring
something to write in, on or with.
DARKMATTER Workshop: "the revolution will not have a
bibliography: student activism in the corporate university"
DarkMatter is a trans south asian art and activist collaboration
comprised of janani and alok. using poetry & polemic, tweet &
tirade DM is committed to an art practice of gender self(ie)
determination, racial justice, and movement building.
Join us for a workshop at the intersections of race, class, gender,
and sexuality that explores how the academic industrial-complex
keeps us reading rather than revolting. We will discuss how the
university generates apathy and inaction, and how we can use the
university and its capital to our advantage to be in solidarity with
social movements happening within and without. Social justice is
not an extracurricular activity or registered student organization.
This workshop is focused on practical steps around organizing and
changemaking strategies.
DARKMATTER performance: #ItGetsBitter
Performance will include ASL interpreters
#TBT back to when we were told as queer youth that it was
supposed to “get better.” What they forgot to tell us is that gay
rights are often only for gay whites! With an increase in racist and
queerphobic violence and a state that uses our bodies to advance
its imperialist agenda at home and abroad, what’s become
apparent is that LGBT rights have become co-opted. JOIN
DarkMatter for a night of poetry, polemic, and healing as we not
only critique — but also imagine new queer futures. Show followed
by Q&A.
Closing Remarks
We encourage you to come to the next THE General Body meeting,
Thursday, February 5, 8:30PM, Hall of Languages 102, Syracuse University.