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Victoria English School
29th January 2015
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Having grown up in a village in the North of England I pride myself on
being used to rain, snow, sleet, floods and high winds. However, I
seem to be caught out each year by the rain here in the UAE. Yet
another pair of shoes bites the dust .. or in this case .. drowned in
water. A huge thank you to all the parents who kindly supported us
during the rain, the floods and the mud. Most parents followed the
advice sent in the text message and by using the different gates we
suggested, it prevented congestion and lots of muddy feet.
Please can I ask parents not to park their cars in front of the gate
leading to reception. If you are dropping your child off or picking
them up, whether on time or late, you must park and walk to collect
them. The road quickly becomes congested. Your cooperation is
requested and I will be telling drivers to move when I see them.
Another problem we are facing is parents arriving shortly before the
end of the day and asking to take their children out from school
early. There is a definite finishing time for all children. Please follow
these times.
Foundation Stage Sports Day
On Tuesday our Foundation
Stage children attended the
Wanderers playing fields for
their annual sports day.
Children took part in filling
the bucket, balancing,
throwing and many other
activities. The concentration
on their faces was wonderful
to see. There was a lot of
running about and cheering
so hopefully many parents
will have had a quiet evening
with tired boys and girls. A big
thank you to all the Foundation team and helpers. Also, a big
thank you to the parents who were able to attend and support.
It is always a pleasure to see you at these events.
House Points
Last week 3 very eager children
from 2S came to see me with
their house point cards. Eshal,
Badra and Ganna have each
received 25 points for helping in
school and producing good
work. Eshal was very keen to tell me she had received points for
being quiet and not being a chatterbox! Looking at her cheeky smile I
am not convinced she will receive many more for being quiet. All 3
children were delightful and I am very proud of them.
Victorian Fete
Saturday, 7th of February 2015,
from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
This is a fun event so please bring your friends and families. There
are lots of great prizes to be won.
If you would like to sell items at our fete (this can be craft items
etc), please book a table and pay Mr. Francis (the VES accountant)
AED100 for the day, please send a short description of the items
you are selling by email to [email protected], A.S.A.P.
The nursery - Year 7 students have been sent a book of 10 tickets
to sell to family and friends…each ticket costs AED 5. The grand
prize for the child that sells the most tickets will be “2 tickets to
the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park”. If you require more tickets
ask the class teacher or reception. Please return the unsold tickets
and the money to the class teacher next week.
• Each child to bring at least 1 item that we can use as a prize (it
can be candles, toys, stationary, books, chocolates, etc)
• Any new and unused unwanted gifts (we all have been given
gifts that we don’t like before and stashed them in the back of
the cupboard…this is a great opportunity to have a clearout!)
• Ms Pozza is inviting parents to bring baked goods from 9am
with a label describing the ingredients and what type of cake
Penny Newell
VES PTA Chairperson
Y6 World War Study
This term, Year 6 is studying World War 2. They have been
investigating the lives of children and families living in Britain
during the war. Having learned about evacuees, Year 6 P
devised some excellent costumes and presented their work at
Meanwhile in 6 F, children can experience what it would have
been like inside an air raid shelter during the Blitz as they have
constructed a full size model in their classroom.
Omar Al Baradai
Nawras Al Bitar
Abdulla Haitham
Juma Ali
Safia Bobat
Izza Nasir
Reeta Alaadin