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SmartTrans Holdings Limited (ASX: SMA) Investor update – Q2 2015 February 2015 SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 1 1 For personal use only
Corporate overview Major Shareholders % Ownership Corporate Snapshot Directors, management, related ownership 49.95 ASX Code SMA Top 20 59.91 Cash (as at 31 December, 2014) $1.5 million Dymocks SecuriEes Pty Ltd 18.04 Loyal Strategic Investment Limited 10.97 Ocean Magic Investments Limited 6.22 Jamajon Pty Ltd 3.71 ITS Worldwide Ltd 2.95 Market Cap (at $0.01/share) $19 million 52 week high ($/share) $0.025 52 week low ($/share) $0.009 Shares on issue 1,928,183,299 Board of Directors Dr Geoff Raby Non-­‐ExecuEve Chairman Andrew Forsyth Non-­‐ExecuEve Director SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 Yui (Ian) Tang Non-­‐ExecuEve Director Ian Hawkins ExecuEve Director Bryan Carr Managing Director 2 SmartPay – smartphone payments plaPorm servicing China market •  Allows companies to transact and process payments in China 1. •  SmartTrans receives royalty revenue by operaQng billing plaPorm For personal use only
Two established businesses •  Use of SmartPay plaPorm in China is growing rapidly •  Growing uptake of SmartPay by well established Chinese and foreign companies •  Mobile payments preferred payment method for Chinese consumers Mobile & online LogisQcs soTware provider in Australia 2. • 
LogisQcs soTware to opQmise goods delivery • 
Blue chip customer base • 
Recurring revenue from long term contracts – typically 3-­‐5 years • 
Tender pipeline of new contracts to give the business greater scale • 
Pursuing growth opportuniQes in China SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 3 For personal use only
Current growth drivers SmartPay Mobile Payments 1. • 
Four new groups licencing SmartPay plaPorm in China – all secured in HY2015 • 
Customers include smartphone games developers, mobile content providers, media and travel • 
SubscripQon billing by Chinese consumers generaQng recurring revenue • 
Monthly customer retenQon of 80% from prior month • 
New SmartPay agreements pending Mobile & Online LogisQcs Business • Mature online and mobile soTware products 2. • Pursuing new long-­‐term contracts in Australia & expansion opportuniQes in China • New tenders being pursued with large Australian businesses • Pursuing opportuniQes to enter China market – logisQcs sector presents growth opportuniQes SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 4 For personal use only
Revenue profile Quarterly revenue Annual revenue FY2012–FY2014 vs HY2015 Quarterly)Revenue)
FY2015 Q2 revenue of circa $1 million • 
$512,000 of revenue generated from SmartPay pla`orm and $480,000 from LogisEcs business in Q2 2015 • 
$220,000 of revenue generated from SmartPay in December alone • 
SMA’s HY2015 revenue is circa $2 million -­‐ equal to total revenue for FY2014 SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 5 SmartPay mobile payments revenue growth in China Sixth consecuEve month of revenue growth from China mobile billing business (July to December 2014) • 
SubscripEon billing is delivering recurring monthly revenue with no further customer acquisiEon cost • 
Revenue is derived in first month and subsequent months • 
Customer retenEon rates on subscripEon billing 80%+ ager 90 days • 
Billing transacEons in last Quarter – 1.17 million • 
505,000 billing transacEons in December 2015 For personal use only
Jul+14# Aug+14# Sep+14# Oct+14# Nov+14# Dec+14#
SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 6 For personal use only
SmartPay plaPorm – how SmartTrans earns revenue SMARTTRANS ¥7.20 ($1.44) ¥27.20 ($5.44) ¥39.20 ($7.84) ¥79.20 ($15.84) • 
SmartPay system is the embedded in-­‐app billing pla`orm used by Chinese smartphone game developers • 
SMA earns revenue from up-­‐front content purchase and subscripEon billing – repeat purchases • 
SMA also markets content to a large number of mobile app users via its mulEple billing relaEonships • 
SmartPay is now used by 6 smartphone game and content providers – strategy is to increase number of providers AUD1.00 = CNY5.00
SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 7 New SmartPay agreement 1: Travel sector SmartTrans and China InternaEonal Travel Service (CITS) to provide new travel App with SmartPay pla`orm • 
App to uElise CITS’ travel products and SMA’s proprietary mobile payments pla`orm to facilitate payment • 
CITS is a state-­‐owned enterprise, established in 1954 and among China’s Top 500 Enterprises¹ • 
CITS won No.1 Brand of the Year 2014 released by World Brand Lab on Dec 29, 2014² • 
SMA looking to tap into huge and growing outbound tourism market in China – 98.19 million tourists in 20133 • 
App will cater for inbound tourists from Australia – over 700,000 tourists last year3 For personal use only
¹, ²­‐news/, SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 8 New SmartPay agreement 2: Media sector SmartTrans working with China’s oldest exisEng and first online newspaper – Ta Kung Pao¹ • 
MOU for SmartTrans to distribute Ta Kung Pao online news in China with telco partner
Agreements with telcos give SmartTrans and Ta Kung Pao reach to an audience of 1.26 billion2 • 
SmartTrans aiming to establish channels to distribute Ta Kung Pao online content globally For personal use only
1.,,, SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 9 Consumer makes purchase on mobile device or online •  Revenue derived from Chinese consumers making purchases through mobile devices and online For personal use only
SmartPay mobile payments plaPorm explained TransacQon processed through SMA’s payment plaPorm • SMA earns revenue from transacEon: •  Fee for use of payments pla`orm •  Purchase of online content Examples of payments using SMA plaPorm Third-­‐party game or content App provider User purchases mobile app/content subscripEon Third party corporate using billing pla`orm to bill its customers Direct sehlement to SMA’s bank account •  24 hours with Union Pay and Alipay •  80-­‐90 days with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom (standard terms for China telcos) TransacQon value SmartTrans
¥18 ($3.60)
¥7.20 ($1.44) ¥5 ($1.00) ¥2.00 ($0.40) ¥100 ($20.00) ¥3.00 ($0.60) AUD1.00 = CNY5.00
SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 10 For personal use only
SmartPay -­‐ long standing agreements with key China payment gateways • 
Long-­‐term relaEonships and agreements in place with China’s teleco and billing providers • 
High Barriers to Entry: SMA has the agreements, licences and registraEons – assembled over many years • 
Direct-­‐to-­‐phone billing and In ApplicaEon billing with China Mobile • 
China Mobile has 784 million customers* • 
Agreement with China Mobile – retains 30% as a fee • 
Direct-­‐to-­‐phone billing and In ApplicaEon billing with China Telecom • 
China Telecom has 190 million customers* • 
Agreement with China Telecom -­‐ retains 30% as a fee • 
Direct-­‐to-­‐phone billing and In ApplicaEon billing with China Unicom • 
China Unicom has 285 million customers* • 
Agreement with China Unicom -­‐ retains 30% as a fee • 
Annually auto renewing agreement in place with Alipay • 
Circa 600 million subscribers* • 
AliPay charges SMA 1% of transacEon fee to access its pla`orm • 
Over 1 billion UnionPay account holders in China* • 
Annually auto renewing agreement to uElise UnionPay in its pla`orm • 
UnionPay charges SMA 0.65% of transacEon fee to access its pla`orm * Source:,,,, SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 11 For personal use only
Mobile payments growing rapidly in China The turnover of Chinese mobile payment industry grew 317.56% year-­‐over-­‐year to 9.64 trillion yuan ($1.59 trillion) in 2013, while the number of orders hiked 212.86% year-­‐on-­‐year to 1.67 billion, according to the bank-­‐level data released by Chinese central bank-­‐People’s Bank of China. Source: hqp://­‐mobile-­‐payment-­‐turnover-­‐soared-­‐317-­‐yoy-­‐to-­‐1-­‐59-­‐trillion-­‐dollars-­‐in-­‐2013-­‐pboc/
SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 12 For personal use only
Smartphone use and export growing rapidly in China Shipments of smartphones in China from 2010 to 2015 103.1% 40000 56.0% 35.2% 32.5% 30000 20000 10000 3550 7210 11250 15210 20153 2010 2011 2012 2014 2013 Shipments of smartphones by (10,000) Growth rate 28.3% Source:­‐explosion-­‐2014-­‐india-­‐us-­‐china-­‐firefoxos-­‐android
25857 2015 Source: Publically available data of iResearch SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 13 For personal use only
LogisQcs mobile and internet soTware business Client LogisQcs OperaQon Centre SMA distribuQon plaPorm sends informaQon to drivers Delivery informaQon sent to handheld devices Driver informaQon monitored through logisQcs plaPorm •  SMA logisEcs sogware used by blue chip companies to opEmise goods delivery and reduce logisEcs costs •  Electronic Proof-­‐of-­‐Delivery, bar code & signature record keeping, cash reconciliaEon systems •  Typically 3-­‐5 year contracts with circa 50% of contract value billed in first year – very high customer retenEon •  Strong recurring revenue streams with good margins •  Pursuing expansion in Australia and China + integraEon with billings pla`orm SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 14 US$ Billions For personal use only
LogisQcs sector market dynamics support growth prospects Value of e-­‐commerce transacQons in the US and China, 2009-­‐2015 Parts of the value chain carried out in China Procurement 76% 600 Transport and logisEcs 500 400 60% Manufacturing / assembly 300 57% MarkeEng / sales 200 Ager-­‐sales services 100 54% 49% Forecast Design 2009 2010 2011 China 2012 2013 2014 USA Source: KPMG analysis of US and Chinese e-­‐commerce data from Sta8sta Bain & Company 15% 2015 Research and development 13% Source: Logis8cs in China: An All-­‐inclusive Market PriceWaterhouseCoopers •  Annual revenues of China’s logisEcs industry is A$533 billion in 2014 •  By 2020 China’s e-­‐commerce sector will be larger than the US, Britain, Japan, Germany and France combined •  $22 billion earmarked by US funds Carlyle and Blackstone to invest in warehousing and logisEcs in China SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 15 For personal use only
In Summary ConQnuing uptake by third parQes of SmartPay plaPorm -­‐ SMA has a pipeline of new revenue streams Revenue growth as more Chinese consumers transact through smartphones – SmartPay is a key gateway SubscripQon payments by Chinese consumers purchasing mobile content is generaQng a recurring revenue base Growth in logisQcs business in Australia and potenQal in China will strengthen this division $1.5 million cash at end Dec 2014 and growing revenue base SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 16 For personal use only
Appendix 1: Financial Summary -­‐ FY 2014/2013 comparison 30 Jun 2014 ($) 30 Jun 2013 ($) 1,266,380 982,336 284,044 927,989 87,574
840,415 (1,578,289) (1,347,204) *231,085 (7,623)
(8,735) (1,112)
Material & installaQon costs – Australia (300,072) (190,793) *109,279 Material & installaQon costs – Asia (886,712) (111,922) *744,790 (1,157,600)
-­‐1,843,227 107,300
Revenue – Australia Revenue – Asia Employee salaries and benefits expense DepreciaQon expense Other Expenses Loss before income tax Difference * These figures represent the expected increase of cost of sales in line with increase revenue SmartTrans Holdings Limited – October 2014 17 For personal use only
Appendix 2: Financial Summary – balance sheet 30 June 2014 $ 30 June 2013 $ 813,913 230,801 122,742 19,902 2,410,232 104,244 -­‐ 28,613 1,187,358 2,543,089 NON-­‐CURRENT ASSETS Trade and other receivables Property, plant and equipment ExploraEon, evaluaEon and development costs 13,796 21,463 -­‐ 29,474 21,356 2,086,640 TOTAL NON-­‐CURRENT ASSETS 35,259 2,137,470 1,222,617 4,680,559 613,155 126,056 700,000 422,032 302,859 -­‐ TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES 1,439,211 724,891 NET ASSETS (216,594) 3,955,668 64,927,987 586,229 (65,730,810) 64,805,669 504,530 (61,354,531) (216,594) 3,955,668 CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables Intangible asset Other current assets TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Trade and other payables Provisions Other borrowings EQUITY Issued capital Reserves Accumulated losses TOTAL EQUITY SmartTrans Holdings Limited – October 2014 18 Disclaimer For personal use only
This document does not, and does not purport to, address any or all issues which are or may be material or of interest to the Recipient in connecEon with its own due diligence review of the Company, the Business or otherwise. The Recipient may not, and by receiving this document the Recipient acknowledges that it is not enEtled to and agrees not to, rely on any part of this document (whether as to a maqer of fact, forecast, opinion or belief) for any purpose whatsoever. Certain statements in this document relate to the future. These forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainEes, assumpEons and other important factors that could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company and the Business to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements. Such forward looking statements are based on numerous assumpEons regarding present and future business strategies and the environment in which the Company will operate in the future. No representaEon, assurance or guarantee is given that the occurrence of the events expressed or implied in any forward looking statements in this document will actually occur. The forward looking statements in this document reflect views held only at the date of this document. Past performance informaEon given in this document is given for illustraEve purposes only and should not be relied upon as (and is not) an indicaEon of future performance. By accepEng this document, the Recipient agrees that it will make and rely solely upon its own due diligence invesEgaEons and enquiries and will not in any way rely upon any of the informaEon in this document or use this document for any purpose other than as informaEon to assist the Recipient and its advisers to undertake its own due diligence invesEgaEons and enquiries. None of the statements, opinions, projecEons, forecasts or other forward-­‐looking informaEon contained in this document have been independently verified and no commitment, representaEon or warranty, express or implied, is made in relaEon to their accuracy, reasonableness or completeness. Furthermore, where statements in this document are taken from or aqributed to sources created by third parEes, the Recipient should have regard to those sources and rely on its own enquiries. SmartTrans has prepared this document based on informaEon available to it at the Eme of preparaEon and subject to the qualificaEons in this document. To the maximum extent permiqed by law, neither the Company nor any of its respecEve related bodies corporate or other affiliates, directors, officers, employees, representaEves, agents, advisors or their respecEve advisors’ affiliates or partners, directors, officers, employees or contractors (each a Limited Party and together the Limited ParEes) takes any responsibility for the contents of this document or any acEon taken by the Recipient or any other person on the basis of any informaEon in the document. The Limited ParEes disclaim any obligaEon or undertaking to disseminate ager the date of this document any updates or revisions to any forward looking statements to reflect any change in expectaEons in relaEon to those statements or any change in events, condiEons or circumstances on which any such statement is based. To the maximum extent permiqed by law any and all liability in respect of this document and the informaEon contained within it is expressly excluded including without limitaEon any direct, indirect or consequenEal liability, expenses, losses, damages or costs incurred by the Recipient or any other person as a result of their receipt or use of this document or arising from the informaEon in this document being inaccurate or incomplete in any way for any reason, whether by negligence or otherwise. No Limited Party makes any representaEon or warranty, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy, completeness, reliability, fairness or correctness of the informaEon contained in this document or about SmartTrans generally or any opportunity to invest in SmartTrans in the future.
SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 19 For personal use only
Contact: Bryan Carr Managing Director +61 412 111 968 [email protected] SmartTrans Holdings Limited – January 2015 20