2015 Business Award Nomination Form

2015 Business of the Year Award
This award recognizes exceptional philanthropic contributions by a business in Mesa County.
The award will be presented to the company that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to
philanthropy through financial support and the creation of a corporate culture that encourages
and motivates employees to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community involvement.
All nominees will be honored and the winner announced at the annual Human Services
Council White Ribbon Breakfast on March 17, 2015, 7:30 am at Two Rivers Convention
 Please use a separate form for each nomination.
 Self-nominations are accepted.
 Please list and answer all questions in the nomination narrative on no more than two
(2) typed pages.
 Please submit an electronic copy of the company logo to the email listed below.
 A cover letter is not necessary
 No other attachments will be accepted.
DEADLINE: Friday February 27, 2015
(Postmarked or electronically submitted)
Nominations must be complete when submitted.
Sorry, no late nominations will be accepted.
Completed nominations may be submitted in 2 ways:
1) Email: Send nomination form and company logo via email as attachments to:
Maggie Moorland at [email protected]
2) Mail:
HSC Business of the Year Award
Human Services Council
PO Box 3821
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Thank you for supporting Human Services Council Business of the Year Award.
If you have any questions regarding the Human Services Council White Ribbon Breakfast
Please contact Maggie Moorland via email: [email protected] or call 970-298-9091
All nominations will be acknowledged.
2015 Business of the Year
Award Nomination Form
Title (if applicable):
Organization (if applicable):
Email address:
Title (if applicable):
Organization (if applicable):
Relationship to Nominee:
Please provide 2 – 3 sentences to describe your nominee to be
used in our presentation script.
What are the nominee’s specific achievements in relation to philanthropic
contributions in Mesa County?
What impact has the nominee had on the community?
What leadership qualities does the nominee possess that promote philanthropy
within their business culture?