Volume 5, Number 34
Ames Chapter #158
May 2010
Stephanie Roscoe
Email: [email protected]
It was great to see all of you at our April
meeting! Not only did we enjoy a great
discussion with Abhijit Rao on “Composing
Presentations”, but we ratified the Slate of
Officers for next year. Congratulations to all of
Vice President: Marilyn Moehlmann
Email: [email protected]
Cindy Sippel
Email: [email protected]
As a reminder, our meeting this month is being
held jointly with the Des Moines chapter. We
will meet at Prairie Meadows on Tuesday
evening, May 18th, and the presentation will
focus on “Identity Theft”. I’d also like to remind
everyone that not only will it be an opportunity
to catch up with our friends from the Des Moines
chapter, but we’ll also get the chance to talk one
on one with four ASWA National Board
Members: VP of Communications Monica
Miles (Silicon Valley Chapter), VP of
Membership Cheryl Willers (Flagstaff Chapter),
Treasurer Kate Mulder (Ames chapter) and
Director Gina Slack (Des Moines Chapter). So
please join us if you can and bring a guest!
Renee Twedt
Email: [email protected]
Past President: Margaret Munson
Email: [email protected]
Program :
Jan Duffy
[email protected]
Lin Shen
Soma Mitra
Email: [email protected]
Lisa Lembke
Email: [email protected]
Cyndie Jeffrey, Chair
Cheryl Carlile
Renee Twedt, Treasurer
Email: [email protected]
See you Tuesday.
To enable women in all accounting and related
fields to achieve their full personal, professional
and economic potential and to contribute to the
future development of their profession.
Volume 5, Number 34
Ames Chapter #158
May 2010
Approval of Minutes: Karen Jacobson moved to
approve the minutes as printed in the bulletin.
Margaret Munson seconded the motion which
Tue., May 18th 2010
5:30 PM Social Time
6:00 PM Speaker
7:00 PM Dinner
Identity Theft
Prairie Meadows Event Center
- Salon 3
1 Prairie Meadows Drive
Altoona, IA 50009 US
ASWA Members: $25.00;
Non-ASWA Members: $30.00.
Dinner will be Prairie
Meadows Little Italy Buffet.
Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was
distributed and placed on file for review.
Several items were discussed and Stephanie
will follow up with Renee.
Committee Reports:
Membership Committee: We have recently
added two members to the Ames Chapter,
Kayla Christensen and Jaimie Williamson.
The next networking luncheon is April 28th
at Applebees.
Program: The May meeting will be a joint
meeting with the Des Moines chapter. We
will be meeting at Prairie Meadows on
Tuesday, May 18. The topic will be identity
theft. Cost for dinner will be $25 for
members and $30 for outside guests. There
will be four National board members in
attendance. If you are interested in
carpooling, please email Stephanie.
April 2010 MINUTES
April Minutes
American Society of Women Accountants
Ames Chapter #158
Membership Meeting
April 21, 2010
Bulletin: No report.
Scholarship: No official report. The
scholarship application has been submitted
to National
Call to Order: The April 2010 Membership
Meeting of the Ames Chapter #158 was called
to order by President Stephanie Roscoe in
Ames at 7:35 pm on Wednesday, April 21,
2010. Those in attendance were Kayla
Christensen, Marilyn Moehlmann, Ann
Kurtenbach, Brenda O’Neall-Smith, Soma
Mitra, Margaret Munson, Kathy Strum, Jan
Duffy, Cindy Sippel, Lin Shen, Xaowen Guo,
Karen Jacobson, Kate Mulder, Stephanie
Roscoe, Penny Strum and one guest. A
quorum was present.
Outreach: Two options were discussed, YSS
tutors and adult literacy. The YSS tutors are
for a longer term opportunity. There is an
application process including a check of
references and you would be working oneon-one with a high school student. Adult
literacy would be working with adults with
learning disabilities. The time commitment
would be 30 minutes a week. This is not a
long-term opportunity. Please email
Stephanie if you would like to be involved.
Volume 5, Number 34
Ames Chapter #158
May 2010
Networking Luncheon: Wednesday, April 28th
at Applebee’s
There is also a one day volunteer
opportunity on Saturday, April 24. It is
Global Youth Service Day and will take
place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Trinity
Christian Reformed Church in Ames. Two
sifts are available and several different
opportunities during each shift. Registration
is required.
Door Prize Winner: Kayla Christensen
Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Sippel, Secretary
Social Event: Nothing to report.
Old Business:
Standing Rules: Kathy Strum moved to adopt
the standing rules as provided. Karen
Jacobson seconded the motion. A friendly
amendment was accepted and the rules were
passed as amended.
New Business:
Nominating Committee: Margaret Munson
presented the slate of officers for the coming
year. Cindy Sippel moved to approve the
slate by unanimous consent. Marilyn
Moehlmann seconded the motion which was
then approved. Outgoing committee chairs
were reminded to start writing their reports
for the new committee members.
Time & Place TBA
Annual Planning Meeting TBA
“Never let your sense of morals get in the
way of doing what's right.”
Regional Conference: The Milwaukee
Regional Conference is in May. The Ames
chapter is making a commitment to host the
2011 conference. The committee will be
meeting in May.
- Isaac Asimov
Joint meeting with DSM: Since we will not
have a business meeting in please send your
committee reports to Lisa Lembke to include
in the May bulletin.
Articles and submissions to the newsletter are
welcome. Please contact Lisa at
[email protected]
Wichita Conference: June 24-25. .
Next meeting: May 18 at Prairie Meadows
with the Des Moines chapter.