Ice Fishing Rules final 2015 - Cedaredge Chamber of Commerce

February 7, 2015
1. A parent or guardian of a child participant age 17 or younger must sign the registration
form for them and be present at all times.
2. Persons entering this Tournament do so at their own risk, and persons should always
exercise extreme caution. Ice Fishing is a potentially hazardous activity that could result
in loss or injury. Tournament officials or the sponsors of this tournament do not assume
any liability for injuries or damages that could result in connection with this ice fishing
3. Anglers (age applicable) must have a valid 2015 Colorado State Fishing license.
4. Only registered anglers may win prizes. Kids division must have parent’s signature.
5. You cannot take your gear out on the ice and then return to shore before the
tournament starts. Tournament begins at 9:00 am. You cannot have a non-fisherman go
out early to reserve your spot. These rules will be strictly enforced and violators will be
6. Registered anglers may fish together. Non registered anglers cannot fish with registered
anglers (contestants) and must fish at least 30 yards away.
7. All fish will be measured length plus girth, not weighed. Time of measuring will be
recorded in event of a tie, the earliest registered fish will be declared the winner.
8. Fish must be measured prior to 3 pm, and the measuring will end at 2:45 pm. Measuring
stations will be at Grand Mesa Lodge and at the Grand Mesa Visitor’s Center parking lot.
9. Each registered angler may only enter 3 fish to be measured by contest judges.
10. Only fish that are whole-not gutted may be entered. Fish with a snag, fouled hook
marks, or that have been frozen, badly deteriorated or washed out looking will not be
accepted by the judges and angler will be disqualified.
11. Chain saws may not be used to make ice holes due to safety issues.
12. The organizers reserve the right to amend or change the rules and regulations without
prior notice
if it is deemed to be in the best interest of all registered anglers and the fish.
13. Snowmobiles, which must have current 2015 registration, may be used by registered
anglers but
may not be on the lake before 9 am.
14.Officials on snowmobiles will be touring the lake throughout the contest to offer
assistance and to encourage following State fishing and contest rules.
15.There will be a first aid station set up at the Grand Mesa Lodge if needed.