The Gevasol Group will exhibit both its motion as well as its fluid

The Gevasol Group will exhibit both its motion as well as its fluid
control components at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Show in Los
Angeles, February 10th through February 12th, 2015.
This year Gevasol Group is excited to exhibit jointly with RIX industries. RIX
industries and Gevasol Group’s Bental Motion Systems formed a strategic
partnership to develop motors and motion control products for the US
market. These motors, servos, & micro compressors will be featured in our
booth at the show along with personnel from RIX Industries.
In addition to the motion control products, Gevasol Group will bring many
new proportional valves, miniature valves, and fluid control assembly
examples that highlight the broad capabilities in medical markets. Gevasol
will feature examples of the precision flow controls, fluid control manifolds,
& completed integrated mechatronics assemblies.
The show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles,
California. Gevasol Group’s booth number at the show is 761. Southern
California is recognized internationally as a center of industry for medical
device manufacturers, featuring the global headquarters for some of the
most recognizable names in the business. Gevasol Group has developed
a strong relationship servicing several of these companies.
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