Enabling Addiction - Addiction Campuses

Giving Money When Asked
They will beg, plead, and threaten.
They will say they are starving, need
medical attention, or need gas.
Be aware – they are using that
money to support their habit.
Giving Them Food
Meet your son at a restaurant and buy
him a meal. It provides you the
opportunity to stay connected and ask
if he’s had enough of his addiction.
Seeking Professional Help
Paying For A Car
Contact an interventionist. A professional
intervention dramatically increases your
chances of getting your loved one
into treatment.
A car, insurance, or gas – while needed
for work or school, she is also using it to
meet her supplier, or transport
drugs to other people.
Getting Treatment
Paying For A Phone
She needs it. If she had cancer, you would
do anything to get it into remission.
Treatment is what puts addiction into
remission. Paying for rehab is just like
providing meds. And far better than
paying for a funeral.
You want to stay in contact, now that he
is gone for days at a time. His cell phone
contains the numbers to dealers.
Providing the phone helps him get high.
Paying For Or Providing
A Place To Live
Answering The Phone
Stay strong, tell him how much you love
and miss him, and always say, “Are you
ready to go to treatment?” If he isn’t now,
he will be.
Providing her with money for rent,
utilities, a hotel room, or room at your
home gives her a place to use.
He will bring drugs into your home
and get high there every day. One day,
he will overdose in your home.
Treating Addiction Like
The Disease It Is
Bailing Them Out Of Jail
Hoping they will just “stop” it – means that
person often stays sick much longer than
necessary and the family continues
enabling. Arming yourself with the signs
and symptoms of addiction significantly
increases your chances of getting your
loved one into a great treatment program
that will treat this disease for life.
Bailing her out of jail and bringing her
home only enables her to continue the
behavior. Help her by not bailing her out.
Don’t wait until it’s too late.
(888) 614-2251
There IS a difference between helping and enabling.
Knowing the difference is crucial to getting your loved one into
treatment to get the help they actually need.
Enabling your loved one can put them in their grave.
Let Addiction Campuses Help You, Help Them.