La Trobe Guide to Sark - Sark Folk Festival 2015

The revised and
updated Centenary
edition of the
La Trobe
Guide to Sark
Containing :
• All of the original routes and coastal
maps, re-walked and updated
• A mix of contemporary and vintage
photographs of the Island
• Full directions to the most beautiful
locations, including the Venus pool
• An A4 fold-out map of Sark
The story……..
The island of Sark has some of the most
beautiful coastal scenery, beaches, bays and
caves in Europe, some would say the world.
Steeped in its own idiosyncratic history, and
now shown to have been home to humans for
at least 7000 years, she guards her secrets
For generations of visitors, the La Trobe Guide
to Sark has been the indispensable source
used to find and explore the less well-known
locations, some of which are amongst the most
First published in 1914, it has been in and out
of print on a regular basis over the years,
spanning over six editions to date. Sadly it has
recently had one of the longest runs 'out of
print' in its 100 year history. In this, its
Centenary year, this is about to change.
Sark islander Jeremy la Trobe-Bateman, a
descendant relative of the original authors,
and Rob Pilsworth, a regular visitor to Sark for
over 30 years, are collaborating to publish a
revised and updated edition this year. This will
be undertaken as a 'not for profit'
venture, and all publishers proceeds will
be donated to the Professor Saint Medical
Trust on Sark. The Seigneur of Sark,
Michael Beaumont O.B.E. has kindly
agreed to write a Forward for the book.
Many of the vintage photographs from
earlier editions of the book will be reused, thanks to advances in scanning and
printing technology, which have allowed
them to be re-claimed.
Throughout the revision, the current
editors have tried to retain the charm and
character of the original text, whilst
ensuring that the directions for all of the
walked routes are correct. Each route is
being re-walked by one of a panel of
volunteers, and corrections and
amendments made to ensure that this is
the case.
It is a tribute to the spirit of the La Trobe
brothers that this little book is still in
demand, 100 years after it was written.