Laser Welding Technology

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Laser Welding Technology EQ and PQ ‐ Equipment and Procedure Qualification This course emphasizes material behavior during laser welding
Basic concepts in material processing
Classification of materials – material behavior
Key characteristics of the laser beam
Industrial lasers and optics– selection for laser welding
CO2, Nd:YAG, Direct Diode, Disk and Fiber lasers
Beam delivery optics
Laser beam metrology – selection of diagnostic devices
Pulsed laser welding
Characteristics of pulsed welds
Computation of pulsed laser parameters – classroom work
Computation of the pulse shapes – classroom work
Optimization techniques
Continuous power (CW) laser welding
Characteristics of CW welds
Setting of CW laser parameters
Optimization techniques – temporal and spatial
Metallurgy of laser welds
Alloying systems (several)
Welding dissimilar metals
Filler metals
Weld geometry and shield gases
Tolerances for lap welds, butt and fillet welds
Tool design
Guidelines to handling transient and bulk heat
Selection of shield gases – including use of air
Effect of the shield gas on weld quality
Weld defects their sources and corrective actions.
Weld joint, heat sink, surface tension, etc.
Weld inspection methods
Conventional destructive – metallography
Non destructive – laser based ultrasonic, etc.
Real time weld monitoring – demo in class
Doing a DOE study with the LWM
Documentation control
Relevant EN, ISO and AWS Standards
Review of the revised AWS C7.4 Laser Welding Standard
Comparison of the EN, ISO and AWS Laser weld standards
How to define process parameters that are NOT covered by
published Standards.
General notes
There are no prerequisites for taking this course.
‘Knowledge assessment’ test will be given at the start and at the end of this Laser Welding course to evaluate the
progress made by the attendees. The ‘integrated’ results for the whole class will be available.
Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all attendees at the completion of this Laser Welding course.
Please bring with you a personal computer – to use with the computation assignments in the class!
You may bring welded samples, technical data or documents to discuss with the instructor.
You will receive the electronic copies of key computational formulas and the exclusive HDE Pulsed Weld Algorithms.
You will also receive the electronic copies of the Equipment Qualification and Procedure Qualification Data Sheets.
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(Course content may change without notice)
Coverage of LASER WELD DEFECTS and analysis of weld defects
1. The main objective of the HDE Laser Welding Technology course is to connect the behavior of materials during welding to
the performance of the laser, beam delivery optics, tooling, weld geometry, etc.
2. Preventing weld defects (and then real time weld monitoring) is easier than correcting them afterwards! However, the
subject is ‘weld defects’ (identification of the nature and the source of the defects, how to evaluate and how to correct
them) is well covered! Look at the statics below.
3. Here are some statistics:
Total pages in the manual =
630 + hand-outs
30+% of the course is directly related to weld defects.
66 photos and illustrations related to weld defects.
20 complete sections of the manual related to weld defects.
7 computational algorithms that relate directly to weld defects.
Weld inspection methods (traditional) = several complete sections.
Weld inspection methods (real time weld monitoring) = 3 sections,
127 illustrations, 2 PPT, 1 video, and class demo of a working LWM system!
Classroom assignment: 1 – uses the supplied mathematical algorithms!
Take home the ‘code book’ on laser welding!
This is the Laser Welding course that attracted thousands of professionals over the last 38 years!
The Laser Welding course that attracted major corporations to continue sending their engineers and technicians
to learn about laser welding.
Attend and learn how to optimize the productivity of your laser welding process!
Attend and learn how to achieve and maintain consistent quality laser welds!
Attend and learn how to maintain your competitive edge in the International Market!
Course Manager and Principal Instructor: Simon L. Engel, President, HDE Technologies, Inc.
Read more about Mr. Engel on the Main Page of – look under ‘Instructor(s)’.
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8698 Elk Grove Blvd. Ste. 1-194, Elk Grove, CA, 95624........Tel. 916-714-4944 Cell: 209-471-4847
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Laser Welding Technology: EQ and PQ – Equipment and Process Qualification
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