Musselburgh (30/31 / QP/PP: 30) Zondag 01 Februari

Musselburgh (30/31 / QP/PP: 30) Zondag 01 Februari 2015
1e Koers 14:00uur - 3218 m
4e Koers 15:30uur - 4022 m
Wedmarkt: 11/8 El Namoose, 2/1 The Grey Taylor, 100/30 Some Plan,
12/1 Stylish Chap
Wedmarkt: 2/1 Yorkist, 9/4 Waltz Darling, 4/1 Doyly Carte, 9/2 Seventh
Sky, 9/1 Toye Native
Racingpost: The Grey Taylor and Some Plan could combine to make
this a decent test and it could set up nicely for EL NAMOOSE, who has
looked smart from day one and is held in the highest regard by a trainer
with a lot of good horses to judge him by.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Racingpost: Yorkist and Seventh Sky boast solid claims but the
penalties could leave them vulnerable should Doyly Carte or TOYE
NATIVE get their acts together. The latter was not quite so good as her
rivals over hurdles but has the scope to do better in this sphere and she
probably prefers this sort of ground to the mud she's been encountering
of late.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Some Plan
Spotlight: El Namoose
RP Ratings: Some Plan
Topspeed: Some Plan
Selecties GBI: 2 El Namoose - 1 The Grey Taylor - 4 Stylish Chap - 3
Some Plan
Postdata: Yorkist
Spotlight: Toye Native
RP Ratings: Yorkist
Topspeed: Seventh Sky
2e Koers 14:30uur - 3218 m
Selecties GBI: 3 Waltz Darling - 2 Yorkist - 1 Seventh Sky - 5 Toye
Wedmarkt: 5/1 Kie, 11/2 Ultimate, 11/2 Buthelezi, 11/2 Sir Valentino,
6/1 Quito Du Tresor, 13/2 Swaledale Lad, 13/2 Swift Arrow, 7/1
5e Koers 16:00uur - 3218 m
Racingpost: No shortage of likely pacesetters here. The suggestion is
BUTHELEZI, who is very interesting on the pick of last season's novice
form for John Ferguson, was running well when last seen out (for this
trainer) on the Flat here in September, and for whom today's jockey
booking is a good sign. He promises to be well suited by the way this
race is likely to be run too. Ifandbutwhynot may be next best, ahead of
Sir Valentino. [Mel Cullinan]
Postdata: Quito Du Tresor
Spotlight: Buthelezi
RP Ratings: Swaledale Lad
Topspeed: Swaledale Lad
Selecties GBI: 7 Swaledale Lad - 4 Ifandbutwhynot - 6 Sir Valentino - 8
Quito Du Tresor
3e Koers 15:00uur - 3218 m
Wedmarkt: 8/13 Hargam, 5/1 Full Day, 11/2 Starchitect, 10/1
Announcement, 12/1 Superb Story
Racingpost: It is hard to see beyond HARGAM, who is well in front of
the others on what he achieved in two good Cheltenham races late last
year and ought to cement his Festival credentials without too much
fuss. Today's greater test of speed should, if anything, suit this strong
traveller. Superb Story, who is open to improvement on last month's
hurdles debut win over C&D, can see off Starchitect for second. [Mel
Postdata: Hargam
Spotlight: Hargam
RP Ratings: Hargam
Topspeed: Announcement
Selecties GBI: 4 Full Day - 2 Starchitect - 1 Hargam - 5 Announcement
Wedmarkt: 13/2 Retrieve, 8/1 Midnight Game, 8/1 Sea Lord, 9/1 Gold
Futures, 9/1 Streets Of Newyork, 9/1 Cool Macavity, 9/1 Sweet Deal,
10/1 A Boy Named Suzi, 11/1 Nathans Pride, 12/1 Strongpoint, 14/1
Cinders And Ashes, 16/1 It's A Mans World, 16/1 Meadowcroft Boy,
16/1 Zaidiyn, 20/1 Vodka Wells
Racingpost: Easy to make a case for plenty of these and a chance is
taken on the novice A BOY NAMED SUZI, who holds a Supreme entry
and judged on his Flat exploits this better ground could easily trigger the
necessary improvement. Sea Lord would be interesting if back to
anything like his best, while stablemate Retrieve is not entirely ruled out
off his feather weight.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Strongpoint
Spotlight: A Boy Named Suzi
RP Ratings: Cool Macavity
Topspeed: Sea Lord
Selecties GBI: 11 A Boy Named Suzi - 15 Retrieve - 8 Sweet Deal - 5
Nathans Pride
6e Koers 16:30uur - 4927 m
Wedmarkt: 7/2 Seldom Inn, 9/2 Racing Europe, 5/1 Argent Knight, 11/2
Shanroe Santos, 6/1 Birch Hill, 6/1 Donna's Diamond, 7/1 Uisge Beatha
Racingpost: SHANROE SANTOS (nap) has improved on his bumper
form over obstacles on his last two starts, winning a point and then
beating a fair sort to win decisively on last month's hurdles debut at
Ludlow. The Ludlow form suggests he is very much the one to beat
and, on just his second start over hurdles, there ought to be more to
come from him too. The others are much of a muchness, with potential
improver Birch Hill perhaps the most interesting of them; he is the main
danger. [Mel Cullinan]
Postdata: Birch Hill
Spotlight: Shanroe Santos
RP Ratings: Shanroe Santos
Topspeed: Donna's Diamond
Selecties GBI: 4 Uisge Beatha - 3 Racing Europe - 2 Donna's Diamond
- 7 Shanroe Santos
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Race 1 2 El Namoose - 1 The Grey Taylor
Race 2 7 Swaledale Lad - 4 Ifandbutwhynot
Race 3 4 Full Day - 2 Starchitect
Race 4 3 Waltz Darling - 2 Yorkist
Race 5 11 A Boy Named Suzi - 15 Retrieve
Race 6 4 Uisge Beatha - 3 Racing Europe
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