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Thursday, 29th January 2015
Roadshow group set
to form society
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n At the event are, from left, Ms Mathieson, Mr Al Zayani, Mr Bentley, Mr Al Asfoor, Mr Al Kooheji, Dr Al Jeeb and Mr Van Daele
Bahrain’s religious tolerance and culture will
unite to form a society.
It will continue roaming
the world to showcase Bahrain’s culture, but as a registered society comprising
Bahrainis and expatriates,
said Bahrain Federation
of Expatriate Associations
She was speaking last
night at the This is Bahrain
exhibition and conference,
held at the Bo Zar Gallery
Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium.
More than 200 delegates
representing 40 Bahraini organisations took part in the
one-day event along with
MPs and Shura Council
“We will continue to travel the world to share our
thoughts and experiences
and learn to work together,”
said Ms Mathieson.
“It is time for This is
Bahrain to turn into a society comprised of Bahrainis
and expatriates, whose aim
and objectives are to focus
on economic, social and
cultural development.”
Meanwhile, Jaffari Waqf
Directorate board president
Abdulmohsin Al Asfoor said
Bahrain would continue to
unite people of all races and
“Many get attracted to
and are accepted in Bahraini
society. The vast reforms that
the country has seen over the
past 14 years, since the National Action Charter referendum, have opened the door for
many to come to the country to
live within the friendly atmosphere,” he said.
“All miserable and desperate
attempts to place Bahrain in the
circle of the Arab Spring have
failed due to the bravery and
awareness of citizens.
“The development of a modern state requires the participation of the multi-cultured
society to take a united stand
against terrorism, extremism
and violence, which is undermining and hindering our natural progress.”
Among the topics discussed was Bahrain’s dem-
ocratic progress, which was
parliament financial and economic
chairman Isa Al Kooheji.
“Bahrain continues to witness political developments
and an enriching democratic
experience, which now sees the
government unable to carry out
anything without parliament’s
approval to its four-year action
plan,” he said.
“Democracy faces various
challenges and obstacles, but
Bahrain is constantly working
to overcome them.
“Perhaps, one of the main
challenges we are facing is the
lack of awareness among political powers of the importance of
respecting the stages of democratic transformation, and another is not allowing external
influences to have an impact on
these stages.”
Promoting women empowerment in Bahrain was also discussed by Shura Council public
relations, media and research
affairs assistant secretary-general Dr Fawzia Al Jeeb during
the conference.
“The involvement of women
has contributed effectively to
Bahrain’s rise at all levels and
more is expected,” she said.
n Visitors at the General Organisation for Youth and Sport’s stall at the event
“We have female ministers, a judge, Shura Council
members and MPs who
work while continuing to be
Other speakers were Bah-
n Bahrain officials in front of the Jaffari
Waqf Directorate stall
rain Chamber of Commerce
and Industry board member
Khalid Al Zayani, Sarens NV
strategic global projects director Bev Bentley and Centre on
Eastern Arabia co-founder
Marc Van Daele.
The This is Bahrain exhibition and conference was
previously held in London
and Berlin.
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