Week 20 Januray 23, 2015 - United Nations International School of

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UNIS Hanoi’s Weekly Community Newsletter
Volume 21, Edition 20, Friday 23 January
 Tech Training Session for Parents, 18:00-19:00
 SCO Bus Tour for New Families, 8:45-14:00
 University Info Session, 13:20-14:00, Common Room
 Board of Directors Meeting, 17:30-19:30, Community
 APAC Basketball Tournament @ UNIS, 28 Jan-1 Feb
 APAC Swim Meet @ SAS-PX, 28 Jan-1 Feb
 Visiting author Margaret Read MacDonald, 28-30 Jan
 K1 AP Picnic, 10:10-11:55
 Community Event with Author & Storyteller Margaret
Read, 18:00-19:00, Centre for the Arts
 K1 KM Picnic, 8:30-9:50
 ES Snack Sale Morning, 8:30-10:30
 K1 DV Picnic, 8:30-9:50
 University Info Session, 13:20-14:00, Common Room
 Saturday Soccer Spring Season Starts
 JV Boys' Basketball vs VAS @ UNIS, 16:00-17:30,
Sports Centre
 Board Executive Committee Meeting, 12:00-13:30,
Conference Room
 MS Girls' "B" Team Soccer vs CISH @ UNIS, 16:0017:30
 Community Hors d'oeuvres with the Head of School,
19:00-20:30, Community Room
 UMA Session 3 Registration on ISIS, 4-5 Feb
 Board SMP 2015-2020 Task Force Meeting, 7:00-8:30,
Community Room
 Advancement Committee Meeting, 12:00-14:00,
Conference Room
HS Season 3 Sports Begin (Soccer), 15:45-17:30, Sports
 MRISA High School Basketball Tournament @ ISPP, 58 Feb
 HISAA Youth Sport Basketball Festival, 14:00-17:00,
UNIS Hanoi
 PYP Interactive Workshop for Parents new to the PYP,
19:00-20:00, Black Box
 ASA Session 3 Registration on ISIS, 6-8 Feb
 ES Tet Gift Bags of Love Delivery, 9:00-12:30
IN THIS WEEK’S TIN TUC - The Highlights...
Notes from the Head of School (p.2)
The Scholarship Fund
Annual Community Campaign 20142015 Update (p.3)
Storytelling Time Next Week! (p.4)
North South Cup Basketball
Tournament (p.7)
Meet Real Madrid for real! (p.8)
New Parent Bus Tour. Sign up
NOW! (p.9)
Season 3 Sports (p.4)
APAC Basketball Championship at
UNIS Hanoi (p.5)
UMA and ASA Sign-up News (p.6)
ES Snack Sale. Save the Date! (p.9)
Spring Fair: Make It Unique, Make
It Yours (p.10)
School Health Centre News (p.11)
As we reach the halfway point of our
fundraising campaign to support our
scholarship programme, we are well on our
way to reaching our goal. For those who
have contributed, thank you so much for
your gifts. For those who are still thinking
about it, I encourage you join this
community campaign and help “create opportunities to
transform futures.” No gift is too small—together we can
make a difference!
We are hosting our first APAC Basketball Tournament
next week (Thursday through Saturday) and invite the
community to come and watch some excellent competition
while supporting our Phoenix boys and girls teams. (See
page 5 for further details).
Finally a second reminder of the “Hors d’oeuvres with
the Head of School” set for Tuesday, 03 February at
19:00 in the Community Room. Key members of the
leadership team will be on hand with me to answer any
questions or respond to any concerns or suggestions
parents may have. The first part of the programme will be
a short presentation on our technology programme
including future possibilities such as a “Bring Your Own
Device” (BYOD) initiative.
Dr. Chip Barder, [email protected]
ES Parent Teacher Conferences
Welcome to UNIS Hanoi
This week our supporters share their reasons for
joining this community campaign:
Thanks to the generous donations from
families, faculty, staff and alumni we are
well over half-way to our campaign goal!
Our Goal is $75,000 USD to provide ONE
ADDITIONAL scholarship place for 2015
And this week we received 43 new Dragon
Fish gifts as well as our second Dragon Gift
from a UNIS Hanoi family!
Please join us if you haven’t already made a gift and
become part of this incredible community project in which
we can all share a proud place.
“We gave because it is good for the school, the students and our
children. Having quality students in our school community helps bring
in an extra rigor, creativity and learning experience into the classroom
environment. Not only have we helped scholarship students but they
have helped us to become an even better school.
We feel that our children have flourished at UNIS and we are happy
to be able to help provide some of these great resources and
opportunities for a Vietnamese child who would not otherwise have the
Neil & Lori Fairbairn
“Our oldest son graduated from UNIS last summer and is now
studying in the UK. For a quiet ‘at home on his computer’middle
schooler, we saw our son blossom at UNIS. During the seven years he
was there he became involved in the MUN, theatre productions,
CAS, swim team and even a band all while working as hard as he
could on his chosen subjects. Our other two kids are also growing,
working hard and making good choices. We are very proud of them.
UNIS has given them a wonderful foundation; academic strength,
personal confidence and respect of others.
We hope, with our donation, we can help a scholarship student on
their way to fly and achieve their dreams.”
Maeve O'Donovan
“The Scholarship Fund Campaign is very meaningful and I would
like to make my small contribution to it. Imagine a Vietnamese
student from a low-income family be awarded this full scholarship,
become a UNIS member and enjoy the wonderful and top-notch
education that any student in the world may dream of! I believe our
campaign can definitely change and bring a better future for a poor
Anonymity requested
Come and hang your gift on our tree!
Author and Storyteller
Will be visiting UNIS Hanoi
28-30 January
Community Storytelling Event
6pm, 28 January in the CFA
Purchase of her books will be
The third and final athletic season of the year is fast
approaching. High School soccer begins on Wednesday,
February 4, 2015, and Middle School volleyball begins
on Thursday, March 5, 2015. Students who are interested
should make their way to the bulletin boards outside the UNIS
Hanoi Cafeteria and sign-up as soon as possible. Middle School
sports are a two-day a week commitment while high school
soccer is a three to four-day a week commitment. Our middle
school programmes operate as a no-cut programme. Everyone
wishing to participate will have the opportunity to practice,
improve, and play some competitions. Good luck to all.
On January 29-31 UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2015
APAC Asia Division basketball championships. Boys and
girls teams from Brent International School Manila (BISM),
Canadian Academy Japan (CA), Concordia International
School Shanghai (CISS), Hong Kong International School
(HKIS), Western Academy of Beijing (WAB), and United
Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi) will
be competing for three full days in the UNIS Hanoi Sports
Centre. The entire UNIS Hanoi Community is welcome
and encouraged to come support our teams as they go up
against the best competition in the region.
The UNIS Hanoi Round Robin Schedule is below. The last
game on Saturday will be determined by round robin
9:30 a.m. Girls UNIS vs BISM
12:30 p.m. Boys UNIS vs CISS
5:30 p.m. Boys UNIS vs HKIS
5:30 p.m. Girls UNIS vs CISS
11:00 a.m. Boys UNIS vs BISM
12:30 p.m. Girls UNIS vs CA
2:30 p.m. Boys UNIS vs CA
4:00 p.m. Girls UNIS vs WAB
10:30 a.m. Boys UNIS vs WAB
12:00 p.m. Girls UNIS vs HKIS
TBD UNIS Boys Placing Game
TBD UNIS Girls Placing Game
For more information and a comprehensive schedule
please follow the link below:
To assist you with the sign-up processes we have created
detailed written instructions and screencasts that you can
access by clicking the links below:
Click HERE for the UNIS Music Academy (UMA) signup instructions
Click HERE for the After School Activities (ASAs) signup
If you are new to UNIS Hanoi or require a little ‘practice’
for the UNIS Music Academy (UMA) or After School
Activities (ASAs) ISIS Family sign-up process then please
read on.
Due to the complex nature required for our UMA and
ASAs schedules we appreciate the sign-up process can also
be a little challenging especially if you are new to the
system. Therefore we are opening up the UMA and ASAs
sign-ups on ISIS Family for a short period of time so you
can become more familiar with how the system operates.
This will give you the opportunity to run through the
process before the official sign-up sessions take place.
Please note: this is a ‘TRAINING’ or ‘MOCK’ sign-up
exercise only and your choices during these times will not
be accepted for the UMA or ASAs Session 3 options. Once
the mock sign-up sessions have closed all data will be
erased for the official sign-ups.
Once you are logged into to ISIS Family, for both UMA
and ASAs, use the training sessions available under
Activities Sessions.
In addition to the ‘Mock Sign-ups’ above, we will also be
offering a Technology Training Session here at UNIS. This
session will give you the opportunity to visit UNIS and ask
any technology questions regarding ISIS Family, to run
through the sign-up process with our resident technology
experts. The Technology Training Session will take place
from 18:00 to 19:00 on Monday 26th January in the
Library. Tablets will be provided (or you can bring your
own) and new families are encouraged to attend.
Adrian Hubbard, Co-Curricular Activities Manager
[email protected]
 UNIS Music Academy (UMA): 08.00 – 23.00 on
Wednesday 28th January
 After School Activities (ASAs): 08.00 – 23.00 on
Friday 30th January
After School Activity
UMA Lesson by Tim Barnsley
“I am extremely proud of this team and how far we’ve come.”
So said captain Nina McLean after the Girls’ Varsity
Basketball team travelled to Ho Chi Minh City over the
weekend of January 17-18, for “North/South Cup”
basketball tournament hosted by South Saigon
International School.
The team played in four games over two days, and had
many highlights. These included a victory over the
International School of Ho Chi Minh City, the
development of new defensive schemes, and a lunch at
Popeye’s chicken.
In the win against ISHCMC, what had been a close game
was broken open in the final couple minutes after a barrage
of points by UNIS Hanoi guards Saskia Brennan and Ly
Ann Foster. The dramatic ending was made more
memorable still when the UNIS Hanoi boys’ team, who
had been cheering the girls on, formed a human tunnel for
the girls to run through and celebrate their
That show of unity was typical of the bonding and support
that occurred over the course of the weekend. When asked
to express what her teammates mean to her, McLean said,
“You guys are like family.”
And, with the hosting of the climactic APAC tournament
coming soon (January 29 - February 1), there is much
anticipation for the opportunity to exhibit the lessons
learned at the Cup and to share the bonding spirit with the
entire UNIS Hanoi community.
Our Boys Varsity Basketball team traveled to Saigon last
weekend to compete against SSIS (Saigon South
International School), ISHCMC (International School Ho
Chi Minh City), and NT University. UNIS Hanoi opened
with a tough matchup against NTU that saw them facing a
20 - 10 point deficit going into the 2nd half. UNIS Hanoi
climbed back into the game and took a 1 point lead with
less than 3 minutes remaining. After some tough plays and
close opportunities, they ended up conceding a 36 - 33 loss
by the final buzzer. After an easy 37 - 13 point win over
ISHCMC, UNIS Hanoi faced the hosts SSIS on
Sunday morning. A sleepy start saw our boys down 26
points with 10 minutes to play in the game. After a furious
comeback that saw them turn the tables, they ended up
falling short by 4 points at the end. Tired legs amounted to
a tougher matchup in the 3 vs. 4 game, but UNIS Hanoi
was able to hold on to beat ISHCMC by 4 at the end to
take 3rd place in the 1st annual North/South Cup.
Join us for a fun and informative bus trip around Tay Ho,
and the old Quarter! We will visit some popular shopping
spots and parent volunteers will happily answer all of your
shopping questions. To end the trip we will have lunch
together. Note: Space is limited are priority given to new
families who have started in/after September 2014
Please note, because of the nature of this trip we are we are
unable to accommodate children, or toddlers.
Please register for this trip by January 25rd HERE
For questions, please email [email protected]
The bus trip is free of charge, sponsored by the UNIS
Hanoi School Community Organisation. Do bring
spending money for shopping and lunch.
If you would like to buy an ao dai (traditional Vietnamese
dress) for your ECC/ES child for TET Festival, please
bring their measurements.
The Elementary School Snack Sale is a long standing
tradition at UNIS Hanoi. Over 20 years ago, the “Bake
Sale” was created to raise funds for library books while
providing students with the opportunity to taste a diverse
range of snacks from all around the world! The Snack Sale
has evolved into a fun opportunity for children to exercise
choice, learn how to handle money and is raising awareness
of the value of healthy snacks.
As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus we require all
snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is
your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each
family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:
10 individually wrapped homemade healthy snacks (the
value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)
A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks
BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or
ES Courtyard
Both savory and sweet snacks are welcome (i.e. fresh fruit
bowl, lightly salted/sweetened popcorn, rice balls,
homemade muesli bars, muffins, samosas, etc.), below are a
few example of snacks provided in previous snack sales.
If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions
about what snacks to bring, please contact the Snack Sale
Akiko Nakano: [email protected]
Masumi Tsuda: [email protected]
Bo young Hwang: [email protected]
The UNIS Spring Fair is the largest event organized by the
School Community Organization. It’s about the UNIS
community getting together with our kids and having fun
while sharing our cultures. The THEME this year is ….
The Spring Fair is completely organized by the hard work
of our committed volunteers. Any cultural group is
welcome to organise a booth. At the same time, if you have
any game ideas, we would love to hear from you. The key
ingredients for a successful Spring Fair are a positive
attitude, willingness to get involved, some time and your
passion to make this day inspirational. You will feel proud
to be part of an event that bonds the community together
and creates our special blend of UNIS Culture.
Click HERE to be part of the FUN!
Cultural Booths (previously Country Table): Get
together with families from your country/world region and
organize a booth to celebrate the cultural diversity at UNIS
Hanoi. It would be wonderful to have all community
groups represented. Please contact Natascha Senftleben
at [email protected]
Do you have a Family Business? If so, Spring Fair 2015
Small Business Booth is for you! Places are now available to
UNIS Hanoi Community business owners. Whether you
are parents, faculty, staff or students, you are welcome at
this year's Spring Fair. So hurry and reserve your spot! For
more information and to request a spot, email Clarissa Hu
-Andersen at [email protected]
Spring Cleaning in order? Time to clear out your house
and make space for new junk! Book a space quickly at our
popular Flea Market by contacting Malin Niklasson at
[email protected]
Want to see more games and activities? Share ideas of
fun games you have seen around the world and let’s make
them happen! For as many ideas we have, we need parent’s
help running the games, contact Christina Back at
[email protected]
Transforming the campus…The Farm Art Workshop!
Get the family together tomorrow, January 24 and create
decorations the Spring Fair! Find us in the Centre for the
Arts (Room 108 – upstairs) from 9.30 – 11.00am!
Any other questions, ideas, comments….just email Claudia
Marinzi at [email protected]
Stop by the school shop to pick up a
new mug. Perfect for your morning
coffee/tea, as gifts or to use as a
work cup for only 100,000VND!
And while you're there check out the
rest of our bottle collection!
Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cervix, the lower,
narrow part of the uterus (womb). Cervical cancer is the
easiest gynecological cancer to prevent with regular
screening tests and
vaccination. It is also very curable when found and treated
All women are at risk for cervical cancer. It occurs most
often in women over age 30. Each year, approximately
12,000 women in the United States get cervical cancer.
Almost all cervical cancers are caused by the human
papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a virus that is passed from
person to person through genital contact. If the HPV
infection does not go away on its own, it may cause cervical
cancer over time.
One of the most significant advances in the fight against
cervical cancer is the development of HPV vaccines. Early
vaccination with regular screening, which includes a Pap
test and HPV test when recommended, is now the most
effective way to prevent cervical cancer.
HPV vaccines offer the greatest health benefits to
individuals who receive all three doses before having any
type of sexual activity. That’s why HPV vaccination is
recommended for preteen girls and boys at age 11 or 12
years, but can be given as early as 9 years old.
HPV vaccines are given in a series of 3 shots over 6
months. It is very important to complete all 3 shots to get
the best protection. More than 46 million doses of HPV
vaccine have been given out, and vaccine studies continue
to show that HPV vaccines are safe.
To learn more about cervical cancer, HPV and HPV
vaccines, visit http://www.cdc.gov/hpv/ and http://
www.cdc.gov/cancer/cervical/ .
School Health Centre