Will you not revive us again

"Will you not revive us again,..?"
As I have spoken in churches across our land, I have found followers
of Jesus everywhere, longing for a fresh movement of God to take
place in their own lives and in the life of the Church.
One of the greatest weakness es of the Church today and greatest
sin of her members is the complacency toward the Lord's calling for
his followers to make disciples. Every disciple is commanded by
Jesus to be a disciple maker, and yet day after day and year after
year Christians live in disobedience to this calling. A recent study
revealed that 90% of Christians living in America today never share
their faith in Christ even once in their life time. We have fallen out of
step with Jesus.
America needs revival more today than ever befo re! Unless God
sets the Church on fire by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, where the
disciples of Jesus become true followers of Christ, the world around
us has no hope. Our only hope comes through a revival in the
Church that spreads to the lost of our world. It must, however, begin
in the Church. It must begin in me.
My wife, Bev, and I have committed ourselves to the calling of
disciple making. As pastors, we are leading our congregation in
focusing on building relationships with the unchurched, sh aring Jesus
with our friends and neighbors, and teaching new believers to obey
all the commands of Jesus. We are bathing our ministry in prayer
and fasting, believing that it is only God that can revive us from our
lethargy , and can impassion our souls for the lost.
My greatest passion is to see revival sweep across the USA and
throughout the world, resulting in a Church that is passionate about
the souls of men and women and boys and girls, where every
disciple of Jesus becomes a disciple maker. Bev and I are giving the
rest of our lives promoting this kind of a revival through the ministry
of disciple making, teaching, preaching, and prayer. We have found
a people at Victory Hills Nazarene, not only desiring a movement of
God but also willing to pay the price for one. We believe that revival
will begin in us right here in the heartland of America.