bayt agoodah, inc.

hdga tyb
Shalom, Members of Bayt Agoodah:
The aim of Bayt Agoodah is to establish accurate Truth concerning the Most
High vivh, His Way of Life, His People & their Destiny. We, as Hebrew
Yisraelites, are NOT a religion but a NATIONALITY; therefore, we should
not think or conduct ourselves religiously. With that said, we do not refer to
ourselves as a congregation in the religious sense, but an Educational
Organization. Religion has taught our people to “believe”, without
questioning; to accept concepts and ideologies with no “Biblical” foundation.
We as an Hebrew Yisraelite organization do not subscribe to “belief”, but to
Truth & facts. In this, we are adamant and unwavering, with no compromise.
Our Motto:
“These are the things you shall do: Every person shall
speak the Truth to their neighbor; execute the
judgment of Truth and Peace in your gates: Let none
of you imagine evil in your hearts against your
neighbor; and love no false oath: For all these are
things that I hate, says YAH” (Zecharyah 8:16-17)
In order to accomplish these things, as well as establish a righteous order
pleasing to the Most High, it is necessary to put forth the following Rules,
Regulations & Protocol. This Protocol will apply to ALL members of Bayt
Agoodah, with no regard to status, rank, etc. (Debarim 1:17; 16:18-20; Mishlay
24:23; 28:21)
**(All Rules and Regulations are either directly sited in The Scriptures, referenced in our History of Traditions
or instituted to maintain a discipline conducive to and reflecting the essence of the Laws of The Most High
Rules, Regulations & Protocol
Bayt Agoodah members will strictly observe the Commandments, Statutes, Judgments, Laws,
Testimonies & Ordinances of righteousness, as given by the Most High YAH. (Eccl. 12:13;
Deu. 30:15).
All members must understand that the Most High YAH of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
is the only Supreme Being/ Reality. (Ex. 3:13-15; 20:3; Deut. 6:4-9)
Foreign/false deities will not be mentioned, or given credence to, in Bayt Agoodah. Drums,
cultural dances, and songs in Hebrew and English are acceptable as part of the teachings, as long
as there is no mention of the names of foreign/false deities. (Ex. 23:13)
The TANAK (“Old Testament”, Apocrypha) will be the only authoritative doctrine followed. We
DO NOT and WILL NOT follow any Christian, Islamic, Judaic Talmudic and other mythological
customs, nor will it be taught as doctrine. In short, the Tanakh takes precedence over any and all
secular doctrines. (Deut. 4:2; 13:1).
Bayt Agoodah members will be in strict observance of the Sabbaths, High Holy Days, and New
Moons (Ex. 20:8-11; Lev. 23). We will follow the Hebrew Israelite Calendar, which is based on
the First Sliver (true New Moon). (Ex. 12:1-2; 34:18).
No Levitical sacrifices or offerings will be made on the Sabbath or on High Holy Days, by virtue
of the fact that there is no legitimate Priesthood AT THIS TIME. (Neh. 7:63-65; Hos. 3:4-5; 6:6)
However, sacrificial alternatives are scriptural and thus permitted (Ben Asirah 35:1-9).
In addition, all Members are required to contribute to the success of the Feast Days (Mal. 3:10).
Bayt Agoodah members will be in strict observance of the Laws of Uncleanness (Num. 5:1-4).
Women are not allowed in the Knesset during their monthly time of separation/ niddah (Lev.
15:19-30). Women are not allowed in the Knesset during seperation after childbirth: 40 days if
she gave birth to a male child and 66 days if she gave birth to a female child (Lev. 12). Men with
uncleanness through discharge or emission are not allowed in the Knesset during their separation
(Lev. 15:1-18). Members who attend a funeral, burial or the cemetery are unclean for seven days
and are not allowed in the Knesset. They must take a ritual bath on the third and seventh day
before returning to the Knesset (Num. 19:11-13; 31:19).
A dress code will be followed according to Torah. All members must wear tassels (Gedeelim)
and/or fringes (tzittzit) (Num. 15:37-40; Deut. 22:12). Members must be taught not to wear
mixed/mingled garments (Lev. 19:19; Deut. 22:11). Women must wear long dresses/skirts; they
are not allowed to wear pants (Deut. 22:5). Frontlets and Law bracelets may or may not be wornmembers choice (Deut. 6:8). Prayer Shawls may or may not be worn. (***NOTE: All members
are encouraged, and shall be taught, to get into the Cultural Dress of our Ancient Forefathers
& Foremothers***).
Members must be clean and neat at all times (Ex. 19:6; Deut. 7:6; Lev. 10:10). Heads should be
covered. Turbans, Keppote, Skull Caps and Cultural Head Ties are acceptable (Ex. 29:9;
28:4,40). (**NOTE: Baseball caps, doorags, hats, headbands and stocking caps are not allowed in
the Knesset***).
10. There will be no shaving off of the beard, making the head bald or shaving the eyebrows (Lev.
19:27; 21:5; Deut. 14:1-2).
11. All male babies must be circumcised at 8 days old by a Mohel (doctor) with Chief Men present to
say the blessings. All male Members that are not circumcised MUST be circumcised within three
(3) months of attending the Knesset (unless agreed to otherwise by the Board in writing) in order
to participate in the Knesset services and activities (Gen. 17:1-7; 19:15-20).
12. A Member may only be accused of a crime if there are two or more witnesses. The Member must
be given a hearing and full opportunity to submit evidence to the Council of Chief Men before a
decision of excommunication can be rendered against said Member (Deut. 17:1-7; 19:15-20).
13. Members of Bayt Agoodah, who commit transgressions with regard to Adultery, Rape,
Prostitution, Whoring/Whormongering, Incest, Sodomy and Murder, will be automatic grounds for
excommunication (Ex. 20:1-5; Lev. 19:4,26,31; 20:26-27; Deut. 18:9-14; Ezra 10:8; Ex. 20:1314; Lev. 18:22-23; Deut. 22:25-26; 23:17; 25:1-3).
14. Gang Activity will NOT be tolerated in Bayt Agoodah (Ex. 23:2).
15. Disrespecting Elders, Officers, Chief Men or other Members will not be tolerated (Lev. 19:17,32;
Ex. 22:28).
16. Backbiting, Tale Bearing, Stealing, and Abuse of Women or Children, will not be tolerated and
can cause excommunication (Lev. 19:11,16-17,29; Ex. 20:15-17).
17. The selling or use of illegal substances and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated. There shall be no
smoking of marijuana or cigarettes*, whether in or out of the Knesset. Consumption of natural
wine/beer shall be allowed in moderation, and only at appropriate times. Members must remain
sober at all times, especially any time they are in the Knesset (Deut. 21:18-20; Prov. 20:1).
*The Principle purpose of the Laws of The Most High YAH is the
preservation of Life. Scientific evidence is available that proves that
smoking is hazardous to your health. Indulging in this habit is a direct
rebellion against the Laws of Life, as given by The Almighty YAH.
18. No weapons of any type shall be allowed into the Knesset. Absolutely no fighting or profanity
shall be tolerated at anytime or for any reason whatsoever (Lev.19:1-2; 19:18; Prov. 6:16-19).
19. Members of Bayt Agoodah will be in strict observance of the Dietary laws (Lev.3:16-17; whole
Chapter 11; 17:10-14; 19:23-25; Ex. 22:31).
20. Members must be in regular attendance and punctual for Service. To avoid interruption of the
service, Members should arrive at least 10 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin. To
facilitate a “meeting of the minds”, Round Table discussions will be scheduled bi-monthly (Eccl.
3:1). Running in and out of the Knesset during the Tefillah service and the teaching of the Law &
History of our Nation will not be tolerated (1st Esdras 9:39-55). Mothers are responsible for the
proper conduct of their children at all times in the Knesset (Lev.19: 30).
21. Service shall be conducted in Hebrew and English by a Rahbee, Chief man and Officers. All
Members are required to attend the Hebrew Classes to learn how to speak, read and write our
language fluently (Zeph. 3:9).
22. Men and Women will be seated separately in the Knesset.
25. To safeguard the Members, Paramilitary Security is required to be posted at the door at all times
during the service (Num. 31:3-7, 48; Neh. 7:3). **Attending to the door is the Men’s
responsibility only.**
26. All Members are required to participate and attend Nation meetings and functions in the
Organization when scheduled, and adhere to all policies & procedures of the Knesset.
27. Members of the Knesset are encouraged to be involved in FREE FOOD DISTRIBUTION
/PRISON PROGRAM (Deut. 15:7-11; Isa. 49:8-10; 61:1).
28. All Tanak abiding Hebrew Israelites in need shall be given assistance when same is available in
Bayt Agoodah. No usury or pan handling will be permitted in the Knesset at any time (Deut.
29. All Tanak abiding Hebrew Yisraelites shall be welcomed at Bayt Agoodah (Lev.19:17).
30. There will be no egotism and/or hierarchy politics among leadership and members at Bayt
Agoodah. No “Big I and Little You” mentalities will be tolerated. We are the Nation of the Most
High YAH and shall work together as one (Gen. 13:8; Judges 20:1; 20:11; Ps. 133:1)
31. All Members are required to obtain and sign an Application for Membership Certificate and I.D.
Cards for security and contact purposes (Neh. 7:5).
32. All Members are required to adhere to the Rules & Regulations of Bayt Agoodah. A member
may be excommunicated for a cause, upon decision of the Council. (Lev. 18:29)