Common Homework Assignment

NAME (please print) ________________________________
COURSE: (circle one) _____120R__/ 122B____________
Assignment Directions
There are 20 problems on this assignment; Each problem is worth a maximum of 3 points. The
grading rubric is as follows:
3 points will be given for a correct answer AND appropriate supporting work.
2 points will be given for effort/work that leads to an incorrect answer.
1 point will be given for effort/work not leading to a final answer or an answer inconsistent with the
work shown.
0 points will be given if no work for a problem is shown, even if the correct answer is given. In
addition, if your work for a problem is not done in a neat and organized fashion, or if the instructor
simply cannot read your work, 0 points will be given.
The maximum non- scaled score on this assignment is 60 points. Your score will be scaled so that
20 points is the maximum score.
For Math 120R students, this assignment is worth 20 out of 750 points, or about 2.67% of the
overall grade. For Math 122B students, this assignment is worth roughly 3% of the overall grade.
All work must be done on this worksheet. You must BOX your final answer in order for full
credit to be given.
You may obtain assistance in completing this assignment. Feel free to use Think Tank, textbooks,
etc… Also, feel free to use the University of Michigan Math Prep Module using the following link: However, all work that you submit must be your own.
This assignment is due at the beginning of class (Math 120R or Math 122B) on Tuesday, February
Please read the following statement, and sign at the bottom of the page.
I affirm that I completed this assignment in its entirety and that the work contained herein is
original and does not contain the work of others. Furthermore, I understand that sanctions will be
imposed if any part of this work is found to violate the Student Code of Conduct, the Code of
Academic Integrity, or the policies and procedures established for this course.
Name (Printed)
Simplifying Expressions
( x + h) 2 − ( x − h) 2
Simplify the expression.
y −1
Simplify the expression
y −1
Factor completely and simplify.
so that there are no compound fractions.
2(n + 7 ) − 5(n + 7 ) (n + 6)
Rewrite the given expression in the form x A where A is simplified as much as possible.
(x ) x
3 n
x ( n−4)
4 p ( p + 7) − 9( p +
( p + 7) 2
and no compound fractions.
Simplify the expression
7) 2
Simplify completely as a fraction in factored form:
so that there are no negative exponents
28k − 4k 2
k 2 − 5k − 14
Solving Equations (Algebraically) Note: Solution(s) obtained graphically will receive no
Solve for r exactly:
3(r − 51) 2 − 90 = 0
Solve for t exactly:
3t + 5 − 2 = 8
Solve for x exactly:
3 x( x − 1) = 5
Solve for y exactly:
y −2 + 5 y = 0
11. Solve for w :
( w + 2)( w − 11)
12. Solve for p in terms of t :
5− 2p
Setting up Equations/Expressions
Give the equation of the line passing through the point ( − 2 , 5) that is perpendicular to the
line 3 x + 7 y = 4 . Put your final answer in point-slope form.
( p , q ) and radius
Find the equation of a circle with center
The height of a cone is 4 times its radius. Express the volume, V , of the cone in terms of
its radius, r . Simplify your equation as much as possible.
Suppose the ordered pair (a , b ) is on the graph of − 10 x + 2 y = 0 . Express the distance
between the ordered pairs (2, 3) and (a , b ) in terms of a .
Express the area, A , of a circle in terms of its circumference, C .
A car travels for a total of 14 hours. The car averages 70 miles per hour for y hours and
averages 55 miles per hour for the rest of the time. Express the total distance traveled by
the car in terms of y .
The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 3 times the base of the triangle. Express the perimeter
of the triangle in terms of its base, b .
A box with an open top and a square bottom has a volume of 60 cubic centimeters. Express
the surface area of the box in terms of x , where x represents one of the lengths of the
bottom side.