2014/15 “School Care Subsidy Scheme”

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2014/15 “School Care Subsidy Scheme”Care & Concern Concerts
The Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will continue to launch the “School Care
Subsidy Scheme”- Care & Concern Concerts in 2014-15. All kindergartens, primary schools, secondary
schools, tertiary institutions and special schools in Hong Kong are welcome to participate in the Scheme, with
the objectives to enable students to extend their care and good wishes to the underprivileged through musical
performances, to cultivate the civic awareness among students in serving the community, and to enhance social
integration and harmony for the community.
The Scheme
The Scheme, sponsored by Sino Group, provides subsidy in supporting school music groups to organize music
activities for the underprivileged. The participants may combine music with other art forms in the performance
so as to enrich the programme in a creative way, and benefit themselves in the building of team spirit and
organizing capability from the production process.
Successful applicants have to complete the performances on or before 30 June 2015. The Music Office
professional staff and representatives of social welfare organizations will assess the performances given by the
school music groups. Prominent performing groups will be re-invited to give performance and share their
experience in the Gala Concert to be conducted between August and September 2015. All participants of the
Scheme will be awarded with certificates of recommendation in the presentation ceremony of the Gala Concert.
Scope of Subsidy
1. Kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and special schools in Hong Kong
are eligible to apply.
2. The activities to be subsidized must be music programmes with free admission. Retrospective applications
for completed activities will not be considered.
3. The target audience of the music activities must be beneficiaries of registered social welfare organizations
in Hong Kong.
4. The programmes should be exclusive of religious, fundraising and ceremonial activities.
Submission of Applications
1. The type of performance, programme details, presentation time and venue, budget, and other relevant
information (including the names of all collaborating organizations) must be listed in the application form.
2. Applicants have to arrange venue for presentation and select target audience by themselves. Applicants may
consider performing in the school hall and inviting the beneficiaries of registered social welfare
organizations in Hong Kong to attend.
3. Applications must be submitted on or before 18 February 2015. The Music Office will notify every
applicant of an application number by fax within 5 working days upon receipt of application. Any applicant
who has not received the acknowledgement of application by 27 February 2015 must check with the Music
Office on this day to ensure its application is successfully submitted.
4. Applicants must provide further information or make adjustments in regard to the programme details,
presentation time, budget, etc. as and when required.
5. The subsidized activities must be conducted on the specified dates and in accordance with the approved
proposals. The maximum amount of subsidy is HK$2,000 for each activity.
6. Items covered by the subsidy include transportation to and from the performing venue, professional staff
allowance and miscellaneous expenses.
7. If any school submits more than one application, it will only be considered when there is subsidy remained.
Processing and Assessment of Applications
1. The Music Office will assess the applications received in terms of the feasibility of the proposed activities
and whether they are within the scope of subsidy. Itemized expenses in the budget will also be examined
according to the expenditure standards set by the Music Office to ensure proper spending.
2. The Music Office will request the applicants to provide further information or make adjustments as and
when required in the course of assessment.
3. The Music Office professional staff will be responsible for the thorough consideration and evaluation of
4. The number of activities to be subsidized each year is subject to the amount of commercial sponsorship
secured in that year.
Selection Criteria and Priority
1. Proposed activities must be composed mainly of musical performances, and the duration of music
programme should not be less than 30 minutes. They will be rated by their feasibility, ingenuity and content
of interactive elements.
2. Priority will be given to applicants with experience in music performances, or in organizing activities,
preferably activities for the underprivileged.
3. Priority will be given to applicants who join the Scheme for the first time.
4. Applicants will be considered based on a marking system, and priority in joining the Scheme will be
accorded to applicants with higher rating.
Obligations and Conditions upon Acceptance of Subsidy
1. The subsidized activities must be completed in accordance with the dates and details specified in the
approved proposals. Should special or inevitable circumstances render exceptions necessary, the subsidy
recipients must submit their written requests in advance to obtain consent from the Music Office in writing.
The alternative dates of performances must be carried out before the specified date.
2. The subsidy must be used for the payment of endorsed expenditure items within the approved budget. The
subsidy must be claimed according to the actual cost, while the amount must not exceed the maximum
amount of specified expenditure items and the overall approved budget. There will not be any advance
disbursement of subsidy before completion of the activities.
3. The subsidized activities must not accept sponsorship from other commercial organizations.
4. The names/logos of the Music Office and the sponsor must be displayed in all publicity materials relating to
the activities. In this connection, subsidy recipients should send such publicity materials to the Music
Office for vetting prior to production.
5. The Music Office has the right to send monitors to observe on-site the operation of the activities.
6. Subsidy recipients must submit activity reports (with photographs taken at the activities) and financial
reports (with related original receipts) within 30 days after completion of the activities. The Music Office
will examine the expenditure upon receipt of the reports and, if satisfied that all is in order, submit the
documents to the Finance Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for disbursement of
7. The Music Office has the right to publicize contents of the reports and photographs of the activities for
publicity purposes. Subsidy recipients may be invited to attend Scheme-related publicity events arranged
by the Music Office.
8. Subsidy recipients may upload photos, video clips, participants’ feedback or any other related information
to the Scheme’s Facebook Page. Subsidy recipients may also share the activity highlight with the public by
linking the related websites to the Scheme’s webpage.
Tel: 2596 0898, 2582 5264
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2014/15 “School Care Subsidy Scheme”Care & Concern Concerts
Subsidy Items
(The maximum amount of subsidy is HK$2,000 for each activity.
allowance of each subsidy item. )
Maximum allowance
for each activity(HK$)
Please note the maximum
A. Transportation
Transport of performers and musical
instrument / transportation provided for the
underprivileged to attend programme.
B. Allowance for
For professional staff engaged for the music
C. Miscellaneous
Gifts / Publicity and Printing / Props.
(not applicable to purchase of instruments &
music stands nor the environmental levy
scheme on plastic shopping bags)
2014/15 「校園音樂大使展關懷」資助計劃申請書
School Care Subsidy Scheme 2014/15 Application Form
For official use only
申 請 者 資 料 Particulars of Applicant
學 校 名 稱 Name of School
學 校 地 址 Address of School
負 責 人 姓 名 / 職 銜 Name and Post of 聯 絡 電 話 Contact Phone No.
Responsible Person
傳 真 Fax No.
電 郵 Email
演 出 團 隊 簡 介 (包括成立宗旨、表演形式及成員人數。)
Brief Information of Applicant (Including the aim, nature of performance and membership size.)
演 出 團 隊 在 過 去 三 年 內 曾 舉 辦 或 參 與 的 校 內 / 校 外 音 樂 活 動 經 驗 (請註明舉辦活動的日期、活動性質及內容簡介、參加人數
Music and cultural activities organized or participated by the applicant in the past 3 years. (Please specify the dates of the activities, brief
description of the activities and number & nature of audience. Relevant information may be appended.)
II. 擬 議 活 動 計 劃 Proposed Programme
演 出 詳 情 Details of Programme(學 校 須 自 行 安 排 演 出 場 地 及 服 務 對 象 。 Performance should be arranged by school. )
(演出必須於 2015 年 3 月至 6 月期間進行,公眾假期除外。Performance should be scheduled between March and June 2015, public holidays
Name of the welfare organization
Address of the welfare organization
Name of the contact person of the organization
日期/ 時間
Date/ Time
Phone no. of the contact person of the organization
演出形式 (請以表示,可選擇多種形式)
Duration(minutes)* ^Estimated no. of Participants Programme Nature (Please  one or more choices)
音樂 Music
戲劇 Drama
韻律 Movement
朗誦 Speech
其他 Others (請註明/ Please specify):
演出內容 Programme Content:
*音樂環節的時間須不少於 30 分鐘。The duration of music programme should not be less than 30 minutes.
請注意一般社福機構場地只能同時容納每項不超過 15 人的音樂小組演出。Please note that most welfare organizations may only
accommodate a group of no more than 15 members for each performing item.
III. 活動財 政 預 算 Programme Budget
Expenditure Items
A. 交通及運輸 (最高資助額: HK$2,000)
Transportation (Maximum Subsidy: HK$2,000)
預 計 是 次 活 動 所 需 費 用 (HK$)
Estimated Cost (HK$)
For official use
例: 車輛 x 數目 x 時數
Hourly rate of vehicle x no. of vehicle required x
貨車 Lorry / 小型貨車 Goods van / 旅遊巴士 Coach / 小型載客巴
士 Passenger van / 的士 Taxi #
B. 專業輔導人員酬金津貼(最高資助額: HK$1,000)
Allowance for professionals (Maximum Subsidy: HK$1,000)
例: 工作人員時薪 x 所需人數 x 時數
Hourly rate of personnel x no. of personnel
required x hours
導師 Instructor / 伴奏 Accompanist #
C. 雜項 (最高資助額: HK$500)
Miscellaneous (Maximum Subsidy: HK$500)
禮品 Gift / 宣傳或節目印刷品 Publicity & Printing / 演出用道
具 Props / 其他 (請列明) Others (please specify)
[不包括購買樂器、譜架及塑膠購物袋環保徵費 not applicable to
purchase of instruments & music stands nor the environmental
levy scheme on plastic shopping bags] #
總計(不超過 HK$2,000)
Total (not exceed HK$2,000)
# 請把不適用者刪去 please delete the inappropriate items
遞 交 申 請 書 限 期 Deadline for Submission
申 請 者 必 須 於 201 5 年 2 月 18 日 或 之 前 把 填 妥 的 申 請 表 連 同 有 關 證 明 文 件 , 傳 真 、 交 回 或 寄 抵 本 處
(傳 真 : 2824 1989 / 地 址 : 香 港 灣 仔 港 灣 道 2 號 香 港 藝 術 中 心 9 樓 音 樂 事 務 處 )。
Applications with relevant supporting documents should be submitted to the Music Office on or before 18 February 2015
(Fax: 2824 1989 / Address: Music Office , 9/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong).
申 請 表 所 填 報 的 個 人 資 料 處 理 方 法 Handling of Personal Data Collected under this Application
資料,本處或未能處理貴校申請。根據「個人資料(私隱)條例」第 18 及 22 條及附表 1 第 6 原則的規定,你有權查閱及更改閣下的個人資料,
你亦有權索取填寫在此份表格上的個人資料複本。如欲查閱或更改資料,請致函音樂事務處活動及推廣組(香港灣仔港灣道 12 號灣仔政府大樓
25 樓)提出申請。
The personal data provided by means of this form will be used by the Music Office to process the application of the “School Care Subsidy
Scheme”. The provision of personal data by means of this form is voluntary. If you do not provide sufficient information, we shall not be
able to process the application. You have a right of access and correction with respect to the personal data as stated in this form in
accordance with sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. For access and correction of
personal data, please write to Activities & Promotion Section, Music Office at 25/F Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
查 詢 Enquiries
電 話 Tel: 25 96 0 898 / 2 582 526 4
聲 明 Declaration
I hereby certify that all the information given in this application is true and accurate.
Signature of
Name of Principal:
Official chop: