Townhome Owners - Fulton County Schools

Linda McCain, President
Linda P. Bryant, Vice President
Julia C. Bernath • Gail Dean • Catherine Maddox
Katie Reeves • Linda Schultz
Robert M. Avossa, Ed.D., Superintendent
Step 1: Generate 3-5 features that would exist at your ideal school. Imagine that everything on
your list is feasible and could be implemented. Dream big and don’t be afraid to write down
features or ideas that wouldn’t normally be possible. Record your answers in Table 1 below.
Step 2: Transform your features into potential concepts that could be implemented in a school.
Record your answers in Table 1 below.
Step3: In Table 2, record the best feature-concept pair you heard during the session. It may be
one of your own, or one of your teammates’.
Ideal Feature
Potential Concept
There is a climbing wall in every classroom.
There are regular, active breaks for students.
Brussels Sprouts and fish are served in the
cafeteria at every meal.
There are healthy food options to ensure students
are energized for class.
There is a 24-hour counselor hotline
There are enough college readiness counselors to
provide personalized advice and assistance to
Table 1
Ideal Feature
Potential Concept
Table 2
The Best Feature
The Best Potential Concept
Why did you choose this featureconcept pair as the best?
If you did not have time to complete Activity 2, you may either:
1. Mail this completed form to the Fulton County Administrative Building located at 786
Cleveland Avenue, SW, Atlanta, GA 30315, or
2. Complete the form online at the Fulton County School Choice Website