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In League...
February – March 2015
A quarterly newsletter
Greater Boston Food Bank
Conversational English Class Registration
Tuesday, February 10 • 9 am to 11 am
Stratton Student Center, Room 491
Conversational English classes sponsored
by the Women’s League are a perfect
home-away-from-home for international
women arriving at MIT whose first
language is not English. Students meet
women from around the globe and come
together to practice and learn English
with the guidance of dedicated Women’s
League teachers.
These classes provide a friendly venue
for practicing “survival” English, learning
new vocabulary and engaging in
conversations with classmates about a
variety of subjects. In addition to introduction to American culture, the women
also share their own cultures and interests. Teachers, as well as fellow students,
provide information about MIT and
Boston and offer helpful suggestions to
accomplish everyday tasks. As stories
and experiences are shared, speaking
and listening competence improves.
The classes offer women of all cultures
and countries the chance to learn or
improve their English skills, to make new
friends, and to gain confidence while
living their new life in the United States.
The focus is on functional “how to”
English conversation and student
interests vs. grammar. Grammar instruction, however, is provided and reviewed
at the Basic and Intermediate levels.
Spring classes are held from February to
May on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
from 9:15 am to 11:00 am. Four levels
of classes (Basic to Advanced) are offered
and after a brief interview with one of
our teachers, each student is placed in
an appropriate level class. Babysitting
is provided for children, age 6 months to
4 years at a cost is $150 a semester
per child. Textbooks are provided and
included in the class fee of $80 per
semester. All questions will be answered
by calling Jan Kirtley, coordinator of the
English Classes, at 617.277.2628.
An English Conversation Partner
Program is provided to students for
additional practice in conversational
English with volunteers who are fluent
English speakers. Since most Partners
are MIT employees, these informal
meetings usually take place on campus
on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Participation is optional and subject to the
availability of volunteer Partners.
As a change of pace from its dining-out
explorations, the CitySide Dining group
went off on what has become an annual
November–December adventure to
volunteer with the Greater Boston Food
Bank (GBFB). Following a bite of dinner
and an introduction to the organization
whose mission is to End Hunger Here,
the group (smiling faces pictured above)
joined an enthusiastic team of 30
volunteers on December 17th to sort
grapefruits and oranges donated earlier
that day. Noted below are the stunning
results of their 37-person team effort:
• 26,345 lbs of food was sorted
• 21,954 meals were made possible
(4,368 meals feed a family of four
for one year)
• 712 lbs of food was sorted
per volunteer
• 591 meals were made possible
per volunteer
To learn more about this extraordinary
area organization, visit its website at
Ask The Chef — Again!
Monday, March 2 • 12:00 pm
Emma Rogers Room (10-340)
Focus on the Arts with Professor Ellen Harris
Thursday, February 20 • 12:00 pm
Emma Rogers Room 10-340
At a previous Focus on the Arts program
Handel scholar Professor Ellen Harris
spoke to us about “Handel and His
Audience.” She returns to us now to
enlarge our understanding of this
18th century composer and talk about
her new book George Frideric Handel:
A Life With Friends published this past
September. “Using diaries, letters and
other archives, this is a tapestry of
London life with descriptions of his
music and stories...”
To quote David Weininger’s Boston Globe
article last year — “Handel (1685–1759)
left almost no correspondence, and
precious few clues to his private life.
This is what makes Ellen Harris’s unconventional new biography so valuable.
George Frideric Handel: A Life With Friends
(W.W. Norton) follows the lives of a
number of the composer’s acquaintances,
most of them little known. The result
is an illuminating, refracted portrait of
Handel’s previously obscure inner life.”
Ellen T. Harris, Ph.D. is Class of 1949
Professor at MIT. She was Chairman of the
Department of Music (1984–89) and
served as Associate Provost for the Arts
(1989–1996), as well as professor at other
universities. The list of her appointments,
positions and contributions to music
is quite extensive and extraordinary.
In 2005 she won the Gyorgy Kepes Prize
for her contributions to the arts at
MIT. Professor Harris also performs as a
soprano soloist; her appearances include
in 1991 the National Anthem at Fenway
Park and in 1997 her Boston Pops debut
in Symphony Hall with John Williams
Join us as we come to know a bit more
about the composer, this man of mystery,
from his music and friendships. Feel free
to bring your lunch and we will provide
coffee, tea, and something “sweet.”
To reserve your place at this lunchtime
event, please contact the League office
at 617.253.3656 or [email protected]
This time last year we asked, “Love
food? Curious about a chef’s life?”
You responded with a resounding “Yes!”
and we introduced you to Tim Healey,
the chef for MIT’s Emma Rogers and
Maclaurin rooms at our lunchtime
“Ask the Chef” program. This year we are
pleased to announce that, by popular
demand, Chef Tim will return on Monday,
March 2, for a second ‘Ask the Chef’
program and we hope you can join us.
Tim’s career path began at fifteen as a
dishwasher in a take-out restaurant near
his home. From there he went on to
cooking school, apprenticed in fine dining
restaurants, owned his own restaurant,
and worked on the management side of
the food industry with a foodservice
corporation. He was drawn back to the
cooking side of the industry in 2001 by
his job as chef for the Emma Rogers and
Maclaurin rooms. Lucky MIT, lucky us!
He smiles as he says that MIT is the
perfect place for him because his days are
spent in his “lab” — experimenting (with
recipes), demonstrating techniques while
teaching and training (kitchen and wait
staff ), planning and executing (menus),
and making presentations (plating and
serving meals).
So, if you have questions about menu
planning, food preparation, cooking skills
and methods, equipment, etc., join us and
Ask the Chef! Bring your questions. Tim
will be happy to help expand your cooking
knowledge and hone your cooking skills.
To reserve your seat, contact the League
office at 617.253.3656 or [email protected]
edu. Feel free to bring your lunch and a
beverage. Dessert will be provided.
League Interest Groups and Classes
Book Discussion
Barbara Donnelly
Nancy Hollomon
[email protected]
Sharon Lin: [email protected]
Sally De Fazio: [email protected]
Boston Ballet: “Lady of the Camellias”
Wednesday, March 4
7:30 pm–9:45 pm (approx.)
Boston Opera House
The Boston Ballet is surely one of the
jewels in Boston’s artistic crown. We are
so pleased to have been able to purchase
a limited number of heavily discounted
tickets so that you can join us as Boston
Ballet’s Spring Season gets underway in
early March.
The ballet’s story is ‘based on Alexandre
Dumas’ 19th century French novel
about the tragic affair between a young
gentleman from the country and a
sought-after Parisian courtesan. Heartbreakingly compelling, the story is the
inspiration for the opera La Traviata and
the movie Moulin Rouge. Details follow:
music by Frédéric Chopin
Date/time March 4, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Where Boston Opera House,
539 Washington St, Boston,
Opera House website
We have purchased 12 tickets @ $47 per
person. (This represents a 40% discount
originally priced $78 per person in this
part of the Orchestra section of seating.)
Looking Together
Ann Allen
[email protected]
Seat locations Located in a block of
12 seats (4, 4 and 4) on the main floor,
midway back from the orchestra,
just to the right of center orchestra.
They are excellent and will be offered to
you on a first come, first served basis.
Sis will have the tickets in her office
as well as the seating plan for the Opera
House so you will know exactly where
your seat is located. All of our seats
are the same price.
PAYMENT in FULL is expected for your
ticket(s) at the time of pickup, either in
cash or by check, payable to Kate Baty.
Pick up your ticket(s) from Sis in her
office (Rm 10-342) before 5:00 pm on
Wednesday, February 25, at the latest.
After the 25th, any remaining tickets will
offered to others. If you find you can
unexpectedly come after that date, check
with Sis for ticket availability.
Traveling as a group from MIT to the
Opera House Meet us on the inbound
platform of the Kendall T station at
6:20 pm on Wednesday, March 4, so we
can travel together.
Traveling independently Meet us
directly in the Lobby at the Opera House,
opposite the Box Office, by 7:15 pm.
We do hope you can join us for this
very special evening of ballet together.
Whether you are new to ballet or are
a longtime follower of the dance, we are
sure you will enjoy this outing with us.
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Kyoko Wada
[email protected]
Middle Eastern Dance
Loni Butera
617.491.5657, [email protected]
Informal Needlework
Beth Harling
781.749.4055, [email protected];
Claudia LaBollita-James
[email protected]
MIT Gardeners’ Group
League Office
[email protected]
Women’s League Community Craft Fairs
Brenda Blais
[email protected]
CitySide Dining
League Office
[email protected]
MIT Japanese Wives Group
Kimie Shirasaki
[email protected]
Groups meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.
Contact the above women to learn more
about their groups.
From left: MIT President L. Rafael Reif
and Senior Rachel Keeler
2014 Wiesner Awards
To honor Laya Wiesner, wife of MIT’s 13th
President Jerome Wiesner, two awards
in her name are presented annually
at the Institute Awards Convocation.
At the May 2014 Convocation President
Rafael Reif presented these two prestigious awards to Rachel Keeler and
Bori Stoyanova for their contributions
to improving the quality of life at MIT.
Senior Rachel Keeler was named the
2014 Laya W. Wiesner Award winner
for her contributions to Institute life
that have notably enhanced the MIT
community. Committed to community
building, Rachel consistently lent her
organizational and leadership skills to
those communities she cared about
during her MIT career. Whether serving
in her role as president of Random Hall
or as advocate and then president of the
Association of Student Activities (ASA),
working with the Women’s Orientation
Committee, running events for the
Education Studies Program (ESP), or
fundraising to benefit MIT’s service
fraternity APO, Rachel made a difference
in people’s lives. To quote a nominator,
“Rachel embodies what it means to
be a student leader: compassionate,
passionate, respectful, engaging, and
dedicated to student concerns.”
National Society of Hispanic MBAs,
and the ESL Program for MIT Service
Employees. All of her nominators agreed
that she is a positive leader, focused
on the mission of MIT as well as the
people of MIT — an outstanding example
of the MIT spirit.
The Laya Wiesner Community Award
recognizes a member or friend of the
MIT community for service that reflects
Mrs. Wiesner’s concerns for enhancing
life at the Institute and in the world.
Bori Stoyanova was named the 2014
award winner. Although ill on the day of
the convocation, President Reif described
how Bori “spread her arms across the
Institute in the spirit of service,” reaching
out beyond her work-related community
efforts to lend her leadership, energy,
enthusiasm, and dedication to other
community initiatives. Those beneficiaries include: Council on Staff Diversity
and Inclusion, Careers Across MIT, MIT
Postdoc Groups, MIT spouses&partners,
For their accomplishments, we congrat­
ulate and applaud these worthy award
recipients. In anticipation of the 2015
Awards Convocation, we invite League
members to take part in nominating
candidates for the 2015 awards to
be presented at the Awards Convocation
on April 28th. Both awards carry
financial prizes. Please send letters of
nomination, briefly describing the
candidate’s qualifications, to the
League office, Room 10-342, or via
email to [email protected] by March 16.
For further information, please call
February 12 • March 19
Connections, our informal open house,
meets on the second Thursday of each
month during the academic year in the
Emma Rogers Room (10-340) from 4 to 6 pm
unless otherwise noted.
In March, there is an exception. Due to a
busy calendar, Connections will meet on
the third Thursday, March 19.
Join us for a cup of coffee or tea and
sample the sweet creations at hand.
They are the perfect conversation starter!
Feel free to bring a newcomer or
colleague with you. Come when you
can and stay for as long as you wish!
The MIT Japanese Wives Group
Members’ Activity in Japan
Members of the MIT Japanese Wives Group,
who had returned to Japan, gathered in
Tokyo for lunch on November 15. It was a
great pleasure having thirteen members
at the luncheon meeting.
We had a wonderful time talking about
future activities for the group and sharing
memories of our time at MIT. As members
of the MIT Japanese Wives Group we
participated in the Joy of Cooking Classes
and the Friendship Partner Program;
and as members of the MIT Women’s
League we took part in the English
Conversation Classes, talking with our
teacher and classmates, and volunteered
at the Furniture Exchange.
2 / 25
Book Discussion:
I Have Always
Loved You
by Robin Oliveira
3 / 25
Book Discussion:
Ring of Bright Water
by Gavin Maxwell
It is our pleasure to continue the MIT
Japanese Wives Group activities in Japan.
Naoko Eguchi
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