CTE Course Sequence - Broughton High School

 BROUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Career and Technical Education Course Sequencing -­‐ 2014-­‐2015
This column includes: first level courses and courses that Trade and Technology Industry Health Family and Consumer Education Education (T & Science
Sciences (FACS)
(Tech. Ed.)
Business, Finance and Information Technology (BFIT)
Prerequisite Needed by Preceded Course
Prerequisite Needed by Preceded Course/Courses
PROGRAM have no prerequisite, note grade level
AREAS: Personal Finance (9-­‐12) Microsoft Excel & Access (10-­‐12) Hon.
* Sports & Entertain. Marketing II (11-­‐12) Hon.
Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (9-­‐12) Hon.
*Multimedia & Webpage Design (10-­‐12) *E Commerce (11-­‐12) Hon.
Principles of Business & Finance (9-­‐12)
Career Management (9-­‐12)
* Entrepreneurship I (10-­‐12) Hon.
Entrepreneurship II Hon.
*Hospitality & Tourism (10-­‐12) Hon.
*Financial Planning (10-­‐12) Hon.
CTE Internship (11-­‐12)
Sports & Entertainment Marketing I (10-­‐12)
IB Business Management (11-­‐12) Advanced Studies (11-­‐12)
Apparel and Textile Prod. I (9-­‐12) *Apparel and Textile Prod. II (10-­‐12) Hon.
Fashion Merchandising (11-­‐12)
Foods I Fundamentals (9-­‐12) ProStart I (10-­‐11) Hon. Application Req.
*Prostart II (11-­‐12) Hon. Interior Design I (9-­‐12) *Interior Design II (10-­‐12) Hon.
Interior Applications (11-­‐12) Hon.
Personal Finance (9-­‐12) CTE Internship (11-­‐12)
Career Management (9-­‐12)
Advanced Studies (11-­‐12)
Child Development (9-­‐12) Early Childhood Education I (10-­‐12) application *Early Childhood Education II (11-­‐12) Application required (2 credits)
Req. (2 credits) Hon.
Health Team Relations (9-­‐12)
Biomed Technology (10-­‐12) Health Science I (10-­‐11)
Intro. Automotive Service Technology (9-­‐ *Automotive Service Tech I (10-­‐12) 12)
*Digital File Presentation (10-­‐12) Hon.
Intro. to Graphic Communications (9-­‐12) *Automotive Service Tech II (11-­‐12) Automotive Service Tech III (12) Hon.
Printing Advertising & Design (11-­‐12) CTE Internship (11-­‐12)
Advanced Studies (11-­‐12)
Technology Engineering-­‐Design (9-­‐12) Internships CTE Internship (11-­‐12) application required Scientific & Technical Vizualization I (10-­‐
*Game Art and Design (11-­‐12) Hon. 12) *Scientific & Technical Vizualization II (10-­‐12) CTE Internship (11-­‐12) Hon. Advanced Studies (11-­‐12) * Completer Classes vary by CTE Pathway
nical Education Course Sequencing -­‐ 2014-­‐2015
Prerequisite Needed by Preceded Course/Courses
Note: IB Business Management is for IB students OR those 11th-­‐
12th graders who have previously taken a Marketing Education course.
Family and Consumer Sciences Advanced Studies (12th): 3 previous courses in FACS/CTE required Trade and Industry Education Advanced Studies (12th): 3 previous courses in T&I/Tech Ed./CTE required
Technology Education Advanced Studies (12th): 3 previous courses in Tech. Ed./ T&I/CTE required * Completer Classes vary by CTE Pathway