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This transcript is based on the Christian Science textbook
'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
Discoverer'and Founder of Christian Science.
Unless otherwise noted, the quotations in this transcript
are from the writings ofMary Baker Eddy.
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As Taught By
Laura Sargent
Man, the fullness of divine knowledge, does not have to be taught. The recognition ofthis fact appears as my fuller understanding. This experience - Class - is not
extraneous knowledge being imparted. All that takes place is in the Oneness ofBeing.
There can be no chemicalization. Chemicalizationis only possible in belief, when
two different identities meet and mix. It would require the beliefthat we have a human
mind. Divine Mind, being All, precludes all human belief: all human conflict.
Divine Mind being All can only unfold itself as itselfto itself This activity constitutes myself All that is ever happening is Truth unfolding its infinite self
"I cannot understand" is false suggestion. Any statement of"r' not in accordance
with Mind is not the present state ofmy thought or condition.
I am infinite understanding here and now because my true and only "I" is the full
manifestation ofdivine Truth. The recognition ofthis spiritual fact is the law ofannulment to
any sense ofrestriction or limitation.
That which is place is a further revelation of what I already am. It is a
welling up from within.
Divine ideas do not come to me. They originate as "f' or God, Mind, expressing
itself No inspiration can come from outside. I am not a person receiving the Truth. I am
the activity ofTruth itself Truth never comes from outside, but is an inner subjective unfoldment.
Class is the activity ofTruth which goes on expressing itselfforever and is entirely
The realization, "I am the fullness ofdivine Mind and include all right ideas," makes
me aware of all I need to know.
The divine Mind never repeats itself. It is infinite diversity. There is only one concept -' the divine concept.
Receptivity formerly appeared as a person having a mind of his own receptive to
Truth coming from outside. But now it means that the revelation ofMind is my own understanding. It is the recognition that the infinite range ofTruth is already mine.
The purpose ofCbristian Science is to behold everything from the standpoint of
Truth itselfand thereby reject all limited sense.
Think radically. Speak wisely. There is only one point ofview - Truth's point of
view. Man, the activity ofPrinciple, is God's being.
What is Christian Science? Mrs. Eddy speaks of the dual nature of the revelation
in Science and Health, page 123:
1. The discovery
2. Proof of the correctness of the discovery through healing.
" ... everything entitled to a classification as truth, or Science, must be comprised
in a knowledge or understanding ofGod, for there can be nothing beyond iIlimitable divinity." (Science andHealth)
"Science is Mind manifested." (Rudimental Divine Science) Science and Mind
are the same thing. Think of yourself as Science instead of Scientist. (Miscellaneous
Writings) "My name is Christ Science," and there is no other concept ofme in the whole
universe. I am Christ Science itself. I see the lawful nature ofmyself as the emanation of
lawful Principle. As Science, I already include everything which is being revealed.
Revelation means to uncover, to take away the veil.
Because Mind is iiifinite, it appears as infinite progression. It is the falling away of
restrictions. Know yourself as joy, not ajoyous person. Not that I have joy, but I am joy.
Get away from having to being, then this appears as the having that we can never lose.
"There is only one Science. There is only one Life, and this is Truth and Love."
(Science andHealth)
Human words are only indicative ofdivine ideas.
Healing is the clearing away ofmisinterpretations. I already include the right idea
about any misinterpretation. The authority of Christian Science is in Truth, not in history.
The authority ofmy perfection is in Truth, not in history. All there everwas to Jesus, and all
there is to anyone cfus, is the Christ. Only that is true which coincides with the nature of
God. The unfoldment ofthe Christ is progressive. It appears as:
1. The Old Testament prophecy
2. Jesus
3. The Science of Christianity
We read about the method in Science and Health, "I knew the Principle of all
harmonious Mind-action to be God, and that cures were produced in primitive Christian
healing by holy, uplifting faith; but I must know the Science ofthis healing, and I won my
way to absolute conclusiocs through divine revelation, reason, and demonstration."
"Christian Science must be accepted at this period by induction." (ScienQe and
Health) We do accept Christian Science by induction. We admit the whole because the
part is proved. Example: We see our neighbour healed, and so we accept God's allness.
Then further we understand that Christian Science is the actual Truth. Then we come to
deduction - thinking out from Principle. The divine Mind, Principle, must interpret the
universe. The small "i" is finite and cannot understand Principle, but I can. Anything that
tries to limit me is mortal sense talking ofits mortal concept of men, and not about me. I do
"The universe, like man, is to be interpreted by Science from its divine Principle,
God, and then it can be understood;" (Science and Health) Ask "What is true about this
situation from the standpoint ofMind itself?" The ability to understand everything from the
standpoint oftruth is not a human capacity. It is the capacity ofthe Christ. The capacity of
the Christ is to let the human yield to the divine.
Divine Mind cannot suffer. Mortal mind is the only sufferer. To quote Mrs. Eddy in
Science and Health, "Mind is All and matter is naught as the leading factor in Mindscience." And "... establish the truism that the only sufferer is mortal mind, for the divine
Mind cannot suffer." Also, "Mortal mind alone suffers, - not because a law ofmatter has
been transgressed, but because a law ofthis so-called mind has been disobeyed. I have
demonstrated this as a rule ofdivine Science by destroying the delusion of suffering from
what is termed a fatally broken physical law."
Jesus spoke of doctrine. Doctrine is always divine. "This is the doctrine of Christian Science: that Divine Love cannot be deprived ofits manifestation, or obj ect; that joy
cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master ofjoy; that good can never
produce evil; that matter can never produce mind nor life result in death." (Science and
"Question. -Have Christian Scientists any religious creed?
"Answer. - They have not, ifby that tenn is meant doctrinal beliefs. The following is a briefexposition ofthe important points, or religious tenets, ofChristian Science: "1. As adherents ofTruth, we take the inspired Word ofthe Bible as our sufficient
guide to eternal Life..
"2. We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God. We acknowledge
His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God's image and
"3. We acknowledge God's forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the
spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. But the beliefin sin is punished so long
as the belieflasts.
"4. We acknowledge Jesus' atonement as the evidence ofdivine, efficacious Love,
unfolding man's unity with God through Christ Jesus the Way-shower; and we acknowledge that man is saved through Christ, through Truth, Life, and as demonstrated by
the Galilean Prophet in healing the sick and overcoming sin and death.
"5. We acknowledge that the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection served to
uplift faith to understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness
"6. And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which
was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would ~ave them do unto us; and to be
merciful, just, and pure." (ScienceandHealth)
Christian Science is not a religious sect. It is the all-embracing truth of Christianity.
It is the reality of existence. Christian Science as a whole is the reality ofall things brought
to light.
People say, "I couldn't get on without it," but we are the Science itself. Ifwe
believe we get on with it, we still believe ourselves to be persons. Christian Science
reveals the actuality ofLife itself.
There is no material point ofview. Such a suppositional viewpoint exists only so
long as we admit it for ourselves or in regard to anyone else.
Truth, by expressing itself; is explaining itself Truth is self-understood, and has no
relationship with the beliefthat consciousness is human and imperfect.
"The Bible was my textbook." (Retrospection andlntrospection) To Mrs. Eddy
the Bible was her only textbook. To the Christian Scientist, Science and Health is the
Basic Values: New evaluation is all important. Soul, Spirit, alone is truly substantial. Everyone can avail himself of Spirit in infinite measure. Ideas are true substance.
Matter is worthless.
"The miracles recorded in the Bible, which had before seemed to me supernatural, grew divinely natural and apprehensible; though uninspired interpreters ignorantly pronounce Christ's healing miraculous, instead ofseeing therein the operation of the divine
law." (Retrospection and Introspection) Miracles of any sort are natural.
Science is not a discovery to me if I know myself to be Science. It is only a
discovery ifI believe myselfto be person. A discovery is really the acknowledgement of
that which already is. Truthis. As a human person, one can become aware ofTruth; but I
am Truth.
"While we entertain decided views as to the best method for elevating the race
physically, morally and spiritually, and shall express these views as duty demands, we shall
claim no especial gift from our divine origin, no supernatural power." (Miscellaneous
Writings) Willingness to let the human sense of existence yield to the divine fitted Mrs.
Eddy for her mission, and enabled her to do her work. The highest mountain peak gets the
first morning sun. Mrs. Eddy chose God to be her origin, her inspiration and her all.
Anything good, whether Jesus, Mrs. Eddy, or anyone else, is really a part of our
own being. The fact that we see good means that we include it.
There is, in reality, only "I." The only true immaculate concept is to see Being from
its own point ofview.
Dove is the "symbol of divine Science." In the coincidence ofthe human and the
divine, the human fades out. The real identity of}esus is the Christ.
Mrs. Eddy's autobiography in Retrospection and Introspection is the best. Her
real biography is in her writings. "Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in
my writings, lose me instead offind me." (Miscellany) Also inMiscellaneous Writings,
''Whosoever looks to me personally for his health or holiness mistakes. He that by reason
ofhuman love or hatred or any other cause clings to my material personality, greatly errs,
stops his own progress, and loses the path to health, happiness and heaven."
"Every human thought must turn instinctively to the divine Mind as its sole centre
and intelligence." (Miscellaneous Writings) When the human mind turns to the divine it
yields to the divine. Hence it is no more human.
The woman in the Apocalypse is a symbol. All there is to the revelator is the
revelation. The revelation is from the standpoint ofTruth itself. Do not study as a human
person acquiring knowledge from the book, but know that man is the divine idea itself
Every divine statement in the book is a confirmation ofwhat I already am. Do not take in
the statements ofmortal mind. They do not refer to you. Mortal mind is never more than a
false claim which has no origin, and its end is now.
Discriminate between absolute statements ofTruth and relative. Absolute statements refer to you. Relative statements are but stepping stones for one who still believes
he is a mortal. Such statements are to help an immature state ofthought. Acknowledge the
present divine good which you include infinitely and it will appear.
Statements leading immature thought to a higher sense: "God pities our woes with
the love ofaFather." "Trials are proofs of God's care." "Trials teach mortals ..." etc.
"Christians are you drinking his cup?" This does not apply to you who know that you are
Christ Science. So long as you believe yourselfto be a person, you are keeping yourself
on a faulty basis where you have placed yourself
Statements for mature thought that are inNo and Yes, "It is Truth's knowledge of
its own infinitude which forbids the genuine existence ofeven a claim to error." "Dwelling
in light I can see only the brightness of my own glory."
Resume: Whatever is divine reality constitutes my being here and now without a
single restriction. "Truth has no consciousness of error." (Science and Health) Place
yourselfupon that spiritual basis where the divine law operates irresistibly, from the standpoint ofTruth itself This is not a human endeavour to bring the Christ Truth into operation.
The Christ is eternally operative. The divine Mind is All, therefore can express itself only
as itself This divine expression we call divine idea. This expression constitutes myself
Every fact ofdivine reality is already included in man's true being. This removes all
sense of restriction and limitation. The purpose ofteaching is liberation from the misconception. It is to lead out from a mortal sense.
Education is to lead out. "The entire purpose oftrue education is to make one not
only know the truth but live it. .." (Miscellany) Also inMiscellaneous Writings, "The
education ofthe future will be instruction in spiritual Science..." Acknowledge that the
only man is Truth's own manifestation.
When there seems to be a gap between the question and answer, right there is the
Truth, divine intelligence understanding itselfwithout process, limitation or medium.
Science: There is one approach to it and one method - the understanding ofthe
reality and actuality of existence. "Is there more than one school of Christian Science?
Christian Science is demonstrable. There can, therefore, be but one method in its teaching." (Science and Health)
"A Christian Scientist is alone [all one] with his own being and the reality of
things." (Message, 1901) Alone means all one.
Every statement ofTruth is a part of my own body. The fuller understanding is a
fuller appearing ofmy own body. Whatever is not in accord with absolute Truth is not for
me, but for immature thought. Never identify yourselfas immature thought.
God does not think one minute "I am being cause" and the next minute eel am being
effect." The divine Mind is just being itself. All exists already in the perfection ofB eing.
Instead of having to bring good about, we have only to acknowledge its ever-presence.
"God is AIl-in-all," means that God is the fullness ofBeing - the allness of existence.
Infinite Mind is infinitely expressed. The infinite does not permit anything besides
Itselfin extension or continuity. What appears as the material world is a misconception of
reality, but the misconception cannot hide the reality.
Divine reality can never be obscured by a misconception. Error is a perversiona misrepresentation ofreality, and it is without entity and is therefore nothing. We are not
trying to bring the things ofGod down to earth; but the realization of a spiritual fact always
appears as improved human conditions.
The nature ofGod: In the knowledge of God we find the truth about ourselves.
You are not a person using Christian Science to solve problems. This would be the resurrection state of consciousness, and this is not final. It leaves one on the basis where one
is a person reaching out for God, whereas man is the divine manifestation here and now.
We are not using Christian Science to solve problems. We are living it joyously, and
thereby harmony is preserved. The basic problem is the beliefthat man is a person God is
not outside ofmyself. In the revelation ofGod, I find myself.
The chapter 'Recapitulation' in Science and Health gives in a few pages the
essence of Christian Science. Do not accept a human sense of being. Being cannot be
limited by time, place or person. Our realization of the truth is the Word of God. Being is
indivisibly One.
Attributes o/God: Attributes are qualities of God Himself, and not as they appear humanly. They must have a sense different from the human in order to be attributes of
God. For example, not human mercy; not justice weighing good and evil in the balance.
Attributes - effulgence, light, illumination, radiance, tenderness, vitality, brightness, righteousness, beauty,joy, gladness, glory, perpetuity, intelligence, loveliness, omnipresence, omniaction, omnipotence, fragrance, nobility, symmetry, perfection, immortality, authority, lucidity, sublimity, resplendency, cause, effect.
Synonyms o/God: Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. Other synonyms: The great I AM, substance, intelligence, Father, Mother. The nature of God being
infinite, there are more than seven synonyms. Study Science and Health page 330: 1124. "God is infinite, the only Life, substance, Spirit or Soul, the only intelligence of the
universe, including man. Eye hath neither seen God nor His image and likeness. Neither
God nor the perfect man can be disceme.d by the material senses. The individuality of
Spirit, or the infinite, is unknown, and thus a knowledge ofit is left either to human conjecture or to the revelation ofDivine Science.
"God is what the Scriptures declare Him to be - Life, Truth, Love. Spirit is divine
Principle, and divine Principle is Love, and Love is Mind, and Mind is not both good and
bad, for God is Mind; therefore there is in reality one Mind only, because there is one
Person: "God is the infinite Person." (Message, 1901)
This term "person" as applied to Deity is used as a concession to the age. "As the
words person and personal are commonly and ignorantly employed, they often lead,
when applied to Deity, to confused and erroneous conceptions ofdivinity and its distinction from humanity. Ifthe term personality as applied to God, means infinite personality,
then God is infinite Person, - in the sense of infinite personality, but not in the lower
sense." (Science and Health) "In Christian Science we learn that God is definitely individual, and not aperson, as that word is used by the best authorities, if our lexicographers
are right in definingperson as especially a finite human being; but God is personal, ifhy
person is meant infinite Spirit." (Rudimental Divine Science) "God"is Person in the infinite scientific sense of Him, but He can neither be one nor infinite in the corporeal or
anthropomorphic sense." ~v.tessage for 1901)
We can define God as Person only if person means infinite Spirit.
Agnosticism antiAtheism: These deny God as supreme intelligence. Agnosticism is the doctrine that God is unknowable. We cannot know the nature ofGod with the
human mind. Atheist must come to admit a cause, because he himself exists.
In Science and Health we read: "Unknown. That which spiritual senses alone
comprehends, and which is unknown to the'material senses. Paganism and agnosticism
may define Deity as 'the great unknowable;' but Christian Science brings God much nearer
to man, and makes Him better known as the All-in-all, forever near."
"The individuality ofSpirit, or the infinite, is unknown, and thus a knowledge ofit
is left either to human conjecture or to the revelation of divine Science. " (ibid) We read in
Miscellaneous Writings, "Any inference ofthe divine derived from the human, either as
mind or body, hides the actual power, presence and individuality of God." God is unknown so long as one pictures God as an entity separated from oneself. That only is
known which spiritual sense alone comprehends.
Do not regard inspiration as taking in truth from outside. The wrong sense of
inspiration is to breathe in from outside. "He fills all space, and it is impossible to conceive
of such omnipresence and individuality except as infinite Spirit or Mind. Hence all is Spirit
and spiritual." (Science and Health) God fills all space. This means omnipresence. Avoid
all sense of a three-dimensional universe. This is excluded by omnipresent Spirit. The
"spiritual here" is omnipresence whichincIudes the right idea about everything. The omnipresence ofGod is evidenced as all-inclusiveness. Where to human sense appears space,
right there is God. God cannot be in the room. Where the suggestion of a room is, right
there is God's ever-presence. Never think that divine Love surrounds you. Know yourself
as divine idea, infinite, and therefore cannot be surrounded. Get rid ofearth-bound sense.
EtemaIity is not an extension oftime. Ttme is a mortal beliefwhich would limit.
Eternality is the joyous sense ofthe continuity of existence which never began and which
cannot be interfered with from within or without. This is the reality which Jesus tenned the
kingdom ofheaven. There is no "without" to oneness.
Nature o/God andHow to Understand Him: "God's interpretation of Himself
furnishes man with the only suitable or true idea ofHim; and the divine definition ofDeity
differs essentially from the human." (Miscellaneous Writings) The only correct interpretation is God's interpretation ofHimself It is the interpretation ofdivine Principle from
the standpoint ofTruth itself. In this correct interpretation, you find the definition ofyourself as the true idea. As God's knowledge of Himself, you, as the divine idea, know
everything that is divinely true.
The greatest reverence we can give to God is in not ascribing to ourselves a single
quality which is not in the nature ofGod. The knowledge ofGod is God's knowledge, and
this is man. God is forever expressing all that He is, thus constituting our joy, our peace,
our harmony. Idea does not express God. Idea is God's expressing, unlaboured, no antagonism, no obstruction.
Gratitude: We are not grateful to God. That would be two, and Being is one.
God is not giving anything to me, but He is expressing Himselfas me. Therefore I enjoy
fully the love, goodness and petfection which constitute Being. I am not grateful to God.
True gratitude is appreciation of everything from the standpoint ofthe Truth. God is the
highest sense oflight, love and beauty in an eternal and indestructible way, without any
sense oftime arid person.
I -Principle
am- expression
here - ever-presence
. now- continuity
I am all here now.
God as 1, I AM, or Ego: The word "f' is the indication ofconsciousness from the
standpoint ofitself. When you say"!," you are conscious. The revelation of God as "r' or
"I AM' shows the connection ofyourselfwith God. There is only one "I." The AM is the
activity, man, the embodiment of"l." Always use "f' in such a way that your statements
conform precisely to the nature ofDeity. The higheSt way to indicate the divine nature is
from the standpoint of"I." In reality there is no he, or she, or you, or they.
There is only one "I," or "Us." "Us" is the fullness - Father-Mother and child,
one Being. "I am Spirit." (Science and Health) "I" is the subjective nature ofDeity.
In Unity o/Good, read "Colloquy." When evil talks it says nothing. Mrs. Eddy
once said, ''When error speaks, nothing has been said." In Unity ofGood we read, eel am
the infinite All." "AM" is the nature ofDeity - man.
In the ascension, we recognize that the "f' which is God is the "f' which is man.
We stay in this, and thus error gets rid of itself
"I am the Lord," is the subjective approach. The revelation of God as I AM is the
greatest of all. It is the revelation of the oneness ofPrinciple and idea.
Moses: In spite ofMoses' great qualities, his personal sense kept him out ofthe
kingdom ofheaven. He believed himself a person. Heaven is not a promised land to be
entered, but a state to be acknowledged as man's own being. Jesus showed that the
Kingdom ofHeaven is within.
The Old Testament gives a sense of persons getting rid ofproblems. The New
Testament teaches identification with God, thus enabling problems to fall away for lack
of identification. When Jesus said, "I and my Father are one," he was not referring to
his personal self, but to his Christ-selfhood. The Jews could not see this, so they tried to
stone him.
Isaiah 51: 12 shows correct sense of"I. " "I, even I, am he that conforteth you;" but
"I am sick" - this "r' does not belong to me.
Egotist. One with human sense referring constantly to himself
Egoist. The divine "I."
"God is His own infinite Mind and expresses alL'! (Science and Health) God is
All. All is God. To understand God as Mind takes away the personal sense of God. Mind
expressing itselfremains itseH: but we call it idea. "The divine Mind, not matter creates all
identities, and they are forms of Mind, the ideas of Spirit, apparent only as Mind ... "
(Science and Health) Note "apparent only as Mind."
We start out from Mind and not as a person knowing about Mind. Starting from
Mind, there we find idea. "Searching for the origin ofman, who is the reflection of God, is
like inquiring into the origin ofGod, the seJt:existent and eternal." (Science andHealth) In
treatment we know what God is, and this constitutes man. We read in Science andHealth,
"The exterminator oferror is the great truth that God, good is the only Mind, and that the
supposititious opposite ofinfinite Mind - called devil or evil- is not Mind, is not Truth,
but error without intelligence or reality." The only Mind is the exterminator oferror.
The small "i" is the suggestion that there is mentality apart from Mind. IfI think I
have a wrong thought in my human mind then I wrongly subscribe to a mere false suggestion ofidentity and mentality. Evil is a suggestion ofthe absence ofdivine Mind.
Treatment reaches another because there is not another. There is just the divine
"I," cause and effect.
Certain false beliefs parade in the guise of a person. Confront these beliefs with
the truth and they fade out, and the human appearance is that of a person greatly benefited.
Truth removes every misconception. Immediately reduce person to an impersonal belief
ready to give itselfup. "Evil is neither person, place nor thing." (Science and Health)
Mind with a smaIl "m" does not refer to anything at all. Mind being AlI, there is no
mentality apart from divine Mind. Consequently mind is not mentality. It is a false suggestion claiming to be mentality. It is a false claim and not mentality. God is the Mind of man.
"Error is neither Mind nor one ofMind's faculties." (SCience and Health)
" ... man has no Mind bu~ God." (Science and Health) Have your Mind always
with a capital M. Mind with small "m" is nothing. All there is to God is expressed as man.
Mind is the healer. "Our Master treated error tbroughMind." (Science andHealth)
Let Mind declare itselfwithout any sense that a person is declaring. Mind asserts itselfin
all its fullness and directness. The power that operates in treatment is the Christ, and not
our understanding ofthe Christ.
The nature ofMind is all-inclusiveness. God's nature is infinite, eternal, ever available, indestructible, all good, inexhaustible, the wholeness ofreality. God and man are not
two different entities, but two aspects of the one infinitude ofBeing.
In the understanding ofcoexistence, duality falls away, and we have oneness. The
beliefofcreating is the very curse ofthe mortal sense ofexistence. Know yourselfas pure
being. Be and by being, heal the sick.
Important statement for practice. "Mind, joyous in strength, dwells in the realm of
Mind." (SCience and Health) Mind means God, and man the Ego.
Moses saw the subjective nature of existence as I AM. Start out from divine
reality itself- I AM. Divine reality is your present state, and not a far off' event. Salvation
is the experience ofeverything from the standpoint ofl AM.
Acknowledge Being from the standpoint of"I" and all that this I knows of itself
constitutes the divine idea Mind is a faculty which I already possess. The acmowledgement
ofMind as my Mind frees from limitation, restriction and imperfection. Mind being All,
there is no other mind to operate)
Do not deal with error as though it were a wrong thought to be eradicated ITom
consciousness. Keep it as suggestion. Know that that which declares itself as the wrong
thought ofthe patient is an impersonal false beliefwithout any identity or reality. Then
having impersonalized the error, we can confront the impersonal beliefwith the Truth.
Then step aside and let Truth perform its perfect work. Avoid thinking we are going to
destroy error. This is the prerogative ofTruth alone. Mortal mind is a solecism, contradiction. It is no mind at all. The recognition that the divine Mind as the Mind of man is a
wonderful understanding of our own being. No one can ever think ofme in a mortal way.
There is no human concept ofme. Mortal mind never did have a concept ofthe Christ.
When it is malicious, it can only strike at the human concept; and you never were in the
human concept.
"The emperor" represents the Christ-idea, and the statue represents the human
concept. ( See Miscellaneous Writings p.224)The Christ is never in the human concept,
and is therefore unlmrt. We are not reaching out for the Christ-idea. It is our present being.
There is no malpractice in reality, and no malpractice in belief. "Since there is in belief an
illusion tenned sin, which must be met and mastered, we classify sin, sickness and death as
illusions. They are supposititious claims oferror; and error being a false claim, they are no
claims at all. It is scientific to abide in conscious harmony, in health-giving deathless Truth
and Love. To do this, mortals must first open their eyes to all the illusive forms, methods
and subtlety oferror, in order that the illusion, error, may be destroyed; if this is not done,
mortals will become the victims of error." (Retrospection andlntrospection)
IfI think you have a human concept of me, I indirectly have a human concept of
myself. I am "Christ Science" itself. What appears as a Christian Scientist is the personalization of Christ Science. "... the divine Mind makes perfect, acts upon the so-called
human mind through truth, leads the human mind to relinquish all error, to find the divine
Mind to be the only Mind ..." (Science and Health) This is what happens when the belief
is disappearing. The human mind relinquishes its error.
Healing is the lessening of the material sense of body. A better beliefis not the
beliefimproving, but lessening. Moses' mistake was that he thought ofhimse1fas a person
making the statement "I AM." "I AM" is divine Mind's statement ofitself.
Mind: "Let this Mind be in you, whic~ was also in Christ Jesus: " (philippians)
"But He is in one Mind, and who can turn him?" (Job)
" ... be perfectly joined together in the same Mind and in the same judgment."
(I Corinthians)
"And here is the Mind which hath wisdom." (Revelation)
"For who hath known the Mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we
have the Mind of Christ." (I Corinthians)
Spirit: "Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him,
the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost." (John)
"Except a man be born ofwater and ofthe Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom ofGod. " "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but
canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth; so is every one that is born of the
Spirit." (John)
"The fiuit ofthe Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuifering, gentleness, goodness,
faith, meekness, temperance:" "If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit."
Soul: "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul ofthe Father, so also the soul ofthe
son is mine:" (Ezekiel)
Principle: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the
Word was God." (John)
''Every good gift and every peJfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the
Father oflights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow oftuming. " (James)
Immutable nature ofPrinciple: "I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be
forever: nothing can be it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that man
should fear before him. " (Ecclesiastes)
"For in him dwelleth all the fullness ofthe Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him,
which is the head ofall principality and power." (Colossians)
Do not identify yourselfwith any locality, any human family. You are not identified
in any material way, either by family, place, or business
Love: "As one whC'm his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be
comforted in Jerusalem." (Isaiah)
Life: Freedom is not freedomfrom. It is glorious liberty itself
Decisions: This word means to divide. There is no dividing -no decision to be
made in oneness. Mind unfolds itself as complete hannony wherein no decision has to be
There is no demand and supply in God, just oneness.
"Infinite progression is concrete being." (Miscellaneous Writings) The only progression that can be identified with infinity is from its own infinite basis. Progress is not
from the lesser to the greater.
Spirit: "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but
canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth; so is every one that is born ofthe
Spirit." (John)
The characteristic of Spirit is its natural ever-presence. It is never localized. "The
three great verities of Spirit, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, - Spirit possessing all power, filling all space, constituting all Science, - contradict forever the beliefthat
matter can be actual." (ScienceandHealth)
Where there seems to be ~ensity, right there is Spirit. Astronomers are trying to
measure their material concept oftheir universe, but the spiritual reality is so great that they
cannot do it. Light travels at 186,000 miles a second. The spiritual universe is infinite. It
cannot be measured in any way. Yet, it is all here as ever-presence. There can be no there
to ever-presence. That which to the astronomer seems so far away is_ here as divine idea.
The spiritual here includes the truth about any material object claiming to exist.
Age of Universe: The spiritual universe has no age. It is timeless, eternal. All
human events, past, present and future are ontya limited concept.
Personality is the beliefthat Mind is divided into millions and millions ofpersons.
The divine Mind, being infinite, is indivisible oneness.
"Whatever seems to be a new creation, is but the discovery ofsome distant idea
of Truth; else it is a new multiplication or self-division of mortal thought, as when some
fmite sense peers from its cloister with amazement and attempts to pattern the infinite."
(Science and Health)
Perplexities result from the vain attempt to behold that which is infinite through the
lens ofthe human mind. Th~ material is the mis-statement ofthe spiritual. Lifeless matter is
a misinterpretation o(the forever Life which is God. The infinite Oneness cannot be divided into plurality as persons.
Spirit seems to be intangible and indefinite to material sense. That which seems to
be material is actually the spiritual seen "through a glass darkly," seen by the human sense,
seen through the dark glass ofthe human mind. Spirit has infinite tangibility.
Three viewpoints:
1. Man as mortal.
2. When we think of ourselves as a man surrounded by other men.
3. As the infinite manifestation of God
Man includes the universe. "Man is the compound idea of God, including all right
ideas." ''Divine metaphysics explains away matter." (Science andHealth) The small's' is
not Spirit. It is beliefwithout individuality or identity. Spirit never deteriorates. We have
only "newness oflife as Spirit." (ibid)
Dwell upon the spiritual nature ofbody. There is nothing in Spirit which ever could
be touched by mortal belief.
The only way to be aware ofunconsciousness is to be conscious. So there is no
unconsciousness. The only death is a misunderstanding ofexistence. At night know, "I,
Being, am never unconscious. " In the morning know, "I am not refreshed by unconsciousness. 1am the idea ofMind, omnipotence itself, and this is my strength." Vigorously deny
that unconsciousness can contribute to your wellbeing. Being unconscious ofa material
sense of existence, is the reason of apparent benefit derived from sleep. Do resist the
beliefthat you are refreshed and strengthened by unconsciousness. You are rested·in the
uninterrupted awareness ofwhat you are.
Spirit knows no process. The Spirit ofthe Lord is the understanding ofthe Lord.
Principle: The divine Source can take cognizance only ofits own infinite, perfect,
immaculate nature. The unreality of evil is the prerequisite for the solution of problems.
Approach the subject in the realization that you are the divine idea here and now. Any
opposite sense is entirelyUDieal. Principle is not cold and distant. Principle indicates warmth,
tenderness. It is never open to variation, interruption. There is no rigidity in Principle. If
Principle seems to hurt, it hurts only a false sense of oneselfwhich one has permitted.
Principle is nothing but love, and therefore cannot be .hurt. "Principle and its idea is one,
andthis one is God." (SCience and Health) Principle and idea, cause and effect, are
aspects ofthe same Being and not two separate entities. This is emphasized in the statement, "Principle and its idea is one."
The oneness ofBeing includes noumenon and phenomena.
Manis the operation ofdivine Principle, not a person making use ofthe operation
of divine Principle in order to heal. My divine Presence is a law to the situation in which I
am. This is the only law and there is no other law operating. My divine Presence is the law
of exclusion of all else - of beliefs in heredity, physical laws, so-called laws of nature.
Whatever appears as deviating from the law ofGod is a perversion ofthe only law, the law
We never have to heal something in a material universe, but we need to get rid of
the material sense ofuniverse. There is one universe, one Principle in operation all the time.
Whatever good seems to be accomplished, is not the consequence ofhuman goverrunent,
but in spite ofit.
Ifelated by a human activity, then I attach importance to a human medium. Give
no power to a human sense ofthings. Know that divine Principle operates fully, perfectly.
The human then conforms to the divine.
Never attempt to separate cause and effect. Know the universality ofjoy. Living in
the realm of divine Science which is Love, all is Love. Love your neighbour as yourself,
not as your neighbour. The oneness ofBeing knows no neighbour.
Finally, "When the term divine Principle is used to signify Deity it may seem distant
or cold, until better apprehended. This Principle is Mind, substance, Life, Truth, Love.
When understood, Principle is found to be the only term that fully conveys the ideas of
God, - one Mind, a perfect man,and divine Science." (No and Yes)
Life: God, the only Life, is my Life. "Divine Principle is the Life ofman." (SCience
and Health) "He sustains my individuality. Nay, more - He is my individuality and my
Life." (Unity ofGood)
Do not dilute your sense ofLife when thinking of man. It remains Life. There is
only one Life - no opposing element, no death. In the oneness ofBeing, there is no
Knowledge from the standpoint ofTruth constitutes my Life - is my Life. There
are no private lives. All sense of disease is based upon the belief that I have a life apart
from God. The one Life forever constitutes my individuality and identity and is incapable of
disease, decay and death.
You have no body apart from the one infinite embodiment. Life is never organic or
. organized. "Organization and time have nothing to do with Life." "Life ... is never structural nor organic... "(Science andHealth)
The body that is man is the "compound idea including all right ideas." There is no
inter-relationship existing between divine ideas. The only relationship is between Principle
and idea. Ideas have direct relationship with Principle, and brings normal functioning.
There is no time. Life is eternal. Tune is the very opposite. It is a sense ofdivision,
the attempt to divide the continuity ofBeing into three phases, past, present and future.
No birth. Many are willing not to die, but not so willing to admit no birth. Death
begins in birth. Know there never was birth. "Life is the spontaneity ofLove, inseparable
from Love." (Miscellany)
Soul: Soul is the source of all art, beauty, rhythm and music. Incide~tal to this our
human self should show forth beauty and good taste. Beauty and Soul are inseparable.
"Manis the expression ofSoul. Thelndians caught some glimpses ofthe underlying reality,
when they called a certain beautiful lake 'the smile of the great Spirit'." (Science and
" ... beauty typifies holiness ..." (Miscellaneous Writings) Be the glory of
supersensible Life. You are the infinite manifestation ofMind here and now, notwithstanding beliefs to the contrary. A flower- the beauty is not in the flower. It is spiritual beauty
faintly seen Real beauty is perfect, ever-present, indestructible. As you know this, your
flowers will last longer.
Start out from the spiritual reality and refuse to take in the material concept. Beauty
is the kingdom within. The artist must get away from his human sense of art to behold
beauty from the standpoint ofreality. Beauty is divine. The material sense only is erroneous. There are no perversions in Soul. Soul and Spirit are spiritually embodied as the
expression ofPrinciple. "Soul or Spirit means only one :Mind, and cannot be rendered in
the plural." "Truth will at length compel us all to exchange the pleasures and pains ofsense
for the joys of Soul." (ScienceandHealth)
Give up the finite concept ofjoy and bliss in exchange for the real joy and bliss
which never disappear. Give up the limited imperfect concept. Do not permit a personal
sense of joy and bliss. They are independent of person. "Man is harmonious when
governed by Soul." (ibid) "Music is the harmony ofbeing: but the music ofSoul affords the
only strains that thrill the chords offeeling and awaken the heart's harpstring." (MiScellaneous fVritings) "Man has an immortal Soul, a divine Principle, and an eternal being.
Man has perpetual individuality; and God's laws, and their intelligent and harmonious
action constitute his individuality in the Science ofSoul. " (No and ~s)
Resume: Spirit cannot be localized. The less localized sense ofexistence we have,
the freer we are from restriction and limitation. Spirit is never open to destruction or
disintegration. Hence we show forth continuous fullness and newness without any sense of
age. Spirit (small s) does not denote mentality, but is the absence of Spirit. It is nothing.
The divine consciousness cannot be hidden even by the strongest beliefofits absence.
The fact that man is spiritual, is the definite fiustration to any beliefofmalpractice.
To be malpracticed upon, we must first assume that evil can operate. The beliefthat we
have a human body and a human mind is the only malpractitioner.
Without this belief, malpractice cannot operate. Refuse the suggestion that you are
a person, and the whole picture of anyone malpracticing will fade away.
Spirit does not imply any process. The nature of Spirit is its spontaneous immediacy. HERE. Now.
Principle is always ~mfolding itselflawfully as its own nature and admitting nothing
else. Principle shows forth the lawful nature ofthe primal cause to be Love and nothing
else. Principle operates for all without any respect ofpersons. It is wannth and tenderness.
Life reveals the immortality ofour existence neither beginning in birth nor ending in
death. The only Life going on is Life with capital eeL" - one indivisible Life, and we have
no separate life. Love alone is Life. Life alone is Love. We are alive in Love. All we do
occurs in the continuous oneness ofeternity.
Soul is identity. The more we understand Soul, the more do we underStand ourselves, and the more shall we find human experience beautiful, effortless, versatile, rhyth14
mic. Our human experience and human appearance should show forth the beauty of Soul
- good taste and harmonious surroundings. The Primal Cause has no knowledge of
anything but itself. My ability is the Christ, and not a human endeavor.
Truth stands for logical co~stency which never changes nor wavers. Truth never
includes any error. Truth is ever-present, everywhere, and there is no absence of Truth.
The truth is, that nothing but Truth is going on, and that is why the presence ofTruth is so
potent in the destruction ofthe lie. Truth only operates when approached from the standpoint ofTruth itself.
"Without a fitness for holiness we cannot receive holiness." (Science and Health)
AmortaI is never fit for holiness. You must first know that you are already divine idea in the
mental real where Truth operates. Mathematics: You must start out from mathematical
truth - not from the error. Truth is a synonym for Christ.
Christ Truth:
1. Christ is the truth about everything from the standpoint of
the Truth.
2. Christ is true seljhood.
3. How it operates in the destruction of error when error is
confronted with Truth. Truth is its own proof We do not have to
prove the Truth. lv/an is the evidence of Truth, the proof of Truth.
Believing that we have to prove the Truth is old theology. It is a person proving
Truth. Instead, know what I am from the standpoint ofTruth. Whatever I would prove is
already the truth ofmy being as Mind's own manifestation. This Life is easy, problemless.
I am the idea of Truth itself
I am the consistency of Truth itself
Man is divine Mind's self-consciousness. This must always be the standpoint from
which we work. Then we are Truth, and not persons trying to prove the Truth. Truth is its
own evidence. It is self-evident. The mortal sense ofmathematics is the realm ofthree
dimensions. Mortal concepts are products ofthe human mind.
In the realm of Spirit, there are no numerals. I is not one of a series, but the One
which is the only. In the rea1mofSpirit, there is no 2,3,4. Mathematical truth is not spiritual.
It is logical, and appears because Spirit is logical. The fact that the cause ofthe universe is
Principle enables mathematics to be logical. The essence and substance ofthings are never
, in the material concept, but in spite ofit. The concept ofinfinity in mathematics is totally
different from the concept ofinfinity in metaphysics. In metaphysics, it is the unbounded
allness of existence. In mathematics, it is a huge number - it is not spiritual.
God is One - the infinite One and Only - not a numeral. Although mathematics
is used to illustrate infinity, it is stillip. the realm ofthe finite.
Love: Love is the highest sense ofDeity because it illustrates the Motherhood of
God. "Love imparts the clearest idea ofDeity." (Science andHealth) Two main features
ofLove: It is all-inclusive and does not leave out anything at all; it is indivisible.
No matter how ugly a thing may seem to be, we must not leave it out, but must see
it in Truth's light and include it in our own being.
Indivisibility: In the divine allness ofreality there is no he, she, you or they because that supposes a consciousness outside ofthe one "I." ''Whatever ye have done unto
one ofthese in my name, ye have done it unto me" - done in honour to the individual
Christ-body you really are. Good appears in spite of divided sense. Good is indivisible
and divine. From the standpoint ofdivine reality, it is one indivisible whole.
The real selfhood ofJesus is my real and only selfhood. Christ is synonymous with
man from the standpoint ofTruth, but not when we think. ofa man. I am "the compound
idea of God including all right ideas," and this is the Christ. In the highest sense, Christ in
the divine image and likeness and man in the divine image and likeness, is the same thing.
Know existence from the standpoint ofTruth. Good qualities in a neighbour are
divine ideas. Bad qualities in a neighbour have no reality, no existence.
Peace between nations cannot be attained by starting out on the material basis
and trying to achieve it. Understand existence in its original oneness in which there is no
fear, no limitation and no strife. The universality ofman is based on the fact that man is the
compound idea, and you are this man here and now. We must live this, unruftIed and
without fear.
Love frees from condemnation. Love antidotes the sense oflehovah. The Comforter is within. ''Michael's characteristic is spiritual strength. He leads the hosts ofheaven
against the power of SataD: and fights the holy wars. Gabriel has the more quiet task of
imparting a sense ofthe ever-presence ofministering Love." (Science andHealth) Michael
represents the state ofthought which thinks ofitselfas a person fighting evil. Gabriel is the
understanding that man is here and now the fullness ofLove. From the standpoint ofLove,
error is nothing.
Ifyou think ofyours elf as a person with a human mind, the human mind bec,omes
an arena of conflict and has an awful time. You are the divine idea itself, and this is the law
ofannulment ofall unlike itself We are not in the fight. Pure Being is All, and this precludes
all evil.
Love is the oneness of existence undivided by personal sense. Love is the supreme characteristic of etemality. Love never condemns, and so heals sin. Whatever is
unlike the nature ofLove comes for healing, and not to flighten us nor make us indignant.
Ifwe are fiightened or indignant, we identify ourselves with it. Error appeals to Principle
for liberation, and the more we know that the appeal is to Principle and not to person, the
better will be the results. AU there is to a practitioner is the operation ofPrinciple. Love is
both the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God - all One. Love is spontaneous. It operates without process. Joy is universal, seen in the oneness ofBeing. Thus you experience
the true universality which you are.
Man is body. He does not have a body. The real body is that of divine Loveindivisibly one. Love cannot be perverted. It is the joy ofone's own divine self-completeness. Love being indivisibly one, it is without personal sense, and without disintegration.
Dis~tegration requires two - friction.
Attraction: " ... whose attraction is Love..." (Science andHealth). Attraction.
is not like a magnet. It is not a point to which everything is being drawn. The real sense of
attraction is the attraction that is Love - not human attraction That would make two.
Divine Love remains itself as omnipotence, and there is no other power operative in the
whole univers~. There is in reality no thought transference. Divine good is ever-present
and the only power. Man is the experience of all good.
No Concentration: Mind is infinite. It is all that could ever be desired. You cannot
share divine ideas. Idea being infinite is indivisible. The fullness is the only measure. The
prodigal asked only for his share. He had a limited view concerning his inheritance and
himself This led him astray. Then came dearth, and then the realization that it would be
better to go back to the Father as a servant rather than to remain in the mistaken sense as
part manifestation ofsonship. The elder brother also believed in part manifestation Hence
the Father's benediction, "All that I have is thine." The sense of~ personal good was
Fear: We believe in the reality ofthe thing we are afraid of. We believe also that
man is a person, insecure, vulnerable, and in consequence we are afraid. Love destroys
fear. Fear is the beliefin the existence of something apart from good. Love casts it out
. because Love understands the infinite oneness ofBeing without an unlikeness.
Two Misconceptions:
1. The reality of evil.
2. That man is a person. We must remove the belief that I
have identified myself with a destructible sense of existence. Then
the mental picture will change, and there will be no reason to be
God is Substance: "Substance is that which is eternal and incapable of discord
and decay." (Science and Health) The Latin equivalent of substance is understanding.
Understanding is the substance ofthings as they really are. Matter is the spirituat reality
misinterpreted by human sense - seen through a glass darkly. Thus that which is spiritual
and incapable ofdiscord and decay, appears as matter presented as open to discord and
decay. Seen from the standpoint ofSpirit, substance remains forever substance, the stable
basis ofall true evidence.
"Identity is the reflection ofSpirit, the reflection in multifarious fonns ofthe living
Principle, Love." (ibid) Each idea -" joy, peace, strength, courage - has its own identity
or distinction.
"Mortals must look beyond fading finite fonns ifthey would gain the true sense of
things ... As mortals gain more correct views ofGod and man, multitudinous objects of
creation which before were invisible, will become visible. When we realize that Life is
Spirit, never in nor ofmatter, this understanding will expand into self-completeness, finding
all in God, good, and needing no other consciousness." (ibid) By not accepting the mortal
concept ofourselves, we shall see Being as it is, in all its infinity, reality and completeness.
Then limitation falls away. Manis the immortal idea. This understanding expands, and thus
more oftme Being appears as one's human experience. "Matter is a misstatement of
Mind." It is a lie. The true spiritual substance is tangible.
"Every material beliefhints the existence ofspiritual reality." (Miscellaneous Writings) A chair is a finite concept of some spiritual idea. Every material beliefhints (not
represents) some spiritual reality. We must reverse the material sense of chair. Whatever
really exists is eternal.
Spiritual beauty is ever-present. The real function ofusefulness is unrestricted and
etemaLAs this is seen, much material sense will lift, and Being will appear as it really is.
"Divest yourselfofthe thought that there can be substance in matter, and the movements
and transitions now possible for mortal mind will be found to be equally possible for the
body." (Science and Health) My concept ofBeing is the concept to which no matter is
attached. All ideas are included in my real Being. The more that we know that we do not
need a medium, the more will the medium conform; for example, until the medium of
transportation will finally become unnecessary. There is only the ever-present here. For
instance, Jesus was immediately on the other side ofthe lake. The human restrictions will
disappear when all is seen from the standpoint of spiritual reality. Distance is not real. It is
relative; and through its relativity, it fades out.
Father andMother and Synonyms: In the understanding ofthe Fatherhood and
Motherhood of God and that man is the divine experience of this, then in this infinite
oneness we find our divine self-completeness. This divine completeness counteracts sex.
Sex is a belief ofincompleteness needing something from outside. All the qualities ofboth
bride and bridegroom are iucluded in my being - hence the joy ofmarriage. 1do not need
a person, or anything else from outside, to give me completeness and satisfaction. Whatever seems to be an outside thing or person is in reality a divine idea, and is already and
forever included in my own true being. In the spiritual acknowledgement and conclusion,
the picture will conform to what I already am - spiritual satisfaction - the full satisfaction. I am satisfied and complete. Then whatever needs to be humanly adjusted will confonn and harmonious adjustment will take place. The inclusion ofbride and bridegroom
qualities is the only marriage there is. We are never dependent on the human picture, but
the picture will become harmonious and complete.
Man is not an entity apart from God, dependent upon God. Man is the fullness of
divine expression - "I and my Father are one." Do not think. of yourself so much as the
child ofGod, but as the operation ofdivine Principle. Unless metaphysically understood,
Father and Mother and child could tend to duality. The Ego is Mind. "That saying of our
Master, 'I and my Father are one,' separated him from the scholastic theology of the
rabbis." (Science and Health)( The sense of oneness is a rebuke to scholastic theology.
Know yourselfto be the iminite manifestation ofthe divine Mind, and not a person trying
to demonstrate it. The Ego is Mind, the subjective understanding of"I" from the standpoint of true Being, and not you, he, she, or they. Any attempt of error is aimed at the
human concept. All crucifixion is in the human concept ofJesus, never in the Christ. We
were never in the human concept.
God as Being or Esse: This brings out the inclusiveness of God as All-in-all,
rather than only the cause aspect. Being represents the reality of all existence. "Esse" is
used only once in Science andHealth: "Whatever contradicts the real nature ofthe divine
Esse, though human faith may clothe it with angelic vestments, is without foundation" "My
work is reflected light - a drop in His ocean oflove, from the underived glory, the divine
Esse." (Miscellany) In the measure that we know that we are not persons, we shall have
a more expansive existence. The way is the way of knowing. It is narrow at first but
expands as we go.
Synonym One: "From the infinite One in Christian Science comes one Principle
and its infinite idea ..." (Science andHealth) This One refers to the whole of Being
including both cause and effect aspects. "In Science, Mind is one includingnoumenon and
phenomena, God and His thoughts." (ibid) "Christian Science which reckons one as one
and this one infinite." (Message for 1901) The primal Cause has no conflicting element
within itself Where there is oneness - the oneness ofinfinity and etemality -there is not
one element that could oppose itseIt: not an element of restriction or destruction. This
divine oneness is all good.
"The first of all the commandments is, Hear, 0 Israel; The Lord our God is one .
Lord." (Mark) One Lord, one understanding, understood as One. In the oneness of God
we find the complete unreality of evil, and the status ofman as the full manifestation of
divine Mind. Being is One. We are experiencing the fullness because we are the fullness
itself We are Mind's fullness ofunderstanding. The Truth is revealed as "I." I am nothing
more nor less than Mind's full manifestation.
Our understanding ofwhat we really are, infinite understanding, humanly appears
as the best means whereby we can acquire that understanding. "Father, Mother, and child
are the divine Principle and divine idea, even the divine 'Us' - one in good, and good in
One." (Miscellaneous Writings) "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis." (Science and
Health) The universality of our being as the expression ofPrinciple, constitutes the government ofouruniverse. The oneness ofGod means the infinity of God, and therefore the
individuality ofthe divine cause and effect. Personal sense is a sense of division - the
attempt to divide the infinite One into a sense ofpersons.
Intelligence as a Synonym: "Intelligence is omniscience, omnipresence, and
omnipotence. It is the primal and eternal quality ofinfinite MIld, ofthe triune Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, named God." (ibid) Intelligence is the primal and eternal quality of
infinite Mind. The human belief about intelligence is intellectuality, which may be termed
the stultification ofpersonal sense. In knowing what you really are -the manifestation of
divine intelligence - your faculties are increased. The realization ofintelligence offsets
mortal mind's claim of sagacity and brilliance, which are but human beliefs. We are divinely
enabled to answer the questions with which mortal mind tries to confuse us. Divine intelligence is the only power and motivation. There is no human intelligence. Intelligence is
divine, totally good, and can never be used for destructive purposes. The one and only
intelligence is identical with God, so the contraptions ofmortal mind's destructive devices
are rendered harmless. All destruction is based upon a wrong approach to existence.
Intelligence, being divine Mind, is never a person. Man is divine idea, not a person
. knowing something about God. The truth is that:Mind manifests itse1fwithout any medium.
The clivine Mind does all the knowing. Mortal mind says we cannot have a thought without
a thinker- a medium. Mind knowing is God being. "... the human mind is not a factor in
the Principle of Christian Science." (Science and Health) ''Human beliefhas sought and
interpreted in its own way the echo of Spi~t, and so seems to have reversed it and re19
peated it materially." (ibid) "Christian Science ... excludes the human mind as a spiritual
factor in the healing work." (ibid) In the realm ofMind accusation is an utter impossibility.
Resume: The naturalness ofTruth is so ever-present, it just is and does not have to
labor in order to be its own logical consistency. Truth is the only thing going on. Truth
liberates an erroneous sense from itself It is not "r' being liberated from an erroneous
sense. IfI think I have to be liberated from an erroneous sense, I have not placed myself
upon the scientific basis ofTruth.
Condition: That ye abide in me - the real standpoint, acknowledging only
real being.
Truth is used frequently in connection with Christ. Christ is the truth about everything seen from the standpoint ofTruth itself Truth operates potently to liberate error from
itself The ever-presence ofTruth is far above any mathematical concept. Real existence is
lawful. It is the Word ofGed. Mathematical truths are used only byway ofillustration. Be
clear that Truth operates to help error to get rid ofitself, instead ofgetting rid of error. To
know God as Love is the highest way to consider the divine cause and true nature of
Motherhood, Love, only partakes of its own loving sense. God as Love frees
from condemnation. Love is spontaneity. Love is both all-inclusive and indivisible. Fear is
based on the division ofpersonal sense. See all from the standpoint ofintegral oneness and
fullness. Then there can be no fear because there are no opposites. Love is never open to
exhaustion or frustration when seen to be universal. The real Love beholds all as it is from
the standpoint ofTruth. The highest seems to be perverted by the false sense oflove. In the
indivisible oneness ofLove, there is no disintegration. Disintegration is a form offear, a
belief ofopposites. The real body is Love embodying itselfin indivisible, indestructible
oneness and wholeness.
God as substance stresses the spiritual nature of substance in contradistinction to
mortal mind's claim that substance is material. Looked at through the medium ofmortal
mind, we see only the material sense of substance. Whatever we experience ofbeauty is
spiritual, and is experienced in spite ofmaterial sense. Our joy, our satisfaction is spiritual.
The only thing we ever give up is material sense. My Life here and now is spiritual. Do
refuse the material concept which believes life to be material and identified as a material
body. We lose nothing but the material concept, limited, restricted, and sometimes a perverted sense. By giving this up, your human experience is more harmonious. You can
never escape your co~ciousness. Insist that Life is spiritual, not material, and your sense
offife will improve, because there will be less restriction, less fear.
Spirit cannot be entirely hidden by material sense; so whatever appears as substantiality and harmony is not material, but spiritual. The beliefthat there is substance in
matter claims that this chair is outside of me: whereas it is a mental concept, therefore
inside of me. If I have a mental concept ofmyself as a state of consciousness including
Boston, then no transport is needed to go there: But ifI accept substance in matter, then
the medium is required to go to Boston. Whatever is spiritual and right about transport, is
included within me. All there is good about a chair is a divine idea, already included in my
true selfhood. This is a law which removes limitations, and this overcoming oflimitations
appears as better ways of transportation. When we realize that there is no medium of
money between man and his wealth, and that man is the manifestation ofthe fullness of
God, hence abundance, then money will appear as required.
Live from the standpoint of "I." Stress divine sonship. The Son has the same
qualities as the Father-Mother. Avoid the dualistic sense ofPrinciple and idea. It is ONE.
So to think of oneselfas a child of God, is immature.
ChristianiW is .Science, not the dispensation ofa preconceived God. Thr Motherhood and Fatherhood ofGod make us see that man is the full manifestation, including true
manhood and womanhood Never think that you are demonstrating something to give you
completeness - for example, a husband or a wife. Completeness is an established fact.
As you/eel this, then the human picture will conform to the perfection you are. Man is
universal peace. The recognition ofthis fact makes us feel it here and now. There is no
such thing as a person reaching out for peace. The more we refuse to be either down or
elated by the human picture, because God is All, the more will the human picture conform
to the pattern ofthe divine.
The understanding ofGod as One was the asset ofthe Israelites. In infinite Oneness there is no element of obstruction or opposition. The goodness of God is mightier
than aU sense ofduality. We are not persons with a hn:man mind perceiving God; otherwise
there would be more than one. Man is pure being - Principle in operation. God is one
alone, not numerically one.
Live as the direct manifestation ofintelligence, as omnipresence, omnipotence,
and omniscience. The human mind is not intelligent. It cannot take cognizance ofideas. It
is not the medium ofMind. Intelligence cannot be hidden by a so-called human mind.
Never use the expression, "I must clear my thought." Otherwise you subscribe to a false
mentality. There is only one Mind capable of expressing itself as ideas. These ideas are
ever-present. They cannot be hidden. Error tries to perpetuate itselfin the guise that it is
your mind. It is no mind at all. All evidence of good is the divine Mind expressing itselfin
spite ofthe human mind. The imperfect concept is nothing and has nothing whatever to
itself- no mentality, no substance, no entity. The problem is always the misconception of
the fact.
Man: Man is used in three different ways:
1. As a mortal
2. One of a series
3. The compound idea
In Principle's interpretation ofitseIt: I find the fullness ofmy own true self Human
thought cannot approach existence in an absolute way, but only according to human view,
the relative basis. Man includes the universe; also the right idea ofbody, temple, church.
"Spirit is the only creator, and man, including the universe, is His spiritual concept." (Unity
"Man. The compound idea ofinfinite Spirit; the spiritual image and likeness of
God; the full manifestation ofMind. " (Science and Health)
"Earth ... to material sense earth is matter; to spiritual sense it is a compound
idea." (ibid). Earth is included in man- not man in the earth. Earth is a compound ideanot the compound idea which is the infinite expression ofinfinite Mind. "Immortal man
was and is God's image or idea, even the infinite expression ofinfinite Mind. Man is not
absorbed in Deity, and man cannot lose his individuality, for he reflects eternal Life; nor is
he an isolated, solitary idea, for he represents infinite Mind, the sum of all substance."
(ibid). For absorption you need two. Being is unalterably one. God and man are two
different aspects ofthe same Being - cause-aspect and effect-aspect.
The second sense of man: - one ofa series. I say, "I am the full representation."
You say, "I am the full representation." Put all this together - that is, crowds saying, "I am
the full representation," and this is termed generic man. In this second sense, I have
limited my own fullness by believing that there is a "you" who can say the same. What God
knows of Himself is man - not a person knowing, but Mind knowing itself- One
knowing One. That ofwhichintinite Mind is infinitely conscious is itself: and this is man.
Man is divine self-consciousness, and this is the most intimate way to know oneself In the
divine Mind, I find the infinite stable sense ofmyself- not ourselves. There is only one
"I." Totally abandon what seems to be, and accept that wonderful starting out from Spirit
- the only One knowing its own infinitude.
The "greater love" is the willingness to lay down every human concept. It is the
acknowledgment ofthe sublime and glorious sense ofBeing in which cause is being effect.
IfwelookforGod, we find man. Ifwe look for man, we find nothing. Ifwetryto
reflect the real man, then we are trying to reflect the reflection. Only from the standpoint of
Truth itselfis there any awareness of perfection. "Be ye therefore perfect even as your
Father is perfect" - not be ye perfect as man is perfect. "The Christian understanding of
scientific being and divine healing includes a perfect Principle and idea -perfect God and
perrect man - as the basis ofthought and demonstration." (Science and Health) If you
make this the basis ofthought, there is no need to wony about the demonstration.
The understanding of God from the standpoint of God, constitutes the perfect
man. Manis Mind's knowing, not a person knowing about Mind. There is one realmthe realm of God and His idea What appears as human experience is the mistaken and
limited concept ofthis. Every idea is infinite.
Lesser Idea: Whatever is true about a dog may be called "lesser"; but even
though "lesser," the idea is infinite. We can never come to the end ofinfinity. Idea, meaning
the whole manifestation, cannot be used in the plural, but this compound idea includes all
ideas. It includes the spiritual fact of all things. The dog is "lesser" because it represents
only a few ideas. Man includes all. The more you think ofdog as an idea and not as a thing
outside, the more intelligence it will manifest.
Money: Money points to abundance. Money is humanly the medium of exch~ge,
but correctly seen it shows forth my wealth.
Resume: A person knowing about Truth, or thinking ofhimself as a spiritual idea
surrounded by others, or as a ray of light, one ofmany, then this is the human approach.
Now look outfrom the Truth, and we then understand existence as fullness, as the compound idea "which has not a single quality underived from Deity." IfI want to know man's
individuality in its undivided sense, I must find what individuality means to God. In God we
find the individuality ofman as the full manifestation ofMind. Use individual for God in
order to offset the personal concept ofHim.
"As the words person and personal are commonly and ignorantly employed,
they often lead, when applied to Deity, to confused and erroneous conceptions ofdivinity
and its distinction from humanity. Ifthe term personality, as applied to God, means infinite
personality, then God is infinite Person- in the sense ofinfinite personality, but not in the
lower sense. An infinite Mind in a finite form is an absolute impossibility. The term individuality is also open to objections, because an individual may be one of a series, one of
many, as an individual man, an individual horse; whereas God is One - not one of a
series, but one alone and without an equal." (Science and Health) God is one alone
without an equal or without an opposite.
Discriminate between spiritual individuality and human individuality. Get the sense
of individuality from the standpoint of God - the only true sense. "God is individual
Mind." (Miscellaneous Writings) In this individuality I recognize myself. "His being is
individual." (ibid). "Man has perpetual individuality." (No and ~s) "Science defines the
individuality of God as supreme good, Life, Truth, Love." (Rudimental Divine Science)
Individuality can be understood only from the standpoint ofPrinciple itself. Spiritual individuality does not mean one ofa series. The only individuality we can ascribe to ourselfis
one, and this not one ofa s~ries, but one alone. The consistent and scientific approach is to
start out from divine Mind, and then the full manifestation is man. What humanly appears
as your individuality will be enhanced by knowing, "God is my individuality. He is my
individuality and my Life." (Unity ofGood).
There is no absorption in oneness. If I believe I am a single man - one of a
number - this sense ofone can partake only ofthe divine qualities, not quantity. Bunch all
these "single men" together, and you get generic man. But the absolute sense, Principle
and its idea, is one in quantity and quality.
"Spirit bearing opposite testimony, saith: I am Spirit. Man, whose senses are spiritual, is my likeness. He reflects the infinite understanding, for I am Infinity. The beauty of
holiness, the perfection ofbeing, imperishable glory - aU are Mine, for I am God. I give.
immortality to man, for I am Truth. I include and impart aU bliss, for I am Love. I give life,
without beginning and without end, for I am Life. I am supreme and give all, for I am Mind.
I am the substance of all, because I AM THAT I AM." (SCience and Health) My only
responsibility is to acknowledge that which God is: I AM as Principle in operation, and this
acknowledgment constitutes my being.
Individual man is cne aspect ofman, and generic man is another aspect. Looking
out from the one individual Mind, we find the one infinite manifestation, man. One God
could have only one full manifestation. Start out as the full reflection. Reflection is oneness. Reflector would imply duality. "Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in
multifarious forms ofthe living Principle, Love." (ibid) When you know yourselfidentified
with Spirit, then you have the true sense ofreflection. "Your mirrored reflection is your
own image or likeness." (ibid) Not as good an illustration as "I AM." The reflection ofthe
divine Mind is always the divine Mind. It never goes out ofit., Ifyou believe yourself
to be a ray, you start out from idea instead of from God. Start out from God, and you
enjoy freshness, beauty, bounty.
Man, the compound idea, is infinite being, infinite in quality. Compound just indicates the whole. Infinity never repeats itself Hence the interesting nature ofthe infinite. The
reflection is always within the divine Mind and this makes it subjective from the standpoint
of"I," and not from the standpoint of you, he or she. Deflection is impossible.
Say "I am," not "you are." It is a mistake to try to make a patient see the Truth. If
you do this, you admit something outside ofthe Truth. The "r' expresses itself- I am
wholeness. Then that which appears as he or she will say, "I am whole." So long as you
have a he or she, you have something outside. The "r' as divine Mind is expressing itselfas
the whole ofBeing. Be subjective instead of objective.
Salvation: Ifl say I am saved and believe that someone else is not, then I am not
Man and body are in a certain sense identical, but man as the complete idea is
body. He does not have a body. That which is called a body is not a body, but a misconception ofthe one and only true spiritual body. The misconception ofbody is a false claim,
and not an actuality. Acknowledge the fact that there is only one body, and this one is
spiritual. Then the material discordant sense fades out and harmony appears. The claim
that we have a material body is all there is to a material body. "Matter is an error of
statement." (Science andHealth) Body is not an organization. There is no organization in
God. "Organization and time have nothing to do with Life." (ibid) The only real relation is
the oneness ofMind and idea-not a relating oftwo things. There is perfect coordination
of divine ideas - peace, joy, harmony, strength, etc. all coordinate; but there is no interrelationship ofideas. All ideas are connected indissolubly with their source.
Divine Mind is divine harmony. A divine idea cannot show forth anything that is
not the nature of divine Mind. There is no cooperation of divine ideas. There is no cooperation in oneness. There is perfect coordination All operates rightly; and the recognition
that I am not connected with the spurious concept, results in harmony ofthe mortal body.
The infinite idea includes all that humanly appears to be desirable without any limit. We are
gaining all through Christ - gaining even the highest good and the highest ideal. The only
thing we leave for Christ is the human misconception This results in the constant experience ofgreater joy and beauty. Real body includes all- the sunset, all the good which
humanly appears as other people. This does not take anything from one's neighbour. It is
loving one's neighbour as oneself. "He who gains the God-crowned summit ofChristian
Science never abuses the corporeal personality, but uplifts it. He thinks ofevery one in his
real quality, and sees each mortal in an impersonal depict." (Retrospection and Introspection) Have no condemnation. We live in the state of knowing truth only. The truth
about every function ofbody is divine activity, and this will result in the normal functioning
ofthe mortal body. We are not living in mortal body, but seeing it as a misconception.
Business: Business is the activity ofPrinciple. I am the Father's business. We must
live so as to show forth the activity ofevery divine idea, and business will then be prosper0us. I am never in the human sense ofbusiness or office or organization, but I include them
as divine. Whatever may be our business career, our living Christian Science must always
come first. Make everything subsetvient to Christian Science. We never have to make a
good impression. Impression requires two minds. I am Mind's infinite expression. This
results in an excellent impression. "I am" is ~e law to every human situation The art of
business is to love. To love is to behold everything from the standpoint of Truth, in its
undivided oneness. We are not in business, but are the true expression, or activity, of
infinite Love. The purpose of business is to show forth all that constitutes divine reality,
but not with profit motive. The highest motive in business is to exemplify divine reality. Do
not place business on a commercial basis, but as the rendering ofgood.
Money initse1fhas no intrinsic value. Resist the temptation to believe that you can
have this or that because olmoney. I include all right ideas, and this means that existence
is a state of joy, beauty, spontaneity. We never work for money. We work to render
service, and as a token of the abundance of being which we feel, there will always be
enough money.
Resume: Manis one as the fullness ofBeing and what appears as the medium will
conform. Never regard beauty in a negative way. Whatever is beautiful is always included
in my spiritual appreciation. The right idea ofwhatever appears to be beautiful is already
included within my infinite being. "All that is worth reckoning is what we do, and the best
of everything is not too good, but is economy and riches." (Miscellany) All that is good, is
found in my own being without a smgle reselVation. Never forget that you are independent
of any medium. The whole purpose ofa Christian Science practitioner is to make himself
supertluous~ All there is to man, is divine self-consciousness. This is the only man.
Man: What is revealed is the nature of God. In that revelation, we find man.
Realize that man is Principle in operation, not an idea which is expressing Principle. There
can be no tension or struggle because Principle is doing all the expressing. I have only to
acknowledge that what is expressed .by Principle is my own being.
Three ways ofviewing man:
1. Buried in material sense - a mortal.
2. The resu"ection viewpoint - the second baptism in "Pond
and Purpose." (Miscellaneous Writings) This man starts out from the
human appearance - one of a series. This man, or this concept ofman,
reflects all the qualities of God; but because he starts out from human
experience, he restricts himself
3. The ascension viewpoint - the only scientific approach to
existence, that is to oneself: is from Principle. The universe must be interpretedfrom Principle. Ifyou start out from birth, growth and decay, the
universe must continue to be an enigma. Ifyou look at divine creation
from the standpoint ofthe human mind, all is tainted by the medium you
use. So look outjrom, not at. Look out from the Truth and find the reality
ofexistence, the full representation ofMind, the universality ofbeing, my
real being, "the compound idea ofGod, including all right ideas." "Man
includes the universe." ''Man includes the universe" is from the standpoint
of divine Principle itself. "The universe includes man" is from the standpoint that man is a divine idea reflecting God's qualities, but not the fullness - not quantity.
Teaching is not an attempt to inform restricted thought, but to let Mind express
itselfin all its fullness. IfI think of myselfin the second baptism, "Pond and Purpose,"
(Miscellaneous Writings) or the resurrection, then individual means one of a series.
Generic man is all these ones of a series together. The third baptism or ascension viewpoint - the standpoint of Spirit- is the full manifestation, or man.
IfI want to know anything about qualities go to Deity and see what that quality
means as Deity itself "In Christian Science we learn that God is definitely individual, and
not aperson, as that word is used by the best authorities, ifour lexicographers are right in
defining person as especially a finite human being; but God is personal, ifby person is
meant infinite Spirit." (Rudimental Divine Science). This undivided sense is to offset the
prevalent beliefthat God is a person. God must be presented in an impersonal way. If I
'would know the full and universal nature ofman, I must know God's individuality. The
term generic represents the male and female qualities. It stresses the fact that man: includes
the manhood and womanhood of God.
Man as a compound idea is the fullest expression of everything that divine Principle is. We have to get away from everything that we seem to be humanly in order to see
all from Truth itself In the first, second and third sense, each gives a different sense to the
adjective we are attaching to the noun. The second, generic, starts out with man as idea.
The third sense starts out with Mind.
Body: Man does not have a body. He is body - the activity ofdivine Principle
embodying itselfas the infinitude ofideas. There is only one body. In the practice, we are
not attempting to heal bodies, or to be taken in by the misconception of body. Body is
embodiment ofideas, a compound idea, and not organization. In organization, organs
work by inter-relationship, but in true body there is only coordination. The only relationship is based upon oneness. The indivisible divine oneness can have no inter-relationship
with itself The coordination does away at once with the belief of obstruction. The one
divine body is divinely sustained, maintained active without flaw or interference, and in
perfect order. Divine Mind, being conscious ofitself, embodies itself and this is the only
body there is. It includes the truth about everything which is humanly evident. The idea of
business is included in man, and man is not in business. When the purpose ofour existence
is to live divine reality, all else will be incidental and will blossom forth.
Whatever is right about my human self, is actually the functioning ofSpirit - Spirit
functioning in a perfect way. We cannot bring Christian Science into material business, but
we bring business into Christian Science by refusing the discordant concept. There is
only one activity going on. The greatest restriction is to accept the suggestion that I am a
human body with a human mind. This would bring me under material law, heredity and
restriction You cannot have sin unless you believe mind to be human. When acknowledging divine fullness, body is the temple ofthe living God. Then I do not place myselfin the
realm where doom and depression, sickness and discord seem to be operating.
Practice is a sacred office ofthe Christ. Manis the Father's business. Money, the
medium ofabundance, will appear more and more in the right way when we realize, "I am
abundance." Finite sense can have no sense of the fullness ofinfinity. From the standpoint
ofMind, I include all the good qualities of Jesus and everyone else. This gives a sense of
the majesty which I am.
God is individually conscious ofHimself, and this appears so that you and I can
talk and exchange ideas. What appears as true relationship, will be enhanced. What appears an inharmonious relationship, will be dissolved. The more we acknowledge the
beauty and grandeur ofJesus, the more will this appear as a grander sense ofourselves.
There is only one reality, .the reality from the standpoint ofl, and this is true subj ectivity. Error presents itself as a person with error in order for the error to be perpetu-
ated. Know that error has neither identity nor reality. Everything unlike infinite good comes
for healing and not for identification. Impersonalize it. It cannot then be perpetuated, and
cannot perpetuate itself, having no mentality with which to identify itself.
Christian Science Practice or Prayer: Christian Science treatment is that activity which removes any misconception regarding the true nature ofexistence, and the oneness ofPrinciple and idea. lliustrate treatment with four pieces of paper:
1. God.
2. The Child o/God
3. Animal Magnetism.
4. The practitioner.
The child of God would have a separate entity, but God and man are not separated, so animal magnetism cannot operate. It can only operate when there is a suggestion
of separation between God and man. The basic trouble is the beliefthat there is separation
between God and myself There is only divine Being going on. Do not make any separation between God and man. God cannot think ofHimselfone minute as Himselfand then
as man. Be clear that the basic trouble is the separation between Principle and idea and
this is the first thing to be d~ne away with.
1. The first thing in treatment is the affirmation ofthat which is divinely real and
. . ..
2. The disappearance oferror is incidental to the realization ofthe truth. ''Disease
is neither a cause nor an effect." (SCience andHealth) Example: A cold. There may seem
to be a connection between being careless and experiencing a cold the next day. Mortal
mind may claim to be a cause, but mortal mind is not a cause, it is a claim. So reduce
mortal mind and suppositional cause to a false claim. Point out never to seek a cause in
matter. The problem is due to having identified oneselfwith the false sense ofbody, and the
remedy is to know oneselfas the divine manifestation. "Our Master read mortal mind on
a scientific basis, that ofthe omnipresence ofMind." (ibid) Our Master recognized the
omnipresence of Mind. Realize the omnipresence of Mind as the only Mind, the only
presence, power, activity. Beliefs will then disappear. One ofthese beliefs is that error can
remain hidden, and thereby perpetuate itself "An approximation ofthis discernment indicates spiritual growth and union with the infinite capacities ofthe one Mind. Jesus could
injure no one by his Mind-reading. The effect ofhis Mind was always to heal and to save,
and this is the only genuine Science ofreading mortal mind. His holy motives and aims
were traduced by the sinners ofthat period, as they would be today ifJesus were personally present. Paul said, 'To be spiritually minded is life.' We approach God, or Life, in
proportion to our spirituality, our fidelity to Truth and Love; and in that ratio we know all
human need and are able to discern the thought ofthe sick and the sinning for the purpose
ofhealing them. Error of any kind cannot hide from the law of God. " (ibid)
Mind Reading OnlY: "Whoever reaches this point ofmoral culture and goodness
cannot injure others, and must do them good. The greater or lesser ability of a Christian
Scientist to discern thought scientifically, depends upon his genuine spirituality. This kind of
mind-reading is not clairvoyance, but it is important to success in healing, and is one ofthe
special characteristics thereof." (ibid) Moral culture and goodness discern thought scientifically. Clairvoyance would be to read mortal mind, thus admitting that one has a mortal
mind. This is a faIse suggestion. "JfSpirit, or the power of divine Love bear witness to the
truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous." (ibid) The
best approach to healing is the scientific way. You are not a person knowing the Truth, but
Truth is being itself-Love itselfbeing its ownjoyous selfhood. In the joy ofpure Being,
any desire to heal or to be haaIed is blotted out. "Jfthe Scientist reaches his patient through
divine Love, the healing work will be accomplished at one visit, and the disease will vanish
into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sunshine." (ibid) The only thing
going on is Love expressing itself, being itself: and nothing else at all is going on.
We are dealing only with a false argument. In order to protect the practice and the
reputation ofCbristian Science, discriminate in selection ofpatients. Find out ifa patient is
wanting to know more of Christ. The human motive may seem to be physical healing, but
the real purpose of healing is to know more of your Christ-being. This would enable
problems to fall away. Getting well is incidental, and not the primal purpose ofChristian
Science treatment.
Urgency is itself a claim to be met. Ifyou accept urgency, you are believing in the
reality oferror. Use affinnation in the sense that Truth is being itself Treatment must end in
that wordless Being which is divine reality. The denial in itself does not heal. The healing
takes place in the realm oftrue being. "The spiritual power of a scientific, right thought,
without a direct effort, an audible or even a mental argument, has oftentimes healed inveretate
diseases." (Rudimental Divine Science). "The ultimate of scientific research and attainment in divine Science is not an argument: it is not merely saying, but doing the Word demonstrating Truth - even as the fruits ofwatchfulness, prayer, struggles, tears and
triumph." (Miscellaneous writings)
Recognition is divine Truth affirming itself My real and only being has never left
the joyous realm ofTruth.
Argument: "Suffer. it to be so now." Never use a person's name. This would be
acknowledging as real the basic error. The basic beliefis that error is personality itself, so
we must see the incorporeal nature of impersonal error. Reduce the suggestion ofcca
person-with-a-disease" to a false claim which comes under the law of obliteration by
Truth. It is impersonal suggestion without mentality, or identity, or anything at all. "Incorporeal evil embodies itselfin the so-called corporeal, and thus is manifest in the flesh. Evil
is neither quality nor quantity: it is not intelligence, a person or a principle, a man or a
woman, a place or a thing, and God never made it." (Message for 1901) The fact that evil
is neither duality nor quantity is a very potent denial oferror Every treatment should be on
the universal basis; then whatever is receptive to the healing Christ, receives the treatment.
We do not have to establish Truth, but just acknowledge its universal nature. Do not be
satisfied in healingjust the specific patient. Truth operates universally.
If you say mortal mind cannot touch so and so, then you are merely making that
one an exception, whereas there is no mortal mind in reality or in belie~ and for this reason
it is just nothing, and cannot operate in anyway, in any place. The function oftreatment is
to rub out the rim of the nought.
error being a false claim, they are no claims at all."
(c • • •
(Retrospection andlntrospection) To see error as no claim at all, is to rub out the rim of
the nought. When we have outgrown the immature statements, we can use the most absolute and impersonal statements. A patient is an impersonal beliet: never a person The truth
about tbepatient is that man is the full manifestation ofdivine Mind. Every treatment should
be the progressive unfoldment ofthe previous one. Every treatment is divine Truth affirming itself, and this appears as error denying itself Truthis An, and therefore that which
claims to be the opposite ofTruth can have neither presence, power nor consciousness;
and that which is nothing cannot go on. Self-perpetuation of error is a false claim evidenced as chronic disease, so acknowledge timeless being. This denies time. Error is
nothing more than a misconception, but as long as we believe it, we perpetuate it as our
experience. Confront error with the truth about it, and the misconception disappears because there is nothing left by which it can be identified.
Resume: The activity ofTruth itselfconstitutes the real and true nature ofman. It
appears humanly that we confront the error with the Truth; but actually Truth is all that is
going on, and error has always been nothing. Never condemn in cases of sin, and never
identify patient with punishment. The Christ-function ofthe practice is to behold everything
from the standpoint ofTru~. ''Neither disease itself, sin, nor fear has the power to cause
disease or a relapse." (Science and Health) In identifying oneselfwith sin, we experience
the restrictions and pains of a mistake. Behold all from the standpoint of Truth, never
permitting the slightest condemnatory sense. IfI criticize you, I myselfget all the hell ofthat
wrong identification. The Christ never condemns. Never admit that treatment destroys
something. Treatment is proving the nothingness ofnothing. Be and by being, incidental to
our glorious being, we heal the sick. "It is this infinitude and oneness ofgood that silences
the supposition that evil is a claimant or a claim. The consciousness of good has no consciousness or knowledge of evil; and evil is not a quality to be known or eliminated by
good." (Miscellaneous Writings)
Instead ofbelieving that we have to reject evil from human consciousness, know
that there is no human consciousness. The mortal sense of consciousness is impurity itself
''When the unclean spirit iF gone out ofman, hewalketh though dry places, seeking rest;
and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when
cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketl?- to him seven other
spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of
that man is worse than the first. " (Luke)
Better beliefis not belief improving, but belief lessening. Then we have a fuller
experience of that which is divinely true. "An improved beliefcannot retrograde. When
Christ changes a belief of sin or sickness into a better belie~ then beliefmelts into spiritual
understanding and sin, disease and death disappear." (Science and Health) The primal
purpose ofChristian Science treatment is regeneration. We must recognize our spiritual
ability to preVent problems from arising. This is the highest function ofa practitioner. The
function ofa practitioner is to reveal the real basis ofman and how Truth operates. "The
genuine Christian Scientist is adding to his patient's mental and moral power, and is in- _
creasing his patient's spirituality while restoring him physically through divine Love. Healing the sick and reforming the sinner are one and the same thing in Christian Science."
(ibid) Evil is a suggestion claiming to be the absence ofTruth. Detect the claim that mortal
mentality is mentality. It is nothing.
Demonstration: The divine:Mind is forever demonstrating Itself. "... demonstration is ImmanueL or Godwith us." (ibid) That is to say, we are not trying to demonstrate
Truth. Principle is doing all the demonstrating. Man and demonstration are the same thing.
I amMind's demonstration already, and this in the most perfect and loving way we could
conceive of. "The divine l\1ind makes perfect; acts upon the so-cal1edhuman mind through
truth, leads the human mind to relinquish all error, to find the divine Mind to be the only
Mind." (ibid) This is the result of a Christian Science treatment, but its is difficult to describe the disappearance ofthat which was always nothing, but this statement is the best
way. The more we know there is no affinity between Truth and error, the more readily will
evil disappear. "Ifmortal mind knew how to be better, it would be better." (ibid) Mortal
mind is the absence ofthe divine Mind.
Relapse or Recurrence: That which never occurred can never recur. The only
happening is the divine event ofcontinuity ofgood. Error never had a beginning. I am not
a person who has been healed. Personal sense is the basic trouble. "Ifyour patient from
any cause suffers a relapse, meet the cause mentally and courageously, knowing that there
can be no reaction in Truth. Neither animal magnetism nor hypnotism enters into the practice of Christi an Science, in which truth cannot be reversed, but the reverse of error is
true." (ibid) Truth can never be reversed.
Chemicalization: Illustrate by chemistry. Ifyou think you have a human mind
which is the meeting place of good and evi~ prevent chemicalization by knowing that all
that is true of a patient is divine Mind. There are not two minds going on. There is the
undisturbable oneness. "Mental chemica1ization follows the explanation ofTruth, and a
higher basis is thus won. Iffaith in the truth of being, which you impart mentally while
destroying error, causes chemicalization (as when an alkali is destroying an acid), it is
because the truth of being must transform the error to the end of producing a higher
manifestation. This fermentation should not aggravate the disease, but should be as painless to man as to a fluid, since matter has no sensation and mortal mind only feels and sees
materially." (ibid) As a result oftreatment, obnoxious traits and habits must be given up.
Progressive unfoldment is painless. "Either by Science or suffering." It should always be
by Science, otherwise you have identified yourselfwith painful mortal sense. Stop doing
this and the error fades out. Reduce evil to a belief, but be careful not to keep it going as
a belief. Life, Truth, Love refer to divine ideas, but mortal mind does not refer to a thing.
Prenata! state: Ifin your practice you have to handle the influence of a prenatal
state, know that there is no birth. Man is immortal now. "If Spirit, or the power of divine
Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is
instantaneous." (SCience andHealth) This statement is of great importance. All sense of
having to be healed is lost in the pure joy and perfection' of Being, lost in the beauty,
completeness and satisfaction ofthe one Being. This results in healing. Knowing from the
standpoint ofeer' in all its universality and fullness,.and the patient will say, "I am well."
Certain points are fundamental:
1. That there is a cause of the trouble. Either I did something or someone else
did something, or some unpropitious circumstance prevailed Reduce this to suggestion, and know that nowhere in the universe can anyone ascribe a cause to that trouble.
2. That there is a place for the disease to manifest itself. This would require a
material body and a human mind. Never admit the existence of a material body and a
human mind. This is a fundamental point.
3. The belief that there is a law by which beliefcan perpetuate itself. Where
there is no cause, there is no law. Law belongs to the spiritual universe. The spiritual
universe is lawful, and material sense cannot hide the divine law- this humanly appears
as law - the laws that keep the universe going. Laws that appear restrictive are pelVersions. God's law is never broken.
It is more important to deny per-sonal sense than to deny disease. In our treatment,
we never declare material or human perfection. The human sense is always the very opposite ofthe real, even when it appears to be hannonious. IfI think I am getting better, I am
still sick. Healing never occurred to me as divine idea. I was never in a mortal picture.
Reassure yourselfthat what is happening is Truth expressing itseJt: so what appears as the
healing power is divine, not human. Truth is not human activity. It is Mind. It is the glorious
divine Principle, Love, flawless and irresistible in operation
Argument: Mrs. Eddy writes, "I never have practiced by arguments which, perverted, are the weapons ofthe silent mental malpractice. I issue no arguments, and cause
none to be used in mental practice, which consign people to suffering. On the contrary, I
cannot serve two masters; therefore I teach the use of such arguments only as promote
health and spiritual growth." (Miscellaneous Writings) "The spiritual power ofa scientific,
right thought, without a direct effort, an audible or even a mental argument, has oftentimes
healed inveterate diseases." (Rudimental Divine Science). Christian Science treatment
does away with the arguments ofdivision It appears that there is God, man, disease and
practitioner, but in the oneness of God and man, the claim ofanimal magnetism, based
upon duality, cannot operate. Hence, the conclusion oftreatment, which is true at the
beginning, is that there is only oneness ofBeing. Only pure Being is going on, and we
rejoice in that which really is. The function ofthe argument is merely a human auxiliary, to
bring you to the point of seeing the reality. Mind sees the reality always, and needs no
The problem announces itself to a practitioner as a person to be helped, but everything unlike good is an impersonal claim. Reduce it to animpersonal suggestion. Treatment should be given on such a universal basis that it promotes the disappearance of the
entire claim. The more universal the treatment, the more specifically will it operate on
behalfofthe one who asked for help.
Resume: Treatment is for the purpose ofremoving misconceptions. That which
presents itself as material conditions is only a misconception We are never healing a
material body. We are being the divine body, the Christ-body, the full manifestation ofthe
infinite Mind.
We only dismiss a false concept. Our approach must be always subjective from
the standpoint of"I AM." Jesus was successful because he knew himselfto be the affirmation ofBeing. Positive affirmation is in. itselfa treatment. Reject that which appears as a
misconception The more you see that Christian Science treatment is not the availing yourself of an outside power, the more will you realize, "I am the divine activity itself." Every
treatment should refresh the practitioner as much as it helps the patient.
Treatment is always dealing with beliefs, and that is why our prayer is efficacious in
the material realm. There is only one body - divine Principle embodying itself as the
Demonstration: Only the divine Mind can demonstrate itself. Beholding from the
allness ofMind, there is nothing but Mind to demonstrate itself All is safe and secure because your origin and being are in God Himself. The misconception disappears, and thus
we recognize what we already are. The human limited sense can never conceive ofthe
infinite. Mind is infinitely versatile and never repeats itself: but is immutably One. Perfection and completeness are never static or monotonous. The human sense cannot grasp
completeness, so finds more joy in the attempt to attain rather than in attainment itself
Our life is not an attainment in Christian Science, but the acknowledgement of
Being here an~ now as our own fullness. The more we acknowledge this, the more harmonious will be our human experience. Man is the fullness ofLove in operation. Divine Mind
never desires. It is conscious ofits own omni-active fullness. The more we see that demonstration is spiritual, not something to be brought about, but the acknowledgement of
that which really is, the more will human harmony appear in a fuller way.
Chemicalization: This is possible only ifwe think that two things are going onthe Divine Mind and the human. In the divine coincidence, the human sense fades out. The
divine and the human never mix. The opposite qualities, tares and wheat, are separated
through divine realization Wheat, the divine presence in full evidence, is All; and there is
nothing else going on The human mind cannot be made the basis oflife. The beliefthat the
human mind is a creator, is the tares. Prevent chemicalization by realizing divine Oneness,
and that suggestion is nothing at all. Couch the absolute Truth in words that will not offend
the patient. The good we do is not in words, but in the Christliness ofour own being. 1am
the Word of God in all its clarity and beauty and loveliness. We are not dealing with a
human mind which has to be educated or healed.
All the good in the world is divine good; and what appears as evil has no presence
or identity at all, and is not going on
Sabbath: Ajoyous sense offullness and well-being in which any sense ofhea1ing
or being healed is wiped out. "They went seven times around these walls, the seven times
corresponding to the seven days ofcreation: the six days are to find out the nothingness of
matter; the seventh is the day ofrest, when it is found that evil is naught and good is all."
(Miscellaneous Writings) This is the sabbath. In this sabbath, there is no place where evil
can evidence itself We must first admit that we have a mortal body before disease can
appear. Refusal of a mortal body is all-important.
Whatever claims to be law apart from the one divine law, is no law and comes
under the divine law itself We must have reverence for treatment as divine law and never
restrict it by thinking of my little understanding oftruth. Personal sense is a sense of division. It is the fallacy that the one infinite is divided into minds many and bodies many.
Where there is no personal sense, there is no disease. Our only real being never leaves the
kingdom of heaven - never goes down to arguments. The Christliness ofthe Christian
Science practitioner is expressed in willingness to help immature thought in the way it can
best be helped. The essence of the Christ is the ability to do the humanly loving thing
without being touched by it.
CrucifIXion: This is in a mortal, material concept ofthe Christ called Jesus, or any
other name then or now. John is the most advanced state of discipleship. Hence Jesus'
meeting him on the mount, spiritual altitude, and saying. "They think they are crucifYing me
down there." We are never in the picture that mortal mind presents about man. "Suffer it
to be so now," is the willingness to deal with claims to show immature thought the unreality
Obstetrics andBirth: The basis ofthe whole thing is that the universe is complete
and needs no addition, because no part of the universe will ever fade out. The mortal,
restrictive sense holds the beliefthat pro-creation is needed to replenish the earth. The
truth about creation is that it has no beginning and no end. Man was never born and will
never die. This is the divine law to the case and the delivery is painless and steady. "When
this new birth takes place, the Christian Science infant is born ofthe Spirit, born of God,
and can cause the mother no more suffering." (Science and Health). When this new birth
takes place - that is to say, when you have the concept ofit - make plain to the mother
that her responsibility is to live the Fatherhood and Motherhood ofGod, the fullness ofher
being, that she is not a medium for pro-creation. It is our responsibility to understand that
there is only one man, existing as the fullness ofBeing without having to be created. Because this is man, I can read in the first person: "I am Christ Science." (Miscellaneous
Writings) I exclude all discord by my divine allness.
Law: It looks as if there is a divine law and a state law - vaccination, etc. Ifwe
believe ourselves to be persons, we believe we come under the state law. There is only the
law of God, and whatever appears as another law is not the law of God, and we are not
under it. State laws cannot interfere with divine good. We are never under a human law.
Man is divine law. I am the law to every situation wherever I seem to be.
"The Christian Scientist, through understanding mental 'anatomy, discerns and deals
with the real cause of disease." (Science and Health) "Deals with the real cause of disease" means that disease has no cause at all. That which is divinely true constitutes our
being, our motives and our acts. Anatomy shows our true selfhood. "It is a self-evident
error to suppose that there can be such a reality as organic animal or vegetable life, when
such so-called life 'always ends in death." (ibid) Life is never structural nor organic. Spiritual anatomy is divine self-knowledge- man as idea. We are never dealing with qualities
or properties of a body which seems to be organic, because mortal bodY-is only a misconception. Ability to separate error from Truth by the sword of Spirit is important. By so
doing, the firmament appears. "Finnament. Spiritual understanding; the scientific line of
demarcation between Truth and error, between Spirit and so-called matter." (ibid) Spiritual discrimination is not a human faClilty, but divinely derived. God called the firmament
heaven. The moment we begin to have spiritual discrimination between the real and unreal,
and idenill)r ourselves as divinely real, this is heaven
Fever: Fear. Crisis. Know that error must disappear without any process. We are
never dealing with a physical ailment. Sickness is never bodily, but mental. ''Destroy fear
and you end fever." Fear is due to the supposed reality ofsomething unlike good.
HaJljever: The beliefthat man is environed by a material world which includes
irritants. Remedy: Manis not only surrounded by divine Love, he is the full manifestation of
it. Man's being is all-hannonious, and never clashes with anything in God's universe. No
resentment, no irritability. I am all-inclusive Love. "What an abuse ofnatural beauty to say
that a rose, the smile of God, can produce suffering." (Science and Health) The false
concept ofrose is all that claims to harm, not the rose.
Glands: Based upon the belief that body is material. God is not organization.
There is nothing to man but the full manifestation, including all right ideas, eternallyoperative, functioning perfectly. A material body is a misinterpretation ofthe true body. Spiritual
functioning is not a process.
Indigestion: Man is the ceaseless activity of the divine Mind - not machinery
which has to be oiled. Actionfi"om the standpoint ofTruth does away with the false sense
of action. The reality and simplicity of divine understanding does not have to be digested.
I am the fullness ofdivine understanding without any process. That which is eating, is only
a false belief about myself. Know that you never came down to the beliefwhich you see
pictured in a mirror. Whatever is divinely beautiful is my being, and nothing else is.
Heredity: A belief ofthought transference.
Nerves: A beliefin the lack ofidentification with the infinite which never needs to
be. transferred. Remedy: Identification with the infinite. No separate selfhood. No transference.
Measles: Error follows no course. It has no course at all, and no after-effects.
Man was never involved in any material belief Hence sight and hearing are eternally intact.
Reduce all disease to a mental misconception, knowing that matter was never an entity.
lime: The suggestion that error that happened a long time ago is now.
Distance: That error happened so far away that it is out ofmy reach. The beliefis
here and now, and that is why it comes under the law ofmy treatment. It is a false claim
which says that in spite ofGod's ever-presence, something can take place which is not in
the nature ofGod. Man is the activity of Spirit.
Contagion: ·''Disease arises, like other mental conditions, from association." (Science and Health) Wrong sense of association. Never associate yourselfwith a misconception. "Whatever man sees, feels or in any way takes cognizance of, must be caught
through mind; inasmuch as perception, sensation and consciousness belong to mind and
not to matter." (Miscellaneous Hntings) Know that the divine Mind alone sees, feels and
takes cognizance.
Pneumonia: No process; no crisis. The Life ofman never operates through lungs.
This removes fear, and then lungs operate nonnally.
Heart: Not the seat oflife. The truth about heart is that it is a divine idea. The one
infinite body is forever embodying itselfand is divinely maintained. Therefore nothing can
be wrong with it. Whatever appears erroneous is a misconception, nothing more.
For immediate healing, we must rid ourselves ofthe beliefthat disease is associated with a material body and has to run its course. Matter cannot be diseased. "The first
erroneous postulate of beliefis that substance, life and intelligence are something apart
from God." (Science andHealth). The postulates are extremely important, especially the
fifth. "The fifth erroneous postulate is, that matter holds in itselfthe issues oflife and death
- that matter is not only capable ofexperiencing pleasure and pain, but also ofimparting
these sensations. From the illusion implied in this last postulate arises the decomposition of
mortal bodies in what is termed death." (ibid) Life was never infused into matter and
cannot leave it. The Life which is God, is the Life which is man, and was never in a finite
fonn. Life is indivisible.
Jnsanity: Is the beliefthat man has a mind apart from "God, and the beliefthat there
is mentality in brain. Reduce this to a misconception. Mind is the only Mind going on.
There is no deviation from the one Mind.
Sight: The truth about eyes is "spiritual discernment," and this is a law obliterating
the false beliefs about them. Faculties are spiritual, untouched by age beliefs. Man is the
full likeness ofGod and needs nothing from "outside" and no medium to attain it. Keep the
"f' single by not connecting anything to it which is not the nature of the divine "I." The
beliefthat we see through matter is a belief ofmorta! mind.
Poison: Always duality, opposition and friction - hence disintegration. Duality
opposes the oneness of Being. Treatment banishes sense of duality, and we have the
appearance of an improved material body.
Cancer: Being a wrong belief, there is nothing to it but a beliefwithout a believer.
Cannot exist without a material organism. Body is not organism, but a glorious idea. Never
treat matter - banish misconception that man is a person and that body is a material
organism. " ... the infinite recognizes no disease." (Unity ofGood) "The illusive senses
may fancy affinities with their opposites; but in Christian Science, Truth never mingles with
error." (Science and Health) This is most important - no affinities with opposites.
Liquor habit: Have no sense c;>f condemnation. Man is never frustrated because
he is the full manifestation ofMind, and is the fullness ofsatisfaction and completeness. In
divine Mind, there are no habits. Man includes what is true about ~quor, and this excludes
the misconception ofpelVersion Never tell p~tient that he must get rid ofanything, but that
he is complete. "Mind is not, cannot be, in matter. It sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells as
Mind and not as matter." (Unity o/Good) Spirit, Mind, is the source of all sensation.
Spiritual sensation is the only causation. I am the activity ofdivine Mind itself. I am divine
Principle in operation
Smoking: I re1axinmy spiritual fullness and need nothing from "outside" as ease.
Point out man's real nature, spiritually complete, and this completeness is far more satisfYing than ifone tried to attain a sense of completeness in a human way.
Goiter: Confront false sense of body with body as a divine idea, which excludes
emotional tendencies or suppressed emotions. "The material body manifests only what
mortal mind believes, whether it be a broken bone, disease, or sm." (Science and Health)
Always insist on the fact that man is Christ-consciousness. The acceptance of a misconception as my own thought or that of others, is all that can bring disease.
Teeth: The only concept is the concept ofthe indestructibility ofthe divine Mind.
Disintegration: Material sense itselfis the disintegration. There is no matter. All is
infinite Mind and this constitutes the only body.
Age: Age is based on two cardinal mistakes:
1. The supposed division of existence into time.
2. The belief that substance is matter.
Reject the beliefthat man lives in the dimension oftime, space, person. The one
body is made without hands, eternal in the heavens. The restful activity ofGod constitutes
the only body. God rests in action. I am not dealing with my condition. Discord is never my
condition. Old age is a mental condition - a tendency to think backward. Youth is a
tendency to think in the future. We are enjoying the everlasting now oftrue being. Live in
the eternal now. Avoid getting in a rut. "Are you a Christian Scientist? I am. Do you adopt
as truth the above statements? I do. Then why this meaningless commemoration ofbirthdays, since there are none?" (Miscellany) To think of the age of anyone, is to put him in
the realm of death.
Mind expresses itselfin infinite spontaneity andversatility, never repeating itself,
never wearing itselfout. Being is Oneness. Th~re is nothing outside to interfere with the
harmony ofthe infinite; and nothing inside can interfere, because every element is divine.
Change ofLife: Life is changeless, eternal, ageless, immortal. To believe in change
oflife, is a disease in itself. My Life always maintains its original, infinite, timeless nature.
"Man in Science is neither young nor old. He has neither birth nor death." (Science and
Scholastic theology starts with a person trying to improve himself There is only
one infinite, eternal activity, and therefore no opposition to the right. Man is all that God is.
Man does not see. He is the seeing. He is the spiritual discernment itself Man is joy. He
does not possess joy. Man is law. He is the operation of divine Principle. He is the activity
itself Law is the emanation ofPrinciple.
Supply and Demand: Realize that in the wonderful sense of oneness there is
nothing to be supplied. Man is the experience of all the fullness and inexhaustible completeness which constitutes the divine nature. I am the fullness of divine expression. I am
abundance and wealth and joy. No claim ofdiscord can disturb my wholeness. Error has
neither identity nor mentality. Soul, glorifying itselfin beauty, spontaneity and satisfaction,
constitutes my selthood - the selfhood ofSoul. Mind is forever embracing its own conception. Treatment is Mind's self-realization and self-fulfillment. It is the law of instant
annihilation to a false belief.
Death: No birth means no death. Death is incidental to the belief oflife in matter.
Matter is nothing more than a misinterpretation ofSpiril It is never an entity. The beliefthat
we pass out ofmatter into life is a misstatement. All there is to death is the beliefin it. "I am
alive forevermore," because God is my Life. All; therefore there is no evil; so we
deal only with the beliefthat evil exists. Reduce that which announces itself as a reality to
a false suggestion which is neither the thought nor the condition ofmyselfor ofanyone else.
What I accept about another I indirectly accept as myself. All there is to man is the knowledge of eternal Principle. The idea of etemality can never cease or fade out, and this
constitutes our etemality and immortality here and now. Etemality and immortality are not
a goal to be reached when our understanding expands. Such an immature sense would
belong to a person trying to demonstrate Christian Science. I am divine idea itself, the
Science itself Whatever does not come forth from Truth itself, must be eternally rejected.
Life is one eternal consciot~sness without beginning or end.
"Mortals will lose their sense ofmortality - disease, sickness, sin and death - in
the proportion that they gain the sense ofman's spiritual pre~xistence as God's child; as
the offspring of good, and not of God's opposite- evil or a fallen man. Science reverses
the evidence of material sense with the spiritual sense that God, Spirit is the only substance; and that man, His image and likeness, is spiritual, not material. This great Truth
does not destroy but substantiates man's identity - together with his immortality and
preexistence, or his spiritual co-existence with his Maker." (Miscellaneous Writings)
Before the material concept, before Abraham, was the eternality offieing. Preexistence is
spiritual co-existence. Preexistence is the continuity ofBeing, no birth nor death.
Because all is "infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation," there is no unconsciousness. That which seems to be the opposite of Mind, is the absence of Mind; and in its
ignorance, it claims to be mentality. Probation after death is here and now because birth is
lncidental to the beliefoflife in matter, and this birth is the first death- the utter false belief
that I exist within the mortal concept. There is no unconsciousness in reality or in belief
. The fact that we understand immortality constitutes our immortality here and now. I am the
idea of Life eternal. There is no "he." There is only "I." Whatever is good and true of
anyone is idea, such as joy, peace, hannony, which are indestructibly included in "i" - in
the one infinite Being; and whatever is not good is nothing at all.
Restoration comes aIwayswith the liberation from misconception Mortal mind is
a dead mind. The suggestion of a mortal mind never belongs to me at all. Reject the
misconception and assert, " I am infinite understanding here and now, infinite perfection
here and now, all without process ofattainment I am this divine reality itself: here and now.
I am the I Am ofLne forever expressing itself" A limited human sense cannot conceive of
Indian philosophy tries to understand the things of God from the standpoint ofthe
human mind. The "f' which understands continuity, infinity and etemality is totally indestructible. I am Life eternal.
Accident "Accidents are unknown to God, or immortallv1ind, and we must leave
the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of
chance to the proper sense of God's unerring direction and thus bring out harmony. Under
divine Providence there can be no accidents, since there is no room for imperfection in
perfection." (Science andHealth)~ The divine idea never had to leave the mortal basis. It
was never on that basis. For an accident to happen, I must first accept that I live in a mortal
body, and that this body is again in a three-dimensional material world. My kingdom is the
universe of Spirit. I am divine idea, forever security and safety itself. Divine inclusion of
every right idea and exclusion ofthe false concept, is certain preventative of belief called
Train, Car: What they do in overcoming distance hints to divine idea as everpresence. My own spiritual ever-presence is illustrated by a train, car or plane.
Protection: Do not limit work to oneself. Work universally. I am in the oneness of
divine reality, and not in the plurality of material sense. The more I recognize that I am
divine idea itseI£: the less I need symbols. A parable is a symbo~ a material finite concept.
Understanding is always in spite of symbo~ because it is Mind's understanding.
World affairs: The true nature ofthe universe is that which exists in oneness, and
not in the extension of time and space. We cannot isolate ourselves, either in person, or
city, or nation. "Ye are the light ofthe world." Our interests and work must take place on
a universal basis. The more universal my treatment, the more does it manifest the elements
ofLove itself The more I persist in erroneous beliefs, the more I deface the tablet of my
being. Any reluctance to hdp would involve two beliefs:
1. That I am not interested in what is happening to what appears as others.
2. That I cannot do anything about it with my limited understanding.
Whatever I pennit to be wrong and do not correct, causes detriment to that which
seems to be me.
Complexity: This is a misconception ofthe one universe, the one individual or
indivisible experience of the one Mind which constitutes man in the divine fullness. In
myself are all the elements required for that which appears as the material world to operate
properly and progressively.
I am the fullness ofLife. I am the fullness of Soul. I am the fullness ofsubstance. I
live my own universal Christ-self as the abundance, the peace, the joy, the security, which
the world can neither give or take away. They are not to be attained, but exist here and
now in all their fullness. There is one idea nation, including all good qualities ofnations and
no bad qualities. The idea ofnation is within me. This is illustrated in the fact that I can think
of it. Whatever I can think ofwhich constitutes divine reality, is within me. I am not included in nation. The truth about nation frees us from the misconception ofit. Frequently
remind oneself that that which appears as the complex material world is in reality the
spiritual universe here and now as one infinite in every way. I must not try to reform
persons, seen through a glass darkly, but drop the dark glass. When it is dropped, I see all
to be "very good." I do not have to accept the suggestion that there is something wrong
with you.
Intrinsically, there is no difference between beliefs - neither small or great. Belief
is nothing. I must not take in the suggestion that there is anything going on but the Christconsciousness. Evil is always "suggestion" parading as I and my, but I am here and now
the Christ-consciousness, and not a person trying to attain it. I am the salt ofthe earth, the
light ofthe world. We hide our light when we place it under the bushel ofpersonal sense,
and we are showing forth the true light when placed on the candlestick oftrue individuality.
Never swelVe from the basis of perfect God and perfect man. This forestalls evil beliefs
from appearing. Whatever announces itself as contrary to the nature ofgood is not my
thought or my mentality. To recognize this will "overturn, overturn, overturn" till he come
whose right it is. He "whose right it is" is my Cluist-realization The realization that Truth is
omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, gives error no claim to presence or power. Error
claims to be consciousness.
True psychology is the Science of Spirit. "The prophylactic and therapeutic (that
is, the preventative and curative) arts belong emphatically to Christian Science, as would
be readily seen, ifpsychology, or the Science of Spirit, God, was understood." And, "We
should prevent the images ofdisease from taking form in thought, and we should efface the
outlines of disease already formulated in the minds ofmortals." (Science andHealth) The
welfare ofthe world is in the prevention of discord, the prophylactic function ofChristian
Science. Prevention is in knowing that we have never left the basis of Spirit, and are
dealing only with beliefs which have no reality, no mentality.
Lectures: The divine Principle expresses itselfas its own word or understanding.
The more you see the lecture free from the aspect ofpersons, time and spac~, the better it
will be. Man is identical with the Word ofGod. To think ofsowing seed is immature. This
process is on stony ground in varying degree. Instead ofsowing seed, we areto acknowledge the Word ofGod as ever-present, self-understood, without any measure or process.
Sowing seed implies waiting for harvest. The full evidence ofthe Word is now.
Because God is All, anything unlike the nature ofdivine Mind does not exist. You
cannot fear what does not ~xist. I am the Christ-consciousness itself, not a person with a
human mind knowing about the Christ-consciousness. The basic error is in accepting the
misconception that you are a person with a human mind. Ifyou accept this, you submit to
malpractice. The beholder must reform himself and not what he beholds.
Ifyou believe error to be an entity against which we have to protect ourselves, we
make a reality ofit. It is never an entity, so reduce error to a false beliefand know that you
cannot assume the consciousness offalse belief. Nothing apart from the Christ-consciousness was ever my being. The objectification of"my fear" is a false suggestion. Allay fear
with the assurance ofdivine Love, and know that the divine law is the only law operating.
Nothing but God is going on in reality or in belief.
Never work for rain or you have a material concept of production. Know that
creation is complete and spiritual, and whatever is reat is divinely expressed without flaw
or limitation. The human appearance will then be good crops.
"As named in Christian Science, animal magnetism or hypnotism is the specific
term for error, or mortal mind." Also, "Animal magnetism is the voluntary or involuntary
action oferror in all its fonns; ..." (Science andHealth) There is no voluntary or involuntary action of error. Speak of suppositional activity of error, so that you do not make the
patient afraid. Error has no action. Animal magnetism has no scientific foundation. It is
mortal mind's acceptance ofa suggestion. We do not work against what "seems" to be the
trouble, because ifwe believe something is wrong, this is animal magnetism itself: and this
is all we have to deny. "I have a pain." This is first just a suggestion Ifyou take it in long
enough, then you give it the chance to appear as a material condition of a material body.
Animal magnetism appears as a suggestion. Be alert. Dismiss the suggestion. Because I
am the Christ-consciousness, I can never have such a thought or belief. The only experience is that of divine Love itself: and this annuls the beliefthat animal magnetism exists.
Resume: Death is merely a misconception of the Life which is. The trouble is
always in the misconception. Show the impossibility of a misconception, its spurious nature. There is no misconception to suggest itselfas a sick person. Many attempts are being
made (ignorantly) to remove effect. "Acute and chronic beliefs reproduce their own types.
The acute belief of physical life comes on at a remote period, and is not so disastrous as
the chronic belief." (SCience andHealth)
Chronic andAcute: Symptoms of old age are chronic. Belief that there is danger
of dying is acute. Refuse to submit to the suggestion that you have a material mind and a
material body. In this way we are protected from every form of discord.
Robes Washed White: This is to be free from the belief of a material mind and
material body and to know yourself as divine idea.
Animal magnetism and malpractice is the supposed activity ofmortal mind. Mortal
mind is a solecism, because all Mind is Mind, divine consciousness, never mortal. Mortal
mind is the absence ofMind. There is no mortal mind in reality or in belie~ and the belief
that such a thing could have activity is a mere dream. The belief that we are living in a
material world, is already animal magnetism itself. The only danger is in the suggestion that
I am a human mind with a human body. "f' and "my" must never be identified with any
statement which is not in accordance with divine perfection.
Refrain from identifying yourselfwith pain. Refuse to think, "I have a pain," or it
will objectify itselfin discordant material conditions.
I must not identifY myselfwith a human mind. This so-called mind buries itselfin a
mortal concept ofbody. The one indestructible whole is not open to disintegration. Danger
is not in any material condition, but in my own wrong identification as ahuman. Divine
Mind is my Mind, and I am in the realm ofindestructible ideas.
The day ofthe Lord is the understanding of substance as Spirit. As the result of
true identification, material sense begins to see its own unreality. All good is a certainty
which I embody. I never had to "put off' anything, because discord was never part ofmy
The indivisibility of divine Love is forever appearing and asserting itself Atomic
force is the indivisible power ofdivine Love. We are indestructible, and as we see this, the
human situation will improve.
Starting out from Mind, we find that Mind includes every divine idea, so man
includes both bride and bridegroom. I am bride and bridegroom. Marriage is the understanding ofthe inclusion
Man does not experience. He is experience. He is Mind's consciousness ofitself
There is no matter in reality or in belief. There is no environment to man. He is the full
expression ofLove, and this may appear as a human being lovingly surrounded.
Error, having no mentality, can have no reluctance to give itselfup. "Secret mental
efforts to obtain help from one who is unaware ofthis attempt, demoralizes the person
who does this, the same as other forms of stealing, and will end in deStroying health and
morals." (Retrospection and Introspection) The effort to obtain health from anything but
divine Principle, is a mistake in itself. Error is a dream picture within a dream. We never
deal with anything but a misconception Every disease is identification with something
ungodlike, and this in itselfis sin.
To deal with aggreasive beliefs trying to attack the movement, government, or me:
1. There is no mortal mind in reality or in belief.
2. There is no transference ofmortal mind. That which we think ofas
mortal mind is not mind, but only a beliefand therefore naught. One
cannot transfer naught.
3. Man is divine manifestation and not a person, so all malpractice is
directed against a misconception and this misconception has never
been a part ofme. I am the Christ, and therefore I am not in a human
concept, not in a personal concept.
When we awake .each morning, we should realize that because divine Mind is
ever conscious, the continuity ofmy conscious being cannot be interfered with by unconsciousness or sleep.
Insomnia: Divine Mind is ever conscious, "neither slumbers nor sleeps." Divine
Mind expressing itself COLStitutes the freshness and the vigour ofmy being. This is the
healing ofinsomnia.
All that is happening is the unfoldment of,'Day" as defined in the Glossary. (Science and Health) Day is not time, but the unfoldment of eternity. I am the unfoldment
itself, not a person trying to avail himself ofit. The more I love what I am, the more will
restrictions fall away. The divine presence of spiritual completeness is the spiritual fact
about accomplishment.
Recun-ence: IfI believe that I am a person who has been healed, I lay myself open
to the belief of recurrence.
Incurability: Is merely the viewpoint ofthe physician from the standpoint that
_ matter is a creative agent. Accumulated medical knowledge, like all material knowledge, is
ignorance and cannot hinder divine law. Material law is not law, but a false claim.
Look out from the standpoint ofMind and you find that there is only the activity of
Mind and nothing else. Animal magnetism was never part ofmy being in reality or in belief
There is none, and that which does not exist cannot operate. Divine Mod being All, animal
magnetism is neither cause, nor effect. Understand the nothingness of every supposed
activity of evil. I am not in a material world, nor have I a material body.
Roman Catholicism: Romanismis a belief ofmortal mind parading under a religious guise. The attraction which Roman Catholicism uses is the attraction ofmaterial
sense. The fact that Spirit is the only attraction annuls a false sense of attraction
Be alert to what you really are -not a person in a three-dimensional world. Then
beliefs attached to personal sense fall away. Never go down to mortal sense about yourself. You are not a person with a mortal body. I am the "house built without hands."
Hypnotism: This is the specific attempt ofmortal mind to operate. The one Mind,
stable and invariable, is invulnerable. Hypnotism says the world has been broken up into
persons and things. Our understanding ofthe oneness ofBeing -the unchangeable nature
of existence and our identification with this - is our protection against hypnotism. The
basic beliefis that we place ourselves as persons in the realm ofmortal misconception.
. Astrology: This claims to operate as planetary influence and the relation ofplanets
to each other which operates through horoscope. Manis not surrounded by planets, but
includes the truth of all things. Man was never born. The only power is the all-embracing
power ofSpirit. Astronomy, astrology - the truth about it is useful. It helps at sea, etc.
Electricity: Mrs. Eddy writes, "Electricity is the sharp surplus ofmateriality which
counterfeits the true essence of spirituality or truth - the great difference being that electricity is not intelligent, while spiritual truth is Mind." «Science and Health) All is light,
and this is illustrated in human experience by electricity producing light. There are no
opposites. The power is there because the divine Mind is omnipotence itself When we
see that there are no opposites, we are not touched by electricity. The whole belief of
human generation is a beliefoffiiction- electricity. Know that manis completeness itself,
hence no need to procreare.
MateriaMedica: There is no power in matter. \Yhatever healing is accomplished
to human sense by matter is in spite ofthe material senses, because misconception cannot
do anything. Physical diagnosis induces disease. Ifyou wish for a diagnosis this means that
you have identified yourselfwith a material body - the basis of disease. The Christian
Science method and materia medica have nothing in common. "A Christian Scientist's
medicine is Mind, the divine Truth that makes man free." (Science and Health) What
shall I do ifI break a leg? Only mortal mind could ask that question. I never have knowledge that such could ever be the case.
Why is there evil and what is its origin? Evil never existed as an entity or reality, so
it has no existence and no origin. Real existence alone is original. Certain questions, such
as "How did the mist arise when all was primeval harmony?" are attempts to keep us busy
with that which is not; and we must silence such attempts by knowing that there is no mind
to ask such questions. "The supposititious parent of evil is a lie. The Bible declares: 'All
things were made by Him [the divine Word]; and without Him was not anything made that
was made.'" Also, "Jesus said ofpersonified evil, that it was' a liar, and the father ofit. '
Truth creates neither a lie, a capacity to lie, nor a liar." (Science andHealth)
Romanism is merely mortal mind in the guise ofreligion. Its beliefs are:
1. That man needs a human priest.
2. That God has a mother named Mary - a personalization
of the Motherhood of God
3. That we need saints in order to get favors.
It is a beliefin personality, punishment and damnation
The true church is built on the recognition that lIl!l11 is the Christ-idea. We can unite
with true church only when we know ourselves as the Christ-idea. Then the "Gates ofhell"
- a false suggestion- can never prevail against me. "And I say also unto thee, That thou
are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates ofhell shall not prevail
against it. And I will give unto thee the keys ofthe kingdom ofheaven: and whatsoever
thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth
shall be loosed in heaven." (Matt) The kingdom is within. The keys to the kingdom are not
in the hands of any person.
Bound and Loos~d: This is the realization that what is divinely good can never be
undone and what is not good cannot persist.
.The fear engendered by the Roman Catholic religion keeps it going. There is no
material sense of existence, so material sense cannot dominate through religious beliefs.
The Roman Catholic practice is the material sense of existence in the guise ofchurch, so
see that there is none. Existence is spiritual. Our Life is the Christ itseH: and this proves that
a material belief can have no organization. In order to be affected by discord, I must mst
be afraid and must be regarding myself as material mind and a material body. Roman
Catholicism measures progress merely by numbers. Instead oftrying to get more persons
in our movement, we must get rid of our own personal sense of existence, and this will
appear as those who are really seeking Truth in finding Christian Science. The Roman
Catholic church depletes its members. Malpractice can only operate within its own misconception; and ifwe do not place ourselves within the misconception, we cannot be
touched by it.
Judaism: is the belief that the spiritual has to be materialized and personalized
before it can be of any value. It is an attempt to crucifY the Christ. It is a misconception.
Chosen Nation: This does not refer to a number ofpersons, but is a state ofMind
available to all.
Man is God's seeing. Man is art. He is beauty. Error cannot evolve a mist of
obscurity. There are no material conditions good or bad, but spiritual conditions only.
Mind expresses itselfdirectly, without the restrictions or limitation ofchannels. Man is the
expression ofPrinciple which constitutes all action Energy is Mind, not matter. Principle is
invariable in operation. The fact that I am here and now, divine expression, prevents sin
from expressing itself
There is no mystery to Christian Science. When approached from the standpoint
of Truth or Principle, everything is clear. If all is not clear this is because you have started
out from the human basis. Spirit could only seem to be a mystery to the human mind. The
mystery ofGodliness pertains to material sense only.
Superstition: This mesmerism is dispelled by Science - which is exact knowledge. There is one Mind and this is my Mind. Therefore there is no mind to be hypnotized.
I have never been in the realm ofmaterial belief This fact is sure protection from hypnotism. Fakirs, lying on spikes, exhibit mind over matter. This is not Christian Science, which
states Mind to be all and matter to be non-existent.
Truth: Truth understands itself I am Truth's self-understanding. The Truth is myselfas divine manifestation, and when I know this I shall not be limited by symbols. "May
apostate praise return to its first love, above the symbol seize the spirit, speak: the 'new
tongue' - and may thought soar and Soul ~e." Also, "We learn from the Scriptures that
the Baalites or sun-worshipers failed to look 'through nature up to nature's God,' thus
missing the discovery ofall cause and effect. They were content to look no higher than the
symbol. This departure from Spirit, this worshiping ofmatter in the name ofnature, was
idolatry then and is idolatry now." (Miscellany) Ours is Jpiritualunderstanding, Jpiritual
worship, spiritual love. I am never where mortal belief claims that I am. There is one
realm only- the realm of eternal Life. All else is misconception
Spiritualism: This is the belief that there are two realms. It is the belief in
mediumship, a state of retrogression ofreturning to beliefs outgrown.
Duality: Duality claims many spirits, many controlling influences - the departed
so-called spirit controlling. The remedy is to know one Spirit, one realm, one controlling
Theosophy: believes in transmigration of souls, and reincarnation Transmigration
is impossible for there is one Soul or God.
Muhammadanism: This religion believes in one God, but very personal. In the
heaven of Muhammad you have all material pleasures forever that you wished for on
earth. It is the heaven ofphysical sense -no heaven. Heaven is spiritual bliss, free from all
sense ofperson, place or time. Divine Love is unhampered by the senses.
Malpractice: IfI believe that you are malpracticing upon me, I am malpracticing
upon you because ofthe misconception I entertain of you. For malpractice to operate in
my kingdom, I have to make the first wrong move. Again, I have to believe myselfto be a
person with a material mind and a material body. Protection is never needed against an
outside force, but against my beliefthat an outside force exists. Divine Mind's embodiment
ofitself constitutes my true·selfhood. I am never in a human concept. Always reduce all
error to an impersonal misconception, which has nothing to do with me. Know that government cannot be misdirected. All there is to the activity ofmortal mind is zero.
Christian 'Science treatment is divine Mind's acknowledgement ofinfinite, everpresent perfection Every treatment which begins with words must end in wordless being.
Every treatment is Mind's progressive unfoldment ofits own infinite nature. I am
the fullness of divine understanding. We are practitioners because we are living Christian
Science, and this will appear as healing. A Christian Science practitioner discriminates as
to which cases.he takes. There must be some inkling ofthe Christ - something beyond a
mere desire for physical healing in a patient. "Healing physical sickness is the smallest part
of Christian Science. It is only the bugle-call to thought and action in the higher range of
infinite goodness. The emphatic purpose ofChristian Science is the healing ofsm;" (Rudimental Divine Science) Sin is all that deviates from the nature ofGod. Healing sickness
and sin is incidental to Truth's awareness ofitself-the recognition ofman as divine idea.
"Hatred, envy, dishonesty, fear, and so forth, make a man sick, and neither material medicine nor Mind can help him pennanently, even in body, unless it makes him better mentally,
and so delivers him from his destroyers." (SCience and Health) Hatred is a form of extreme fear. The understanding ofLove as omnipotent and omni-active banishes it.
Explain to your patient that he comes to Christian Science to know himselffrom
the standpoint ofTruth, and as he does this, everything unlike Truth will disappear. Symptoms were never part ofour being, so refuse to identify yourselfwith them Do not dwell
on physical healing, but spiritual wholeness. Practitioners should give no human advice. Be
moderate, not too startling with statements ofTruth. Healing does not take place within the
dimension oftime. Thus nothing can be chronic. Treatment is Christ operating, and not my
human understanding ofthe Christ. Never use the expression, "I must clear my thought."
You have not a mind in which you can harbor material beliefs. You are Mind's fullness.
The operation of divine Principle is unbreakable divine law. Divfue Principle expresses nothing but itself: and in this expressing ofits nature, it remains invariable, and that
which Principle expresses remains constant. Divine Principle is identified only with that
which is infinite and eternal. Divine law can never harm anyone. It operates always in favor
of man, and is free from opposition or restriction. Law is Principle in expression. Everything in reality is lawful-law in operation; whatever appears inharmonious is a beliefthat
the law of God is not operating fully. Whatever seems to be a human law operating contrary to the divine is a perversion- a misconception. Divine law is forever unrestricted,
without any limitation at all.
There is no mortal law. This is only beliefand not law. Ifthere were mortal law, we
could not do away with it; but knowing it as belief: we see it fall away. "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or
when awake." (Science and Health) We must be a law to ourselves. Man, as divine
manifestation or activity, is the equivalent of law. He is not a person availing himself of
divine law to protect him, but is divine law itself. "The Christianly scientific man reflects the
divine law, thus becoming a law unto himself." (ibid) We are not persons who bring divine
law into operation. Everything that announces itselfas unlike good is instantly under the
law which banishes it. My being, my wholeness, my work, my harmony, is divine law.
When we are living from the divine standpoint, we are the divine law and nothing else is
going on Divine activity constitutes man.
"Truth has no consciousness of error. Love has no sense of hatred. Life has no
partnership with death. Truth, Life and Love are a law of ~ation to eveI}'thing unlike
themselves, because they declare nothing except God." (ibid) I declare nothing unlike
God. This is Truth, Life and Love declaring itself, and is the law of annihilation to everything unlike good. The law ofGod is not a power radiating from a divine spot. It wells up
from within its own unlocalized being. The divine reality remains itseIffrom everlasting to
everlasting without change, but at the same time the infinite never repeats itself The divine
power constitutes my experience. Only when the law ofthe land is in conformity with the
law of God can it be enforced.
Security: Do not place security on a human basis. No human condition is responsible for my security, but the fact that security is an unalterable law is responsible for
harmonious and safe human conditions. There is one law and this law is the assurance that
so-called human laws can not intetfere with what is right.
Obedience: Obedience is derived from divine law and should never be based on
human authority, such as, "I ani your mother, so you must do this." The diVine Principle
expresses itselfin strict accordance with its own unerring nature. The divine idea never
deviates in the least from its divine nature. This is obedience. To obey divine Principle is to
be in strict accord with Principle. We do not obey ifwe think of ourselves trying to obey.
Guidance: This does not mean God's big hand holding my little hand. That which
is divine law has no dimensions. Love is the activity ofPrinciple, but it does not need a
channel through which to operate.
Resume: Law as used in the Bible. "But his delight is in the law ofthe Lord." (ps).
The law ofthe Lord is the fu1Iness ofthe activity ofdivine Principle. The Commandments
are an intermediary state towards obedience, but not the full revelation. When Jesus gave
the conunandment "Be ye perfect," he attached no penalty. This commandment is conceived from the standpoint ofDivine Mind itself, and is ofthe greatest importance. "Think
not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to
fulfill." (Matt) I am come to fulfill the law - I am come to reveal the operation of divine
The sin ofthe Pharisees was that they kept to an outward form ofhuman codeoutward worship - away from Spirit. Then the letter killeth. Truth's understanding reveals man's absolute onen~ss with Spirit. Knowing this, we shall use the correct words,
but the power is not in the words. It is the understanding of1vfind itself- Mind's understanding.
"For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly, neither is that circumcision, which is
outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and 'circumcision is that ofthe
heart, in the spirit and not in the letter..." (Romans)
Circumcisioll: Beliefthat 'people are specially favored by God. God cannot ever
select a person to do certain work. We choose God and incidental to this the highest work
Chosen: These are the people who understand man to be the full manifestation of
infinite :Mind. "... put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge ~er the image of
him that created him: Where there is neither ~eek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all. " (Colossians) Put on
the new man- neither Gr~knor Jew. This is the falling away ofhuman restrictions and
divisions. In the acknowledgement of Being from the standpoint ofdivine oneness and
allness, error disappears. The ever-present inclusiveness ofMind evidences itself; right
where there seems to be a question, there is the answer. Divine Mind is Truth, self-understood, self-explained, and the Christ is always from within.
Law: All divine law is the eternal operation ofdivine Principle itself. "Clothed, and
in its right Mind, man's individuality is sinless, deathless, harmonious, eternal. His materiality, clad in a false mentality, wages feeble fight with his individuality - his physical senses
with his spiritual senses. The latter move in God's grooves ofScience: the former revolve
in their own orbits and must stand the friction offalse selthood until self-destroyed." (MiScellaneous Writings) "Thefrictionoffalse selfbood" -this is what seems to happen if
you identify yourselfwith a faIse belief Whatever pre~ents itselfwhich is opposed to the
nature ofdivine good is not a power, but a misstatement. Our prerogative is our capacity,
divinely derived, to identifY ourselv~ with the Christ, and not to take in the misconception.
It is not the attempt ofa person Everything continues to unfold in strict accordance with
divine Principle itself So ifsomething which is not good seems to be unfolding, see that
there can be no perversion of law. Whatever appears as good does not result from a
material law ofa material universe, but from spiritual law operating in spite ofthe suggestion that the universe is material. The power which operates in Christian Science treatment
is divine law. Whatever is not good is not law, and is therefore open to instant dismissal
and obliteration The law of God is conducive to right unfoldment in human experience,
and is never obstructive. Nothing contrary to divine law can present itselfas my experience.
The Manual: This is the progressive spiritual unfoldment ofthe true sense oflaw
- the imperative operation ofdivine Principle. Recognize the quality of opportunity to
experience all that we divinely are. Government by the Manual is autocracy, which when
perverted, becomes dictatorship. Dictatorship is not the operation ofdivine Principle, but
the deification ofpersonal sense, which is disastrous.
"Jesus taught and demonstrated the infinite as one, and not as two." (No and ~s)
The infinite is one. I am not a person knowing something about the Infinite. This would
mean two, not one.
The essential element upon which democracy is based is Christianity. This reveals
the understanding that what appears as each one ofus has equal opportunity to be what he
divinely is. In the recognition that God is the source of all good and that good is not
something to be shared and leveled down, then the bondage oflimitation is ended.
Truth and God are identical; and whatever human opinion may appear to be right,
will prevail through the understanding ofTruth as the only power. The Christliness ofmy
being demands the subsetvience ofmy human wishes for the good ofall. Infinite divine
Principle reveals infinite opportunities for all. Your experience illustrates the autonomous
operation of divine Principle. Never think ofyourselfas a person guided by Principle, but
know that you exemplify the unerring nature ofprinciple. All that is going onis the unerring,
irresistible and continuous activity ofthe divine Principle. Divine Principle is always unerring. Infinite initiative belongs to man.
Aggressive Mental Suggestion: Man is divine idea. All mental suggestion is directed against a misconception which is not in us, and we are not in it.
One Christ: Christ is the full manifestation ofthe divine Mind - one only. All that
there is to any situation is Principle in operation; and as we see this, whatever is wrong will
fall away.
Church: Church is the consciousness ofTruth and Love and not a person trying to
realize this. "He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered
and said, 'Thou art the Christ, the Son ofthe living God. ", (Matt). Jesus connected the
true concept ofman as the Christ with Church. Ifyour knowing is out from Principle- the
consciousness ofTruth and Love - then this is the reason why hell cannot prevail.
''We can unite with this church only as we are newborn of Spirit, as we reach the
Life which is Truth and the Truth which is Life by bringing forth the fruits ofLove- casting
out error and healing the sick." (Science andHealth) To unite with Church is to be reborn
ofLife and Truth. We must live as the consciousness or "structure ofTruth and Love." In
the recognition that man is the compound idea, he includes the right idea ofChurch, and in
this sense, church and man are identical.
Keys ofHeaven: There is no outside lock. That which is divinely true is compelling the harmony ofeven that which appears as a material sense ofexistence, and whatever
is not true cannot exist even in a material sense of existence. The universality ofa declaration is specific in its operation.
Resume: Life is not to be viewed in the way that it appears. We must behold
everything from the standpoint ofTruth itself. The capacity to do this is the Christ. It is not
a human endeavor reaching out for something. It is the acknowledgement that that which is
true, is the only thing going on, and all that is true, is the truth about me. It is not a future
attainment, but is a present actuality. Whatever is revealed, is not coming to me from
- outside. It is progressive spiritual unfoldment from within, and is divinely subjective.
If something says, "I cannot understand," I am listening to false suggestion and
not to my own thought. The more readily we leave thereaIm of"trying to attain," the more
easily can we exchange the wrong approach from the acknowledgement ofTruth itself
Association Meetings: Such meetings represent a continuous unfoldment ofspiritual understanding which is the Christ. In the recognition that Christian Science teaching is
not the increasing ofknowledge from "outside," but a fuller recognition ofman's status as
the compound idea including all right ideas, we find that the divine understanding constitutesman.
The best approach to church work is to understand clearly that all that is going on
is the divine Truth expressing itself. Teaching Christian Science is the dismissal offalse
concepts which try to suggest that our knowledge ofTruth is limited and obscure. Truth is
expressing itselfin all its fullness and directness, and this appears as child or student saying,
"I understand." The more we eliminate you, he, they or she, the more effective will be our
work. Theinfinite'T' knows the Truth always. This"f' expressesitselfirresistibly, continuously, fully, and the result will be that all which appears as he, she, you or they, will understand. It is so necessary for us to understand that there is but one "f' or ''Us.''
Principle is the source, substance and activity ofChurch. The Board ofa church is
not persons guided by Principle. There is no personal sense. Principle directs itself.
The Christian Sciencemovemen~ stands for the great fact that infinite good is all,
and whatever would oppose this has neither place, presence or power. The more we see
that man is directly the divine manifestation ofinfinite Love and infinite Mind and not the
medium ofsalvation, the more appreciably and harmoniously· will operate that which for
the moment appears as a medium. There is nothing to our movement but Principle in
A medical diagnosis increases the suggestion that man is connected with a mortal
body. Christian Science treatment refuses the suggestion that body is physical, and therefore liable to disease. You first have to accept the suggestion of a material body before
disease is possible. Therefore the denial that body is physical and material, is more important than the denial ofdisease itself. A Christian Scientist does not diet. Ifhe does, he puts
himselfin the realm ofmateria medica.
"Moses advanced a nation to the worship of God in Spirit instead ofmatter, and
illustrated the grand human capacities ofbeing bestowed by immortal Mind." (Science
and Health) How can immortal Mind bestow grand "human" capacities? Divine Mind is
forever expressing itselfin strict accordance with its own nature - infinite capabilities and
capacities. This expression appears to human sense as wonderful human capacities.
To experience the ceaseless ever-presence ofBeing, is a wonderfully natural activity. Man is the full, effortless, unabatable and unwavering Word itself The Word is the
very function ofMind itself, understanding itself and expressing itself. The Word is the
unfoldment ofMind's self-explanation and self-contained joy. One either exists as Christ
Science which is Christ-consciousness, or is not existing at all. The impersonal Word is
divinely self-impelled.
Mere religious sentiment is void ofpower. Science alone is power. "On our subject, St. Paul first reasons upon the basis of what is seen, the effects of Truth on the
material senses; thence, up to the unseen, the testimony of spiritual sense; and right there
he leaves the subject. Just there, in the intermediate line ofthought, is where the present
writer found it, when she discovered Christian Science. And she has not left it, but continues the explanation ofthe power of Spirit up to its infinite meaning, its aIlness." (Miscellaneous Writings) Paul of Tarsus reasoned up to spiritual evidence - such a struggling
Deep sincerity is better than genius, and is sure ofsuccess for God takes care ofit.
Christian Science reckons all from the standpoint ofinfinity.
"Again I repeat, person is not in the question ofChristian Science. Principle, instead ofperson, is next to our hearts, on our lips, and in our lives." (ibid) Principle does
not require time or place or person or material conditions. Let the source of all being
unfold itselfwithout interference from the so-called human mind. A merely localized sense
of church and man must be abandoned. Live in reality and do not try to improve a human
being first. The nature ofinfinity is safety. Do not permit a mediocre state.
We must come out from the material world and be separate - separate from a
material world - not thinking of oneself as a person. Everything is incidental to everpresent being. All activity must be divinely eventful and fruitful, as ever-present experience
within The oneness and allness ofdivine Love is the basis and substance ofour being.
Science constitutes the Scientist. Love in all its all-inclusiveness and indivisibility, is the
source and impulsion ofall reality. Living the rhythmic radiance ofreality brings redemption from the restriction and uncertainty attached thereto. Etemality is oneness. God is one
and evil has no entity. Duality, being a misconception ofallness, the seeming power which
duality may claim to have is a misconception of the one power, one knowledge, one
presence, infinite good, or God. Duality cannot explain oneness. The true interpretation of
oneness must take place within oneness. Only the infinite can be self-interpreted as one,
not as two. " ... Christian Science ... reckons one as one and this one infinite." (Message for 1901) This explains the misstatement of the infinite by the finite as limitation.
Limitation is the first error.
"Since there is in beliefan illusion termed sin, which must be met and mastered, we
classify sin, sickness, and death as illusions. They are supposititious claims of error; and
error being a false claim, they are no claims at all." (Retrospection and Introspection)
Deal with error as no claim at all.
Before beginning a Christian Science treatment, we must know that it is the divine
Mind, affirming and expressing itself as All, thereby denying all evil. Only to the oneness of
Truth is duality unreal. This oneness and a1lness of Truth must be consciously felt and
understood. Then error will disappear, not leaving even a trace behind. All knowledge
being Mind, knowledge is infinite. Beliefis consciousness misinterpreted. It is a personal
sense of love. Love includes all, and thereby unifies. Personal sense objectifies and is
Science discloses all-inclusiveness. All consummation lies in subjective
acknowledgement. It is the power ofScience lived as Love which prevents chemicalization
- Science lived as Love in full expression. Love is so naturally all-inclusive that it precludes anything external to itself "For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body ..."
(I Corinthians) By one Spirit is all conceived ofus as one body, and it is Love understood
in terms of Science which enables us to leave in our path the aroma ofloveliness.
Mount Zion: The oneness of Love, the summit ofliving Love, does not appear
forbidding to one in need of help and comfort. The help should appear as one's own
Christ-ability to help oneself, rather than as charity extended by a person.
Solution: To solve a complex problem of conflicting personalities, reduce the
claim ofduality and confront it with oneness. In what appears as an age-long fight between
duality and oneness, duality is fighting itself. Oneness does not recognize it. "God is one.
The allness of Deity is His oneness." (SCience and Health) Oneness antidotes duality.
That which is One and All can be defined only by the word good Evil, self-arrayed before
good, wears itselfout. There is neither date nor time to oneness. Duality is a false concept
about oneness. Duality is a kingdom divided against itself.
Duality left to itselfwill never get rid ofitself. Duality's misrepresentation of oneness will go on with its cruelty, etc. unless confronted with the oneness which is God.
"I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more until he come whose right it
is ..." (Ezekial) He whose right it is, is the Christ.
Truth recognizes all to be divine, and therefore allness remains allness without any
effort. This aUness knows nothing oferror even as a belief. The divine all-power and allpresence knows no opposite.
The Feeling ofSpirit: This is Truth, Spirit, understanding, feeling- all that is its
own nature; and this is going on even iferror says, "I do not understand." I am Truth's own
feeling. Then denial is "suffer it to be so now" in order that immature thought may be'
helped to understand the glorious oneness ofBeing.
My own true being is self-perpetuated. It is Truth's own self-awareness without
the slightest interference. My true selfwas never involved in mortal mind's conflict. Such
conflict is never anything but mortal mind fighting itself. Oneness is never understood from
the standpoint ofduality.
The understanding of the Cmst and the acknowledgement of oneself as the sacred Christ-idea, is most important. The Christ enables us to affirm Truth scientifically.
This is Christ's affirmation ofits own Christliness, which is my being. The marvel ofthe
Christ is that it is joyfully, clearly, naturally maintaining its own integrity while destroying
error with divine precision.
Oneness is the comer-stone ofthe Christian Science practitioner's office. There
must be less preoccupation with comfortable personal results. The sense that something
has to be accomplished must yield to the happy acknowledgement ofuniversal well-being
and wholeness already existing.
A material concept of body is the basis ofdisease. A material concept ofMind is
the basis' of sin. Our Life is not organic. It is not an organism. Life is inorganic, infinite
Spirit. "Organic Life is an error of statement that Truth destroys." (Miscellaneous Writings) The material structure assumed to be body is not a fact, but is mortal mind misinterpreted as life. Life, expressing itselfas divine idea, is without a process of coming into
existence, and is without a process ofmaintaining itself.
.Cancer: A mere suggestion ofan organism within an organization called a human
body -nothing more than this. Refuse to believe that body is a material organization. You
thereby prevent the beliefthat one organization can build itselfup within another organization. Be definite that body is not organized matter, and know this even when it seems to be
functioning in a harmonious way.
TIme andAge: Many people who believe they are growing older, begin to worry.
They admit the effect oftime. The trouble is the worry caused by the beliefof old age.
Remedy: See that old age is merely a wrong belief, which is presenting itself for our
spiritual attention Ifwe take false beliefs to ourselves, we are not fulfilling our Christ~
function. Life is timeless, ageless.
Tuberculosis: Deal first and foremost with the beliefthat matter is substance. Man
was never identified with a material organization called material body. Realize emphatically
the nature ofLove. Love, being oneness, the belief of disintegration cannot touch it. A
personal sense ofmind and the material sense of body, must first be acknowledged as
one's being before disease can operate. By being conscious ofitself, Love's oneness and
indivisibility constitute spontaneous, joyous, seltperpetuation. Divine self-consciousness,
felt as one's own true being, operates as a law oftotal obliteration to the belief of consumption, fiiction, or any other beliefofdisintegration. Spirit is imperishable substance.
WholenessMeans Holiness: Wholeness is the essence ofAllness, the measure of
the infinite. God is indivisible. The indivisibility ofthe infinite is the indivisibility ofmy being.
We must find the oneness and harmony of our world within the wholeness and fullness of
our own infinite self "As a divine student, Christ Jesus unfolded God to man, illustrating
and demonstrating Life and Truth in himselfand by his power over the sick and sinning'"
(Science andHealth) The human consciousness could never be the dwelling place for this
unfoldment. The human sense yields, and "... the idea of Truth ... becomes more
beautifully apparent at error's demise." (ibid) Ideas ofLife, Truth, Soul, constitute the
ideal- the real universe.
Oneness ensures its own sufficiency. We must consciously include these ideas in
order to see them appear humanly as divine phenomena. The false world is the misconception ofthe one spiritual universe. The human mind is dualistic in its grasp, limited in its
scope. Spiritual understanding, being ever-present, is here. Spirit now includes the truth of
all events.
The divine Life understands its own infinity and eternality. The one "f' always
understands. By recognizing that one's capacity is divine, false suggestions are routed
without any possibility oftheir return.
The false concept of millions of persons in a material world must be reduced to
one false belief By attempting to heal an effect, you are believing in a misconception, and
this procedure multiplies the error sevenfold.
A Good Person: There is no safety in that.
Body: There is one infinite body. "Take, eat, this is my body," illustrates the subjective inclusion ofthe universal idea, body. Thus the suggestion of a fearful or sick body
fades out. To eat the Christ-body is to identify yourselfas the one infinite body. We never
use Christian Science to bring about a material condition.
Understanding: This is substance. True substantiality is effulgent, translucent,
non-resistant. This non-resistance ofSpirit constitutes its irresistibility.
Reading Room: A Chritian Science Reading Room is indicative ofthe forever
completeness, permanence and perpetual functioning ofthe Christ-idea itself This Christactivity operates as a divine law dispersing mists.
The acknowledgement ofthe perfection which already exists is the Christ-power
of a Christian Science treatment. We can attain only that which we already are. The endeavor to attain must always be made subservient to the subjective acknowledgement of
The recognition that man is the full divine idea is the key to the kingdom, and is
always within the kingdom. I include my kingdom subjectively. There is no key to the
kingdom; the acknowledgement is from within. In being the kingdom, whatever appears
as needing the compelling power of Principle to enforce it, is bound by the finality ofdivine
reality - heaven itself Whatever human bonds need to be severed, shall be loosed forever in such a way that no memory ofthe former bondage shall remain. "Agreat sanity, a
mighty something buried in the depths ofthe unseen, has wrought a resurrection among
you, and has leaped into living love. What is this something, this phoenix fire, this pillar by
day, kindling, guiding and guarding your way? It is unity, the bond of perfectness, the
thousandfold expansion that will engirdle the world - unity, which enfolds the thought
most within us into,the greater and better, the sum ofall reality and good." (Miscellany)
The bond ofperfectness is the oneriess ofbeing, and this is the cornerstone ofthe Church
universal. "One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all, and in you all."
(Ephesians) Those who still think ofindividuality in the divided sense, believing that they
are ideas surrounded by others, enjoy only partial expression. "And he gave some, apostles;
and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the
perfecting'ofthe saints, for ~e work ofthe ministry, for the edifying ofthe body ofehrist:
Till we all come in the unity ofthe faith, and ofthe knowledge ofthe Son ofGod, unto a
perfect man, unto the measure ofthe stature ofthe fulness of Christ:" (ibid) This is multiplicity, instead ofoneness.
''Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity." (Retrospection and
Introspection) This is the human appearance. The method for bringing out particular fitness is not by thinking ofourselves as persons or individuals equipped in a specific way to
fIll a specific niche. The fullness ofChrist - nothing less - is man's status. "Till we all
come in the unity ofthe faith, and ofthe knowledge ofthe Son of God, unto a perfect man,
unto the measure ofthe stature ofthe fulness ofChrist." Thus immature thought is led to the
basic fact ofoneness - the stature ofthe fullness ofChrist. "Infinite petfection is unfolded
as man attains the stature of man in Christ Jesus by means of the Science which Jesus
taught and practiced." (Miscellany) Start out as the stature ofthe fullness ofehrist. The
very fact that man includes all aspects makes it possible for us to view ourselves as the '
existence with all the attainments which otherwise would be impossible to achieve.
"Science defines the individuality ofGod as supreme good, Life, Truth, Love. This
term enlarges our sense of Deity, takes away the trammels assigned to God by finite
thought, and introduces us to higher definitions." (Rudimental Divine Science) Even humanly speaking there is nothing outside ofmentality. Our personal body is a state ofeducated belief Resist the mesmerism ofthinking out from a sentient material body.
"Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal
basis of beliefand unite with the one Mind in order to change the notion ofchance to the
proper sense ofGod's unerring direction and thus bring out hannony. Under divine Providence there can be no accidents, since there is no room for imperfection in penection."
(Science and Health) Sickness is just as much an accident as a collision or a fall. The
danger is in identifying oneselfwith a restricted and insecure sense of body. Be poised in
and as what you really are.
The picture in the mirror ofthis material body in no way represents our true se1fhood.
There is no personal trait in God's knowing. "The illusive senses may fancy affinities with
their opposites; but in Christian Science, Truth never mingles with error. Mind has no
affinity with matter, and therefore Truth is able to cast out the ills ofthe flesh." (Science
'and Health). The most efficient way is by joyfully remaining one's infinite self Evil is
thereby precluded, and infinite progression is spontaneously assured. In the realm ofthe
real, all is one - one indivisible infinite. Competition, fear, or lack of opportunity, do not
exist. The best way to help others is to know there are no others since all is infinite Love in
effulgent seJf-1h1fillment.
"Eternal harmony, perpetuity and perfection, constitute the phenomena ofbeing,
governed by the immutable and etemallaws ofGod." Also, ''Manhas perpetual individuality; and God's laws and their intelligent and harmonious action, constitute his individuality
in the Science of Soul." (1\'0 and ~s) Man's harmony is a fixed rule.
"The inverted images presented by the senses, the deflections ofmatter as opposed to the Science ofspiritual reflection, are all unlike Spirit, God." (Science andHealth)
Deflection arises from using a bent mirror, but such misinterpretation cannot touch one.
The right idea precludes the misrepresentation as having anything to do with oneself.
1. The material body is deflection.
2. The remedy is in abandoning the bent mirror.
The only way to deal with nothing, is to see it as nothing. ''Your mirrored reflection
is your own image or likeness. Ifyou lift a weight, your reflection does this also. Ifyou
speak, the lips ofthis likeness move in accord with yours. Now compare man before the
mirror to his divine Principle, God. Call the mirror divine Science, and call man the reflection." (Science andHealth)
Material evolution tries to explain existence by leaving God out ofthe picture. The
nature ofthe eternal infinite One can be identified only with God. Material evolution is the
sin ofintellectual pride, the specific sin ofthe devil. "I am wholly dishonest, and no man
knoweth it. I can cheat, lie, commit adultery, rob, murder, and I elude detection by smoothtongued villainy. Animal in propensity, deceitful in sentiment, fraudulent in purpose, I mean
to make my short span oflife one gala day. What a nice~thing is sinl How sin succeeds,
where the good purpose waits' Theworld is my kingdom. I am enthroned in the gorgeousness of matter. " (SCience andHealth) Mortal mind that does not know goodness, can
never understand creation.
Subconsciousness: The beliefis that conflicts smolder and perpetuate themselves
in subconsciousness. Remedy: Refuse the beliefs:
1. That the human mind is consciousness
2. That man exists in a time and space universe
That which has ne consciousness whatsoever does not possess subconsciousness. Evil in the past cannot produce evil in the present, con~cious or othetwise. Evil
cannot operate by the beliefofbeing one's inherent nature. All there is to subconsciousness
is purely superstition. Evil cannot claim authority, influence, power or law under the guise
of philosophy or psychology. "Let us remember that God - good - is omnipotent;
therefore evil is impotent. There is but one side to good - it has no evil side; there is but
one side to reality, and that is the good side." (Christian Healing) Good is really not
human, but divine. God is All, no opposite, no good and bad side, therefore never a clash.
"A few immortal sentences, breathing the omnipotence of divine justice, have
been potent to break despotic fetters and abolish the whipping-post and slave market; but
oppression neither went down in blood, nor did the breath of freedom come from the
cannon's mouth. Love is the liberator." (Science and Health) It is not enough that we utter
immortal sentences. We must breathe divine justice - breathe from within. The fullness of
scientific knowledge- the Christ -becomes immeasurably operative in human affairs.
Kingdom ofHeaven: "The reign ofharmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme."
(Science aiu1 Health) The kingdom is within, .and is Mind's manifestation ofall that Mind
is. The kingdom cannot be localized or personalized.
Know that there is one divine Body. This fact is the law of harmony to what
appears as a material body. "... Spirit is discerned to be the Life of all, and the deathless
Life, or Mind, dependent upon no material organization." (ibid)
Communion: "This spiritual meeting with our Lord in the dawn of a new light is
the morning meal which Christian Scientists commemorate. They bow before Christ, Truth,
to receive more of his reappearing and silently to commune with the divine Principle,
Love." (ibid) Communion is entirely spiritual- no symbols. "Divine Science has rolled
away the stone from the sepulchre of our Lord: and there has risen to the awakened
thought the majestic atonement ofDivine Love." (Miscellaneous Writings)
Tenets: "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our
sufficient guide to eternal Life." (SCience and Health) Every inspired word is in accord
with the teachings of Jesus, and whatever deviates from his teachings is a mere misconception.
All Truth op.erates independently of place, person and time.
"We acknowledge God's forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. But the beliefin sin is punished so long as
the belieflasts." (Science andHealth). To identify oneselfwith whatever is untrue brings
perplexities. Pain is the punishment for unwillingness to give up the sin ofidentification as a
mortal. I was never identified with a misconception, and this is the end ofpunishment.
Whatever is said about me that is not spiritually true is said ofthe statue, and the
statue is not in me and I am not in the statue. "A courtier told Constantine that a mob had
broken the head ofhis statue with stones. The emperor lifted his hands to his head, saying:
'It is very surprising, but I don't feel hurt in the least'." (Miscellaneous Writings)
Prayer: The more infinite and all-inclusive your prayers, the more efficient they
are. The realization of Christ as divine idea, and the denial of everything that makes us
believe that we are persons is powerful prayer. In the revelation ofChristian Science, I find
the Truth about myself.
( ..~
Readers: See all in the oneness ofBeing - Truth revealing itself. Do not think of
yourself as a person standing there. This is the only danger, so protect yourse1ffrom the
misconception ofyourself. Do not stress personal pronouns - our Father, Give us grace
- ifyou do, you slrut others out I am the capacity to know that where any misconception
seems to be, right there is the perfect, indestructible immutable idea.
Jesus: All there is to Jesus, and all there is to us in reality, is divine. "Jesus' true and
conscious being never left heaven for earth." (No and ~s) Jesus' true and conscious
being is the Christ, and Christ was never in a human concept. What we read in the four
Gospels is what a certain state ofthought could conceive ofChrist and ofthe activity ofthe
Christ. "Jesus' personality in the flesh, so far as material sense could discern it, was like
that ofother men; but Science exchanges this human concept ofJesus for the divine ideal,
his spiritual individuality that reflected the Immanue~ or 'God with us.' This God was not
outlined. He was too mighty for that. He was eternal Life, infinite Truth and Love. The
individuality is embraced in Mnd, therefore is forever with the Father. Hence the Scripture, 'I am a God at hand, saith the Lord. ' Even while his personality was on earth and in
anguish, his individual being, the Christ, was at rest in the eternal harmony. His unseen
individuality, so superior to that which was seen, was not subject to the temptations ofthe
flesh, to laws material, to death, or the grave. Fonned and governed by God, this individuality was safe in the substance of Soul, the substance of Spirit - yea, the substance of
God, the one inclusive good." (Miscellaneous Writings)
Jesus' personality in the flesh is merely the human concept ofJesus. "As the W1Semen
grew in the understanding of Christ, the spiritual idea, it grew in favor with them Thus it
will continue, as it shall become understood, until man be found in the actual likeness ofhis
Maker. Their highest human concept ofthe man Jesus, that portrayed him as the only Son
of God, the only begotten ofthe Father, full ofgrace and Truth, will become so magnified
to human sense, by means ofthe lens of Science, as to reveal man collectively, as individually, to be the son of God." (Miscellaneous Writings) "The lens of Science" - not the
dark glass ofthe mortal viewpoint. "Jesus. The highest human corporeal concept ofthe
divine idea, rebuking and destroying error and bringing to light man's immortality." (Science and Health)
Jesus was the Christ because he never permitted a human concept ofhimself Had
he thought ofhimself as a wonderful person doing wonderful works, he could never have
fed the multitude. He insisted that man is spiritual- the full manifestation ofGod, and this
took care ofthe hunger attached to the misconception about man, and did so in the nonnal
way by providing normal food. We never have to do anything for a person- give him
back his health, etc. Ifyou do, you are working at something which is not the trouble. All
lack ofhealth is found in the misconception about man. But we confront the misconception
with the fact that man is omnipotence, omnipresence itself; and then it is impossible for the
misconception to remain It just fades out. Insist, "I am the Christ-presence and the Christactivity itself and nothing less." This shows the folly of human economics to divide up
everything that appears as substantial. Jesus did not cut up what seemed to be available.
He thanked God. That is, he acknowledged with gratitude the divine facts of being and
their inexhaustible nature.
To look up to heaven is to tum away from material suggestion. The human concept was never part ofJesus, or ofus. "To carry out his holy purpose, he must be oblivious
of human self." (Miscellaneous writings) To be oblivious ofhuman selfis sheer joy and
loveliness and beauty. "The real Christ was unconscious of matter, of sin, disease and
death, and was conscious only of God, of good, of eternal Life and harmony. Hence the
human Jesus had a resort to his higher self and relation to the Father, and there could find
rest from unreal trials in the conscious reality and royalty ofhis being -holding the mortal
as unreal, and the divine as real." (No and ~s) That which seems to be the human self; has
always a retreat into that which one really is as divine idea, until finally the only awareness
is the conscious royalty and reality ofbeing. The first stage is the resurrection Then comes
the ascension in which there never was a human concept. So instead of retreating, we
keep out the suggestion that there was ever a human concept about me, and this means the
continuous enjoyment of"spontaneity and petfection without one material belief. Hence,
"Mind joyous in strength, dwells in the realm ofMind." (SCience andHealth)
Crucifixion: Christian Science prevents crossbearing from appearing. The recognition that "I am the Christ-idea here and now" prevents all sense ofcrucifixion. All the
trouble is in our human or personal concept. The recognition that "I am the Christ-idea
here and now," means infinite understanding without any limit at all. I am Life's understanding ofitseIt: and not a person understanding Life. Read in first person, ''My real and
conscious being never left heaven for earth." In the ascension stage, "I do not have to find
rest - I am the divine idea."
"Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without,
desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my
mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples,
and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will afmy
Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." (Matt). Early in
life Jesus repudiated claim of obligation based on human relationship.
Water into Wine: Jesus' mother first tried to use her human authority, wanting
Jesus to show what he couid do, so he refused. ''What have I to do with thee?" He did not
take orders from person. When she became meek and withdrew, he did change the water
into wine. Jesus exemplified his divine sonship, or Christ, by always identifying himselfwith
the Father. "I am the way, the truth and the life." "I and my Father are one." The Science
of ~ that Jesus said and did reveals his works to result from the operation ofdivine law,
not a personal dispensation.
Let us consider the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension
1. The crucifixion humanly appeared as the end ofJesus, human career, but all the
trouble is in the mortal concept; and as we realize that we are not in the mortal concept, we
can end this crucifixion here and now.
2. This brings the resurrection as a state to be experienced, not as the result of
death, but by spiritualization ofthought. After the resurrection, the disciples' human concept of the Christ appeared as a human form. In the resurrection, the disciples became
aware ofthe wonderful fact that the Christ is impersonal. Their restrictive sense regarding
the personal Christ, had made them believe that they could not do his works; but when
they recognized Christ's impersonal nature, they knew that the impersonal Christ remained
and they could do the works. The Messiah - Prophecy promised the coming of the
Saviour, and it was the hope ofevery Israelitish girl to bear the Messiah in the flesh This
was crystallized by Mary. Had MarY known enough, she would have brought forth the
impersonal Christ - Christian Science. "ThrOligh all the disciples experienced, they became more spiritual and understood better what the Master had taught. His resurrection
was also their resurrection" (Science and Health)
3. Ascension. The Christ did not disappear. Only the material sense ofhim vanished. The more we see that the things we value in life - beauty, loveliness - are spiritually tangible, spiritually felt, the more shall we experience them ~ effortless continuity. The
substance is never in a material sense. In the ascension comes the immaculate conception
- the conception of everything from the standpoint ofTruth itself. Mary's conception of
Jesus was not wholly immaculate. Had it been, she would have brought forth Christian
Science. "Jesus was the offspring ofMary's self-conscious communion with God." (Science and Health) It was the Christ which enabled Jesus to be what he was and to do the
works he did. No one is born into Truth. Truth must be conscious recognition The recognition ofhis Christ-being came to Jesus after pennitting the human concession - being
baptized with water by John. He did the humanly loving thing without being touched by it.
Then he came to the wonderful recognition that all there is to him, is the Christ-idea, with
no human concept about him. ''This is my beloved Son."
Dove: "Symbol ofdivine Science." (Science andHealth) The recognition ofJesus
that he was divine Science, and not a person trying to practice it, was symbolized by a
dove descending upon him. At that moment, Jesus realized his divine sonship. The recognition ofthe Christ does not in any way depend upon the human circumstances of birth.
Jesus' recognition ofwhat he really was, changed the human concept about him.
Resume: The whole ofhuman consciousness is a misconception in the realm of
belief I am a divine fact. True immaculate conception is the approach of existence from
the standpoint ofTruth and in terms ofTruth.
Mediator: The personal sense of mediator is that man is a sinner and God is
sinless, so Jesus was to form the link between the two. The true sense of mediator is
oneness. In this true sense, in the ascension state of consciousness, there is no mediator.
"Jesus came to rescue men from these very illusions to which he seemed to confonn: from the illusion which calls sin real, and man a sinner, needing a Saviom; the illusion
which calls sickness real, and man an invalid, needing a physician; the illusion that death is
as real as Life. From such thoughts - mortal inventions, one and all- Christ Jesus came
to save men, through ever-present and eternal good." (UnityojGood) The purpose of
the mediator is to see that whatever appears to stand between man and his health is done
away with. The impersonal nature ofthe Christ is Christ Science, and this does away with
all that is not. The most subtle suggestion regarding any medium is that mortal mind is the
medium or mediator between man and the Divine Mind. Whatever is evil is not mind at all,
but the suggestion ofthe absence ofMind, and is always without mentality.
"Its only priest is the spiritualized man." (Science andHealth) The recognition
that man is spiritual, is the priest. "And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his
Father. ; . " (Revelation) We have received from Jesus the real understanding ofman as
- one with the Father.
"For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burned with
fire, norunto blackness, and darkness, and tempest." (Hebrews) Our concept ofheaven
and earth is not touched by limited human concept. The material sense ofearth and heaven
is all that can be shaken.
~' '
The Bible: The key for the intelligent and scientific approach to the Bible is given
in our first tenet by the word inspired- in strict accord with the teachings ofChristian
Science. Whatever deviates from Christian Science is not inspired. In proportion that we
permit the historical limitation oftime and sense to fall away, we shall experience all that
Truth promises -not for the future, but here and now, as the spiritual divine idea in all its
Calamites Prophesied: The power of the Christ forestalls them. Whatever is
prophesied as future good must be understood as good here and now. Whatever seems
good in the past is here and now. The Word is Science - not the word of a personal
Saviour. All condemnation in the Bible refers to person, but as divine idea I have never
been in any such concept. All perfection starts out from Principle, not from man. "In those
days I, Danie~ was mourning three full weeks ... And in the four and twentieth day ofthe
first month, as I was by the side ofthe great river, which is Hiddekel;" (Daniel) Mourning
- abstaining from a material sense of existence and as a result ofthis abstaining, Daniel
found himselfby the side ofthe river Hiddekel. "Hiddekel (river). Divine Science understood and acknowledged." (Science andHealth). Daniel was acknowledging existence
as it is seen from the st~dpoint ofDivine Science. Daniel, as a result ofdesire for spirituality' saw man as he really is - brightness, radiance, not as the mortal concept.
"And I, Daniel, alone saw the visions: for the men that were with me saw not the
vision;" Whilst Daniel saw this spiritual reality, those with him could accept only the mortal
sense. Daniel saw that there is no beauty in the human concept, yet he returned to it, but
awakened from his stupor. He saw that he must maintain his correct standpoint. From the
moment he saw that he must refrain from the mortal sense, there was the spiritual
Persia: This stands for the five personal senses. Personal sense tries to obstruct
the refraining from material sense. "And when he had spoken such words unto me, I set
my face toward the ground, and I became dumb." (ibid) Another relapse. He could not
see how, from the human point ofview, he could be acquainted with the spiritUal. "And
said, 0 man greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong, and
when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my Lord speak; for thou
hast strengtltened me." (ibid) "Let my Lord speak". Let me approach everything from the
standpoint ofTruth itself; and in tenns ofTruth itself. "Grecia" means tenderness.
Transfiguration: Analogous with the experience ofDaniel. A better sense ofman
was experienced -less dark, less dull, less restricted. When this came about, and the
darkness and limitation ofthe mortal sense faded out, Moses and Elias became a picture.
Peter: Tabernacles - showed that Peter's sense was too material.
Elias: The falling away offalse concepts appears as restoration. Man is divinely
complete, and has suffered no loss at all.
Art: God is the only creator and source of all being. The artist should look out
from Truth-infinite versatility. As the limited concept falls away, the beauty ofthe uni-
verse appears more vividly with all its detail ofloveliness. Seeing the universe as it really is,
is exemplified as beautiful art.
Music: Music is the expression ofSoul- omnipresent.
Children: The human sense of procreation is attached to the limited sense of
existence, but the limited sense ofexistence cannot hide the continuity of being. Existence
is here and now spiritual and complete - hence no need for procreation. Spiritual creation exists in spite ofth~ belief that life is material and temporal. That which appears
humanly conforms to the self-perpetuation ofMind.
There is no person giving and no person receiving, but just universal infinite Love
aware of its omnipresent completeness and oneness, aware ofits own beauty and aftluence. The pure in heart see God and this is God seeing - the seeing of God.
I am the operation of divine Principle which is Science. Spirit never stands in its
own light. The mortal picture is but the objectification of personal sense. Mortal mind's
misconception ofitself. Truth operates as the law ofextinction to mortal belie~ and to the
evidence ofmortal ~elief. Man needs no object of affection. He is love itself.
Christ: The cornerstone ofChristianity. Old theology tried to drown the Christ in
mortal concepts. Three aspects ofthe Christ:
1. The Christ is the truth about everything. "Christ is Truth, which
rises no higher than itself" (Science and Health)
2. The Christ expresses God's eternal nature. "Christ expresses God's
spiritual, eternal nature.)) (ibid)
3. The Christ is the true idea voicing good. "Christ is the true idea
voicing good, the divine message from God to man speaking to the human
consciousness~" (ibid)
First aspect: The truth about everything can only be understood from the standpoint ofTruth itself The truth about everything is Truth expressing itselfas everything.
Second aspect. Truth incamate- the true and only selfhood ofJesus. "The Christ
was Jesus' spiritual selthood," and is not only the spiritual selfhood ofJesus, but ofthat
which appears as each one ofus. Christ is the truth about my selthood. Christ and man are
synonymous only in regard to the true sense of man - not ifwe think ofman as one of
Third aspect: The activity of the Christ. When the erroneous suggestion is confronted with the Christ, then Christ operates as divine activity, dispelling the illusion ofthe
senses, causing harmony to appear in human experience.
Our awareness ofTruth as AlI, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, causes
evil to be seen as nothingness; and in this way error disappears. Ifyou admit that error is
a claim, you perpetuate it. It is our special Christ function as Christian Scientists to confront error with the truth. The more we remain in the realm ofTrutb, the quicker will be the
disappearance of error and the more universal will the operation be.
We must exemplify Love in our daily knowing and being. If I have a personal
sense about man, then I have a personal sense about God. On behalf ofmy freedom, I lay
down a human sense oflife. This enables one to avail himselfofhis Christ-selthood any-
where, at any time, in a scientific way. "... the divine message ..." does not come from the
outside. God is not an outside power revealed to me. Ifl believe I am a person, I cannot
include that which is infinite, impersonal and divine; but when I see myself correctly, I
know that ideas do not come to me. They originate as me. Ifideas have to come to me, I
admit myselfto be apart from divine reality and not complete. All good being divine and
impersonal, it never comes from the outside. It is already my very being, and therefore I
only acknowledge its already presence. I have to get nothing from outside. Nothing is
excluded from my Christ-being. "I do not find my authority for Christian Science in history,
but in revelation Ifthere had never existed such a person as the Galilean Prophet, it would
make no difference to me. I shoUld still know that God's spiritual idea is the only real man
in His image and likeness." (Miscellany) Christian Science is the impersonal Christ understanding itself. Ifexistence had been scientifically Christian, there would never have been
Christ Jesus.
To partake ofthe Master's cup is the personal approach to Christianity. To partake ofChrist's cup is the impersonal approach. These two approaches may be compared
with Michael and Gabriel, the son of man and the Son of God - the resurrection and
ascension The Christ is to be lost as something to be followed, and found as something to
be embodied.
The Holy Ghost or Comforter is the activity of Truth coming to the flesh. The
Comforter is available universally, independent oftime, place and person. The Christ is
very sacred, for it is so closely connected with Love. The Christliness ofliving Christian
Science makes it possible to be aware without interruption ofbeing the activity of Truth
itself. We are the divine capacity to do whatever is kind without being touched by erroneous evidence. This is Love. The Christ was never crucified. What seems to be harmful or
malicious is not aimed at me, and thus I enjoy my fullness and joy without impediment.
Never doubt the spiritual efficacy ofChristian Science prayer or treatment.
Acknowledge: Act knowledge. I can act that which I know myself to be.
Church is included in man, not man in church. Ifyou think ofyourselfas a stone in
the building, or pillar ofthe church, this is only the resurrection state. To know oneself as
the full manifestation, is the ascension. The basic requirement for uniting with church is to
let go the mortal, limited, personal concept. This is the church against which the gates of
hell cannot prevail when man is understood as Christ. Then no matter what may be the
suggestions of evil, they cannot prevail. Live the true definition ofchurch in daily life.
Resume: Christ- three aspects, indivisibly one in nature:
I. Christ is the true selfhood ofJesus, and also ofman in the sense that
man is the "full representation ofMind."
2. What happens when error is confronted with Christ. Because Christ
.knows no mortal nature, error is obviously devoid of power, presence
and mentality. Thus the belieffades out.
-3. The main error ofscholastic theology is to personalize everything. Personalization is division. To personalize God is to materialize Him. Personalization is frustration. Externalization is desolation
Ifconfronted with two possibilities, rise so much in the oneness ofBeing that only
one possibility remains. The way to stand porter at the door of thought is to know that
there is no door ofthought.
Repetition: The impersonal nature ofthe Christ shines forth in the full effulgence of
divine accuracy as my subjective Christ-understanding.
Let us then be single-minded - the "r' only. Acknowledge this one "I." Feel it.
Be it in spontaneity, reality, loveliness - even the inexhaustible changelessness ofall that is
already your being. Life is its own sheer joy and shining beauty, because Love alone is
Oneness is the great theme ofLife. "The infinite is one and this one is Spirit; Spirit
is God, and this God is infinite good. This simple statement of oneness is the only possible
correct version ofChristian Science." (Miscellany)
Ancestral History
The parents of Victoria and Laura Sargent were Samuel Adams and Minerva
Randall Adams. Our introduction to them is while they resided at Bowdoinham, Maine, a
small village in the eastern part ofthe state. It is only about three miles from the larger town
ofBowdoin, Maine.
Samuel Adams, the father, was a first cousin ofthat other Samuel Adams who
distinguished bimselfinRevolutionarytimes. Patriotism did not die out with the passing of
the elder Adams. Samuel the younger had a zeal befitting the family name, and took no
little pride in keeping on display the family coat ofarms. The latter, in due process, passed
to the Sargent home.
Minerva Randall Adams was a Purrington before her marriage. Her folks were
likewise patriotic, the name having an honored place with that of other founders ofthe
country. The point is important, because it establishes a link with the past, and enabled at
least one member ofVictoria Sargent's family (Mrs. Bessie Roper, ofOshkosh, Wisconsin) to obtain membership in the Daughters ofthe American Revolution
The third child, a daughter, was born to the Adamses on May 28, 1848, and was
given the name of Victoria Hortense Adams. Her birth place was Bowdoinham, where
she attended the common schools a few years. At the age of eleven she went with the
parents to live in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Soon after the family arrived in the West, another daughter was born. The date
was April 26, 1857, and to that second child was given the name ofLaura Ella Adams. In
addition to Victoria and Laura, the Adamses had three other daughters, who were born in
The trip from Bowdoinham to Green Bay was made under minor discomforts.
Travel facilities in those days were not so plentiful, and where existent, were crude in
comparison with modem standards. No one moved from one location to another for the
sheer love ofmoving. The Adamses obtained rail passage, such as it was, only to Fond du
Lac, Wisconsin, and completed their journey to Green Bay on a horse-drawn sled.
In his earlier years, Samuel Adams had sailed the seas for a livelihood, rising to the
rank of captain. While living on the Eastern seacoast, or in that general neighborhood, he
learned the art ofbuilding ships. He knew all parts from keel to super structure. This dual
experience paid off, for in rus new location he was destined to use them both. He super-
. 63
vised the construction of two vessels at Green Bay, both believed to be schooners, the
second of which was named the Pamelia Flood. Adams captained the Pamelia Flood
across the Atlantic while it was being delivered in London. It was the first seagoing vessel
to be built in Green Bay.
Early Years
The Adams daughters grew up in Green Bay. Their parents were not wealthy, but
were able nevertheless to give them both a good education. Victoria received all her
schooling in the common schools ofthat city. Being a precocious child, she learned rapidly
and finished all the grades with honor to herself Laura attended the same public schools,
but went on for some advanced work with the Young Women's Academy of Green Bay.
Victoria was married to Henry Sargent just prior to reaching her eighteenth birthday. The
date was April 13, 1866, and the place Oconto, Wisconsin. On August 30, 1876, Laura
married Henry's brother, James Sargent.
The Sargent brothers were natives ofEscuminac, New Brunswick, but had moved
to Oconto to enter the lumber business. They operated retail lumber yards. Each was a
Presbyterian, and Heruy read his Bible religiously. He was also a member ofthe Masonic
Lodge. This business venture was successful, so that they became well to do, and both
were highly respected citizens.
Two children were ·born to Henry and Victoria Sargent. The first was named
Minerva Randall Sargent, the second Bessie Sargent. James and Laura Sargent had no
Another prominent family in Oconto, the Hugh McDonalds, were associated with
the Sargents in business and socially. While the three families lived in Oconto, whatever
news applied to one applied equally to the other two, for visiting back and forth was daily
Between 1880 and 1882, the McDonalds moved to Green Bay. The friendship
continued, however, growing even closer after Christiah Science appeared on the scene.
Mrs. McDonald was invalided about 1882. A steamboat inspector heard ofher
condition, and recommended Christian Science. He explained the method oftreating,
which is done by practitioners, and so confident was he that it would heal Mrs. McDonald
that he urged Mr. McDonald to try this new remedy.
There were no practitioners in either Oconto or Green Bay, but Hugh McDonald
was so favorably inclined to seek Science help for his wife, that he sent her to Milwaukee,
the nearest city where help was available. Mrs. McDonald was healed completely, and
returned to her home a well woman.
Mrs. Laura Sargent was sorely in need ofhea1ing about this time, for she, too, was
a near invalid. While in Milwaukee, Mrs. McDonald sent for Mrs. Sargent, even before
she herselfhad been healed. She felt her healing was in process, and was so confident of
results that she never hesitated a moment to recommend Christian Science to Mrs. Sargent.
Again a perfect healing resUlted. When Mrs. Sargent returned to Oconto, she brought
back with her a copy ofScience and Health. It was the first copy ofthe textbook ever to
appear in Oconto.
Among others to inspect the book was Grandmother Adams. She was a great
Bible student, so her daughters, Victoria and Laura, wanted her approval oftheir study of
this new book.
At that time Mrs. Adams was confined to her bed with what appeared to be a
broken ankle. Some days later, while her daughters were serving her breakfast she picked
up the copy ofScience and Health and said, "Girls, this book is of God. I have read it
through and I find nothing in it that interferes with the Bible. I believe it is the 'second
coming ofChrist' . I want you to study it."
The girls took the mother's tray and went downstairs. Soon they heard Mrs.
Adams calling them. They ran upstairs to her. She said, "My ankle has slipped back into
place." From that time on she was a well woman.
Obedient to the mother's recommendation, both Victoria and Laura Sargent began to make Science and Health their daily companion It was the turning point in their
Mrs. Eddy taught her first and only class in Christian Science in the West in May,
1884. The place was Chicago, and registered from Oconto were these four studentsMrs. Laura Sargent, Mrs. LovinaMilledge, Miss Libby Beyer, and Mrs. Emma McDonald.
After arriving in Chicago, Laura Sargent wired her sister Victoria, suggesting that she
hasten to Chicago and join the class. Although Victoria Sargent acted promptly, bringing
with her AlmedaM. Pendleton, they were too late for class.
Mrs. Eddy remained in Chicago a little over two weeks, teaching aPrimary Class, and
both Sargent sisters stayed at the same hotel in order to be near her. Miss Minerva Sargent
also accompanied her mother to Chicago, and writing ofthe experience more than half a
century later, she told a friend; "Our first books were the 7th and 8th editions of Science
and Health, and they are. precious to me for my mother (Victoria Sargent) was healed in
the summer of 1884 by reading these books. My mother bought her book from our dear
Leader's hand. Mrs. Eddy said to mother, 'Mrs. Sargent, this is the same healing that
Jesus did.' While searching to know how Jesus healed, mother was healed."
During the Primary Class held in Chicago, Mrs. Eddy met each day at the luncheon hour with her students from Wisconsin. The discussions which took place enabled
Mrs. Eddy to discover qualifications in Laura Sargent, and after the class had adjourned,
Mrs. Eddy said to Laura, "This is not at all like my class in the College, and I should like
you to come to Boston this fall and take the Primary Class there."
In December, 1884, Mrs. Eddy had six WlScOnsin students in her College Victoria and Laura Sargent, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Milledge, Mrs. Pendleton, and a Mrs.
Freeman. The study in that class, together with association with Mrs. Eddy, gave them
great spiritual inspiration. They began to heal the sick as soon as they returned to their
Church affiliation for the Sargents continued to be with the Presbyterian Church.
They worshiped there, but they were in process of being driven out. Rev. John H. Kerr,
the pastor, preached violently against what he thought Christian Science to be, and he
alienated all who had any interest in Christian Science. The Rev. Kerr disliked Victoria
Sargent so much that in the spring of 1886 he wrote her a letter, asking her to leave the
Presbyterian Church. As requested, she withdrew, and as a result ofher withdrawal, the
others who were interested in Christian Science also left.
The first building ever erected for Christian Science worship was in Oconto. The
church organization there dates from June 10, 1886. At that time a church was formed
with the following members: Victoria Sargent, Laura Sargent, Mrs. LovinaMlledge, Almeda
M. Pendleton, EdwinHart, and EliZabeth Hart. They qualified as trustees to hold property
acquired by the church, and immediately following, Henry Sargent donated a site on the
comer of Chicago and Main Streets.
Mrs. Victoria Sargent submitted plans for a church building. Their acceptance by
the other members was immediate. She was thereupon appointed a committee of one to
receive contributions and subscriptions to a building fund. Money was forthcoming as fast
as needed, so that the comer stone was laid in due course, after which there were no
interruptions. The sfructurewas completed toward the end ofOctober, but before the last
nail was driven a service had been held. The little group ofpioneers held their initial service
on Sunday, October31, 1886.
That first service was conducted by Laura Sargent and Edwin Hart. They read
passages from Science and Health and the Bible, and closed the service by reading the
'Scientific Statement of Being' from Science and Health, which, though they did not
know it then, was eventually to be the established practice in all Christian Science churches.
But reading from the Bible and Science andHealth was not adopted immediately
by the Oconto church. Rev. Lanson P. Norcross, a Congregational minister then serving
his church at Bloomington, Dlinois, volunteered to conduct devotional services in this new
Christian Science church. His first sermon was preached on September 2, 1888. He
occupied the pulpit there for approximately a year. The following year he was called by
Mrs. Eddy to become the pastor of The Mother Church in Boston As a duly constituted
minister ofthe Gospel, he was empowered to solemnize weddings, and he joined in wedlock Will McDonald and Minnie Sargent. McDonald was the son of Hugh McDonald,
who, it will be remembered, was a close friend ofthe Sargents. The nuptials were performed in the Oconto church, and was one ofthe very few weddings ever to take place in
a Christian Science church.
Mrs. Eddy watched with genuine pleasure the growth ofChristian Science in and
around Oconto. At one time she began making preparations for a vacation, which she
proposed to spend in the adjoining pine forests. The house ofGovemor Scofield, on the
outskirts ofOconto, was readied for her. Subsequent developments, however, made it
necessary for her to change her plans. She never vacationed in Oconto.
But while Mrs. Eddy was deprived ofthe privilege and pleasure ofthat Oconto
vacation, she never ceased to watch over the progress of the Sargent sisters. She saw
them enroll in her Normal Class-LaurainMay, 1886, and Victoria in October, 1886.
Both sisters were awarded the degree ofC.S.D. The following year Laura enrolled with
the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, and received instructions in obstetrics. This was
in December, 1887. She herselftaught a class - her first - in Marinette, WISCOnsin, late
in 1887. The following year, at the request ofMrs. Eddy, she went to St. Paul, Minnesota,
on a special mission, remaining there several months.
A Call to Boston
Following the completion of the work in St. Paul, Mrs. Sargent was asked to
come to Boston. Mrs. Eddy had work for her which could not be fully disclosed in the
initial meetings. She made several trips to Boston, all at the request ofMrs. Eddy. When
Mrs. Eddy decided the right time had arrived, she made known her purpose. Laura was to
remain permanently in Boston as Mrs. Eddy's personal companion This arrangement was
worked out satisfactorilywith her family.
At that time Mrs. Eddy did not live in Boston. Her house was at 62 State Street,
Concord, New Hampshire, where she was engaged in revising the fiftieth edition ofScience and Health. As pages ofthe text book were made ready, Laura carried them to the
printer in Boston In 1896, whenMiscellaneous Wi'itingswas submitted to the publisher,
Laura acted as messenger to carry all the proof sheets from Pleasant View to Boston.
It was in 1890 that Mrs. Eddy revised the fiftieth edition ofScience and Health.
Before beginning work for the day, she would take a short stroll through the grounds, and
Laura had standing instructions to have her wraps in readiness each morning. One morning, she became so deeply absorbed in her writing that she did not notice Laura standing
by with the wraps. The apparent neglect continued for several minutes. But Laura understood; that was an extraordinary occasion. It was her testimony later that she had never
before been in such heavenly atmosphere. She was impelled by the circumstances to leave
the room for the time being.
When Laura returned to the room, Mrs. Eddy was still writing, oblivious to her
surroundings. Laura slipped the overshoes on her feet, then stepped out ofthe room again.
This time she waited for Mrs. Eddy to summon her with the bell. She waited a full hour.
When the bell had rung and Laura stood once more in Mrs. Eddy's presence, she was
instructed to call Calvin Frye and other members of the household. The members were
seated, and then Mrs. Eddy addressed them thus: "I want to read to you what God has
given me this morning." What she read to them was the closing pages on the chapter, "The
Apocalypse," in Science and Health.
Mrs. Eddy beamed happiness as she read those wonderful statements. She alone,
of course, understood their full import. With a radiant face, she announced that she was
ready for the morning walk. "It is now past time to go and walk," she said to Laura, but
almost in the same breath she added,"Wtll you bring me my overshoes?" Laura had to tell
her that the overshoes were already on her feet. "When did you do that?" she inquired:
Laura Sargent continued to make annual trips back to Oconto during the early
years of her stay with Mrs. Eddy, but only once did she teach a class there. That was in
1892. It was the second class taught by her.
When she visited her family in December 1889, Mrs. Eddywrote Victoria Sargent
and Laura Sargent the following letter:
Concord,.N. H.
No. State St.
December 27, 1889
My Beloved Students:
Your most beautiful Christmas mement?s came duly. Oh I wish
you knew how dear these sweet emblems of memory and love are to me
this season, after the cross that I have borne all this long year. So sweet to
know that you love me still and have kept such Christian pace with God's
mighty movements as to understand them all and cheer my burdened heart.
Oh my dear, dear ones how near you are to me. How I hope that
God will give me the order again to meet with you in His own good time and
way. Meanwhile come and see me after I get over my tasks now on hand
and return to Boston. Thanks, and a joyful Christmas and a heavenly hope
for all time be yours.
Ever thine own,
M.B.G. Eddy
Owing the Communion season, Laura served as hostess in the Mother's Room
when it was maintained in the original Mother Church edifice. She just about made herself
indispensable to Mrs. Eddy, especially in the latter years of her service. She was Mrs.
Eddy's constant companion, going along on the daily drives. She was present when our
Leader passed on.
Laur~ liked to relate an experience she had soon after joining Mrs. Eddy's household staff. A certain task was assigned her, and when sufficient time had elapsed for it to
have been completed, Mrs. Eddy asked for a progress report. Very little ofthe work had
been done, and sensing embarrassment, Laura replied, "Mother, the Moores came in,
also others, and ..." She stopped short, for she saw her explanation did not satisfY Mrs.
Eddy. She came boldly to the point and said, "I will not justifY myself any more." It was
probably something less than a full explanation, but it pleased Mrs. Eddy. Her face lighting,
Mrs. Eddy said, "Ifmy students would stop justifying themselves, it would take them into
the Kingdom ofHeaven"
Laura learned on still another occasion that excuses do not always excuse. She
was asked by Mrs. Eddy to do the household bookkeeping. That was not along her line,
and she told Mrs. Eddy that she knew nothing about bookkeeping. "Laura," Mrs. Eddy
said to her, "God is' a business God. He attends to the business of the universe, and you
reflect His business ability." The books were thereupon posted and balanced.
It is not out of place here to say that Laura Sargent made it a practice to support
Mrs. Eddy in all the latter's promptings from God. Her faithful support was a comfort to
Leader- yes and more - it was areal help. Only Mrs. Eddy could ever know its full
measure ofhelpfulness. In this Connection, Mrs. Sargent once remarked: "Every change
our precious Leader has made in her writings God gave her for us." That same broad
vision ofLaura Sargent lives on.
While residing at Pleasant View, Mrs. Eddy was visited one day by a delegation
ofnewspaper reporters. They came for an interview with her, and were ushered into the
parlor by Calvin Frye. They were informed by Mr. Frye that Mrs. Eddy would see them
prior to going out for her daily drive. Shortly before one 0' clock Mrs. Eddy came down
stairs, accompanied by Mrs. Sargent. Before entering the parlor where the newspaper
men were assembled, Mrs. Eddy paused a moment outside the door. Then she entered
and talked freely with the group. After she had left the parlor - after she was out of
hearing ofthe rest ofthe reporters, Laura asked her why hesitation outside the door. "I
wanted the Christ to precede me," Mrs. Eddy replied.
Mrs. Sargent was provided for in Mrs. Eddy's will for the long stay in the household. After Mrs. Eddy passed onin 1910, Mrs. Sargent continued to live in the Chestnut
Hill home. She was always willing to lend a hand wherever she could be helpful. She
served a year on the Bible Lesson Committee, and in 1913, taught the Nonna! Class in the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College. She departed this life September 4, 1915, leaving
behind an example ofsaintliness to bless our time.
The following poem, composed by Mrs. Sargent for a friend, reflects. the purity of
her thought:
0, struggling heart, though tempest tossed,
Thy baque will safely ride the wave.
Thy wrestling faith cannot be lost,
His 'Peace be still' will surely save.
Look up, nor faint beside the way,
The darkling cloud will break and lift:
Love's light will usher in the day
Of perfect rest, God's gracious gift.
Laura E. Sargent
"Truth and Love come nearer in the hour ofwoe, when strong faith or spiritual strength
wrestles and prevails through the understanding ofGod." (Science and Health)
Victoria Hortense Sargent
Mrs. Laura Sargent continued as First Reader of the Oconto church until Rev.
Norcross began preaching here in 1888. This type of service lasted for about a year, or
until Rev. Norcross was called to Boston to serve The Mother Church. Then the church at
Oconto went back to Readers. Mrs. Victoria Sargent was elected in 1889 to the position
ofFirst Reader, which position she held until 1894 (the three year rule for Readers had not
yet been promulgated).
During her years ofreadership, Victoria Sargent supervised a large household in
which there were a number ofservants. She devoted more and more time to the practice
of Christian Science, extending her field to Green Bay, where she often went to give
treatments. She became a teacher of Christian Science in 1895, her first class being held in
Green Bay. Little time was available for social activities, but she regarded that as no loss to
her, for living now had a new meaning - a goal where Spirit is supreme.
Although not at that time a member ofFirst Church in Green Bay, Mrs. Sargent
was nevertheless elected Second Reader, and served in that capacity from August 25,
1899 to July 21, 1902. Mr. Hugh McDonald was elected as First Reader.
Mrs. Sargent's class instruction was painstaking and correct. She never left a
student to wrestle unaided with the doubt in his own consciousness, but (ollowed through
until she knew the particular point or lesson had been mastered. In all her classes she
stressed the following: man's unity with God; the daily handling ofmalicious animal magnetism; the correct concept ofMrs. Eddy and Mrs. Eddy's relation to Christian Science;
loyalty to The Mother Church and the Christian Science Board ofDirectors.
The following letter to a student shows how important Mrs. Sargent regarded the
handling ofmalicious animal magnetism.
My dear student:
I was glad to hear from you today. Faithfulness will have its reward. Do not forget to handle malicious animal magnetism for each patient
because this is the false belief of the whole trouble. This is the lie trying to
make us believe there is something beside God, good. Handle the laws
made to the patient. Mortal mind is not a law-giver. Jesus walked over all
these s~ed laws and He said: ''The works that I do ye shall do."
With love to each dear one,
Yours in Truth and Love
V. H. Sargent.
Friday evening October 25, 1902.
She liked to tell her students oflittle incidents which occurred in Mrs. Eddy's
classes, or on occasions ~Jhen she would be visiting Mrs. Eddy.
Mrs. Sargent's understanding ofChristian Science was profound, and she usually
had aready answer to every query, but not on this occasion. One day while teaching the
Primary Class in 1884, Mrs. Eddy inquired as follows: "What would you do if a case
would not yield to Christian Science treatment?" After a moment ofretlection, Mrs. Sargent
replied: "It would yield to Truth and Love." "But," insisted Mrs. Eddy "supposing it did not
yield to treatment; what would you do?" Mrs. Sargent answered meeklY,"I do not know."
Mrs. Eddy evidently saw an opportunity to drive home an important lesson. "Why wouldn't
you handle animal magnetism?" she asked next (she had given the class one lesson on
animal magnetism). The answer was taken for granted, because Mrs. Eddy did not wait
for a reply in so many words. Looking straight at Mrs. Sargent, she said: "God gave me
the name animal magnetism' to give to the class, and I promised Him this morning that I
would teach you what animal magnetism is, even ifl had to keep you in class two weeks
longer. Now it has become malicious because it is fighting the truth." The entire day was
. devoted to instructing the class in malicious animal magnetism.
Mrs. Eddy wanted her students to be precise in the use ofwords. She told Mrs.
Sargent and others that when instructing on the subject ofanimal magnetism, they should
counsel students to use the full term - malicious animal magnetism - and never to be
content with the simple words of error or evil. .
Recognizing the high quality ofher mental work, Mrs. Eddy caIled Mrs. Sargent
to Concord in 1907 to help handle the error arising from the lawsuit, known as the "Next
Friends" lawsuit. Mrs. Sargent went to Concord and remained there several weeks. She
was able to go to Pleasant View a number of times, where she visited with her sister,
Laura, and with Mrs. Eddy. On one of these visits Mrs. Sargent addressed her Leader
thus, "My students recognize you to be God's witness and mouthpiece. They are convinced that God is guiding you in this work which you are canying on for the cause of
Christian Science. They feel that you fulfill the prophecies ofthe Scriptures - that you
represent the God-crowned woman mentioned in the Apocalypse."
Mrs. Eddy was quick to respond to these sentiments, pointing her finger upward,
she said, "That is from above."
Mrs. Sargent relates the following incident which occurred while she was visiting
in our Leader's home: She was asked by Mrs. Eddy to shorten a table scarfby cutting
cloth off each end. When she returned later, Mrs. Eddy observed that Mrs. Sargent had
cut from only one end of the scarf. That, of course, was what Mrs. Eddy expected in the
first place. Mrs. Eddy approved the operation in these words, "That is right, dear. Your
idea ofrightly doing material things registers your ability to heal."
Mrs. Sargent's practicality elicited the commendation of our Leader in this instance, but there was really nothing unusual about it. Shewas always doing what was right,
and doing it from practical standpoint. She taught her students to be both practical and
_ inspirational.
Mrs. Minnie McDonald, a daughter ofVictoria Sargent, in a letter writes:
Mother was always so happy that she was near to Mrs. Eddy and able to
help when she was called upon. She was healed reading Science and
Health the summer of 1884, and never was ill and she never spent a day in
bed for 46 years. Also she would never lie down to rest in the daytime.
When Mrs. Eddy asked my Aunt Laura to go to Boston and take care of
the Mother's room, in a letter to my mother my Aunt Laura wrote, 'I wish
you could have heard the loving word that Mother said of you today. She
told me to· forget self and be self-sacrificing as you are, and then she said
of you, 'She is God's anointed child.' I knew these words would cheer your
dear heart and give you strength to do whatever God requires.'
Clarity ofthought was stressed by Mrs. Sargent in all her teaching. Her students
learned that lesson well, because they saw the teaching was by example as well as precept. It was inspirational merely to be seated by her side, as her students so often remarked, for she unconsciously and continuously breathed forth the truth.
After Laura Sargent's passing on September 4, 1915, The Christian Science Board
ofDirectors appointed Victoria Sargent custodian ofMrs. Eddy's Chestnut Hill house.
She took over these new duties in October, 1915, being accompanied on that occasion by
her daughter, Minnie McDonald. Her fame had traveled far, and Christian Scientists from
allover the world, when they came to Bqston, called on her. And invariably they left
feeling a spiritual uplift.
Mrs. Sargent regarded Green Bay as her teaching field. Classes were held there
until 1925, when she discontinued teaching, and in 1928 she moved her Association to
Boston. The 1928 and 1929 sessions were held in the original edifice of The Mother
Church. Mrs. Sargent passed on March 30, 1930, and the Association was moved back
to Green Bay.
Out of a grateful heart one student offers this tribute to his teacher: "Thou good
and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Her daughter, Mrs. Minnie
McDonald, remembers her last admonition as this: "Work for our cause."