Bundaberg Jazz Waves Newsletter 25 February 2015

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Edition 25 – February 2015
Editor: Valerie Brown
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We’re off to a great new year - 2015 is shaping up nicely with bands booked to play for
us up to mid-year and more enquiries for later in the year. Thanks to your patronage,
plus assistance and donations from local businesses; the local media for their publicity
and promotion, and the un-named angels among you who help in so many ways,
“Bundaberg Friends of Jazz” is gaining in momentum and our audience, musicians and
volunteer committee all benefit by helping to keep live jazz alive in our region !
Galapagos Duck –
Saturday Jan.31st
Wow!! What a night! 200+ jazz fans filled the
Jazz Club at the Railway Hotel to give “the
Duck” a rousing reception.
This versatile group: John Conley (bass,
guitar) Will Sargisson (piano), Willy Qua
(reeds, perc.) Richard Booth (reeds, steel pan)
and Rodney Ford (drums, vocals) gave us
tasters from their repertoire of traditional,
classical, modern and rock fusion to the
delight of the audience. “See See Rider” had us
rocking in our seats and jiving at the bar, and
Will’s ‘finger-breaking’ boogie drew gasps of
awe and admiration. A great night - and
they’re already making plans for a return visit.
Thanks, Bundaberg – you’ve shown your
appreciation of Australia’s premier jazz
group and there’s more to come!
Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra players
meet Galapagos Duck.
L-R: Christopher Hale, Tracey Rose (BSO)
Rodney Ford(GD), Margery Stutchbury(BSO)
Will Sargisson, John Conley (GD)
Jeff Armour, Theo Delaney (BSO).
Richard Booth, Willy Qua (GD)
Get Hip Stuart:Thinking of our Stuart Wadham
‘confined to barracks’ after hip
re-placement. Stuart hopes to be
back on deck by May or June.
We wish him a good recovery.
How the ‘Duck’ got its name:
I’ve heard a few versions of the story, but this
was told me by Tom Hare and John Connelly
during my radio interview in the 1980s in
Townsville. The “Duck Flies North” tour was to
promote their “Endangered Species” album,
sponsored by the Australian Wildlife Society :
‘In the early days at “The Basement” in Sydney
the band shared the stage with an assortment
of props for various functions. Alongside the old
paraphernalia was a large wheel with a clapper
that produced a loud clacking-quacking sound
when it was spun around the numbers on the
outer edge, giving rise to much humour in dull
Around this time general conversation was rife
about the discovery of the last giant tortoise left
on the Galapagos Islands, nicknamed “Lonely
Spike Milligan was a firm follower of the band,
often sitting in on trumpet and when a visitor
to the club asked him the name of the band,
in his own peculiar habit of zany humour,
Spike told him: “it sounds like a Galapagos
The following week the new chum was heard
telling his friends loudly, “Oh, they’re the
Galapagos Duck”. The name stuck. It is often
misspelt, but seldom forgotten, and followers
agree the band will never become an
endangered species.
70th Australian Jazz Convention 2015
“On 26th December the 70th AJC transforms
Victoria’s historic Ballarat into the centre of
Australian jazz for one fantastic week.
The Ballarat Jazz Club welcome the return of the AJC
after their very successful 40th Australian Jazz
Convention in 1985. The 70th AJC will continue a
tradition formed in 1946 for jazz musicians from
Australia and overseas to celebrate this music.
born a century ago in New Orleans..
“All music is folk music; I ain't never heard no
horse sing a song.” - Louis Armstrong
Popular committee member:
JUDY TABART first sang a cappella with
the Geelong Harmony Chorus in Victoria.
Moving to Bundaberg she met Lois Keppell
singing in the Orpheus Singers and they
formed an a cappella barbershop quartet.
It grew to become the Hinkler Harmony
Chorus with Judy as Music Director and with
26 women they competed at three Australian
Jazz Festivals. Judy and Lois are both
Chapter Members-at-large of the “Sweet
Adelines International”.
As ‘Time 4 Harmony”, they can be seen at
many functions in Bundaberg performing for
the community because they enjoy it so much.
In December they arranged two Crush
concerts, and a Uniting Church concert with
invited guests, thus providing exposure for the
young Liam Pratt Jazz Quartet and others.
( "A cappella" -- unaccompanied choral or individual
singing; the oldest form of music.) Translation: “in
the manner of the Church’.
“It’s the group sound that’s important, even
if you’re playing a solo. You not only have to
know your own instrument you must know the
others and how to back them up at all times. That’s jazz” ……. Oscar Peterson
1st MARCH - (Note: No February meeting)
“SWING ALIVE “with Vibeke Voller
29th MARCH “ROBYN BROWN TRIO” + Libor Smoldas,gtr.
ORCHESTRA” Benefit concert for the S.A.
“Generations in Jazz ”workshop
with James Morrison will be held at Mt.
Gambier, South Australia.
“Bundaberg Friends of Jazz” are holding a
Benefit Concert to raise funds for the Shalom
College Jazz Orchestra entry with teacher
James Belluz.
1.30pm Sunday 26th April
The college band will play, supported by mature
musicians (more details later)
“That’s Life”
A man was walking along a deserted
beach and stumbled upon an old urn.
He gave it a rub and a genie appeared and told
him he’d be granted one wish.
Thinking carefully, the man said: “I’d like to live
“So sorry, “ the genie replied, “I’m not allowed to
do eternal life.”
“Ok, then – I want to live until after the Labour
party has balanced the budget and eliminated all
debt.” - now that’s sneaky!!
We promised you Alan Burge and Evie Pikler for
March, but unfortunately this group has to be
post-poned for unavoidable reasons. We are
saving a place for whenever they are ready to
return Instead, our March entertainers will be:
the new
Featuring the lovely vocalist Vibeke Voller, this
re-formed group of jazz musicians from Hervey
Bay are gaining popularity playing in clubs,
hotels and corporate events in the region, as
well as the Brisbane Jazz Club.
With a re-worked repertoire of jazz numbers
and a fresh line-up as follows
Vineke Voller (vocals); Kuni Endo (keyboards);
James Belluz (sax); Ian Slater (bass); and
JOE SAMPLE; born1939. American pianist,
Steve Wright (drums), they are eager to rekeyboard player and composer. A founding member
introduce themselves to Bundaberg audiences.
of the “Jazz Crusaders”, Sample
Sunday March 1st, 1.30 - 4pm
incorporates Blues, Latin and classical forms
at the
into his music.
Railway Hotel Function Room
SADAO WATANABE, born in 1933, an awardwinning Japanese alto sax, sopranino sax and
Congratulations to all who celebrate a
flute player. Known for his bossa nova
recordings, his work also encompasses a large
special event this month;
range of styles.
To those travelling – arrive safely;
STAN GETZ born 1927, died June1991, American
jazz saxophonist best known for popularizing bossa
nova, as in the hit single "The Girl from Ipanema”
Jazz broadcaster on Coral Coast 94.7fm
Wednesdays 2 – 4pm. “My Kind of Jazz”.
prayers and special thoughts to all our
sickies – don’t forget:
“Doctor Jazz – he’s got what you want – you
know he has…”
Keep swinging !
Alastair’s Happy Snaps
Photos by Alastair Waghorn