February 1, 2015

St. Liborius Church
Steger, Illinois, 708-754-1363
Fourth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Rev. Dennis Spies, Pastor
Carole Bacon, Director of Faith Form ation
Craig Mazur, Y outh M inistry
Margie Parks, Business Manager
Parish Office, 71 W. 35th St., Steger
Phone: 754-1363 FAX: 754-7577
Hours: M-Th—8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Parish email — [email protected]
Parish website — www.stliborius.org
Bulletin Deadline: Mondays at 4 p.m.
Religious Education Office (PREP)
3440 Halsted Blvd., Steger
Phone: 754-3460 FAX: 754-3471
Mother Teresa Catholic Academy
24201 S. Kings Rd., Crete
Phone: 672-3093
Website — www.mtcacademy.org
Knights of Columbus
Fish Fry Friday
February 6th
5—7 p.m.
Page Two
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
24201 S. Kings Rd., Crete
Phone: 672-3093
Mother Teresa Catholic Academy would like to
thank all of the parishioners of St. Liborius for their
support and generosity at the Tailgate Party held on
January 18th. It was a day full of fun and football.
We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.
The winners of the two 40” flat screen TV’s were:
February 1, 2015
Saturday, January 31
Souper Bowl of Caring
8:00 a.m. Rosary for Peace (Church)
5:30 p.m. Knights of Columbus Blue Mass/
Reception (Church/Parish Hall)
Sunday, February 1
Souper Bowl of Caring
7:00 a.m. CCW Communion Sunday (Church)
9:00 a.m. PREP Classes (Religious Ed Center)
10:30 a.m. Gospel Story Time during Mass
11:30 a.m. St. Joseph Rosary Ladies (Parish Hall)
Willy Gecas and Penelope Weber
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Doors open at 5 p.m.
Games start at 6 p.m.
21 & over event
$40 per team
Includes 2 sandwiches and 2 drinks
Monday, February 2
1:00 p.m. CCW Meeting (Parish Hall)
6:00 p.m. Guardians @ St. Mary
6:30 p.m. Bible Study (Religious Ed Center)
6:30 p.m. Totus Tuus Planning Meeting (Parish
8:00 p.m. Parish Pastoral Council (Rectory)
Tuesday, February 3
8:30 a.m. Quilters (Parish Hall)
6:00 p.m. Jr. High Crusaders (Religious Ed Ctr)
Wednesday, February 4
4:30 p.m. PREP Classes (Religious Ed Center)
6:00 p.m. Reconciliation (Church)
7:30 p.m. TYG (Rectory)
Thursday, February 5
6:30 p.m. Choir Practice (Church)
6:30 p.m. RCIA (Religious Ed Center)
7:00 p.m. Baptismal Prep Class (Rectory)
If you would like to come and support only,
the cost is $5 which includes a drink.
For questions or registration,
contact Carol Warnke @ 708-220-9030
Friday, February 6
5:00 p.m. Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Parish
Saturday, February 7
8:00 a.m. Rosary for Peace (Church)
9:00 a.m. Outreach Food Distribution (Parish Hall)
Sunday, February 8
9:00 a.m. PREP Classes (Religious Ed Center)
10:30 a.m. Gospel Story Time during Mass
1:00 p.m. Daughters of St. Liborius Chick Flick
(Parish Hall)
February 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Last Week’s Offering:
Children’s Offering:
In order for our Parish to meet our budget,
our Sunday offering needs to equal: $10,000.00
Last Week’s Offering:
Thank you for your continued monetary support of
St. Liborius Church.
Bishop Conlon’s mailing asking for a pledge to the
2015 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal (CMAA) is
in the hands of many of our parishioners. If you
have received the mailing, please respond as soon as
possible. If you have not received it, please contact
our parish office at 754-1363.
This year, the theme of the Appeal is “Extending
God’s Mercy.” Pope Francis recently said that
Mercy “goes beyond in such a way that sin is put to
the side. It is like heaven. We look at the sky, there
are many, many stars; but when the sun rises in the
morning, the light is such that we can’t see the stars.
God’s mercy is like that: a great light of love and
We are called by the Gospel to be a light unto others.
By showing mercy to those in need, by helping build
the kingdom of God in our own parish and our own
diocese, we are a like the morning light. Please
shine bright by making a generous gift to the
The CMAA funds the mission and ministries of our
diocese. It also funds services that are of great help
to the ministries here in our parish. For example,
funds support our seminarian interns, Michael
Kearney and Luke Zanoni.
Please answer the bishop’s request and make a
generous pledge. All pledges can be paid in 10
installments. Thank you in advance for your support.
Page Three
Hearing from the Lord or
perhaps you have heard
from the Lord? In our first
reading today the people of
Moses’ time were standing
at the base of a mountain and witnessed the
“presence of God.” It sounded like the people were
quite scared and afraid. A huge cloud, a thundering
voice while Moses stood before the Lord, interacting
with Him.
The people were so scared they
specifically asked if that situation would not happen
again. So I must ask one more time, can you
imagine hearing from God so clearly that the
experience really scares you? Perhaps you have.
Many times we hope to hear God whisper in our
hearts. His presence may still challenge us, make us
nervous, or even scare us, yet His presence remains.
Hearing the voice of God first requires our
listening. Then comes what sometimes seems
challenging, our response. We always are required
to respond to His voice. In the freedom God has
given us, we are able to choose, decide to respond to
His voice. Mary is famous for replying a world
changing “yes, may it be done to me as you have
said.” May we follow her example with the yes from
our hearts to whatever the voice of God invites us to.
Prayer is required for us to continue to ask God
for His will for us, then we do our best to listen.
Sometimes we are not sure of His response and we
must try an option to see if this option was the one
He is guiding us to. IF He is served well and all
continues to go according to plan, there He is helping
us along. IF we begin and we have the experience of
being what I call “shut down” where clearly this is
not going to go much farther, well then, there He is
guiding us to another option. Either way He is with
us guiding us along and willing to provide His Grace
to fulfill His word. His voice speaks, we hear and do
our part in receiving His Grace, love and
accomplishing His will. Thanks be to God as He is
generous enough to let us participate in His will.
~ Fr. Dennis
All parishioners are invited to bring in their old
palms to be burned for Ash Wednesday. Palms will
be burned Monday, February 16th. Collection
baskets will be at all of the doors. Thank you.
Page Four
Fourth Sunday
in in
July 7,
1, 2013
Join us for:
* Delicious pancakes, sausage, coffee or juice * Our special pancake toppings *
* Bake Sale * Raffle Baskets *
Who will win dinner with Father? Will Mr. or Ms. Pancake make an appearance?
There is only one way to find out! Join us on February 14th and 15th after all masses.
$6 for adults and teens, $3 for children 12 and under, and kids under 3 eat free!
Funds raised from this event will help our teens attend the Diocesan Youth Leadership Conference in June.
For more information, please contact Craig Mazur at 708-712-3989 or [email protected]
We'll see you there!
Please Help our Youth!
Each year, members of the Teen Youth Group (TYG) and parish high school students are privileged to attend
the Joliet Diocesan Youth Leadership Conference at Lewis University in Romeoville. This year’s YLC takes
place June 26th-28th. This is a three day, two night event that empowers our young church (incoming high
school freshmen through graduating seniors)!
The Junior High component, X-treme Taste of Faith, takes place on Sunday, June 28, and is a jam-packed
abbreviated version of YLC. YLC and XTF are incredible opportunities for our students to experience national
youth ministry speakers/musicians! The presenters use music, games and more to ignite the fire of faith in our
youth. The grade level and themed workshops provide opportunities for faith-filled personal and spiritual
growth, leadership training opportunities for teens in the larger church, empower our young church to live and
share their faith as Catholic Christians, and incorporate and reveal our Catholic identity to the young church.
The weekend will conclude with both YLC and XTF students together at the closing Mass so everyone will get
a real taste of the YLC experience! Last year we sent fourteen high school students to YLC and eighteen of our
Jr. High students participated in Taste of Faith.
There is a financial responsibility for each student who attends. It costs $180 per student to attend YLC and
$30 per student to attend Taste of Faith. In order to help offset this burden, Youth Ministry will be hosting a
Pancake Dinner/Breakfast fundr aiser after all masses on February 14th and 15th. In addition to ser ving
the meal we will be raffling themed gift baskets and hosting a bake sale. W e are asking for help to make this
fundraiser successful.
Here are ways you can help:
Please pray for the success of the weekend and for the youth attending this year’s YLC & XT.
Donate a themed raffle basket or items to use in raffle baskets.
Donate gift cards to include with raffle baskets.
Make a monetary gift to use for purchasing supplies or gift cards.
Donate baked goods for our bake sale.
Consider sponsoring a youth to attend YLC (checks to St. Liborius).
We thank you in advance for your support of developing programs that benefit the youth of our parish and
community. Donations may be brought to the Church Office. If you have any additional questions, please
contact me at 708-754-1363.
~ Craig Mazur, Director of Youth Ministry
February 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page Five
Carole Bacon, Director, 754-3460
Craig Mazur, Youth Minister, 754-1363
This past week, our Confirmation Candidates gathered with their sponsors to attend Mass together. Following Mass, they shared some group and one-on-one time as they moved forward in
their preparation for this third Sacrament of Initiation. One of their activities involved sharing
their thoughts on various topics. Here are some of the responses from the candidates and the
…that evil can’t take God in a fight
…how to live our lives in today’s world
…courage, faith, and love
…how much God cares
…how he wants us to follow in his footsteps
…that anything is possible
…how to be selfless, devoted, & dedicated to what
we believe
…strength & humility
…how to live by example
…what a good relationship with God consists of
…what he wants us to do, and what he doesn’t want
us to do
…how to respect others
…to learn from our mistakes and grow from them
…that he died for us and reopened the gates of
…that we don’t have to live in fear, to stand up for
what we believe, and to follow God’s will
…how we can follow God’s path for us
…true faith
…courage and wisdom
…love, strength, perseverance, and generosity
…how to love unconditionally
…the way to live a happy, fulfilling life
…courage, strength, and how to stand up for what
you believe
…love and forgiveness that should be a constant in
our lives
…the wonderful people
…how much of a family it is
…my pastor
…that it cherishes each of its members
…the loving & strong community
…the fun, enrichment activities it does for growing
in faith
…we are a family and how everyone gets along
…the times of coming together for celebration
…seeing the same people over & over at Mass &
…meeting new people
…Fr. Dennis is awesome, very friendly & kind
…my best friend goes to the same church as me
…it’s very welcoming & like my second family
…it accepts all people from all religions and not
just Catholics
…it’s nearby
…the friendly, welcoming vibe
…the different activities, retreats that you can do
…it is awesome
…it makes me humble
…the singing
…Donut Sunday & Easter Sunday
…it’s a happy place to be
…we’re all one
…the fact that my priest is funny
…when people come together
…the joy and goodness it brings to everyone
Page Six
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Week Twenty-Six: Second Trimester Ends
This Week
The baby measures 14 inches long and weigh over
1.7 pounds. The feet are 2 inches long. Your baby's
eyes begin to open around this time. The nerves
around the mouth and lip area are showing more
sensitivity now, and the swallowing reflexes are
developing. The fetus makes breathing movements,
but there is no air in the lungs yet. Thumb sucking
calms the baby and strengthens the cheek and jaw
muscles. The fetal brain scan will show response to
touch. Touching and playing with the baby is
possible now, as they may respond to mom’s touch
through her belly wall. Baby is probably very active
in the womb.
Parishioners of St. Liborius, the South Suburban
Public Action to Deliver Shelter (SSPADS) program
is in need of your help. SSPADS has been the
leading provider of emergency shelter services and
transitional housing for individuals and families who
are experiencing homelessness in our area. The
Daughters of St. Liborius has chosen our local
SSPADS for our yearly collection. You have been
most generous in the past years as we have collected
shoes, business attire, and children's books. This year
we wanted to lend a hand to SSPADS by collecting
the items that are in the most demand.
Here is an abridged list: clean white tube socks in
adult and children's sizes, new twin sheet sets (flat,
fitted, and pillow cases), Irish Spring soap, stick
deodorant, plain white washcloths, toothbrushes, trial
size toiletries, and diapers.
During the month of February, there will be a bin in
the narthex to collect your donations. If you have any
items that SSPADS can use, please deposit them in
the bin. Thank you in advance for your support. If
you have any questions, please contact Sue Mazur
at 708-672-3919 or [email protected]
February 1, 2015
The St. Liborius Council of the Knights of Columbus
will be hosting their next Fish Fry on Friday,
February 6, 2015, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Parish Hall.
All you can eat Perch Dinner includes: Fries,
Cole Slaw, Veggies, Bread and Butter, and Coffee
Donation: Adults: $8.00 / Children (under 10) $4.00
Fish Sandwich $4.00 / Hot Dog $1.00
Desserts will be available. Carry-outs welcome.
Bring the family for this special treat!
Did you Know?
This Year of Consecrated Life, 2015, is the 150th
anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of
St. Francis of Mary Immaculate in Joliet, also
referred to as the Joliet Franciscans. They were the
first group of Franciscan sisters incorporated in the
State of Illinois, which was in 1874.
Preventative health screenings can detect your risk
for serious disease. Ingall’s Health System will hold
a Lifeline Screening at St. Mary, 227 Monee Road,
Park Forest on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. The
screening is open to all. Pre-registration is required.
Informational flyers explaining the screenings
available, the cost, and registration information are
available at the church or by calling 708-748-6686.
We will welcome Bishop Conlon to our Parish the
weekend of February 13th-15th. During this time,
he will be visiting the school as well as meeting with
various ministries in our parish and at St. Mary.
On Friday, February 13, Bishop Conlon will preside
at Mass at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy at
8:30 a.m.
Therefore, the Mass on Thursday,
February 12, will be at St. Liborius at 8:30 a.m.
followed by adoration. All are invited to attend the
Mass at Mother Teresa.
February 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 7th & 8th
5:30 PM Jeanette Dargert
7:00 AM Kate Cummings
10:30 AM Student Readers
5:30 PM *Chuck Fajman, Nancy Fajman,
Susan Foster, David Gray, Anita Kost,
Mary Sparks, Martin Victor,
Bob Baumgartner
7:00 AM *Craig Mazur, Gus Constantino,
Joanne Bernar
10:30 AM *Art LeMere, Maureen Burns,
Chuck & Jeanine Gromala,
Susan Higgins, Marielle Zagone,
Debbie Braccio
5:30 PM Rick & Michael Blatz, Sophie Goncher
7:00 AM Mike & Debbie Burke
10:30 AM Angelica & Xander Beers,
Jason Wendling
5:30 PM Bill DeYoung, Choir
7:00 AM Suzanne Ackerson, Sue Mazur
10:30 AM Guitar Choir
5:30 PM
7:00 AM
10:30 AM
Bobby Tafelski, Joseph Zawistowski,
James Leech, Louis Sherman,
Donald Wichman, Lois Lane
Collectors: Kathy Hewes,
Christine Casiello, Bernie Konzen,
Alfred Kuchcik
Duties as Needed: Kathy Wandall,
James Maxwell, Kate Cummings,
Bobby Tafelski
Hugo Caffarini, Tom Dormady,
David VanDyck, Anna Delgado,
Cherrie Burger, Sandra Behena,
Paul Mulder, Christel Baylie,
Gemma & Roger Maghirang
Page Seven
Saturday, January 31
5:30 pm - Marvin Qunell, Tom Baron & Michael Ciarlo
Mary Wyzynski
Toni & Ed Pelock
Sunday, February 1
7:00 am - Deceased Members of the CCW
Emil Lotspiech
10:30 am - Kevin Palermo
Frances Brown
Monday, February 2
7:00 pm - Mass at St. Mary Church
Tuesday, February 3
8:00 am - Mass at St. Mary church
Wednesday, February 4
7:00 pm - Eddie Joe Rogus
Joyce Gray
Thursday, February 5 @ M other T eresa
8:30 am - Regina Alexander
David Pardington
Friday, February 6
8:00 am - Lisa Sido (Birthday)
Cheryl Pisani & Margaret Shane
Saturday, February 7
5:30 pm - Rose Marie Carlsson
David Pardington
Sunday, February 8
7:00 am - Robert Koselke
Andrew Smithberger
10:30 am - Pauline Ciarrocchi
John & Sophie Kaim, Fr. Ernest, Daniel,
& Edward Kaim, John & Josephine Madura
Please remember in your Masses and prayers: Teresa Howe,
Mary Mitchell, Kaye Cantway, Anthony Bravo, Bob & Lois
O’Neil, Mary Davidson, Jeremy Wallace, Irene Kaim, Scott
Brassea, Linda Marz, Teresa Cunningham, Pat Zawistowski,
Jessica McCormick, Carlos Kaufman, Emilia Tieri, Mary Janz,
Connor Keith, Sandy Prete, Dan Mulvihill, Elena Vasquez,
Matthew Darnell, Joan Hope, Kathy Dirickson, Dorothy
Sullivan, Albert Hartman, Patricia Hlinovsky, Tom Neal, Barb
& Frank Kaszubski, Hugo & Dolores Caffarini, Christel Baylie,
Mary Ann Demith, the Czajka & Rogge Families.
We also pray for those serving in our Military: Sean Motsinger,
Billy Kelly, David Piattoni, Jasmine Czajka.
Names will remain on the list for six weeks. Please call the
Rectory at 754-1363 to add or remove names. from the list.