Newsletter 2 - Ladies Circle Nederland

Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Inside this issue:
Message from Ladies Circle International 2014—2015 President
Greetings from the LCI Board
ISP—Latest Update
LCI Board Meeting 2
LCI 2015 Iceland
Icelandic Green Monster
News from LC Morocco
News from LC Norway
News from LC Italy
Mid Term Meetings
Upcoming Charters
Climbing Table Mountain, Cape Town
35 - 36
LCI Day 2015
Season Greetings
Dear Friends,
It has most certainly been a wonderful adventure the last 4 months. Wow, being in contact with so
many ladies around the world discussing all sorts of topics, has been so encouraging on so many
levels. Or course it wouldn’t be as memorable without the awesome Boardies which each bring a
sparkle to our friendship. It has been so enjoyable!
Ooh and what has been enjoyable, was our trip to Iceland for BM2. You are going to be blown
away at the LCI AGM in 2015 with this gorgeous country filled with warmth from the ladies as
the chill in the air reminds one how far North you really are. The mountains covered in a blanket
of snow is breathtaking and the spectacular Northern lights (which we were super privileged to see)
leave you speechless. One would never say this small island has more sheep than people and over 130
Volcanoes. We were treated like royalty and our BM2 was well organized with Hildur Halldorsdottir the Convenor, ensuring it all went accordingly. Hildur also surprised us with an Interview on
the local Icelandic TV where we had our 15 minutes of fame discussing various aspects of Ladies
Circle – what a great opportunity it was to market LCI AGM and Ladies Circle.
Thank you to the Icelandic ladies for making us feel at home. We missed Gitte at our meeting but
managed to have a quick skype meeting as we discussed MTM’s, the ISP application forms and
travel grants, amongst many other topics.
Ladies Circle International
Board Meeting Dates
BM3: 18—22 March 2015, Tunisia
BM4: 23—27 June 2015, Rome
BM5: 19—22 August, Akureyri
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Message from Ladies Circle International 2014—2015 President Continued
Of course we are all excited about the upcoming MTM’s . The countries have put so much effort into the programmes and tours, so make sure
you register before it’s too late. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss topics at length and of course meet new friends and catch up with old
ones. What would an MTM be without a Boardie? Gitte and Heidi will attend the Denmark meeting, Ruth H and myself will attend Botswana, Mariame and Gitte will attend Austria with Ruth C and myself attending Portugal’s’ meeting. Wishing all the best to the MTM
committees as you prepare a memorable meeting.
I am soooo excited to tell you about the 4 Charters taking place next year. For the first time in history, due to the challenges in Ukraine, together with Tunisia, we are going to charter Ukraine via skype at the Tunisia charter. We have tried all options to either meet Poland, Denmark
or Tunisia, but due to troubles in the country, we have all agreed to charter via skype. We will also be having our 3rd board meeting in Tunisia
so it’s going to be wonderful for the LCI board to attend two charters in one go.
Mauritius has been planned to charter 28 February 2015 and Uganda the 6th June 2015. As soon as the programmes have been fina lized,
we will mail and add to Facebook asap. Keep your eyes peeled so we can all welcome out new Circlers into our amazing organization where
they too can encourage circlers, empower others and enjoy circling.
Our International Service Project is doing superbly well and continue to encourage you to support the Children of the Dump. I can state that
we have raised 14.033,68 EUR to date! How fantastic! So please keep buying the Presidents Pin or simply donate funds to the a ccount that
you can view on our website or view later in this newsletter.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Please drive safely if you are travelling and trust that the
New Year brings you all that you hope for.
Television interview with Icelandic Local Station
Message from
Message from
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Immediate Past President
Dear Circlers, dear friends,
Hello Ladies
With Christmas just around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to express my
deepest thanks to all of you for being a Circler – thank you for your involvement in other people
as your support to our ISP “Children of the dump” and for always being there for the LCI
Board no matter who we are.
This year has certainly flown by with 2015 not far away. The last few
months on the International Board have been fantastic. I have learnt a lot
very quickly and met some amazing people on my travels so far.
We have recently returned from the LCI Board Meeting 2 which was held
in Iceland. It gave all the Board Members an opportunity to get to know
each other better and we did manage to achieve a huge amount of work during the few days we were in Akureyri.
I think the highlight so far in my year as LCI Secretary was during our
recent stay in Iceland. After our first full day of business the Icelandic Circlers made sure we were able to relax at the end of our day by arranging a
lovely dinner at the Conference Hotel for 2015. Little did we know there were
further treats and surprises awaiting us. On our return to our guest house we
had an outdoor hot tub waiting for us which had been edged with candles and
they had provided a couple of bottles of wine. This gave the Board Members
a chance to soak, relax and chat. Then right in the middle of it all out came
the Northern Lights. Spectacular doesn’t even start to explain it all – quite
honestly it was magical.
This really got me thinking of all the opportunities we have as Circlers we
wouldn’t have had if it hadn’t been for being involved in Ladies Circle. We
couldn’t have planned a better day if we tried.
I look forward to the other experiences we face in the rest of our year, and
moreover I look forward to making and meeting our friends along the way.
A reminder of deadlines for the 31st December which I thought may be of
help are as follows: The application for full membership is due by the end of December
 All Half Year Reports need to be sent by each member country to the
Ladies Circle International Board .
If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me I am only an email
or phone call away. I wish you all a lovely break over the festive holidays and
New Year celebrations.
In the following I will give you some news and a short update of what I have been up to since last
newsletter – Until the Board Meeting 2 in November 2014, I as chairmen for travel funds,
have been through all travel application and extension fund applications and I am happy to say
that we have granted all applicants money.
There is still money in the travel- and extension fund account – so please visit your friends in
other countries and remember to send the approved application in time.
I therefore look forward to receive a lot of travel grant applications for different travels – and I
can promise you that Ladies Circle Iceland really look forward to seeing you all in August
2015.If you have, any questions about the travel fund just ask me. My email is
[email protected]
I also take care of our new countries and we have three countries "coming up" within Ladies
Circle - Dubai, Singapore and USA, and we hope to be able to welcome them into our Ladies
Circle family in the near future.
I heard that our Ladies in USA attended and had meeting at Round Table Nordic Meeting
in New York - they are doing very fine with good help from Ladies Circle Norway.
I would like to take the opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to all the Ladies Circle
and Round Table countries who are helping our new countries.
My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I look forward to see you
somewhere around the world in 2015 .
Newsletter Two
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Message from
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Vice President
I cannot believe how fast the time is flying we are already at
December 2014! You know what they say time flies when
you are having fun!
BM2 in Akureyri, Iceland was just that . From the trip
going into Europe, our fruitful meetings, our Boardie bonding sessions and the adventures thereof, visiting the 2015
AGM venues, being loved by the Icelandic Ladies, to the trip
back home to Africa with Chantess everything can only be
aptly described as FUN. For the record Akureyri is beautiful and we are definitely in for some wonderful time there next
Since I have come back I have also found time to do all thing
fun with my regional circle friends, local circle and national
board friends. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate and one of
my own childhood friends and fellow passionate Circler Sandra from LC Zimbabwe and I met in South Africa to celebrate her birthday and have a pre Christmas party “sans”
the children. Along with LC Botswana, Round Table Area
Botswana and Agora Club Botswana in conjunction with
other service clubs namely Rotary and Lions, we organised
and had a successful Carols by Candlelight where we collect
gifts for children in hospitals and villages which we give out on
Christmas Day. The National Board kindly invited me to
join their Christmas Dinner which was filled with so much
laughter and pure joy found in this thing we treasure known
as FRIENDSHIP. I also had the pleasure of an RTI
Side by Side encounter when Past President of RTI Moffat
Nyirenda found time in his schedule to have a meal with me
as we chatted about our two great organisations.
Schools are out so I am now waiting for my friend Neema to
come home from boarding school and we will be spending
Christmas in Hong Kong. I have been
in touch with Fiona and Lina and look
forward to meeting some HK Circlers,
I have seen their website and I note they
are doing great things in the name of
Circle and friendship so I am sure I will
share with you some memories I am
about to live as well as the new friends I
am about to make.
It is with this update I now come to a
place where I want to wish you all my
personal wishes for you and your loved
ones to have a safe, restful, peaceful and
awesome Festive Season! May the
coming year take us to greater levels in
our organisation and in each of our
lives. May we know progress, may we
remain Encouraged, Empowered and
Enjoy who we are and what we stand
Newsletter Two
Message from
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Dear Ladies, dear friends,
As a new year dawns, already so many things were achieved
during the past months. In November the Ladies Circle International Board met for the Board Meeting 2 in Iceland,
Akureyri, where we had a fabulous time, hosted in Hildur’s
lovely holiday house. Besides the long working days (and
long nights awake waiting for the Northern Lights to appear!
We took a few hours to visit the venues for the next Ladies
Circle International Conference and I can already tell that
the conference team is doing the utmost to offer us an unforgettable moment! Again a big thank you to the wonderful
Icelandic Ladies who opened their homes and their hearts to welcome us in their wonderful country!
But now already preparing our next meetings. The coming months will be filled with 4 MTM’s where Ladies Circle
International Board will be represented every time and our third board meeting next March in Tunisia which will be
held at the same time as the Charter Ceremony. I hope that a lot of ladies will be able to join us and support the arrival of
this new baby country in Ladies Circle family.
Newsletter Two
Message from
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Treasurer Continued ...
The amount on our bank account for International Service
Project “Children of the Dump” is growing and growing.
Thanks to all the countries that have already given donations and in particular to Ladies Circle Germany, the largest
contributor until now with over 10.000 EUR donated!
Thanks also to all the countries that have ordered and keep
on ordering the charity pins and with a special thanks to
Ladies Circle Norway, the number one buyer, as last year!,
with 700 pins bought! An unbeatable record!
Please don’t hesitate to re-order pins. Just contact me and it
will be my pleasure to send them to you. Please be aware
that Ladies Circle International Board Members will attend the 4 MTM’s where you can buy the charity pins on
site and as many as you like.
I would like to remind you that all donations can be made directly to the Ladies Circle International Account “Children of
the Dump”:
Account Name: Ladies Circle International
IBAN No: BE94 6529 6244 6614
Swift/BIC Code: HBKABE22
Record Bank, Avenue Henri Matisse, 16 - 1140 Brussels, Belgium
The call is already launched for a new LCI Treasurer! So if the adventure is tempting for you, if you have some time and
energy to spend for Ladies Circle International and if you have already served as an Area Chairman or as an elected National Officer in your own country, well then don’t hesitate and contact me.
Dear circlers, until we meet again, I wish you and
your family a fantastic holiday season. May the
New Year bring you good health, happiness and
warmth of love to you and your beloved ones.
Lots of love from Belgium, ♥♥♥
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Message from
Ladies Circle International 2014—2015
Web Lady
Dear everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I hope you all are good now that this festive season is over us. I take myself
thinking that right now there is summer somewhere and outside my door it’s –
10 degrees Celsius – not much snow yet, but hope Christmas will be white as we
like it in this part of the world.
Many of you might wonder about a few things on the new webpage, The progress has not been as expected as we have faced some problems with the Travel
Grant Form. It’s not completely fixed now, but we have some help to fix it, and
we do hope it will be fully functioning at the end of this year/ beginning of 2015.
In order to keep the web page updated I need a little help from you all, especially all the web ladies of the countries. Drop me an email on
[email protected] if you have something that could make
an interesting article for the Ladies around the world. It could be anything from
a meeting, to a national event, or maybe from a fruitful Side by Side events.
I’m looking forward to hear from you.
Fantastic news!
The Top 8 Countries that have donated within 2014 with LC Germany the largest contributor!
Thank you LC Germany and all the countries as every little bit helps!
LC Country
Total €
Top 5 Pin Sellers :
Don’t forget to watch
So you are wondering how you and your circle can help ?
Three magnificent pins (collector items!) with the picture of some of the kids living in the CCH
will be for sale for the price of 5 EUR / pin. Please order these pins via the following e-mail
address: [email protected] with the reference of the Ladies Circle Club, name
and number of pins.
Sponsor a child
Each club could virtually adopt a child by sponsoring it for the amount of 480 EUR / year. This
amount allows a child to live in the Center for Children to Happiness instead of the dump.
Donations to charity account to be paid to Record Bank, Av. Henri Matisse 16, B-1140 Brussels.
IBAN n° BE94 6529 6244 6614, SWIFT/BIC code HBKABE22. Please enter your name
and or LC country & club n° in the reference space.
Look out for 20 LADIES of LC Belgium visiting the ISP project in Cambodia
Board Meeting Two—Iceland
Business, Fun and Friendship
The joy of modern technology Gitte was able to join the BM2 Meeting via Skype
Board Meeting Two—Iceland
Business, Fun and Friendship
Board Meeting Two—Iceland
Business, Fun and Friendship
Board Meeting Two—Iceland
Business, Fun and Friendship
Icelandic Ladies join the LCI Board for Dinner
Church in Akureyri
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Venue
The Harbour
The Meeting Venue—The Hof
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Venue
The Foyer
Lunch Area
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Venue
The Auditorium
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Venue
Break Out Area at the AGM Venue
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Venue
Conference Hotel
The Hof—Meeting Venue
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Gala Venue
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Stunning Views on the way to Akureyri
Ladies Circle International
AGM 2015 Akureyri
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
The Green Monster—Icelandic Style
We spotted on Facebook that Ladies Circle 2015 Convenor
Hildur has her own smoothie books out (unfortunately all
in Icelandic and nothing in English – yet) and spoilt us
with her GREEN MONSTER’s and are absolutely
delicious. You just have to try one of these for yourself and
herewith the recipe that is guaranteed to boost your energy
for the day.
Green Monster Recipe for one person:
1 banana
2 dl (appr. 1 cup) mango
10-12 almonds, soaked in water for about 8-12 hours (also
ok to put the in dry)
1 handful spinach, more if you want to
1-3 cm freshly grated ginger root.
1 tbsp. coconut oil (ok to skip)
appr. 2 dl water (1 cup)
ad ice or more/less water
Queen of Smoothies
All put in a blender and blend until smooth
Try it out! Let Hildur know what you think!
The Board having a Green
Monster during BM2
LC Tanger 8 organized their second Medical Caravan edition in Jouama village,
in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and TMSA Foundation for Human
This multidisciplinary Medical Caravan had as aim of bringing care services of
people in isolated areas of the province.
Because health is a RIGHT FOR ALL!
In Friendship and services.
1136 Beneficiaries of medical consultations
728 General consultations
66% of patients are women
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Message from Norway
Dear circlers from all around the world!
Here comes some December greetings from Ladies Circle Norway
First of all, I would like to express a big thank you for
the support, and for all the hard work that the International Board does on our behalf. It is because of these
ladies the world becomes a smaller place.
This autumn has been really difficult for Ladies Circle
Norway. Three young ladies, and very dear members
in their best ages, have passed away. May their dear
souls rest in peace. We are so very sad and sorry for
their families, and more especially since its going to be
Christmas we can only imagine how difficult it will be.
This experience just comes to remind us that it is important that we remember to live our lives, and that we
take good care of each other every day. The sorrow and
the happiness walk side by side.
A lot of our members are busy making their homes and
families ready for Christmas, of course everyone has lots
to do in their private lives as well. The nice and guaranteed thing about Christmas, is whether the house is clean
or messy... Christmas Eve comes anyway so let us prepare to have a good time!
I want to share what one of our local LC clubs are doing. LC and RT Ølen have collected a lot of gifts from
sponsors and made their own Christmas calendar. One
ticket costs 100 NOK, or about 13 Euro.
All the money collected from the Christmas calendar sales, will
be split into two and will go to the local hospital’s “hospital
clowns for children” and to the Stine Sofie stiftelse (a foundation that works to prevent violence and abuse against children). Already by the 3th of December, they had raised Euro
10500, and they are still selling tickets for the calendar. I am
so pleased about the wonderful effort they put in their calendar
project, and grateful for the chance to support service projects
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
LC New York.
After LC USA closed down in 2013, there are now
new highly motivated ladies in New York City. LC
Norway is their godmother, and I visited them at the
end of November. It was great to finally meet the ladies, after spending hours talking to them on Skype.
We had two meetings, one social, and one business
meeting. They are about 14 ladies in their LC club.
They are now active, sending me reports, and are in
constant contact with me. We are planning to apply
for Associate membership at the AGM at the LCI
conference in Akureyri next year. I wish them really
good luck, and hope they can join our LCI family
next year.
On behalf of Ladies Circle Norway, we wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I vennskap og omtanke!
Friendship and service!
Irja Marie Stenby
Ladies Circle Norge
Old Italian board and new Italian board 2014-2015 with
International President during the Gala Dinner
In May 2014 Ladiess Circle Italy celebrated 40 years with the
wonderful presence of International President Cindy. Here began our
new adventure as Councillors with Daniela D‘Aragona and Lorenza
Romano,as Vice National President.
Over the years Ladies Circle Italy is constantly discovering the
greatness belonging to the Ladies’ Circle International family and it
tries to play a more active part. At the AGM in Vilnius our Federica
Vigolo was a nominee for Vice President International, looking for a
new experience to grow the LC Italy. International AGM was full of
emotions for us and we are proud of our contribution.
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
This summer came with many Circler visitors to Italy
including Vice National President of Lithuania, Laima
Luksieme, a member of the Circle of British Maidenhead,
Nikki Alvey with her family and Vrinda Lewis, Chairlady of
Ladies Circle of Bangalore, India. We have absolutely
enjoyed having our sisters with us.
This year Ladies’ Circle Italy, for the first time, wants
consolidate the relationship between ourselves and the other
Clubs and in May 2015 we are organising joint National
AGM’s for Ladies Circle, Club 41 and Agora . 29-31 May
in Franciacorta, near Milan. Booking:
Visit in Verona of Nikki Alvey
( Ladies Circle Maidenhead) with her family
The relationship between our clubs (Side by Side) are
becoming more consolidate with a little and big events with a
strong friendship, in which the board of all club share their
F. Petrachi (President LCVerona),
L. Romano( Vice National President)
and Vrinda Lewis President LC Bangolore
Vice President Club41, Convenor Ladies’
Circle, Vice President Ladies’ Circle Italy,
President Agorà Italy
HYM Ravenna Club 41 - Convenor
Ladies’ Circle, IPP Club 41 and
President Club 41
Of most importance is that we have been actively fundraising for our National Project
called Parent Project. Below are some excepts of parts of our national media campaign.
We are doing good and continue to do good!
Yours in Friendship Lc Italy
Lorenza Romano
Vice President
Daniela D’Aragona
Ladies' Circle Italia 2014-2015
Ladies' Circle Italia 2014-2015
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Mid Term Meeting
Southern Region
Lisbon Day
Dear Ladies,
Hope to find you well and happy!
We would like to invite you to participate on the Southern Region Countries MTM 2015, that will take
place from the 29th January until 1st February in Cascais, Portugal.
Ladies Circle Portugal is happy to
host and welcome ladies from all
over the world, and we will make
sure you’ll have a wonderful circling time here with us.
Sintra-Cascais Tour
Below you can find the program,
the registration link, a link to our
WordPress website, and a link to
the description of the day tours.
Liliana Dias
Ladies Circle Portugal
Registration here:
Registration Mid-Term Meeting Cascais 2015
We’re delighted to welcome you to the Southern Region Countries Mid-Term Meeting 2015!
From the 29th January until the 1st of February, we’ll make sure you’ll have a great circling time in
Full Participant Package 195€, Partner’s Package 138€ (until 14th of December, without the pretours and Hello! Dinner)
After 14th December 2014 +20€ per package.
Further information:
[email protected]
The theme for the weekend will be “hygge” – it is
a feeling, a mood and an action. Translated it
means; Lõbus – hauskaa – gaman – fun – įdomus – moro – zabawy – kul … but real Danish
hygge just cannot be described, you have to
COME and experience it!
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Mid Term Meeting
Nordic Region
The team
The team behind the event is District 8 in Ladies
Circle Denmark, we are 7 clubs organizing the
event and in total 23 girls helping plan this hyggelige weekend for you guys.
There will be Boardies and girls from all the
Nordic countries:
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Letland, Lithuainia, Iceland, Estonia, Poland and Denmark.
Please take a tour of our website, don’t feel shy
but please leave comments for us.
See you in Copenhagen in 2015!
Yours in Circling,
Further information:
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Mid Term Meeting
Northern European Region
Dear National and International Ladies
The MTM 2015 takes place from 5th to 7th February 2015 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. We, the ladies from the LC6 Wiener Neustadt, have organised a great MTM-Program with a magnificent pre tour in Vienna from 3rd to 5th February 2015. This is your chance to visit the World Cultural Heritage city of Vienna and have a great time during the MTM 2015 in Wiener Neustadt. A lot of fun is guaranteed ;-)
In the pre tour is included amongst others:
2 nights in the Austria Trend Hotel Ananas**** including breakfast
City tours, Coffee & Sachertorte (Cake) in a typical Viennese Coffee House, A visit at Palace Schönbrunn, A ride on the famous Giant Wheel in Vienna, You get the whole package for only € 239.-- (early bird bookings until 25.12.2014) or for € 259.--!
On Thursday 5th February 2015 the MTM 2015 in Wiener Neustadt starts with the Welcome Party and Dinner at a Heurigen, a typical Austrian
type of restaurant. The meeting of delegates will be on Friday, while the non-delegates go for a sledge ride or a city tour in Wiener Neustadt. The dress
code for the Gala Dinner is “black tie” with the theme “black and white”. It won’t be just an ordinary Gala Dinner as we from LC6 Wiener Neustadt
would love to celebrate our 10th anniversary together with you.
Before it is time to say goodbye we will come together once more for a first-class farewell brunch on the morning of 7th February 2015.
The whole MTM-Program is only € 185.--.
We hope we have captivated your interest enough to the MTM 2015 in Wiener Neustadt. So next steps for you: visit our homepage, register for the pre
tour and the MTM 2015, organise a nice black and white dress and start counting the days until we meet.
We are looking forward to welcoming many of you on the 3 rd or at the latest on 5th February 2015.
Best wishes and big hugs,
Ladies Circle 6 Wiener Neustadt
Further information:
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Mid Term Meeting
Africa Region
Dear Friends And Circlers around the world
We have great pleasure in inviting you to join us for the Mid Term Meeting 2015 for the African Region to be held in Gaborone, Botswana. Dates are Friday 23rd January until Sunday 25th January 2015. We promise you interesting and meaningful dialogue mixed in
with great friendship and lasting memories.
The beginning of the MTM weekend starts with a relaxed dinner and dance party at a Circlers home where we promise you loads of
laughter and fun. This will be followed the next day with the serious business of The Mid Term meeting followed by a fun and flirty lunch
in a beautiful garden setting, to clear the mind and refresh the soul. Thereafter there is time for the shopaholics to enjoy all that our new
malls have to offer or take time out to recharge your batteries for the gala dinner. In the evening after a sumptuous meal it will be time to
put on your dancing shoes and boogie the night away.
The cost of the entire weekend is Euro 120.00. Accommodation is available at the Indaba Lodge and there are limited spaces for homehosting so register as soon as possible. Remember the deadline for registering is 30 th November 2014.
We look forward to hosting you. For more information on the event please log into our website at or to download
the registration form or find us on
With warmest wishes from sunny Botswana.
Sumaya Khan – MTM Convenor
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +267 71301753
Further information:
28 February 2015
21 March 2015
21st March 2015
(Together with Tunisia via
6 June 2015
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Ladies Circle 2014—Table Mountain, Cape Town
When I booked my holiday to Cape Town I decided I wanted to do something a bit out of my comfort zone, something that I could raise money doing
and we stumbled across the idea of climbing Table Mountain. After numerous us emails to LC South Africa President Judy and the team I was put in
contact with Joanne, and so the story began.
Choosing a charity wasn’t difficult. There were two charities I wanted to raise funds for. The National Breast Cancer Helpline UK as they have supported my Circle Chair recently who has undergone a double mastectomy, I really wanted to do something to raise funds to say thank you for all that they had
done for her. The second charity was the Cupcake of Hope Project, LC South Africa National Charity.
On the 14th of October 2014 I climbed India Venster Route up Table Mountain together with a very dear school friend Melanie from Zimbabwe, my
husband Wayne and Joanne from LC Cape Town. We set off before sunrise and waited at the meeting point just outside the ticket office at Table Mountain. We were met with spectacular views over the city and watched the sun rise in its full glory. Absolutely breath-taking. At 6am we started the climb
up the mountain with our guide. He provided us with lots of local information about the flora and fauna, the mountain and many funny stories along the
way. The start of the climb was like being on a stair master from hell! My legs were on fire but I was determined to do the climb. Luckily Mike did stop
regularly to allow us to catch our breath and admire the incredible views. Once we had conquered the stair master the scrambling and climbing began.
There are parts of the climb that were physically challenging and I learnt to do the splits both horizontally and vertically, tackled part of the mountain I
never thought would have been passable and achieved so much more than I knew I could do. When faced with the Chimney which was a flat sheer faced
rock I really did want to cry and give up. Mike however talked us all through the climb told us exactly where to put our hands and feet and after a bit of
huffing and puffing I managed to get up what I considered the impossible. The reward – the best view of my life! It took four and a half hours to reach
the summit, in the most glorious of days with absolutely no wind and excellent visibility. Judy LC South Africa President met us at the top and we had our
photo opportunity with the LC South African flag and a very welcome ice cold beer! I have to admit that after the views during the climb the summit was
a bit of a disappointment – it was just very flat, but that is exactly why its called Table Mountain. The views were just as fantastic from the viewpoints
We then took the cable car back down (all of five minutes) and it was at this point I appreciated just what I had achieved. Judy and Joanne then took us
down to the V & A Waterfront for a relaxing lunch in the sun and a chance to have a good catch up.
Later in the week I attended the LC Shiraz business meeting and was warmly welcomed and provided with an excellent meal. What really struck me was
how at home I felt and it was just the same as attending one of my own Circle meetings, the same format and similar issues discussed. It was so lovely to
know that where ever we are in the world as Circlers we are dealing with the same things.
I did have the opportunity to explore in the week we were in
Cape Town and I am so excited about returning for LCI
2016, I just know that the Ladies from around the world are
going to have an awesome time and I can’t wait to do it all
over again, and that does include climbing the Mountain
again – so who is joining me!
Big hugs
Ruth Curry
Ladies Circle International Secretary
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Group photo during a break
Breathtaking Views
The start of the climb
So close yet so far ...
Detailed instructions
The climb begins up the Chimney
View over Lions Head
Dawn breaking over Cape Town
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
The Ladies Circle International Day was founded in 1995 by Past Ladies Circle resident Birgitta Opsahl from LC Norway with the purpose that all Circles should celebrate this day and think of their fellow circlers worldwide..
The Ladies Circle International Day has for the past years in many countries been used for the official day for collecting
money for National and International Service projects. Birgitta Opsahl’s motto was; Build a Bridge..
So Ladies, post as many message on the
11 February 2015 wishing each other a happy Ladies Circle International Day. No better way than to feel united on a
day we all celebrate!
Don’t forget to send us an article for our next article and to post on our website.
Have a memorable time on Ladies Circle International Day!
11th February 2015
Ladies Circle International
Newsletter Two
Ladies Circle International
Newsletter Two
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