Show the Year in an Excel Chart

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an Excel Chart
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de file will be the year in laarge Create three separate one sslide files in P
ext (example: 2014, 2015) 
Open the Exce
el file which holds the inforrmation to bee charted 
Highlight the aarea to be chaarted in the Excel file 
Click the Insertt tab on the EExcel Ribbon
Choose 3D Collumn chart tyype from the C
Column downn arrow 
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on the chart
Right‐click one
Choose Format Data Series 
elect Fill from
m the left hand column 1 Show the Ye
ear as a Backgground in an Excel Chart | TeacherPam 
Click the command for Picture or Texture Fill 
Select File in the Import from area of the window 
Locate and open the folder which holds the years (2010, 2011, etc.) 
Select the year you wish to use 
Click Insert in the lower right of the window 
Select the Stack command 
Click the Close command in the lower right 
Repeat the commands for each color bar 2 Show the Year as a Background in an Excel Chart |