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Meet Loretta Wideman
find someone from our church who would like to meet
you and answer any questions you may have about our
Stop by Starting Point after the service. Here you will
In a large church, the key to making friends and having
community is joining a small group. We know you’re
busy, so we offer small groups on Sundays at 9:30 and
10:45AM to make the most of your time here.
Our student’s and kid’s experiences are outstanding,
so make sure your kids don’t miss out on the amazing
things we have going on just for them.
Of all the spiritual disciplines, fasting is
probably the least understood.
// Starting Point is located in the Lobby on the east side of the Worship Center
Kenya, Africa
Loretta Wideman is a missionary to Kenya. During her 28 years
God to a missions ministry. 1n 1984, after teaching for 5 years in
of service in Africa, she has dedicated much of her time and
Oklahoma schools, I had the opportunity to go to Senegal and
efforts to teaching english as a second language (TESOL) to
Kenya on separate trips with the Missions Abroad Placement
the men and women she has the opportunity to work with.
Service (MAPS) through the Assemblies of God. However, it
Loretta was with us on a Wednesday night in October and is
wasn’t for another 14 years after God called me to missions
one of the more than 70 missionaries that we support monthly.
that I got to the mission field as a fully-appointed missionary
to Ethiopia. God requires our commitment, prepares us, then
Pulse: Loretta, tell us what you are currently up to?
takes care of the timing!
Loretta: It has been a busy, but wonderful year! Currently
I am still itinerating and preparing to return once again to
Pulse: Explain why something like TESOL is so important to
Africa for what will be my 28th year of service there! Not only
ministry in Africa.
am I itinerating, but I am also trying to complete my doctoral
Loretta: It was in Ethiopia that I began training nationals to
program from New Mexico State University. I am now in the
teach English as a foreign language. These trained teachers
last stages of writing the dissertation.
then used their skills to minister across East Africa and other
areas of the world because the English language is often
Pulse: What was the main reason that you chose to pursue
more widely known and accepted in their country and other
your doctorate?
countries. With English continuing to grow in popularity as
Loretta: This degree will give us more credibility with
a means of entering a profession, people who are drawn to
government officials as we move into more unreached people
English classes can also be reached with a gospel presentation
group areas and teach them english as a second language.
through the teaching process, as well as teacher/student
Pulse: Tell us more about how you became a missionary.
Loretta: Whenever I was a junior in high school, I felt a call from
Pulse: How can we pray for you in the coming months?
Loretta: The work in Africa does not stop while I am here in the US trying to
raise support to return. Pray for more certified team members to teach English
abroad. There is a huge need to continue to train teachers for the English
Centers there. Additionally, many are teaching in very sensitive Muslim areas,
pray for their protection and safety.
Keep Loretta in your prayers in the coming months as she prepares once again
to serve overseas in Africa. She is set to return in March.
Great worship, powerful messages and
incredible time at the altars could sum up
the four nights of Revival services that our
Bridge Students had in January. Beginning
Sunday Night, January 18th and continuing
on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights
of that same week, our students were
challenged to revive their own relationships
with God so that they may revive the lives
of those around them by their own Godly
witness. It was an incredible four nights!
As you may know, 2014 was an incredible
year for our Bridge Kids and their BGMC
mission’s giving. Our kids gave over $30,000
to BGMC this year! This will be used to help
missionaries all around the world to buy
water wells, build Bible schools and purchase
curriculum. This past month, we took a
night and celebrated the nearly 200 Bridge
Kids who gave to BGMC in 2014! It was a
great night of celebration and we’re proud of
our kids!
Beef, chicken, pork, duck, deer, quail,
crawfish, crab and even gator. Those were
just a a few of the “Beasts” on the menu at
this year’s Beast Feast. Over the years, Beast
Feast has become a crowd favorite and an
annual tradition for the men of our church
to gather together and fellowship around
one thing everyone can agree on, food!
We believe it is vital that everyone who
comes through our doors feels welcomed,
connected with God, and connected with
great people to do life with! So here we
have a ton of avenues available for you to be a part of: small groups, special events, volunteer teams and more. We want to create
ample opportunities for you to build incredibly fun, healthy friendships as well as help you flourish in your relationship with
God! Your life is valuable! Get yourself connected today!
Rm 201
Kenny McGee | 30s-50s
How does God’s timeless word
apply to us in real life? Lets
figure it out together! In this
small group, find the support,
friendships, encouragement,
and Biblical answers that you
need to face all that life may
bring your way.
Rm 203
Roy Peck | 30s-50s
Life can be unpredictable, but
life can also be a blast! While
the answers may not all be
clear, we can definitely make
sure you don’t have to go it
alone. Join us as we discuss
how to navigate life as God
intended, applying his Word
everyday, and making the most
of every minute we have!
Rm 104
Elaine Arnold | 40s-60s
Belonging to a community of
believers who care is vital to
our spiritual lives. Join this
discussion based small group,
where our priority is creating
a positive atmosphere that
encourages and challenges one
another, so that daily we may
implement our faith in God in
practical ways.
Rm 202
Ed Damron | 40s-60s
Faith moves mountains! We
need to trust and believe that
God is who He says He is, and
He can do what the Bible says
He can do! Join us a we explore
scripture and discover how to
grow in Christ and learn
to handle real life issues with
prayer and deep rooted faith in
Rm 105
Kathleen Wilcoxson | 30s-60s
When you study scripture, you
discover that the Word of God
truly is living and active! So,
don’t miss this opportunity
to join others in an in depth
study of the Bible that will
not only lead to great Biblical
discussions, but will also
educate and challenge you to a
pursue a deeper knowledge of,
and maturity in, Christ.
Rm 100
Kenneth McGee | 50s & up
Jesus tells us that the Holy
Spirit will be our counselor
and our guide until He comes
again. With that in mind, join
this small group as we explore
the Bible and discover what it
means for us today and how we
can daily rely on the Holy Spirit
to guide us each day.
Ken Isom | 50s & up
We believe that our Senior
Adults are a vital part of our
church! This small group
provides an opportunity for our
“Prime-Timers” (Senior Adults)
to fellowship, worship with one
another, and engage in Biblical
Rm 205
Mom’s Group
Doug Wyatt | Young Adults
There is no greater transition in
life than the one that leads into
adulthood. Join this discussion
based small group as we explore
how to establish a Biblical
foundation to help you navigate
that transition.
Kathy McGee | Rm 100
Hey Moms, need a break during
the week? Need conversation
with other moms? This is the
group for you! We have nursery
available for your babies and a
special class for your 3 to 5 yr
olds ($15 for semester). We will
be discussing the book “Love
and Logic: Raising Children
with Godly Discipline.”
Rm 201
Ryan Summers | Young Families
Finding balance in our
marriages, families and careers
can be tough. Don’t do it alone!
Come laugh, fellowship and
learn with us as we explore
how God wants us to lead our
marriages and families safely
through all of life’s obstacles.
Women’s Bible Study
Carole Harrell | Rm 104
This is an opportunity for
women to come enjoy fellowship
with other women from The
Bridge and dig deeper into God’s
Rm 105
Rob McClure | All Ages
We believe that scripture is
God-breathed and is incredibly
relevant for our daily lives! Don’t
miss this opportunity to join
with people of all ages and life
stages as together we explore
scripture, verse by verse, and
then discuss how to practically
apply them to our lives.
Ken Isom | Rm 105
Hey senior adults here is an
opportunity to get out of the
house, have fun, and enjoy
fellowship with other senior
Women’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible Study
Dorcas Schroeder | Rm 105
Ladies come join us for the
Priscilla Shirer video assisted
series “Breathe.” This study will
end on February 11.
Mike Brown | Rm 104
Men come join us as we discuss
topics to help you grow in your
walk with Christ. This study will
end on February 11.
Fresh Start
Bridge Kids
Sundays at 8:15/9:30/10:45AM
Friday Gathering
Fridays at 7:00PM
Monday’s at 6:30PM
Join us every week for exciting
worship, fun games, and
Biblical lessons!
Come enjoy food, fun, and
discussion with other young
adults. Contact Doug for more
info at (405) 204.4569
Leader: Doug & Brittanie Wyatt
We offer a ladies Zumba class
every week. So come join us for
a great time in the Bridge Kids
Have you recently started
attending The Bridge? If so, we
want to meet you. We know
that coming to a new church
and trying to navigate through
getting plugged in can feel like
a daunting task. So come meet
Pastor McNabb, find out how
we do church, and we will break
down the easiest ways for you to
get connected.
Who: Guests & New Attenders
When: Sunday, February 22
Time: 9:30 & 10:45AM
Where: RM102
HIS 24/7 Bible Discipleship
Come discover the basic
spiritual disciplines to help you
grow in your relationship with
God. ie. how to use and study
the Bible, pray, and witness.
Who: All Ages
When: Sunday’s
Time: 10:45AM
Where: RM100
Living Free Addiction
Come and let us help you on the
road to overcoming addictions
and breaking free from life
controlling issues.
Who: All Ages
When: Wednesday’s at 7:15PM
Where: End Zone
Leader: Ken Isom
Corporate Prayer
Join us in the Chapel every week
for a time of prayer.
Who: All Ages
When: Sundays at 6:00PM
Tuesdays at 9:00AM
Where: The Chapel
Boys & Girls Clubs
Wednesdays at 7:15PM
We offer fun filled programs
every week for boys (Royal
Rangers) and girls (mPact) that
help them grow with God.
Fun Arts Parent Meeting
Sunday, February 15
Meet & Greet
Thursday, February 19
Magnolia Luncheon
Thursday, February 12
If your kids are interested in
being a part of Fun Arts join us
for this information meeting at
5:00PM in RM102.
Are you a single lady over 50?
We want to honor you! Join
us for our Valentines Lunch.
It happens at 11:30AM in The
Commons. You can sign up out
at Starting Point.
BGMC Dinner
Wednesday, February 25
Valentines Dinner
Thursday, February 12
Looking for a way to grab a
quick meal before service and
support missions in the process?
Join us for our BGMC Dinner
out in The Venue at 6:00PM.
We want to invite all senior
adults to our Valentines
Dinner at the A & E Grill here
in Mustang at 6:00PM. Special
Guests Krystal Dillon and Staci
Deering will bring the laughs.
You can sign up out at Starting
Frozen Family Night
Friday, February 6
We want to invite your whole
family to come out and enjoy
our Frozen Family Night. There
will be food, games, and a
movie. Cost is $7 a family and
it will happen at 7:00PM out in
The Venue.
Bridge Students
Wednesdays at 7:15PM
Join us for our weekly worship
experience in the Bridge
Students building.
Are you new to The Bridge?
Join us for a very casual “Meet
& Greet” time for ALL ladies of
The Bridge. Even if you been
attending here for years, come &
meet some new ladies. Snacks,
games & fun will be had in The
Venue at 7:00PM!! Childcare
For more information on all
of these groups and events
you can visit our website
Men’s Breakfast
Saturday, February 14
This is a great time for men to
come and interact with men
who are transistioning to life on
the outside. “I was in prison and
you visited me” were the words
of Jesus. So come join us for an
amazing breakfast and a short
devotional at 7:30AM out in The
Sunday Grow Groups
Sundays at 10:45AM
Get connected in a weekly small
group! This is a great way to
learn more on specific topics
throughout the Bible.
6th-7th Grade: Room 203
8th-9th Grade: Room 200
10th-12th Grade: Room 202
the Lord is saying. It sharpens our minds and increases our
spiritual perception. In essence, we are acknowledging that
food is not as important as hearing from God.
Jesus taught us how to fast.
When Christ instructed His followers about fasting, His
focus was not on the method or duration, but on the
Of all the spiritual disciplines, fasting is probably the least
appropriate attitude. In those days, the Pharisees followed
understood. The discipline is rarely taught or explained in
a strict routine, usually abstaining from food on Mondays
most churches today, and few Christians know why they
and Thursdays. The problem, at least for some, was their
should do it or what it accomplishes. In a culture that
motive. They wanted everyone to see and praise them for
promotes indulgence, not self-denial, fasting seems out
their religious dedication. In an effort to enhance their piety,
of place. But Jesus calls us to a level of devotion that goes
they’d put dirt and ashes on their clothes and leave their
beyond convenience and comfort.
hair disheveled.
Despite our current unfamiliarity, fasting was commonly
Jesus confronted their hypocrisy with instructions about
practiced in both the Old and New Testaments. Moses fasted
the proper attitude for fasting:
for 40 days when he was on the mountain receiving the Ten
Commandments (Ex. 34:28). Queen Esther asked the Jews
With sincerity. Fasting should never be done to show
to fast before she approached the Persian king on behalf of
off one’s devotion to Christ. It’s supposed to be a time
her people (Est. 4:16). Even Jesus fasted for 40 days before
of intimate, private fellowship with the Lord. Jesus told
beginning His official ministry (Matt. 4:1-2). And the early
the people to dress normally and not draw attention
church relied on this practice in asking the Lord’s guidance
to themselves. Although we don’t wear sackcloth and
for important decisions (Acts 13:2; Acts 14:23).
ashes today, we can still be guilty of insincerity or selfrighteousness by wanting others to see our sacrificial
This scriptural evidence should cause us to give serious
consideration to the importance of fasting, but Jesus offers
In secret. Jesus advises us to keep our fasting quiet,
even more incentive—His teaching on this subject (Matt.
rather than announce it openly. However, this doesn’t
6:16-18). He begins by saying, “Whenever you fast,” not “If
mean you can’t tell those who are affected by your
you fast.” This implies that fasting should be a vital part of
decision. For example, you should let the people close
our Christian life. In fact, the context of His teaching also
to you know that you won’t be eating if it will affect a
includes instructions on giving (Matt. 6:1-4) and prayer (Matt.
shared meal. The point is to keep it between yourself
6:5-15). None of us would exclude either of those practices
and the Lord as much as possible.
from our lives, yet too often we consider fasting irrelevant
or unnecessary.
What does fasting accomplish?
Fasting isn’t a diet plan or a magic bullet to get God to do what
For the Lord. The goal is simple, really: to seek God. When
we sacrifice for Him, He delights in us and promises a
future reward. But if we start showing off before others,
their fleeting praise will be the only reward we receive.
Why should we fast?
you want. Nor is it for the purpose of earning forgiveness.
Jesus’ shed blood is the sole source of atonement for sins.
Although there are many occasions for fasting, I think they
However, as part of the process of keeping our lives pure,
can be summed up with three basic reasons:
fasting can play a role in helping us recognize and repent
of sin.
For cleansing. In the course of time, sinful habits and
attitudes can take up residence in our lives, and we may
The goal of prayer and fasting is to bring our natural,
not even realize they are there. The symptoms are obvious,
physical desires under the control of the Holy Spirit for the
but not the cause—God’s power and joy are absent, and we
purpose of hearing from God. When we refrain from regular
wonder why He doesn’t seem to be using us or answering
activities that distract us, we’re better able to discern what
our prayers.
Hidden sins slowly fill the cracks and crevices of our spiritual
life, much like the way dust accumulates in a house that’s
not cleaned. It’s so gradual that we may not notice—until
unexpected company arrives. In the same way, fasting opens
our eyes to see ourselves from God’s perspective. The sins we
hadn’t noticed before suddenly become obvious when Jesus
“walks in.”
For guidance. Perhaps the most frequent reason people
fast is to receive God’s direction for a decision or a situation.
Although He’s promised to instruct and teach us the way to go
(Ps. 32:8), sometimes we can’t hear His voice until we diligently
seek Him with prayer and fasting. This is because we need the
deep cleansing process of a fast to open our spiritual ears. I’ve
come to realize that this is a necessary step because the clutter
of sin must be removed before I can accurately hear His voice.
For deliverance and protection. Trouble is another occasion for
fasting. Anytime we find ourselves in a helpless situation, we
should follow the example of King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles
20. When Judah was threatened by three powerful enemies,
Jehoshaphat called the entire nation to fast and cry out to God
for deliverance (2 Chron. 20:3). And sure enough, He came to the
rescue. Time after time throughout the Scriptures, the Lord
has protected His people when they’ve humbled themselves
in prayer and fasting, acknowledging their dependence upon
Him. If He did it for them, He will also do it for you.
Fasting honors God and benefits us. Fasting is a privilege
that helps us draw closer to the Lord. If it didn’t assist and
enhance prayer, God would not have called us to do it. Even
Satan recognizes its power. He’ll try to keep you from fasting,
because he knows it will uncover anything that hinders your
effectiveness for God and unleashes divine power in your life.
Fasting also reveals who’s in control. If you can’t bring yourself
to miss a meal or two in order to hear from God, you might have
to admit that your appetite is in charge and your commitment
to Him is rather small. Even if you can’t fast because of medical
reasons, you can still set aside other things, or a lot of specific
times each day to focus your attention only on the Lord.
If you’ll seek God’s direction in genuine humility, He will clean
up your life and begin to work through you with His almighty
power. You’ll discover that fasting produces an amazing sense
of oneness with the Lord, teaches you about yourself, and
unlocks the powers of heaven to act on your behalf. I cannot
predict what God will do in your life, but I know one thing for
certain: What you ultimately gain will be far more than the
sum of what you gave up—more of God Himself.
Traditional Worship Experience
Sundays at 8:15AM
This experience offers a variety of hymns and sacred songs.
Modern Worship Experience
Sundays at 9:30AM
This experience has a more laid back atmosphere & guitar driven
Blended Worship Experience
Sundays at 10:45AM
This experience includes upbeat worship with a choir and orchestra.
PM Worship Experience
Sundays at 6:30PM
During this experience we come together as a whole to worship.
Hispanic Worship Experience
Sundays at 10:30AM
This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes
Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny
Garcia . Children and Youth can take part in what is happening on
our main campus.
Wed. Traditional Worship Experience
Wednesdays at 7:15PM
This experience offers a variety of hymns and messages from
Kenneth McGee in the Chapel.
Drive Worship Experience
Wednesdays at 7:30PM
This experience has a more laid back atmosphere & messages from
Rob McClure in the Worship Center.
Wed. Hispanic Worship Experience
Wednesdays at 7:30PM
This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes
Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny
Our trained nursery staff is available during all worship
experiences. For a full list of other opportunities, please
check out the “Get Connected” section of Pulse.
10 / T H E B R I D G E A G . O R G
T H E B R I D G E A G . O R G / 11
12 / T H E B R I D G E A G . O R G