Keep on organizing the unorganized APs at UC!

Resolution No. _____
Keep on organizing the unorganized APs at UC!
Whereas UPTE was specifically formed to organize the unorganized at UC; and
Whereas UPTE subscribes to the organizing model of a union, wherein the members are the strength,
power and decision-makers; and
Whereas the organizing model manifests in UPTE’s zone contacts, mobilizers, and individual members
who take on day-to-day work of the union; and
Whereas 3300 current AP employees have already signed cards saying they want UPTE representation;
Whereas this number of supporters is large but not enough to file for an election; and
Whereas successful representation elections require the active work of on-the-ground supporters
talking to their co-workers; and
Whereas a six-month period beginning in January 2015 will be required to regroup and reenergize
AP organizing and identify which workers in this 18,000 person unit are serious about gaining union
representation, and
Whereas we all recognize that we are a union with diverse needs competing for resources; and
Whereas the 2017 contract battle will require mobilizing to begin months in advance
Therefore be it resolved that UPTE will honor its founding principle of organizing the unorganized at UC
by continuing our efforts to organize UC administrative professionals; and
Be it further resolved that over the next six months this organizing effort will consist of:
Identifying, activating, and mentoring AP authorization card signers to become activists
by holding a series of meetings and workshops from January through June, 2015, to
identify AP workers most committed to gaining union representation;
Use information from the trainings to advise whether it would be preferable to target a
smaller unit for organizing efforts;
Build campus and statewide organizing committees that will meet regularly and advise
the executive board and AP leadership about AP issues, literature, and issue-based
Develop a comprehensive communications strategy, including print, electronic, and
social media; and
And be it finally resolved that that the results of this process will advise us how a successful
representation campaign for Administrative Professionals can be launched around July 1, 2015.
Lindey Cloud, Los Angeles
Judy de los Santos, San Diego
Judy Evind, San Francisco
Barbara Gaerlan, Los Angeles
Emily Harding-Morick, Los Angeles
James Hefley, LBNL
Judy Evind, San Francisco
Saul Kanowitz, San Francisco
Lisa Kermish, Santa Cruz
Candy McReynolds, Riverside
Simon Meng, Los Angeles
Susan Orlofsky, San Diego
Keith Pavlik, San Francisco
Julie Plotkin, Los Angeles
Judy Scarborough, Santa Cruz
Steve Schmidhauser, Los Angeles
Paul Sosbee, Santa Cruz
Vanessa Tait, Berkeley
Gretchen Werner, San Francisco
Elizabeth Wilks, Santa Barbara