Retail Honey Prices

Retail Honey Prices
Bee Shed honey comes from locations that are adjacent to native prairie wildflower sites or
sizeable acreages of woodlands, providing a diverse diet of high quality nectar that yields a
mouth-watering bouquet of flavor in each bottle. Having not undergone pasteurization or ultrafiltration, your Bee Shed honey is packed with flavor and contains local pollen and naturally
occurring amino acids and antioxidants.
We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with honey from The Bee Shed. But if you
aren’t, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
Wildflower Honey
¾ lb.
1 lb.
2 lb.
These are squeezable and completely clear so the color of our
golden honey shines through. Each comes with flip-top lid
that has a foam safety seal.
Creamed Honey – Natural and Cinnamon (limited availability)
10 oz.
1 lb.
Pure honey is processed to form small crystals. The 10 oz.
comes in a plastic tub. The 1 lb. comes in a wide mouth jar
with a screw-top lid. Both have a safety seal. Availability is
Honey – bulk quantities
The 3lb, 5lb, and 12lb products are in a jug with a screw-top
3 lb.
lid and a safety seal.
5 lb.
12 lb.
The bulk (>13lb) quantities are in food-safe pails or gallon
>13 lb. $4.25/lb.
jugs. A pail with a gate for easy bottling are available for an
extra charge.
Comb Honey (limited availability)
1 lb.
Straight from the hive, comb honey is sold in a ‘clam shell’
container. Comb honey is difficult to make and highly sought
after by honey aficionados. Availability limited.
Contact us: [email protected] or 507-269-4954
Printed 1/30/15 Prices Subject to Change