Flow-Viz, A new non-invasive, in-line fluid characterization

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Flow-Viz, A new non-invasive, in-line fluid characterization
system for non-Newtonian industrial fluids
Enhanced process monitoring and control capabilities
Would you like to visualize and measure flow and consistency without exposing your product? Do you need to
measure transient flows and products containing coarse
particles? Is it necessary to change the composition
during a process or monitor a product change? Do you want to
increase efficiency and flexibility at your processing plant without sacrificing safety?
Non-invasive, in-line measurements in real-time
Flow properties of non-Newtonian industrial fluids can now be
measured non-invasively directly in the process pipe, continuously
and in real-time using an ultrasound based system. Measurements
are made non-invasively through process pipes, even high grade
stainless steel pipes. The instrument delivers real-time data such as
instantaneous velocity profiles and rheology of complex industrial
fluids and suspensions thus for enhanced process monitoring and
quality control. The system and technology is called "Flow-Viz" and
has been developed by and is now also being commercialized by SP.
Flow -Viz also provides better possibilities to develop new innovative products with superior product characteristics.
The Flow-Viz method and its applications
The Flow-Viz system and method is based on pulsed ultrasound technology. This novel method for in-line rheometry, commonly
known as UVP+PD, is an enhanced version of the traditional tube viscometer concept and it is based on the combination of
Ultrasound Velocity Profiling ( UVP ) in combination with Pressure Difference ( PD) measurements over a fixed length of a pipe.
Measurements of the flow profiles and rheological flow properties using ultrasonics have many advantages since the technology
allows true non-invasive measurements of industrial non-Newtonian and non-transparent liquids with high concentrations of
particles and even large solid pieces. In addition to liquid foods the Flow-Viz technique is also suitable for a wide range of
applications, such as, oil, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and pulp.
Flow-Viz system features and benefits:
• Real-time monitoring and measurement of fluid flow, rheology and transient processes makes it possible to adjust
parameters directly while processing is taking place.
• As the system allows measurements at multiple radial points (shear rates), it is possible to optimize the processes and
increase production rates.
• Continuous measurement makes it possible to follow product changes, pasteurization, crystallization processes, CIP
cleaning etc. in real-time.
• Measuring directly in-line provides new know-how about the product and the process. This offers a greater understanding
of product features and how it is affected by the processes. Product quality can be optimized and novel products can be
• Increased productivity and reduced water and energy consumption result due to more rapid product changes, more efficient
washing, and reduced wastage and optimized heat treatment processes.
• Inaccurate and time-consuming sampling and off-line sample analysis are now eliminated.
More information is available on our website www.flow-viz.com
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