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February 2015
pennsylvania railroad technical & historical society
Now that the Holidays have been celebrated and the job of packing all those
decorations away for another year are probably accomplished (I am still doing
it). I am sitting here writing this blurb, while outside it is only 19 degrees! So
needless to say my thoughts are of more “warmer” days. January is usually a
rather dull month, with all the lights and stuff of the season not being there to
look at. However, February is around the corner and so is our next meeting!
There are a few things to do in the interim. One such is the “Big E” train show
in Springfield Mass. This show is the largest on the east coast and many of the manufacturers
are there with the latest offerings in many modeling scales. I know many of our members go
up there (including me). Granted it is a bit of a hike, but I am sure whatever you might be
looking for is probably there! A great time, especially if you go as a group. Try the “Steaming
Tender” Restaurant while you are up there. Great Food!! We also have the “Spring thaw”
meet in Allentown, Feb 21st and 22nd. So while you are sitting there being bored by the month
and the cold, you can still go out and do something. Hey, there is always that building kit for
your railroad you’ve been putting off forever, or those three “chapter” Bowser cars you bought
last month!!
With February being a hard month to predict the weather, sometimes the chapter meeting
day gets messed up. We will try our best to keep the membership informed about any cancellation due to the weather. Naturally that would take place through the internet (see page #2
of this newsletter). PLEASE try to keep your friends/members who do not have internet access
informed too. Last year we had a last minute decision to have the meeting and it turned out
to be one of the best February meetings ever! Lets hope for good weather on the 7 th!
Steve Staffieri, President
([email protected])
February 7, 2015
11am: Modelers Meeting
Sleepers of the PRR in Interchange Service
...presented by Paul Buckley
2pm: Presentation
Pennsy’s Development of Electric
Motive Power
...presented by Al Giannantonio
Tom Lavin thanks all for
prompt membership renewals
received to date. If you have
not yet renewed, please do so
asap. Thank you for your continued interest
in preserving PRR history.
February’s newsletter is delivered based on the
(mail or e-mail) option chosen in membership
renewals. Email addresses are derived from
membership renewal data and online E-news registrations. If you did not receive expected email
please contact [email protected]
2 • February 2015
FEBRUARY 7, 2015
Drexel Hill Methodist Church
600 Burmont Road
Drexel Hill, PA
The meeting was called to order on December 6, 2014 at
1pm by President Steve Staffieri. Recording Secretary Frederick Monsimer recorded minutes. Highlights follow:
10:30 AM: Doors Open
11:00 AM: Modelers Meeting
Sleepers of the PRR in Interchange Service
Membership: Treasurer Tom Lavin reported that the
chapter currently has 571 members, which is 98% of last
year's total.
Correspondence: Corresponding Secretary Ken Rideout
reported that the chapter had received a request from a
woman who was looking for someone who might be interested in her father's machine tools. Let him know if you
are interested.
Publications: Al Giannantonio reported that a new issue
of the “High Line” is in the works and will soon be in
Entertainment: Gus Minardi reported that the meetings
entertainment would feature a presentation by Mitch
Dakelman, on the subject of "80 Years of the GG-1."
National Update:
Andy Hart reported that the
“Keystone” should be in the mail. Renewals for 2015 will
go out mid-December.
Elections: Nominations had been closed at the previous
meeting. The slate of officers was approved by
acclamation. There will be one change; Russ Polo will
take over as Vice President in 2015. Steve Staffieri indicated that since Russ will be VP and webmaster/
newsletter editor, we will be looking for someone totake over the job of lining up the entertainment.
Presenter: Dave Buckley
11:30 AM: Dining Car
1:00 PM: Business Meeting
2:00 PM: Presentation
Pennsy’s Development of Electric Motive Power
Presenter: Al Giannantonio
April 11, 2015
2015 Annual Meeting
April 30 — May 3, 2015
Penn State / Happy Valley
State College, Pennsylvania
Presenters needed for Chapter and Modelers meetings.
Please make contact through
[email protected]
There was a round of applause for Gus Minardi, in appreciation of the job he had done during his term as Vice
Should weather result in cancellation of the February 7 meeting,
notification will first be made to the Chapter’s Facebook page.
Depending on time of cancellation, notification may also be made
on the Chapter’s website and by email to eNews subscribers.
The Philadelphia Chapter (PRRT&HS) periodically publishes this newsletter. Contributions are encouraged and may be submitted for consideration, no later than (4) weeks prior to next scheduled meeting, by email to: [email protected]
Editor: Russell Polo