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Susan Lowe, Editor
6498 Cypress Springs Pkwy
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February 2015
Eleanor Gumkowski, Circulation
6363 Cypress Springs Pkwy
From the Residential (Lakes) HOA President
Topics of Interest
I have heard from a number of community presidents that the HOA president’s job
is thankless. I don’t agree. I often hear thank you’s from residents for trying to sort
out their issues and getting them resolved. I’ve even had small gifts offered for helping them like a fresh baked loaf of banana bread, a can of soda or a sleeve of golf
balls. (those who have seen me play golf know I need a lot of replacements) These
thank you’s and tokens of appreciation run counter to this being a thankless job.
This has been a difficult year for me to balance the work of the HOA and my role
with the Daytona Beach Drive In Christian Church. I have always believed that if you
volunteer for anything, give it your best effort or don’t volunteer. I accepted a position on the Church Board expecting that it would work in well with my HOA efforts. I
couldn’t have been more wrong. I have been swamped and as the saying goes “I
feel like a one armed paper hanger” most of the time. My term as a member of the
HOA is about to expire and I have one more year on the church board. The church
has requested that I take on a greater role next year and I am honored to be asked.
To accept the church’s offer means I can’t give the attention required to the HOA
and therefore, I will not be seeking an additional term on the board.
Please consider joining the Residential Board for a 2 year term. You help yourself in
understanding the needs and issues of the residents and you’ll be thanked many
times over. Rich Lee, Lakes President
Lakes President’s
Lakes HOA vacancy
Course Renovations
Return your proxies
Yoga returns
Sidewalk grinding
By-law revision meeting
Community Events
Lakes HOA Vacancy
At this time there is one vacancy on the board. No one responded by the cut off time to have their name
placed on the ballot. If you would be willing to serve for a two year term please call Karen Koch Management
(767-8282). Speak with Karen and she will advise you of the necessary steps.
Thank you for stepping up to the plate and helping to make sure our community remains the number one
choice for new home buyers in Port Orange.
Golf Course Renovations Update
The Golf Course at Cypress Head opened to the public in 1992 and was designed by golf course architects
Arthur Hills and Mike Dasher. It is a challenging, yet enjoyable, course which has won the News-Journal
Reader’s Choice Award for the last seven years.
During last year’s budget process $1,250,000 was earmarked for golf
course renovations in the City’s approved Capital Improvement Plan for
Dates to Remember
fiscal year 2015.
Renovation plans include reworking the greens, sprucing up some tee
boxes and bunkers and upgrading the clubhouse banquet area.
At this time , the City has contracted with Mike Dasher to develop the renFeb. 5 7:00PM
ovation design and oversee the work.
Currently, the project is expected to go out to bid in February 2015 and be
awarded by the City Council in March. Construction is expected to begin
Annual Master HOA
May 1, 2015 and last six months with the course reopening to the public in
November 2015. Source: City of Port Orange
Wear Your Yellow and Be Seen
Tuesday, February 17, 6:30PM, the City Council will hold their meeting to
decide the fate of our golf course renovation. It is essential that we show
up at the meeting, in mass, to make our point that we need to have the
golf course made a priority. To do that, we are asking you to wear a YELLOW shirt; we will sit together in the audience, and we will have a spokesman to voice our concerns. In the meantime, email the mayor
([email protected]) and let him know we want the golf course to
be made a top priority with the renovations not only to the course but to
the restaurant to bring it up to the standards we all expect and deserve.
Feb. 12 7:00PM
Annual Lakes HOA
Feb. 19 7:00PM
Yoga class will begin FEBRUARY 3rd
Carol Fike will again teach a yoga class at the HOA Clubhouse every
Tuesday morning at 10:00. It is open to everyone so bring your mat and wear Yoga friendly attire. If you need any further
information, please don't hesitate to call me (767-0793). Yoga is so good for our folks that live here. It makes such a difference to stay as healthy and vibrant as we possibly can and Yoga does a good job to promote that. Have a happy new
year. Here's to 2015.
Sidewalk Grinding
Beginning the second week of January, Wright Landscape started the grinding of the sidewalks
marked in yellow. They started at the front gate and worked their way down Cypress Springs Parkway catching all of the
side streets as they went. They turned up Longlake Drive and continued until finished at the dead end of Longlake Dr. The
work took a full week or more to complete. The machine is noisy and creates a lot of dust and debris. If the sidewalk has
lifted more than grinding can repair it might be necessary to remove the existing cement and re-pour the necessary sections. There were over 90 marked sections. This project will make the sidewalks so much nicer for walkers and joggers
Remember to return your proxies to the HOA clubhouse to establish a quorum at the
annual meetings.
12,000 Sq Ft of Paver Showroom & Unique Garden Decor
Book Club
The book club meets the first Monday
of each month at 1:00PM in the HOA
Clubhouse. All are welcome!
February 2nd, our choice is One
Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus; March 2nd, it's The Goldfinch by
Donna Tartt and on April 6th the book
is Before Women Had Wings by Connie May Fowler.
Any questions call Kathy Sciano, 7607159.
Lunch Bunch
Crystal Creek will meet at Blau, 175
S. Nova Rd, Ormond Beach on February 9 at 12:30. RSVP to Judy
Masse, 872-6266, by February 6.
The Canasta group meets every week
on Thursday at 1:00PM at the HOA
Clubhouse. All are welcome!
Last month’s winners were:
12/17 Linda Morrell
Kay Smith
Mazie Dey
Mazie’s score was a record high!
Jan Reber will be the hostess for Feb.
If you haven’t played Canasta in a
while we’ll help you brush up.
First Meeting of the By-law
Revision Committee
On Tuesday, January 20, 2015 the
first meeting was held at the HOA
Clubhouse. Our current by-laws are in
dire need of being updated and made
more in keeping with current times. As
some of you know our by-laws were
not even written originally for Cypress
Head but rather taken off the attorney’s shelf from another subdivision
and applied to us. We do not want
them to automatically “roll over” for
another 20 years. This is an ambitious
effort and will take a lot of time. We
thank those who are serving on this
committee, as they have a long road
ahead of them.