January 2015 - American Institute of Architects

he State & Local Government
Division is streamlining the way it
NEW! 25th Annual SGN Meeting: June 25
communicates with components con& 26 (with optional activities 6/24 & 6/27).
cerning policy initiatives, changes, and
Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hotel: Snake River proposals.
Lodge & Spa.
Each month, the Team will email the
form and components will be expected
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ings? Send them our way!
business days. Generally, the form will
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be distributed on the last Monday of the
Send a current photo and one of yourself
month and returned by the proceeding
from 1991 for a special SGN Meeting event. Friday. Filling out the form will only take
If each component sends at least one photo, a minute or two. It utilizes a fast and
every component in attendance will receive simple point-and-click interface from
a GREAT prize! Due: 4/3/2015.
Adobe. When components complete the
form, the representative will click the
Would your component like to be next
“submit” button and it will be delivered to
month’s “Around the Nation” spotlight state?
Staff (please note you must use Internet
Let us know!
Explorer to complete the form).
Interested in conducting an advocacy trainThere are multiple reasons behind
ing or strategy session at your component? the form’s creation. First, National pays
Contact Advocacy staff to coordinate.
outside consultant fees to track certain
policy issues across the country. Relying
Do you have content for next month’s newson components themselves to report
letter? Send a BRIEF write-up to bryanchanges will save thousands of dollars.
[email protected] by February 24, 2015.
For components, playing phone/emailtag with National Staff to update us on
policy changes or to request assistance
on an issue, the process is someState & Local Government Relations Hometimes very inefficient. A quick form will,
hopefully, address these inefficiencies.
State Policy Update Report Form (Due
The form will also enable you to easily
request assistance from National. And,
if there have been no changes, then
AIA Statute of Repose National Compenthere’s only one button to click on the
form to make it super-easy for you to
AIA Good Samaritan Laws National Comreport that information. Finally, one of
the biggest benefits is that the content
generated will give National a stronger
AIA P3 Legislative Resource Guide
foundation with which to analyze national
P3 Toolkit – Under “Project Delivery” Tab
legislative trends, which will help all of
our components prepare more effecDesign-Build Reform Toolkit
tively. In sum, this form will help us to
“What Architects Do” Digital Advocacy Tool - help you.
On S&L Landing Page
The first form was delivered on
January 28. It is due back to National on
ArchiPAC Regional Goals Report
February 4 by 5pm EST.
Have a codes policy question? Email:
The Codes & Standards Team has
[email protected]
been updating you about it for months,
Social Media: #AIASGN
January 2015
but now things are getting serious! The
2018 ICC Group A code cycle (updating
the IBC, IEBC, IRC, and more) shifts
gears from outreach and feedback
solicitation to evaluation and advocacy.
In January, AIA submitted more than 50
code change proposals, many informed
by input from members like you across
the country through email, LinkedIn,
and Twitter. Next up, AIA Codes and
Standards Committee members and
staff will engage with ICC staff and other
voting members through code action
committees (CACs) to work through the
thousands of proposals ICC has received. The big events to keep on your
calendars are the ICC Committee Action
Hearings (April 19-30) and the ICC
Public Comment Hearings (Sept. 30-Oct.
7), where every proposal is debated
and anyone can voice their support or
opposition. Check out the webpages for
the AIA Codes Network and AIA Codes
Advocacy program for more.
The U.S. Department of Energy is
hosting its first national conference
dedicated solely to energy codes since
2011! “Energy Codes in Action!” will take
place March 23-26 in Nashville, Tennessee. The event will focus on achieving
compliance but sessions will also cover
development, adoption, policy, tools and
research. Energy code users of all types
(including architects!) are encouraged to
attend. C&S Committee members and
staff will be there, so register today!
Finally, do you want even more frequent updates on C&S news and views?
Follow AIA staffers Paul Karrer (@
PaulKarrer) and Rachel Minnery, AIA (@
MinneryRachel) on Twitter.
AIA Louisiana Hosts First Gubernatorial Forum
n the opening forum of the 2015 race
for Louisiana’s next Governor, 300
attendees heard three Republicans and
a Democrat say that state leaders have
to restore voter confidence in how state
infrastructure dollars are used before any
major funding hikes are feasible.
The Gubernatorial primary may be 10
months away, but the first face-to-face
debate among all four major announced
candidates – U.S. Senator David Vitter, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, Public
Service Commissioner Scott Angelle and
State Representative John Bel Edwards
was held January 16th and was co-sponsored by design and construction industry organizations AIA, AGC, ACEC and
APA of Louisiana. The forum was held in
conjunction with the 2015 Critical Issues
Summit held annually by the groups.
The sole topic was infrastructure
and transportation needs, which meant
most of the focus was on Louisiana’s
$12 billion backlog of road, bridge and
infrastructure projects.
The event offered the first glimpse into
how the candidates will attempt to stand
out from one another. The contenders
discussed the critical issue of Louisiana’s vanishing coastline and coastal
resilience. Other key topics included
diversion of Louisiana Transportation
Trust Fund Dollars, the capital outlay
process and how to build infrastructure
for the state’s 900 billion dollar industrial
The Gubernatorial primary election is
October 24th with the general election
slated for November 21st.
- Lynn Robertson, Executive Director,
AIA Louisiana
For current aggregated responses, please contact
[email protected]
The sole topic was infra-
“We’re looking for information on other
states bidding A/E services?
structure and transportation
We all know the US Government uses
QBS, but I’m curious about a “national”
standard that may be reflected in uniformity of practice by all/most other states
and jurisdictions, other than the Federal
needs, which meant most
of the focus was on Louisiana’s $12 billion backlog of
road, bridge and infrastruc-
ture projects.
L-R: Ken Naquin, AGC, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, State Representative John
Bel Edwards, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, US
Senator David Vitter, Lynn Robertson, AIA, Don
Weathers, APA, Dan Mobley, ACEC.
- Robert E. Farr II AIA, AIA Mississippi
(to respond, contact [email protected]).
SGN Member and AIA Tennessee
Representative Trey Wheeler invites
you to read about his firm’s exciting new
business venture featured on Chattanooga’s local news webpage. Congrats
“The Advocacy Network will be hosting
an ArchiPAC 101 webinar on Friday,
February 13, at 2PM (EST). Although
much of the webinar will focus on federal
PAC fundraising, participants will benefit
in learning strategies that can be applied
to state PACs, including how to create
a joint fundraiser or campaign with their
state and national PAC.”
- Wendy Perez-Young, AIA Senior Manager, Political Affairs
State Government Network:
Est. 1991
Yvonne R. Castillo, Esq., Director, Practice Policy
Bryan J. Soukup, Esq., Manager, Practice Policy
Kristen M. Stewart, Esq., Manager, Practice Policy