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The Hiland Vision
in Action
February 2015
Bake Sale and Covered Dish Luncheon
845 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Deacon’s Annual Bake Sale
In Fellowship Hall during the
February 1st Covered Dish Luncheon
The deacons will have a bountiful
selection of delicious desserts & baked
goods available at their annual bake sale.
Help support our Deacons’ ministry and
satisfy your sweet tooth!
The Vision
of Hiland Presbyterian Church is to
become fully devoted followers of
Jesus Christ, who gather for
worship, teaching and fellowship,
and who go out into the world to
serve Christ and share His love.
The honor of your presence is requested
to enjoy fellowship and great food
at Hiland’s first
“Covered Dish Luncheon”
of 2015
Join us on FEBRUARY 1ST following Worship
(approximately 10:45 am) in Fellowship Hall.
Bring a friend and bring a dish to share
if you are able, but most of all, join us!
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Spotlight: NCM & Jay Poliziani
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Lenten After-School Program
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Dinner Theater Is Back!
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Adult Education
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February SHOE
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2014 $ummary
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On Leadership
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Consignment Sale
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Malawi Devastated by Flood
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As a suggestion, if your last name starts with:
 A-M – please bring a hot or cold side dish or salad
 N-Z – please bring a main dish (ie, meat, casserole,
crockpot entrée)
Quantity of food should be enough for 6-8 people. Beverages and bread will
be provided. Desserts and Baked Goods available for a small fee at the
Deacons’ Annual Bake Sale.
Ovens will be warm. Drop off all food between 9AM-10:30AM in the kitchen
in Fellowship Hall. Tom Pennie will be there to welcome you!
Questions? Contact Anne Pennie or Roz Fitzgerald.
… to serve Christ and share His love.
Spotlight: NCM
& Jay Poliziani
Join us after worship in Adult
Education on February 8th when
we welcome Jay Poliziani, the
Director of Northside Common
Ministries (NCM). Come and learn
about the exciting and important
mission work going on in our own
backyard! Then join Jay and our
Social Action and Mission
committee on a tour of the NCM
facility on February 15th after
Jay Poliziani
As director of
Ministries in
Pittsburgh, Jay
Poliziani ’08 found the “perfect” job
match for combining his Pittsburgh
Theological Seminary training in
pastoral care with his marketing
degree. Every day he comforts
people in stress, and he regularly
raises funds for this multifaceted
homeless ministry founded more
than 30 years ago by a group of 30
local congregations, today
supported by more than 60 such
Currently providing
for 1,000+
households every
month, NCM
operates the city’s largest food
pantry; a homeless men’s shelter;
a permanent housing program; and
a GED classroom. NCM is also a
host site for a medical clinic for the
homeless, a free tax-preparation
site, and a utility assistance
Lenten After-School Program
Jesus the Bread of Life
After-School Lenten Program
We meet on Wednesdays, starting February 25th and ending on April 1st.
We do not meet on March 11th due to the Consignment sale. We will meet
from 4:30-6:30PM with family dinner at 6:00PM. Children age 3 years old*—
3rd grade are invited to join us. (* 3 year olds must be attending a preschool
Jesus said,” I am the Bread of Life.” Our children will learn how this applies
to their daily lives. Using our Children & Worship story materials, the children
will hear how Jesus, at a young age, taught all of us the place to be was in
His Father’s presence and how the Great Banquet is for those who are
hungry for the Word of God. The Last Supper, the Easter story and the
appearance to the disciples by the sea after His Resurrection will also be
included in our storytelling. We will learn about bread from different parts of
the world and have an international time of prayer. There will be games,
activities and crafts to support the stories and we will sing songs that are
learned during this five-week program on Palm Sunday and Easter.
Jesus is the Bread of Life. During this season of Lent, allow Him to fill the
voids in your life, your hunger for truth and your need for a Savior.
Looking ahead:
 Easter Egg Hunt—Saturday, April 4th—this year we have invited All in
J.E.S.T. to entertain us prior to the hunt. They are a mother-son team of
jugglers who will provide a fun interactive show for our families.
 VBS: Monday June 15th—Thursday June 18th, 5:30-8:30PM. Dinner at
5:30-6:00PM. Closing program Friday June 19th, 7:00PM. Mark your
calendars for this week of fun.
...to serve Christ and share His love.
Dinner Theater Is Back!
Adult Education
February 8—Jay Poliziani,
Director of NCM (see spotlight on
page 2.)
February 15—NCM tour with
Jay and SA&M
February 22—
Congregational Meeting
March 1—Dr. Kenneth Bailey
We are
excited to
Dr. Ken
Bailey back
to Hiland's
pulpit and
our Adult Education class on
Sunday, March 1. Don't miss this
wonderful opportunity to learn from
this distinguished research scholar
and expert in Middle Eastern New
Testament studies.
March 8, 15, 22, 29—The
With Special Guest: God and musical guest the Jews Brothers!
You won’t want to miss Synagogue Sal in Temple Talk, Coffee
Talk with Naomi, Cain’s World, our Sabbath Update and more!
Tickets $14/Adults; $7/students
Children 5 & under free
Online reservations start February 1st at
or reserve your tickets with Dana Nicodemus on Sunday mornings.
God We Can Know helps us find
an answer to the most essential
question in the Christian faith,
“Who do you say I am?”
One by one, Jesus’ statements not
only grab our
by revealing
more about
his purpose,
but they also
shape our
own Christian
identity and
connect us to
the God of Moses, the Great I Am.
Significant—yet ordinary—images
of bread, light, shepherd, vine, and
more give us insightful ways to
experience Jesus anew and to
discover a God who is close and
wants to be known.
… to serve Christ and share His love.
February SHOE
On Leadership
Dear Friends,
9:30AM / Worship
11AM / Tread Marks
12PM / S.H.O.E.
One of the things I desire most as a Pastor is to be a good leader and to
help others to be good leaders. All of us are leaders of one kind or another.
It doesn’t matter if we’re a stay-at-home Mom or the CEO of a corporation,
people look to us for wisdom, direction, support and encouragement.
Sometimes it doesn’t feel like our leadership is going all that well. I recently
received the article that follows from one of my mentors and I found it so
helpful that I want to pass it on to you.
Pastor Larry
On Leadership: Ten Things To Know About Being an Effective Leader.
9:30AM / Worship
11AM / Tread Marks
12PM / S.H.O.E.
I have been trying to figure out what it means to be an effective leader, since I ran for
student council president in sixth grade. I’m still trying to figure it out. I was meeting with
an advisor on my doctoral thesis and he asked me to define leadership. I tried to come
up with an intelligent response in 10 seconds. I said something about being self
differentiated, a collaborator, and working toward a common goal. But the
question got me thinking of what I have learned over the years about leadership and the
perpetual foot entering the mouth. Here is what I have learned:
2.11 3PM / OYR
2.15 9:30AM / Worship
11AM / Tread Marks
12PM / S.H.O.E.
2.18 7:30PM / Ash Wed. Worship
2.22 9:30AM / Worship (Ushers)
11AM / Congregational Mtg.
12PM / S.H.O.E.
2.25 3PM / OYR
PVS—Pleasant Valley Shelter
OYR—Open Youth Room
S.H.O.E—Youth Group/Dinner
Theater Rehearsal
$421,550 *RECEIPTS
- $426,477 **EXPENDITURES
- $ 4,927
* Receipts include Regular Giving, Building Utilization
Income, Cell Tower Income, and Other Contributions.
** Expenditures include Christian Education,
Benevolences, Human Capital and Administration
(including insurance).
1. It’s Not About You. Leadership and ego are siblings with a love/hate relationship.
Because the fact is, you have to have an ego in order to be effective. You need a level of
confidence, charisma, and character to put yourself out there. But, be careful, because it
is not about you. Being a leader does not make you more important than those who are
not leaders. You are not a savior. You do not have all the answers. Your voice matters,
but it is not the only voice that matters. You are awesome, but you’re not that awesome.
2. It’s Not About Them. Leadership is not about making everyone happy. I’m not
sure that came through. Leadership is not about making everyone happy. Being an
effective leader means accepting that there will always be those who are not
happy. Pleasing everyone for the sake of the status quo, means nothing changes and
you are a lame duck and a lame leader. Conflict is normal, healthy and healing. Be not
3. Emotions Matter…and They Don’t Matter. People are emotional creatures. We
respond to our fight or flight impulses. We all have different triggers that make us
emotional and it’s hard navigating the field mines of emotions to get work done. But
people are not computers, they are emotional creatures. We all need validation, a feeling
of self-worth and to be heard. But be careful. You are not a therapist. Emotions
matter, but they cannot supersede critical thinking, constructive criticism and crucial
4. Change is Hard and Change is Constant. Change. What a pain in the butt.
It makes us anxious and self-critical. What’s wrong with the way we have always
...to serve Christ and share His love.
On Leadership (Cont.)
done it? It worked for us for the past 20 years just fine. Always doing things the way we
always have done them is comforting. Patterns, traditions, and routines are important, but
they can become sacred. Leadership is like standing on the beach, watching the waves
come in and discerning how the tide will change, for it surely will. Accept and adapt to
change as you would accept the changing tide, remembering it’s still the same ocean.
5. Expect Criticism. Yes. You screwed up. You are not perfect. You misspoke, You over
reacted. You under reacted. You wore two different color socks. You were not prepared.
You dropped the ball. Get over it. Own it. Lean into Grace. Do better next time.
6. The Balcony always Helps. It’s all about perspective, baby. I have a mentor that is
always asking me about the health of the forest. It is easy and tempting to caught up in
the trees and all of the technical challenges we face every day, but the real question
is, how is the health of the overall forest? Be aware of those adaptive challenges and
keep your eye on the big picture.
7. You are only one person. We are all human beings with a limited amount of time
and expendable energy. The most effective leader is a healthy one. Model and practice
self-care. Encourage those with whom you work to do the same. You are better leader
when you are above ground.
8. Know your Resources and your Limitations. Be aware of the gifts and strengths of
yourself and your organization. Do you know the assets, strengths, skills, and
opportunities that come from yourself, your people and your community? Build off of
your strengths and those around you. You have more resources and strengths than you
9. Find the Humor. Dude, lighten up. The work we do is important, life changing even.
We wouldn’t do it life we didn’t think it was crucial, but we need to learn not to take
ourselves so seriously. A little levity, a little humor, and a little laughter is good for the
body, mind, and soul.
10. Keep Learning. You will never know all there is to know about leadership and you
will never have perfected the skill set. You will always have room to grow. So keep
learning. Keep reading. Keep consulting. Find coaches, mentors, colleagues and friends
who have been where you are, and will help you get where you need to be. They will help
you find a way through. Thank God for those who share their expertise and battle
wounds. Listen to those mentors. They know.
My final word: a mentor friend of mine would always say, “Power to you!” when I would
call with a dilemma or challenge. It was to remind me that I had a power within that was
not my own. “Power to you!” You are not alone in this. There is a power that will lift you
up and lighten your load. Rely on that power. It’s there for you. It loves you and knows
you by name. “Power to you!”
Vendor Sign-Up
Vendor sign-up night for the
Children’s Clothing and Toy Sale
will be Thursday, February 5th
from 7-9PM in the Administration
Building Conference Room.
Earn Hiland Dollars
Volunteers are needed! Earn
Hiland dollars by volunteering for a
two-hour shift in the week before or
during the Consignment Sale and
Hiland Preschool will donate $40 to
your favorite Hiland Church
ministry. Sign up any Sunday
morning before the sale with Jen
Borsh or contact her at 412-7368541. Don’t miss this great
opportunity to reach out to our
community and enhance your
favorite ministry’s budget!
Children’s Clothing and
Toy Consignment Sale
Saturday, March 14th,
Sunday, March 15th,
1—3PM Red Tag Sale
… to serve Christ and share His love.
Helen Bulna
Kim Patterson
Bea Klueber
Mike Doerfler Jr.
Deana Morgan
John Reilly
Paul Deemer
Carrie Brady
Nancy Egerman
Richard Herzig
Rachel Spicuzza
Daniel Waldorf
Ron Harrington
Michael Riegner
Melinda McQuiston
Tom Pennie
Anne Pennie
Ken Wilkins
Aimee Spicuzza
Tom White
Detmar Starr
Joel Zewe
Chloe Johnson
Jon Crownover
Mason Herzig
Paige Lauten
JoAnn Miller
Jim Sands
Aidan Borsh
Linda Skender
Reilly Spitz
Rosina Walton
Malawi Devastated by Flood
Heavy rains have been devastating
Malawi since January 5, 2015, and the
weather forecast is indicating that the
heavy downpours will continue. The rains
have caused severe flooding, especially
in Chikwawa, Nsanje and Karonga
districts. The flooding, combined with
heavy storms, has damaged crops, food
items, household assets, livestock, road
networks, houses, boreholes and toilets,
and has destroyed many homes. More
than 70,000 people have been affected,
and at least 48 people have died.
PDA Response
As a member of the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together), Presbyterian Disaster
Assistance is participating in the rapid response efforts related to this crisis. The PDA
assisted response will include assessment and registration of affected communities and the
provision of food items such as maize (flour), beans and cooking oil, with special attention
given to vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children under five, people with
disabilities and the chronically ill. The assistance will last for a two-month period.
The response will also increase awareness during food distribution of the importance of
clean water so that affected families can access clean and safe water only from boreholes
and not from unprotected sources to avoid outbreak of cholera and diarrhea.
How Can I Help?
Hiland will be collecting for Malawi through the month of February. You may drop your
check in the offering plate or mail it into the church office. Make your check out to “Hiland
Presbyterian Church” and remember to write “PDA-Malawi” on the memo line.
Remember Malawi in prayer. Please pray for all those in Malawi suffering as a result of
heavy rain and floods — for those who have lost loved ones, been injured, or lost homes,
crops and livelihoods. Pray also for our partner church, the Church of Central Africa
Presbyterian (CCAP).
Photo: Francis Botha/DCA
...to serve Christ and share His love.
February 2015
Worship 9:30am
Covered Dish/Bake
Sale11am (FH)
SHOE Noon (FH)
POG 3pm (Ed. Bldg)
PVS 7pm (Kitchen) Staff 9:30 am (STF) OYR 3:30pm (YTH)
Volleyball 7pm (FH) Basketball 6:30pm Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Lenten Online Regis- (FH)
Choir 7:30pm (CR)
HCCC Board
tration Open
6:30pm (Cnf Rm)
Walk LIVE 6:30pm
Admin 7pm (LIB)
Con Sale Vendor
Sign-Up (Cnf Rm)
AA 8pm (CR)
Worship 9:30am
Adult Ed/Jay
Poliziani 11am (FH)
Sunday School
11am (Campus)
TreadMark 11am
SHOE Noon (FH)
Tweeners Noon (FH)
Annual Reports Due
CE 7pm (Parlor)
Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Staff 9:30 am (STF) OYR 3:30pm (YTH)
Basketball 6:30pm Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Choir 7:30pm (CR)
W&M 7pm (CR)
Walk LIVE 6:30pm
Deacons 7pm (Cnf
AA 8pm (Adm Bldg)
Worship 9:30am
NCM Tour 11am
Sunday School
11am (Campus)
TreadMark 11am
SHOE Noon (FH)
POG 3pm (Ed. Bldg)
Campus Staff 1pm Staff 9:30 am (STF) Ash Wednesday
Basketball 6:30pm Worship 7:30 pm
SAM 7pm (Cnf Rm) (FH)
Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Walk LIVE 6:30pm
Stwd/Fin 7:30pm
(Cnf Rm)
AA 8pm (CR)
1st Sunday/Lent
Worship 9:30am
Meeting 11am
Children’s Movie
Time 11am (LIB)
SHOE Noon (FH)
Newsletter Deadline Staff 9:30 am (STF)
Basketball 6:30pm
Session 6:30pm
Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Private Party 1pm
OYR 3:30pm (YTH) Walk LIVE 6:30pm
Lenten Program
4:30pm (FH)
AA 8pm (CR)
Volleyball 7pm (FH)
Choir 7:30pm (CR)
… to serve Christ and share His love.
Hiland Presbyterian Church
845 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Seeking God’s will
Energized by the Spirit
Engaged in God’s mission
Discovering God’s plan
Join us for Worship
Sunday at 9:30
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Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Director of Music Ministries
Administrative Assistant
Financial Secretary
Rev. Dr. Lawrence Ruby
Linda Davis
Chad Johnson
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Maureen Profeta
Dorothy McNaugher
The Vision
of Hiland Presbyterian Church is to become
fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, who
gather for worship, teaching and fellowship,
and who go out into the world to serve Christ
and share His love.
...to serve Christ and share His love.