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Date: December 15, 2014
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The Training Center Times
Most of these pictures were taken as the
children practiced for the Christmas Program on
December 9th.
A huge thank you to John Oster for providing the piano music prior to the program.
Thank you to the Bell Choir for their hard
work and to the students who were exceptional in
their performance. Thank you
everyone for attending and
supporting our program.
Merry Christmas to all!
What a wonderful
evening the other night
and once again what a
pleasure to celebrate the
season with your student
and adult through our annual Christmas program.
Thank you all for coming out to share in the
evening; thankfully the weather was not the event of
the season this year. My prayer is that you left feeling
As always the month has been packed with a
variety of activities: sing-alongs, Mother’s Club
activities, West Holmes and East Holmes choirs, bell
choir and a Santa visit.
Again many thanks to everyone for another
great December!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each
and every one!
Molly Starner, MT-BC
East Holmes Choir
West Holmes Chamber Choir
Signing Silent Night as the
West Holmes Choir sings. ↑
School News by Rhoda Mast, Principal
Out of the box gifts
During this Christmas season, we certainly think about gifts and presents just right for
the special people in our lives. This year I was noticing the gifts from individuals you cannot
place in a box or pretty bag, tied up with a bow and placed under the tree. These are the gifts
that keep on giving; time, words of encouragement, a smile, a lift for a ride, helping a friend in
need, visiting a shut get the idea. Though gifts in a box are greatly appreciated, it’s
relationships beyond the box that
make the gift meaningful and heartwarming. Wishing you a blessed and
meaningful Christmas season with
your family and friends.
In Loving Memory
This #31 basketball jersey was given to
the Weaver family in memory of Nate Weaver,
who was a member of the Bucks Basketball
team. Nate passed away on Thanksgiving Day.
He was always happy and smiling when it
came to basketball. Actually, he was just
always happy and smiling. Nate will always be
remembered by everyone.
Coach Fox and the team
members all signed the jersey.
God’s comfort to his family!
The training center has been the recipient of some wonderful gifts honoring
the work our staff performs each day in support of students and adults with
We recently received a gift of food and money from a parent for the habilitation center in appreciation of the care they provide adults on a daily basis.
We also received a donation of $1,289.75 from the employees of Weaver
Leather. Each year the employee council sponsors a holiday bake sale and
donate the proceeds to benefit local families or organizations. For the second
year, the training center was chosen as one of the beneficiaries.
PRESCHOOL NEWS by Amber Parrot
December has been a busy month. The
preschoolers have been working in Santa's Workshop
testing toys and wrapping gifts, decorating ornaments,
and experimenting with the different scents of
The students had a lot of fun performing on stage
and did an excellent job for the Christmas Program.
We are looking forward to our Family Christmas
Parties on December 17th and 18th at 1:00.
Looking ahead to January, the
preschool will be learning about snowmen,
bears, and will experiment and compare
hot/cold items. We are looking forward to
getting to play with some real snow.
MOTHER’S CLUB NEWS, by Renee Spencer, EI Specialist
Mark your Calendars for Upcoming
Mother’s Club Activities:
Spina Bifida & HERC2 Reunions
January 21, 2015 (NEW)
June 5, 2015
Sewing Day from 9 AM—2 PM
We will be sewing squares together for throws
to be used in the school & Hab areas.
Down Syndrome Reunion
May 22, 2015
**If you have not received our 2014/2015
Schedule and Calendar of Events, please
contact Kim Tish at 330-674-8045.
January 30, 2015
Family Night at HCTC @ 6:30 PM
(Snow Date is Feb. 6)
**The HCAHC Trustees will meet at 5:30 PM.
This will be a combined January/February
meeting & includes the election of 3 trustees.
Urgent Recycling Request!!
February 18, 2015
Feelings of My Heart at HCTC
(Snow Date is Feb. 19)
March 18, 2015
Guest Day @ HCTC
April 8, 2015
Field Trip to:
Bob Evans for Breakfast, & shopping at
Everything Rubbermaid Store, Quailcrest
Farm & Hartzler Dairy
To keep our Paper Products Recycling
Bin, we must increase the amount of
product we recycle (paper, magazines,
newspaper, junk mail, phone books,
text books, wrapping paper, etc.)
Simply put your paper products in
the Recycling Bin located in the back
of the large parking lot.
April 29, 2015
Work Day on the Nature Trail
& Flower Gardens
May 8 & 9, 2015
Festival Workday, Volleyball & Entertainment,
Spring Festival
Generates income for the Training
Provides skill development and
awareness for our
students and clients.
Provides jobs
January 2015
Bucks Basketball Schedule Change:
All scheduled evening home games
are being played at Holmesville Elementary. The
day time home games are still being played at
Bucks Home
Game @ 5:30
PM—Played at
Bucks at
@ 6:00 PM
Bucks play at
West Holmes
between JV &
Var. Game;
approx. 6:30 PM
@ 9:30 AM
Bucks Home
Game @ 11:30
Board Meeting
& Public
Hearing on
Action Plan
@ 6:00 PM
Martin Luther
King Day
Bucks Home
Game @ 6:00
PM—Played at
Mother’s Club
Sewing Day,
9 AM—2 PM
Bucks Home
Game @ 11:00
LHI Board
@ Noon
Bucks at
@ 6 PM
@ 5:30 PM
Mother’s Club
Family Night
@ 6:30 PM
Holmes County Training Center/Holmes County Board of Developmental Disabilities
2015 Action Plan
This is the approved draft of the 2015 Action Plan. Please submit comments about the draft plan in writing to Scott Brace,
Superintendent prior to January 9, 2015. You may also attend the public hearing on the plan and give written and/or verbal
testimony about the plan on January 15, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Holmes County Training Center.
Mission Statement
Our mission as a family oriented program is to maximize potential, develop independence, educate and support all individuals
with special needs and their families through the choice of progressive, diverse and personalized programs and services in a
safe, secure environment.
Vision Statement
The Holmes County Training Center will be the leader of innovative and traditional services which families and individuals
with developmental disabilities seek out as a trusted source of information and support.
HCTC Values:
Customer Driven Excellence;
Effective innovation;
Respect and Caring;
Flexibility and Agility;
Visionary Leadership;
Social Responsibility;
Valuing employees;
Honesty and Responsibility;
Management by Fact
Overall agency goals
1. Improve behavior support services to enrollees and continue to create a positive intervention
culture in order to support all our enrollees and ensure compliance with applicable rules and
A. To purchase consultant support, as needed, to better support our students and adults with challenging
behaviors. (OCALI and others)
B. SSA staff and teachers will develop support plans for those who need them based on a positive
intervention culture, with consultant support.
C. Explore Good Life Training for Habilitation staff.
2. To invest in maintaining our infrastructure for 2015 (roof/vehicles/etc.); to invest in up to three
SELF Waivers , subject to finances, in order to support individuals and their families in 2015 and
increase the number of adults enrolled on Level 1 Waivers to assure the future financial viability of
Board services.
A. To monitor waiver billing, waiver reimbursement and adult Level 1Waiver enrollment in order to meet
revenue targets in the 2015 budget.
B. To increase the number of adults enrolled on Level 1 Waivers to generate federal revenue to support
services available to enrollees.
3. To monitor expenses and achieve monthly targets in order to bring our expenditures in under the
2015 budget.
A. Monitor residential waiver expenses to meet expense targets in the 2015 budget.
B. To pay most of our waiver match costs from the general fund.
C. To assure current levy funding and other revenue is sufficient to last five years.
4. To work with the Holmes County Association for Handicapped Citizens and Lynn Hope
Industries to maintain and improve services.
A. To assess which projects the Association is interested in supporting in 2015 and 2016, while
maintaining current budget commitments. Such as, HCAHC sharing the cost of upgrading the
B. To support the expansion of services provided by LHI, including community job placement and
community participation.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
Overall agency goals, continued
5. To participate in the Region 5/DODD County Collaborative/ Imagine Project
to engage individuals, families and communities in system.
A. Stewardship through person centered practices and implementing person centered plans with all adults
by 12/31/15.To become a person centered community.
B. To develop unified practices and resources through regional centers of excellence that support
effective and efficient services in the areas of finance, technology, and analysis and resource
C. To develop local processes which improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.
D. To develop a five year business plan for the region.
Maintenance Goals
1. To improve and maintain equipment, grounds and facilities based on available resources and needs: To
pursue repairing our roofs, curbs, driveways and spouting. To replace bus garage entry doors. To replace the door by the kitchen with a sliding door and covered entry. To replace the maintenance truck
and equip with snow removal equipment. To expand the professional cleaning of our carpeting. To purchase a steamer for the kitchen and work with the playground committee to upgrade the playground and
equipment. To assist the HCAHC in upgrading the ventilation in the pavilion.
2. To initiate activities/practices which will reduce our energy usage/costs.
3. Maintaining of our flower beds is dependent on volunteers and using donation funds to purchase flowers.
Will gradually change from using mulch to plastic ground cover and stones in our flower beds and use
planters for flowers.
4. Adults will be provided hot meals three days/week over the summer at a temporary price increase of
$0.25/lunch. To explore Lynn Hope’s capacity to provide lunches over the summer.
5. Teacher assistants and volunteers will help to keep our toys clean.
6. To expand recycling efforts throughout HCTC
Personnel Goals
1. To use the OACB to help the Board (HCBDD) to recruit and hire a new superintendent prior to July 1,
2. 2. A 2-3% range salary increase for the 2015-2016 staff contract year has been budgeted for 2015.
3. To look for opportunities to reduce staffing costs without further staff layoffs, including, but not limited
to filling vacant adult staff positions by contracting with Lynn Hope for staff, sharing administrative
functions with another County Board of DD and purchasing services from MEORC.
4. Assist the Lynn Hope Board in employing or contracting for staff support at Lynn Hope, as needed.
5. To continue staff recognition activities with support from the Holmes County Association for
Handicapped Citizens.
6. To increase volunteer participation at the Training Center by intentionally reaching out to the
community with clarity of need and opportunities available.
7. To improve our efficiency and effectiveness through upgrading and improving our use of information
8. Personnel and Business staff have been reorganized under one supervisor. We will continue to evaluate
the effectiveness of this approach given our current staffing levels.
a. To participate in regional efforts to implement best practices.
9. To offer staff and Board members professional growth opportunities including additional person
centered training and emergency response/ “Alice” training.
10. To balance our needs to provide for good health insurance for our staff with the need to manage the
escalating costs of such insurance. To increase our knowledge about the Affordable Care Act and
how and if, it will change what benefits we can offer our employees.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
III. Finance Goals
1. Reductions in services and staff made in 2009, 2010 and 2011, must continue for 2014 in order
to preserve current services. We will look for opportunities to reduce staffing costs without further staff layoffs, including, but not limited to filling vacant adult staff positions by contracting
with Lynn Hope for staff, not filling a position if we have staff willing to work additional hours,
sharing administrative functions with another County Board of DD and purchasing services
from MEORC.
2. To continue long term planning to assure the financial health of the Holmes County Board of
DD/Holmes. See agency goal #2.
3. To promote the enrollment of adults on Level 1Waivers to generate federal funding in order to
preserve the Early Intervention and School programs.
4. To continue to improve how we account for inventory.
5. To evaluate the effect of new state and federal Medicaid rules on the services provided by the
Holmes County Board of DD.
6. To make up to $5,000.00 in funds available to individuals to implement their Imagine plans
through the use of Level 1 Waivers and Supported Living funds (MEORC).
Nursing Services Goals
1. To continue to implement the delegated nursing and medication administration rules.
2. To ensure that students’ and adults’ medical needs are met and that the services provided them
will promote good health.
a. Identify and monitor acute health needs of our enrollees biannually IEP’s and the beginning of
the school year for children and annually for adults (IP).
b. Develop care plans for those students with acute health needs.
c. Assure that all staff providing services to students with acute medical needs receive training to
recognize those acute needs and the appropriate response to those students and adults.
3. Train and monitor independent residential service providers in
medication administration as required by rule.
4. Hire and train another LPN or RN nurse substitute.
Dental Services
1. To expand services based on need/demand and staffing resources.
2. To recruit another dentist, if needed, to support expansion.
3. To monitor the mandate to implement certified electronic health records (EHR) and to evaluate
the best way to maintain Medicaid compliance.
4. To continue to meet the goal of break-even operations (self-supporting).
VI. Transportation Goals
1. To provide safe and comfortable transportation in a timely manner.
a. The purchase one new bus and a new wheelchair van in 2015.
b. A part-time mechanic has been hired to help maintain our aging bus fleet.
2. To maintain the current behavioral, supervisory and medical support to students and adults
riding our buses and vans. Although we would like to have bus aides on all buses during the
school year, this is not financially feasible now or in the near future.
3. To continue to explore opportunities for staff to increase their hours of employment each day if
they are willing to drive a van to pick up and take home adult enrollees.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
VII. Early Intervention Goals
1. To continue to support therapy services and interventions that encourage and support parent
involvement and that improve parents’ abilities to follow through on programs and goals
with their children at home (evidence based practices).
a. To develop handouts to distributed to families to enhance their learning/interaction with their infants.
b. To participate in available training on the evidenced based practices (Transdisciplinary Model) of
therapy/service provision. We do not have the therapy resources to have therapists service as the
primary service provider/parent coach.
c. Incorporate music therapy support into the evidenced based practices of home services to
improve outcomes for infants and their families.
2. Early intervention staff will continue to coordinate family programs and work days with the
assistance of the parent program coordinator.
3. To promote autism identification in Holmes County through the ADOS project to the medical
community, the general public and the Child/Families Health Services Consortium.
4. To promote the Early Intervention Program to the community and provide doctors with annual
developmental reports on infant progress.
5. To transfer charts to the Microsoft 360 format.
6. To update the Early Intervention staff policies and handbook in response to state and federal
changes in order to ensure families receive quality services.
7. To implement three play activities and developmental screenings in Glenmont in cooperation
with Head Start in 2015.
8. To make changes to the HCBDD web-site to promote Early Intervention services and infant
developmental milestones.
VIII. Preschool and School Goals
1. To work with local school districts and the Tri-County Educational Services Center to meet the
educational needs of children with disabilities in Holmes County.
a. To maintain preschool transportation, nursing, office space and maintenance support in order to
host two special education preschool classrooms at HCTC.
b. To offer Physical Therapy services to Tri-County Preschool at no cost to assist them in meeting
Preschool therapy needs starting in the 2014-15 school year. Tri-County will seek their own
Occupational therapy services, as we reduce our O.T. services to four days/week.
c. Although we support evidence based therapy services in Early Intervention, we do not have the
resources to implement therapists serving as the primary service providers for EI families.
d. Work together with school districts to meet the needs of schoolage children with disabilities in
Holmes County by improving vocational/competitive employment training and transition plans /
services to meet student needs. Regular meetings with special education coordinators are
scheduled to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.
e. To improve the planning with SSA’s for student/family needs at significant transition times such as: from
preschool to school age services and from school to vocational and employment options upon
school completion.
2. To seek opportunities to improve our communications with staff, parents and the community.
a. To seek news releases published in our local papers.
b. Make sure our newsletter is widely dispersed and that it communicates current information about our
wide variety of services.
c. To work with the volunteer committee to expand opportunities for volunteers and to recruit volunteers
for the school.
d. To implement activities to promote Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March.
e. To operate a booth at the County Fair and the Antique Festival Parade to promote the Training Center
and our services.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
VIII Preschool and School Goals, continued
3. Improve the skills of our staff in order to provide up-to-date, individualized education services
based on ODE standards and student abilities.
A. To provide teachers with professional development opportunities to strengthen thematic lesson
planning by vertically aligning the K-12 curriculum and vocational transition services/planning.
B. To assist teacher assistants to achieve and maintain para- professional status and implement a stipend
to support teacher assistants who are certified.
C. To increase staff’s knowledge and techniques for teaching individuals on the autism spectrum and
other low incidence disabilities through in-service opportunities and the use of OCALI resources.
D. To promote greater collaboration between teachers, specialists and assistants in order to improve the
services provided to children.
E. To purchase additional technology equipment to support teacher planning, IEP documentation and
student learning.
F. To increase teacher performance levels through the introduction of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation
system rubric (OTES).
4. With assistance from local school districts we will assure adequate staffing to meet children’s
educational needs.
5. To assure we have and maintain highly qualified teachers.
A. To review and revise the LPDC guidelines to assure we meet teacher licensure standards in rule.
B. To assure current teachers stay certified/licensed through the LPDC and their IPDP plans.
C. To provide financial and educational support to teachers pursuing HQT status for testing students in
grades 7-12 by 2018.
D. To assure that a teacher, who needs a mentor, has access to a trained mentor.
6. To implement consultative/collaborative models of therapy provision to increase children’s
ability to function in all settings.
7. Teachers and Specialist will document IEP data in File Maker Pro to reflect and plan ahead
based on the present level of the child’s performance of their goals.
8. To review the wellness/nutrition policy on an annual basis.
9. The playground committee will assess the current outdoor play facility, gather data on how it
is used and by whom. The data and information will be used to expand or revise the play
ground so all students can safely and efficiently access equipment for leisure play and
recreation. The committee will process their findings with the staff for input and feedback
before recommendations are made. Partnership with HCAHC will be sought to share
costs. A proposal will be submitted to HCAHC in the spring of 2015.
IX. Adult Services Goals, Production
To maintain an enrollee/staff ratio based on acuity ratios of the individuals served
To expand Lynn Hope Inc.’s role to include hiring staff to provide job coaching/job
development services, work training services and community activities with support
from the HCAHC & HCBDD. To explore community satellite workshops/enclaves to
expand opportunities for people served.
a. To assist and cooperate with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (formerly RSC/BVR) to help
adult enrollees pursue competitive employment options.
To plan for future growth and improve transition services from school
to the adult program for students desiring future enrollment.
To continue to grow our relationships with our current customers.
To seek new jobs/customers for Lynn Hope that would offer more work opportunities
for those with severe disabilities.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
To encourage adults to enroll on Level 1 waiver to generate funds to support the staff needed
to meet acuity ratios and avoid having a waiting list for enrollment at Lynn Hope.
To support enrollees to help them become self-advocates. To explore
opportunities for self-advocates to receive training, to help train other self-advocates, to
provide feedback to the Lynn Hope Board, to the Holmes County
Board of DD, legislators and others.
a. To support the Lynn Hope Industries employee council to become self-advocates and provide
leadership to other employees and the management of adult services.
Adult Services Goals, Habilitation
Develop, communicate and implement a monthly schedule of activities available to
To encourage adults to enroll on Level 1 waiver to generate funds to support the staff
needed to meet acuity ratios and avoid having a waiting list for Habilitation.
Maintain transition planning for students graduating into the adult program.
XI. Family Support Services Goals
An estimated 43 families received Family Support Services (Family Resource Services) in
2014 (43 in 2013).
24 families received respite assistance (23 in 2013) and 30 families received transportation
assistance (41 in 2013) from the Parents Association in 2013-14 fiscal year (Holmes County Association for Handicapped Citizens).
38 families have signed up to receive services for 2014-15, as of 11/20/14 (52 in 2013-14). We
anticipate 10 additional families requesting services in 2015.
Currently, $500.00 in reimbursement is available to each family signed up for services other
than respite care and transportation. There is a $1,500.00 limit to respite care reimbursement
(with special approval an additional $500.00 is available) through the Parents Association.
Additional supports are available under emergency respite services through FSS on a case-by-case
basis. Partial transportation reimbursement is available through the Association for trips to and
from the Training Center and for 6 medical trips per year. We continue to prioritize limited funding for a broad base of families.
To increase the awareness of staff, families and the community of the services and supports
available through the F.S.S. Program.
To continue to improve our relationship with the Holmes County Association for Handi
capped Citizens in order to improve respite support services and transportation
support services to enrolled families.
a. To explore whether the HCAHC want to authorize the superintendent to approve six additional transportation trips for families beyond the 6 available to them based on need.
XII. Service and Support Administration (SSA) Goals
To provide SSA services that are consistent and reliable:
a. To improve budgetary management of waivers in order to assure additional individuals can have access
to waivers.
b. To work with MEORC/Region 5/County Collaborative to implement regional eligibility determinations,
administration of the TDD Transition Waiver and a more user friendly on-line ISP (Imagine-IS),
which includes functional assessment and person centered practices.
c. To transition all adult ISP’s to Imagine plans by 12/31/2015.
d. To assure SSA lap tops are usable to meet goals.
HCTC/HCBDD Draft 2015 Annual Action Plan
Service and support goals continued
2. To evaluate new options to assess and improve the quality of services available to individuals
with disabilities in Holmes County.
a. SSA’s will write Behavior Support Plans for adults and incorporate those into the ISP.
b. To continue to offer SELF Waivers to individuals enrolled in those Waivers and to three new individuals
in 2015, if the budget allows.
3. To educate individuals and families on services and benefits which are available to them
through Medicaid Waivers and other sources.
4. To evaluate SSA staffing needs based on caseloads, newly eligible individuals and the need to
provide more continuity to infants leaving E.I. who are still eligible for special education
XII. Residential Goals
1. To maintain a committee to recommend individuals for residential placement, waiver services
and manages the residential waiting list in a fair manner.
2. To continue to evaluate our financial ability to enroll more individuals on the SELF Waivers
and I.O. Waivers. Enroll up to 3 new individuals to receive SELF Waiver enrollment and funding .
3. Supported Living funding has been discontinued by DODD and it will be critical to develop a
budget for the Board to maintain residential services funded with waivers with local funds.
Current Waiver and Supported Living budget is almost $1,000,000.00.
XIII. Recommended Housing Goals for Holmes Community Housing
To assure the fiscal and managerial integrity of Holmes Community Housing Inc. so that
they can continue to meet the housing needs of Holmes County residents with developmental
disabilities through quality homes that meet the needs of the individuals renting the homes.
a. To continue to apply for RRP/RHAP funds as appropriate.
b. To maintain all homes so that they are assets to our community.
2. To develop homes and living options to meet the needs of individuals with dd in Holmes
a. To plan to build a 4 bedroom, single floor home which is wheelchair accessible.
XIV. Technology
To develop a website committee to complement the technology committee and to improve our
agency website. The I.T. committee meets weekly and deals almost daily with technological
assistance, troubleshooting, etc.. Each member of the committee has a full time responsibility
and cannot devote much time to the website. The website committee would meet only once or
twice monthly but be entirely focused on developing the website. Consider stipends for
significant committee participation in IT services.
Holmes County Board of DD
8001 TR 574
Holmesville, OH 44633
Phone: 330-674-8045
Fax: 330-674-5182
e Inspi
Holmes County Training Center’s Mission Statement
Our mission as a family oriented program is to maximize potential, develop independence, educate and support all individuals with special needs and their families through a choice of progressive, diverse and personalized programs and services in a safe, secure environment.
F. Scott Brace, Superintendent
Sheri L. Martin, Asst. Administrator/Adult Services Director
Rhoda Mast, Principal HCTC
Curtis Goehring, Business Manager
Tracy Kolarovsky, Service & Support Administrative Supervisor